Calming Sensation
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<Jade> Somethings not right. From what I remember Crystal shouldn't feel sorrow, for that matter she shouldn't feel. Androids were made with limitations set in place for their own good and for the master. There was also fear of the androids rebelling if they could feel. Although Crystal never seemed like other androids in the first place, for one she would smile and laugh, she would try sugar coat thing if they were grim.

My best assumption is she is defective not like that is a bad thing. If anything its what makes her so dear. It also is probably why she didn't die along with me.

Crystal being in this world basically confirms my theory that this isn't a new world, but that makes me wonder what happened to make it change so drastically.

While I was thinking it seems Crystal has calmed down and is no longer crying.

<Jade> "Seems like you have calmed down Crystal. Abigail how did you know me and Crystal knew each other?" Lets just ignore the blood coming out of Abigail's nose and eye, it never happened.

<Abigail> "For one she mentioned you by name more then once and two she and you are both rather odd. Even if you were not her we would have still came here. On that topic would you give her a potion."

<Jade> "I'm not sure they will work on her, shes not like you or me. Her body is made up of tiny machines and from what I know potion already hardly work on golems. If she were to drink one I doubt anything would happen."

<Crystal> "I tried to let her know be she was insistent that we come here."

<Abigail> "How do we heal her then she was impaled by a Lighting Jackalope?"

<Jade> "My best guess is to wait. Have you even asked her if she's seen her status?"

<Abigail> "Why wouldn't she have seen her own status?"

<Jade> "Crystal can you think status with intent to view yourself."

<Crystal> "Yes Master." As I thought that information appeared in my head.

<Jade> "If it worked can you read off what you see?"

<Crystal> "There is a lot I don't understand Jade if you don't mind could I project it instead."

<Jade> "Ok but lets move to the back room I am assuming this is going to get a bit absurd." Knowing what androids even household one could do in the past it wouldn't be wrong to say that she is going to be strong.

And so we moved into the back room were we store products and ingredient. Crystal clinging to me as if I would disappear the moment she let go. Me dying must have hurt her so much, I plan to make up for it in this life.

<Crystal> "I'm displaying it."

<Jade> As Crystal said that a wall of words was displayed. As I was reading it Abigail seemed like she had seen something astounding.

<Abigail> "You know how to write the ancient language? Do you know how many explorers would literally kill to just be able to read it!"

<Jade> So this is the same world. Just how much time has passed since the wars.

Race Android (Ancient)

Level 1

HP 1400/1500 +100/hour   MP 500000 +100/min

VIT 300   STR 50

INT 250 AGI 100

Luck 10


Greater HP Regeneration -lv 1

Greater MP Regeneration -lv 1

Lesser Lighting Resistance -lv 3

Pain Reduction -lv 8

Physical Damage Nullification -lv ~

Soul Damage Nullification -lv ~

Perfect Memory - lv~

Manipulate Form -lv~

Nano Machines -lv1

Manipulate Light -lv~

Cute -lv ∞

??? -lv?


Lesser Calamity -'A title given to those who gained enough power without the help of The World System to raze a small city to the ground'

Ancient- 'Given to a beings that predate the World System' Grants a timeless body.

Lesser Immortal- 'Give to one who has achieved a body that will never age and need to be completely destroyed to die'

Artificial Life- 'Given to a being not made by god or derived from one' Immune to attacks upon the soul.

Guardian- 'Given to those who have spent a lifetime protecting' While protecting defensive stats and ability are doubled.

Cutie- 'Given to those who are absolutely adorable' Grants the Cute skill. Grants the ability to charm regardless of resistances.

<Jade> If I am being honest I expected more. Other then Crystal's mana pool that would put the Royal Arch Mage to shame the rest seem to be high. To become a Arch Mage you would need 4000 mana though this is usually with the help of the system and skills. The physical stats are easily achieved by most front liners.

While I was contemplating this Abigail seems to becoming impatient, so I began to relay what Crystals stats were and then titles. She seemed to freak out with the mention of the Lesser Calamity title.

<Abigail> "So let me get this right she is nearly unkillable, has a mana pool over a 100 times larger then the requirements to become a archmage and stats equal to a mid level front class. But shes still this cute?"

<Crystal> "Stop, Jade do you know how to make her stop calling me cute? It makes me feel not right."

<Jade> "No I can't and I don't know how." She really is a lost cause.

<Abigail> "So how do you two know each other. Considering the ancient title you are from before the world system, which means before the gods reshaped the world. That also would mean you lived through the end of the world didn't you?"

<Jade> As she said that she seemed to begin to tear up. "It is as you guessed, although up until I was reunited with Crystal I was on the fence about it being the same world. And what do you mean the gods reshaped the world?"

<Abigail> "Its one of the many teachings of the church, they said the world had come to an end from apocalyptic flames that turned land barren desserts to glass, and yet the world was still in conflict until all live died."

<Crystal> "If god exists why was Abigail born so weak and frail! Why did she have to die!."

<Jade> "It's fine Crystal were back together. If anything its a blessing we get to live two lives worth of time together." Once again I need to ignore the blood dripping from Abigail's nose.

<Abigail> "Ehhem. Well I need to take Crystal back to the castle before it gets too late."

<Crystal> "NO!" I will not leave Jade.

<Jade> When Crystal said that A barrier of hard light was made between us and Abigail and she was letting out an incredible amount of blood lust. It felt as if the air was made solid. I could see sweat forming on Abigail's forehead."

<Abigail> "Its ok, its ok. I assume you don't want to leave Jade correct?" Seems like I get two cuties ehuhuhu.

<Crystal> "What about it"

<Jade> I've never heard a voice filled with so much venom in either of my lives, its enough to make ones spine chill over. 

<Abigail> "So all I need to do is take both you to the royal castle then. Jade do you know how long until your mothers going to be out for?" As I said this Crystals mood took a 180 went back to clinging to Jade.

<Jade> "Maybe another hour or so."

<Abigail> "Guess I need to tell the King I might be late to return, Ill be back my cuties"

<Crystal> As Abigail said that she left through the door. "So are we going to run?"

<Jade> "Haheheh. You think you can run from her. Let me guess she didn't tell you who she is right?"

<Crystal> "She's Abigail right?" I tilted my head in confusion

<Jade> "Bzzz wrong. Shes the ironically named hunting dog of the king. She tracks people for a living and captures them. Usually runaway nobles who have committed crimes, corrupt merchants, slave traders or other such things. So our chances of escaping her are low, very low."

<Crystal> "Well then what do we do."

<Jade> "What do you mean we just live our lives silly." I said patting her head.

<Crystal> "What are you going to do"

<Jade> "Well I passed the entrance exam for the Royal Academy so that what I plan to do in the foreseeable future."

<Crystal> "How do I enter the Royal Academy."

<Jade> The amount of conviction in her voice is really betraying just how cute she looks "About that. The exams are already over so you would have to wait till next year to enter."

<Crystal> This wont do. I need to stay next to Jade, I need to protect Jade. I can't lose Jade! "Is there some way to sneak me in?"

<Jade> "I think there's a way." This is going to be adorable

And so we spent the next 30 minutes getting the disguise down pat. The result, crystal now looks like a cute little fox that has sky blue fur, deep blue eye with diamond iris. and thus the plan to disguise Crystal as my familiar is complete. Crystal decided to sit in my lap as I continued to tell her about the world after she told me this was her first day in this new world.

About 10 or so minutes later Abigail came through the door looking at me and my new fluffy Crystal in a very confused manner.

Let me know if there is anything you want to know more about or just ideas for were the story could go, or just ideas in general. It could even be gripes with the story, I looking back on didn't like the random test date idea it seemed too arbitrary so that was removed. Thanks for reading!

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