A World Filled With Life
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<Crystal> It seems I cried for quite a while almost noon and I am still in Abigail's arms "Hey can you let me go"

<Abigail> "Are you feeling better?"

<Crystal> "Somewhat I think I don't really know" I still feel awful but its more like feeling slow.

<Abigail> She just barely holding herself together "Well is there anything you would like to know for now"

<Crystal> I look around the room for something to ask her about and my eyes land on her ears "Why did you get cat ear implants and whats with the fantasy getup?"

<Abigail> What a silly girl, hasn't she seen a beastkin "What do you mean all beastkin have some kind of traits from their respective beast"

<Crystal> "You really take it serous with the roleplay don't you" whats with her.

<Abigail>  "ehehe. Your one to talk beastkin are the second largest race right behind humans. As for my clothes I think they look good considering there my work outfit. I was ganna catch us some horned rabbit for lunch but it seems you had more pressing issues"

<Crystal> "Fine if this is a fantasy what is a horned rabbit, is it just a rabbit with a horn you mentioned it while talking about how good it is with some kind of egg" Trying to break her out of this delusion isn't going to work huh.

<Abigail> "So you were able to hear me at that time, well as you said it is just a rabbit with a horn just bigger and has a taste for meat, although they themselves taste pretty good"

<Crystal> "Ok so if one wanted one were would they go to get them, like a convenience store?" Maybe I could find out were we are if I could separate from these freaks?

<Abigail> "Well I catch some on my morning jog to the forest because the meats best fresh but the common people usually buy if from a butchers shop."

<Crystal> "If you want you can still go catch some I'm sure your hungry by now considering its getting late." Hopefully she takes the bait.

<Abigail> She isn't wrong I am hungry. What a cutie with a heart of gold. "Sure but you have to come with me!"

<Crystal> "Fine" 

And so began the trek through the castle, as we walk through the unreasonable large halls and doors I couldn't help but be taken aback with how much detail has been put towards this charade. Ornately decorated vases, painting of people in triumph over various foes and a senseless amount of gold and silver used as just decorations.

<Abigail> "Were almost at the exit so stay close when we leave"

<Crystal> Abigail said as we got closer to a large door which seemed to be guarded by two men? with glowing ornate spears and plate armor that had dragon and sun behind it embossed in gold and silver. As we approached them they bowed and let us through and I was aw stuck at what I saw.

Houses and green grass mixed together as far as I could see. A sky so blue the it would make you question if there really ever was a war the burned the world to ash.

<Abigail> She look like shes never seen the out side world, let alone the great view from the castle entrance. "The views great right, the king really chose a good spot for his castle. You can see for miles, all the hope, dreams and those you need to protect."

<Crystal> This really is a fantasy world huh. The fallout from the war should have made all life on the planet die out. "Its so beautiful. I never imagined I would see a sky so clear in my life let alone so much grass." 

<Abigail> "If you think this look beautiful just wait till we reach the forest, so come on hurry up." I can't wait to show her around the forest.

<Crystal> As we walked along the I saw what could only be called a medieval city. Huge amount of people walking to and fro. At this point Abigail had detained my hand into hers and no matter how much I tried I could not break her grip, although it might be bad if I were to due to not knowing a thing about this place.

As we walked through the town people would stop and stare at Abigail and start talking, huu maybe shes some kind of big shot around here, some also look at me but with a more confused look instead of one of aw.

I noticed that there seem to be lamps but they don't have any electricity in they so it makes me wonder how they work, the only part the seem odd is the small crystals at the top of each, do they absorb sunlight to release later or something?

As I was thinking about this we reached a gate with more guards next to it. Ill dub the guard 1 and 2, you can complement my naming sense later.

<Guard 1> "Abigail off on you jog isn't it a bit late?"

<Abigail> "Thing came up but I'm hungry and you know horned rabbit taste best fresh. I also wanted to show the cutie around the forest"

<Guard 2> "Well that's all well and good. Just make sure to come back before night fall or well lock you out and remember if we catch you jumping over the city wall cause your late its going straight to the king. Also don't go too deep into the forest there have been rumors of a variant Horned rabbit about the place, so keep you eyes open and make sure to protect the little one."

<Abigail> "I hope I find that variant I hear that they taste really good or really bad."

<Guard 1> "I hope you don't cause then there would be none left for me"

<Crystal> Well that comment earned him a nice dent in the fancy helmet of his.

<Abigail> "Come on Crystal we have a meal to find"

<Crystal> "Ok but why did you hit the guard so hard doesn't your hand hurt?" seriously to due that kind of damage with just her hand it should be very much broken.

<Abigail> "It'll take something much harder then his helmet to hurt my hand although hes probably ganna me me pay for the repairs ehehe."

<Crystal> As she said that we exited the gate and immediately all I saw was trees so green they looked like Jades eyes.

<Abigail> "Hey hey don't cry this is meant to be a good time remember" Why is she crying just from some trees, I mean the pretty but that all?

<Crystal> "I'm fine the color just reminded me of the past. That's all." Wiping away my tears we continued into the forest.

We walked for another 20 minutes the Abigail stop and set down a few things, one crystal, her little pouch and her water skin.

<Abigail> "If you get thirsty feel free to have some." Even though we have been walking for a while now Crystal hasn't even broken a sweat. It must be part of being an android right?

<Crystal> As Abigail left I began to studied the local flora. What caught my eye was a flower that seem to be emitting light however as I went to study it further I sensed a dense source of electricity pop up out of nowhere. Even though I am a household model it didn't mean I was incapable of combat however my sensors should have easily pick this up well before it was this close.

I quickly realized that it wasn't stationary either it seem to jump from point to point faster then my sensor could keep up with. As it continued its path I realized it was heading straight to where Abigail headed off to.

I began to sprint full speed to Abigail, she has been nothing but good to me how could I just ignore something dangerous heading towards her and do nothing. Heh if Jade could hear me shed call me the hero from the stories I would read her.

When I reached Abigail she was dismantling a large rabbit with a single horn on its head. She notice me and turn to look at me.

<Abigail> "What are you doing here I left a barrier crystal with you to keep you safe!"

<Crystal> "Barrier? Doesn't matter we need to leave, something with incredibly dense electricity is coming straight at you." But as I finish that sentence my left arm was removed from my body. As I looked to where my arm had landed stood what looked like a larger rabbit with four horns and arch of electricity jumping between them.

<Abigail> "CRYSTAL leave now! That is not a variant its a Lightning Jackalope you need to run!" This isn't good it seems to think Crystal is easier prey then me. It turned to tackle her again, at the same time Crystal's remaining hand began to glow and shimmer.

<Crystal> Abigail seems panicked over, lets end it quickly then. I began to gather hard light and shape it into a blade. As the overgrown rabbit buried it horns into my I dropped my hand down on its neck severing its head, giving it a swift and painless death.

<Abigail> I cant believe I let this happen Crystal not only lost an arm but also has four gaping holes in her chest. I'm supposed to be the heroes disciple "Crystal I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry."

<Crystal> This is the first time I've seen Abigail cry "Your not hurt, right Abigail?"

<Abigail> "Why are you worried about me. You missing an arm and have four holes through you chest!"

<Crystal> This seem to be bothering her pretty seriously "I'm fine see" I said as I walk to my severed arm and pick it up and go to Abigail. "Look Abigail I'm fine" I said as I hold my severed arm where it should be and let it reconnect in front of Abigail. She went bug eyed seeing this.

<Abigail> She just reattached her arm like it was nothing, not even the best healers in Terrafirma can do that with such ease and speed. "What about your chest?"

<Crystal> "I need time to create new nano machines that rabbits horns had a much larger current running through them then I expected. I could change my form if you don't like the holes." As I said that her fast contorted with panic.

<Abigail> "Does that mean you will change back into the God Jewel?" If she needs to switch back before the king gets to speak to her and its my fault I would be is for a beating to say  the least.

<Crystal> "No it just mean I would be a bit smaller for about a day while I create more nano machines." When I said this her panic visibly lessened.

<Abigail> "Ok for now lets finish dismantling the rabbits and Jackalope."

<Crystal> As we were dismantling them Abigail pulled a stone out of the Jackalopes neck, It was light grey with blue streaks running through it.

Once we finish up cleaning up and packing we started the trip back to the city.