A Future of Happiness
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<Crystal> Abigail has been repeatedly glancing at my arm and chest. What with her I showed her I was fine, she even saw me reattach it?

<Abigail> "Crystal are you sure your fine?" Those wounds would have killed a guard in an instant yet she didn't even flinch when she was skewered.

<Crystal> "Yes I'm completely fine Abigail" I said as I rotated my are a few times in protest of her comment.

<Abigail> "I don't know I think we should at least go to an alchemist and get you a healing potion." I really worry for her heath that was a fatal blow and she is only a child.

<Crystal> "A potion like the ones in stories where if you drink them they can magically heal wounds?" More and more tropes just crawling out of the wood work.

<Abigail> "Yes" What does she mean in stories, how sheltered was she before we found her?

<Crystal> "Well then theirs an issue with that plan Abigail. I cant consume food like humans do. Well I can imitate it just I wouldn't gain anything from it." Does she not know anything about androids?

<Abigail> "So if it didn't need to be drank you would be fine with going to the alchemist?"

<Crystal> Really what is with her? "Sure fine, as long as it makes you stop being so worried."

<Abigail> I'm glad she agreed. "Good thing I know where we can get some quality potions for a fair price, it also helps I'm a family friend."

<Crystal> "So what are we going to do with the meat? Do you don't plan to carry it through the entire town right?"

<Abigail> "If your getting tired I could carry you if you want?"

<Crystal> "You mean my share of the meat right. I have to decline your offer. I just figured we would drop it off first" I said glaring at Abigail.

<Abigail> "No need to be reserved I can carry much more then this you know."

<Crystal> I think shes the one who need the potion though Id assume that they don't work on ones mind otherwise she would been cured of this obsession long ago.

<Abigail> "Your thinking something bad about me aren't you"

<Crystal> As Abigail said that she knocked me on the head "W-what do you mean Ma-Abigail" I smile wryly at her.

<Abigail> "What was with the Ma, were you going to call me Mama! If so there no need to be embarrassed I let you call me Mama, so no need to be reserved."

<Crystal> As Abigail finished that crime of a sentence we arrived at the alchemist shop. The shop sign had a flask with wing on it, bordered by very intricate flowers.

When Abigail pushed open the door a small chime sang how cute it sounds like the birds from the morning. Then a voice chimed in from a side room.

<???> "Hello customer what, oh Abigail what are you her for. It shouldn't be for candy right you already bought a lot. Really if you keep giving that stuff out so much the kids will get cavities. I mean how much of it do you even eat, your really are a hopeless lol. Ehem what do you need?."

<Crystal> I heard a voice all too familiar to me. I frantically look for its source and land on a petite girl around my size. I see her eyes, two red jewels that never lose their luster. I jumped at the girl so hard the stone floor cracked as my legs broke apart from the force "JADE!" I began to release a torrent of tears as I latch onto the girl who winces in pain from my sudden assault."

<Jade> Whats with this kids strength I also think she destroyed her legs with that jump. "Abigail what did you do to this child!" As I said that my head started feel fizzy and began to burn till I couldn't think of anything but one word "Crystal?" As I said that the child looked up to me with a sloppy face and said.

<Crystal> "Its me Jade! I thought I lost you. How are you here, I'm so glad, I'm so happy, I don't care why your here just promise not to leave again!"

<Abigail> "Ehehe. Seems my hunch was right the 'Jade' she talked about and our Jade seem to be one in the same. You both are quiet odd so that helped with connecting the dots." Can't believe that their the same what are the chances.

<Crystal> "Master what you left I felt like I was being dipped in molten metal, I waited for the self destruct but it never came it hurt so much. I wanted it to stop so I could be with you. But I see now that all the pain was worth it, now that your back I could never be happier."

<Abigail> "You might want to loosen up a bit Crystal, I don't think Jades natural skin color is a shade of blue.

<Jade> As Abigail said that Crystal released me before I met my third life. I bring Crystal into a proper hug while stroking her head. As I did this she reached around me to give me a hug as well but froze up when she touched my back, well it would be more accurate to say wings. "Ah you notice, I'm not quite the same Jade as before the biggest diffidence is that I am a beastkin, elf. Not like it matter much." As I said this she gently hugs me, Ill never forget this warmth.