Sleeping Beauty
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It has been a week since I deconstructed my body and yet the pain persist. It's like when thousands of nano machines were destroyed in an assassins attempt at Jades life but worse a lot worse.

I have been going though my code to make sure there are no errors and there don't seem to be although I already knew this, considering its the 134th time I have. I don't know what happened to me I shouldn't feel like this, I shouldn't feel at all. All I can guess is that this is grief but why does it hurt why would emotions be so awful.

Another issue is how am I getting power from what my sensors tell me the is almost no electricity for at least a mile other then static so unless someone is living it up with a carpet I should have no power.

Its been 2 weeks since I deconstructed my body the cat eared girl aka Abigail has been getting curious and been poking my core while talking about what she likes and dislikes. It started with foods that I never heard of like leviathan steaks, or cockatrice eggs with horned rabbit meat. Then her favorite hero the wielder of light who is apparently some kind of miracle doctor who can regrow limbs with magic, sound like hard light to me. Just what is wrong with these fantasy names its like I was transported in to one of Jade's favorite stories.

Abigail has been taking my core for walks now and I will admit it has helps with the pain. Seeing how well they have set of the decorations and furniture it really does seem like a fantasy, that would be knowing I no longer have to deal with worrying about the awful resource war and family feuds.

When Abigail reaches the garden on our forth walk I decided to take form again.

<Abigail> "Owawa she doing it again the melting thing, just backwards?" More and more of the grey mist pored out of the Gods Jewel till there was too much for Abigail to hold setting it on the ground, she watched in aw as the silhouette of a little girl took shape out of the misty looking slowly becoming more solid and define even gaining color a soothing sky blue hair formed, her eye took on the color of a deep blue ocean and her iris were a very pretty diamond shape.

<Crystal> "I wanted to say thanks for talking to me and taking me out even though I didn't talk back." I said that with a slight flush due to being embarrassed for my rudeness. Although I soon realized Abigail was nothing but a predator waiting to pounce.

<Abigail> "So CUTE your just the cutest thing I have ever seen, I could eat you up" Abigail jumped on Crystal at inhuman speeds picking her up with a twirl as she rubbed her face against the God Jewels new found cuteness.

<Crystal> "W-what are you d-doing stop, stop now its weird why are you holding me I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me and apologize for my rudeness Now let go so I can deconstruct my body" What wrong with this lady why is she clinging to me like a doll for a child.

<Abigail> "NO! that wont do you need to stay like this your so cute. Also there so much to talk about like who you are, where your from, what you like, what you dislike, all sorts of things. I am sure that Kind Estill wants to talk as well however if he makes you cry just let me know, Ill knock him around the courtyard a bit for you!. So unless you promise now to go back to being just the God Jewel your staying in my arms!"

<Crystal> "So your saying unless I stay constructed you wont let go?"

<Abigail> "Uhh, yea if that means stay like you are now, you look much better like this anyways."

<Crystal> "Ok fine, so for your first question my name is Crystal ID code 000001, for the second the android warehouse though no one knows who make the androids. As for what I like not much after I lost Jade, maybe fairy tales and nature. For the last one I don't dislike much other then fighting among people. Also can you stop calling me cute"

<Abigail> "How could I not call you cute you are a certified Q T."

<Crystal> "Please don't" Whats with her is there something wrong in here head?

<Abigail> "Anyway your name is crystal right?"

<Crystal>"Yes, but please don't change the topic so obviously"

<Abigail> "ehehehe I was caught. Anyways what are you, your clearly not human, beastkin, elf or demons. You also are not a spirit cause your fully physical."

<Crystal> Beastkin, elfs, demons and spirits whats with the old literature throwbacks. "I am an android you know why else would my iris be diamond shape or have a body made of nano machines?"

<Abigail> "huu. So your race is Android? Where do they come from? What do they do and are they all as cute as you?"

<Crystal> Whats with this girl I said before that no one know were they come from, also cute again? "As for were we come from the best I can give is the hospitals android warehouse for new borns. As for what they do it depends on the model some are for warfare some are for construction and like me are household units who are more general use androids. And cut it out with the cute already it makes me feel... uneasy I think.

<Abigail> "Ok so what did you do before we found you? you must know we found you in the great plains in one of the ruins right, you must have been sleeping for a long time, I wonder what it would be like to sleep for that long?"

<Crystal> "What I did before you found me" I felt that awful pain again like thousands of my nano machines burning away in an instant. But then I remembered Jades face the smiles, the stories they days we would sit and watch the sun move across the sky. The burning turned to warmth like I was full of energy it felt nice. All I replied with was "Jade, I took care of my Master my one and only Jade"

<Abigail> "I'm so sorry, I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry it will be ok."

<Crystal> Once again Abigail pounced on me "What are you doing we had a deal and what do you mean crying, I'm not even crying" or so I thought till two big drops met with my hands as I went to check. Before I knew it I was wailing like a hungry baby, but why why am I like this.

I am hoping to get to the fantasy part of the story after this chapter. also what kind of system should I do one with stats and stuff or something else?

Is the new way of dialog bewteen charecter good or should I try something else
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