The World System
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<Jade> It has been 3 years since my memories of the past surfaced, I am nor 12 years old. I asked my parents if I seemed like a new person and they said other then being a little calmer that I seemed to be the same old me. Huh So did I have my memories before they surfaced and they were still having an influence on me even though I couldn't process it all.

It seems there are a lot of rumors about the God Jewel being stolen, they seem to stem from a drunken nobles rambling. I mean how could a thief get into the royal castle, let alone steal something so good. It also seems the king and heroes party was late to their celebration for slaying a rampaging dragon. Ill ask Abigail about it next time she come through for candy.

Speaking of candy it seems in this world making it is seen as a way to teach children alchemy skill from a young age. This really is a fantasy world to have so much sugar. I usually make the hard candies I would get from my Android on my birthdays, its nothing new but it seem mine are just of a higher quality.

When my father returned from an exploration with another relic in tow. This one I recognized it was a small hard light projector. The girl from my memories had also used one to read me stories with beautiful pictures.

Though that makes me wounder how it got into this world, unless this is my old world but that couldn't be the case from what the girl said the world wouldn't recover from the damage that was done to it and all life would die out eventually. There is also the existence of magic and the world system.

Speaking of the world system it seems one just needs to wish for it to appear and it shown oneself their current status. If your wondering my status look like this.

Race elf/avian beastkin

Level 1

HP 35/35 +1/hour   MP 250/250 +5/min

VIT 7   STR 5

INT 25 AGI 13

Luck 3


Perfect Memory - lv~

Alchemy - lv2

Healing magic - lv1

lightning magic - lv1

Lesser MP Regeneration - lv5

Beast form - lv~

Keen Eyes - lv~

Juvenile Flight - lv~


Full Reincarnation - 'You have been bless with almost all of the knowledge from your previous life' Grants the perfect memory skill.

Mana Rich Environment - 'You have grown up inside a mana rich area' Granting you a healthier body and better magic affinity.

Kind Soul - 'Given to those who are truly kind' Grants increased ability to calm those around you.

Master of Calamity Class - 'Given to  those who have managed to gain the true loyalty of a calamity class being'

The last title is a very concerning. I don't even know what could be classed as a calamity being that I have encountered. The strongest person I could think of that I have met is Abigail.

When father and mother were home at the same time, they told me that I was going to start attending the Royal Academy if I passed the test in a week from now.

When I did the test I expected something very mundane considering that the science is barely passed medieval. However I was wrong it was a proper test although it seem more on world history and magic, most of the math was about economic and how one would calculate prices and distance.

Since I was sickly in my past live I had a lot of time to study and it seems like my skill makes taking a tests kinda unfair. I passed it with flying colors, apparently mom and dad saved for me to enter but the majority of my fees are going to be covered thanks to scoring in the top 50, I scored 32 overall pretty good for a week of cramming still though with my skill it was surprising how hard the tests were. Makes me wonder who's score was 1 and also how many people make it in.