A Strange Dream. A Stranger Reality
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I woke up after what seemed like a really long nap or that's what it felt like  but it seems like I was reborn? I say woke up but its more like a fog that clouded my mind has faded enough for me to realize this.

While my memories started to settle I realized my name is, it was Jade I live in a alchemist shop with my mother. Father seems to be an explorer. Father usually bring back ingredients and broken relics for me and mom he says it should help with my growth, it seems like I am on the smaller side for 9 year old I am only around 3½ feet tall. Mom said if continues to be an issue we could buy magic item make to increase my body's growth. I would like that I don't want to be small and frail in this life as well.

As I sorted out myself I came to know that the world is filled with dragon, horned rabbits all sorts fantasy like beast. There are also monsters born from magic responding to the regrets of the dead and the resentment of the living, monster gather were mana is dense to grow stronger faster.

In this world monster are seeds of chaos that cause life to band together to stop them. One of the main reasons for the Exploration guild is the fact that monsters even if you kill all of them they come back, formed from negative energy given solid form. Not all things born from this seem inherently evil. Take the demon race is an example although they formed from it they gained sapience and are no longer consider monsters.

It seems like this is all due to magic, it seems to be an energy that encourages growth impartially and fairly if that means monster are born and others will rise to stop them allow life to becoming stronger as time goes on.

The world seems to be host to ancient ruins although I never seen any they are said to hold treasure and powerful items, some of these ruins seem to have been taken over by monster or magical beast that gained control over the magic that lies within allowing them to shape the ruins into what we called dungeons.

Dungeons seem to bind themselves with the being that have control over it making it so both grow at an incredible rate. Most of the current dungeons are controlled by sapient life, mostly dragons who have made them nest. Some though are controlled by strong monsters like Litch's who are born from death and resentment or some idiot trying to bring back the dead without the help of the gods.

The area around dungeons just like ruins becomes mana rich due to the immense power flowing out of them however to the the Master of them it is not to the extent of a Ruin that has yea to be controlled.

I worked up the courage to ask my mother if she had any memories of a past life and she told me that its not uncommon, she even said that its the reason children don't get names till they are 10 due to the issues with memories from the past with names conflicting causing issues.

Apparently one of the hero's disciples had this issue when they were young they were named Tulip but when her memories surfaced the name she wanted to go by was Abigail. So the King had decided that until the 10 year after a child's birth they would have no name unless memories of a past gave them one. I guess this would have happened with or without this event considering its not uncommon.

Mom also told me that there are different types of memories they are divided into categories. There is a first generation reincarnations who keep there name, what they did and who they are. Second generation reincarnations who keep just vague memories of the past life and who they are. And finally third generation reincarnations usually don't keep anything but a vague feel for what they used to do. 

It seems like I don't fall into any of these because I remember what I did every day I also seem to remember the world I lived in it was a world of science but the closest thing we have now is alchemy which still uses magic. Its as if this world has a natural aversion from science.

I also had a caretaker she was called an android I know she had a name but I cant recall it, maybe the fog is not all gone after all. What I do remember is I was sickly and she would take care of me. 

She would always answer my questions no matter what, she would try to sugar coat some of the bad things like what they did in the war but I always caught her. She had a silly habit of calling me master when ever she was hiding something. It was adorable.

I still remember the last story she told me, she took all my favorite a prince saving a princess with a dragon, an almost unbreakable curse and saving the world. She turned them into one grand story for my birthday, she even made me cookies they were so sweet. I will never forget her, her most prominent feature. I feel bad for leaving her with even saying good bye.