A Night of Chatter
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<Jade> When me and Crystal got settled into our room, Crystal kept fidgeting like she wanted to ask me something. Its rather adorable.

<Crystal> "Umm. Jade. Do you think that you maybe could scratch my head like you had earlier? It felt very good."

<Jade> Well that's new, Crystals never asked me for anything. She also turning redder then a tomato "Sure just rest your head here, though I don't think it will feel as good as it did when you were a fox." I said patting my lap.

<Crystal> I can't believe I am doing this, but it felt so nice and very warm almost calming. "Thank you Master."

<Jade> As I ran my fingers through Crystals hair she was clearly enjoying it if not very much so embarrassed. As we did this I wonder about what has made Crystal change so much she seems to have gained emotions, maybe she always had them and my death was what sparked them. Considering the world system sees her as a living being that means she is alive, makes me wonder if all of the androids were considered alive.

As I was thinking all of this I felt something soft and fluffy against my hand, that is when I noticed Crystal was purring. As I looked down at her I noticed that she had fox ears and a tail, she looks so cute. I double my efforts in scratching her head that elicits a rather unconformable cry from her. I pull my hand away "Are you ok?"

<Crystal> "Y-yes it just felt really good. C-could you maybe keep going just less intense this time Master." I didn't mean to be loud, I hope I didn't upset her.

<Jade> What a silly girl. "Crystal... What are you thinking."

<Crystal> "Nothing good." How does she always know?

<Jade> "Well I am not upset, I could never be upset with you." As I said that I began to scratch behind Crystals ears making her purr again.

"Do you have anything you want to do Crystal?"

<Crystal> "I want to stay with you."

<Jade> "You know you can do more the just stay with me. Is there a profession you wish to pursue?"

<Crystal> "What do you plan to do?"

<Jade> "Well I am assuming what I say is what you are going to say you want to do, anyways I plan to research magic. I imagine you haven't noticed because you haven't had much time to think about our situation, have you thought about how to make something with science specifically something that could do lots of damage to the world like bombs?"

<Crystal> As jade said that I tried to recall the information on bombs and there was a sense of spine chilling wrongness that came over me. "What was that, it felt cold and weird, as if its somethings warning me?"

<Jade> "It seems that is part of the world system, I think it acts as a warning to stop people from going down the wrong path with science. I tried making a small nuclear bomb to test this but now matter how many time I tried it just wouldn't work, it seems the world doesn't work how it use to." As I said that Crystal bolted up.

<Crystal> "Why would you try to make a bomb!? You could have gone with a generator or something why that, why try to get your self killed?"

<Jade> I cant believe I made her cry. I really am an idiot. "I, I really didn't think of it like that, its just one of the things that brought such a strong sense of wrongness. I wanted to see what happens."

<Crystal> "Were did you dispose of it?" I have to make sure the radiation doesn't do any harm to people.

<Jade> "There is no need to worry about that. You know how I said the world doesn't work like it used to. It seems radiation is converted into mana or it would be more apt to say that radiation is now mana. This also means that radioactive ores are now worth even more then they used to be worth. Now that I think of it I wonder if we could make a mana reactor or something like that?" Considering that there was no feeling of wrongness it seems like it might be possible.

<Crystal> "Are you sure?"

<Jade> "Yes I mean can you pick up any radiation at all on you sensors?"

<Crystal> As Jade mentioned that I activated my sensors I was bombarded with static as if there was radiation everywhere. It soon calmed down and it looked as if only some objects had it. However the most dense source was Jade she seemed to shimmer ad sparkle.

<Jade> "Are you ok it looked like you were in pain for a second there Crystal?"

<Crystal> "Yes I am fine there was just a lot to take in. Why is there so much radiation, I mean mana all around us? There is so much that my sensors were overloaded at first."

<Jade> "So whats it like seeing mana? I hear some people develop eye that can see mana but there is not much information about how it looks."

<Crystal> "You want to see what it looks like? It doesn't seem that special."

<Jade> "What do you mean being able to see mana means you can get a better understanding of how it works and flows!"

<Crystal> "Well if you want to see what it looks like I can show you." As I said that I projected what I was seeing. This awarded me with a gasp from Jade, Its like when I would read her stories and she was always show a face of awe as I recreated the story.

<Jade> "Hey, hey do you think you could focus on me." I said as a pulled Crystal in closer.

<Crystal> So close. "Yes M-master j-just let go." As I focused on her I felt very hot. As I focused more and more I started to make out what seemed to be a flow in Jade's mana, that's when I noticed it was pooling up near the center of her chest. As I watching the flow it seemed to speed up and slow down, sometimes thinning out or building up in one spot.

<Jade> "Wow that's incredible. If only I had this when I first started to practice moving my many through my body. It would of made things a whole lot easier. Aaah. I think its about time to go to sleep how about you?"

<Crystal> "I see no issue with it ." As I said that Jade got into her bed for the night.

<Jade> "What are you standing around this bed is too big for just one person?" I need some kind of pillow for tonight and I would be delighted if it was such a cute one.

<Crystal> "If you insist Master." I feel so off.

<Jade> As Crystal crawled into bed she was beat red, so cute. I guess she really is different now she would have never shown this kind of face before. When she lay down she still had her ears and tail out so I began to pat her head a little before I go to sleep, as I did so she pulled her tail around to use like a big pillow hugging it tightly.

"Good night Crystal."

<Crystal> "Good night Jade."

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