Chapter 69: Tournament Arc Pt.1
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"Now then," Professor Flitwick spoke up as he turned to face everyone who was god smacked into silence and stillness. "that is what Masters could do. I am sure that you all will one day reach that level of skill and ability," he falsely advertised.

Most wouldn't really even become Experts who are top specialists and pros. But still that left everyone excited and hungry to advance. He wouldn't lie that even he was affected by that small little demonstration.

He was pumped to try out his dueling club, and see what he would learn from the short little man.

"Before we begin," Professor Flitwick said, "I must first assess your skill levels and abilities. Plus," he added with a grin, "we must find out who is the very best of the best! So today, you shall all get a taste of the grueling and exciting Dueling Tournament."

At his announcement, excitement chatter when up all around, as students were thrilled at the prospect of competing in an actual Tournament for the first time in their lives.

Even Harry perked up once he heard what the little man declared, this would be very interesting indeed. He did wonder how he compared to his school mates, and at what level he was competing in.

Now, however, this was his chance to see how good he had gotten over the summer.

"This Tournament would be great for my colleague and me as we can divide everyone up into groups of their respective abilities of beginner, intermediate, and advanced thanks to the ranking they achieve and the aptitude they show."

"If I could get a raise of wands for those who want to participate?" Professor Sprout asked. "it's alright if you do not want to participate. Your wishes are respected here, and you can remain as well."

Barely anyone stopped from raising their wands into the air, doing the same as well. Harry turned and saw that Neville had his hand down and twitching at his side. "Hey, what's wrong, Neville?" he asked in confusion, wondering why the boy wasn't swept in the excitement and joining in.

"It's exactly as I thought," the shy Gryffindor answered, "we going to have to fight and struggle against each other, and then a spell might hit us accidentally, or...." he went off as he listed off all that could go ghastly wrong.

"Hey, hey," Harry said, "this time we don't have Snape or Lockhart that leading everything. Nothing will go wrong under Professor Flitwick, Professor McGonagall, Professor Sprout, and Professor Vector's watchful eyes.

"Yeah, but...." he tried to argue, "I am no good in a fight. I will just embarrass myself, and make myself out to be a joke.

"Look at everyone," Harry said as he indicated the whole student body, "most of them never real for got into a wizarding duel, Ever. Do you think they would be better than you? To be honest I think you would be a cut above a lot of people with the training you got from your uncle."

Then giving him a pat on the back, he reassured him, "Come on, Neville, have a bit of confidence in yourself. I am sure you would be surprised with what you can accomplish if you have a positive outlook and a bit of reassurance."

"I don't know...." he mumbled as he looked more nervous with the prospect of putting more confidence in himself than anything else.

"Well if you don't have the confidence then I would for you," he said as he telekinetically raised up his hand for him.

Looking surprised and very astonished with his display of wandless magic, Harry grinned at him as Professor Sprout said, "Alright, is that all?! Good!"

Out of the blue, the most surprising and amazing thing appeared, the jolly witch raised up her wand up, and in the air above everyone's head, a tournament bracket board appeared. It had all the people who wanted to participate in the tournament.

"Now to create the field," Professor McGonagall said as she waved her wand about or a bit and did an even more interesting piece of magic. Suddenly the Great Hall slowly begin to transform, where they used to be tables and long chairs lining the wall now there was a wide open field with stages set up all about.

Stands appeared with a podium at the center, the tournament bracket board took center up above in the air where they used to be a start sky. Wizard lights floated above, lighting up the place and everyone was dropped among the stands while the Professors took center at the podium.

Looking around with his jaw hanging, Harry just couldn't believe what happened but it would seem like Professor McGonagall transformed the Great Hall into a large open tournament arena right before their very eyes!

"Now then," Professor Flitwick shouted as he must have cast an amplifying charm as his voice boomed all around, "let the Tournament begin!"

"Before we do, though," he said, waving his hand to calm the complaints being shouted, especially from the twins; those two jokers were always the loudest in everything. "I must say this again for all your eyes, so listen up. Since this is a friendly duel, there will be no deadly spells or area effect ones. Neither of you will be aiming to kill each other. It will be single-target spells, and whoever drops their wand first or surrenders loses! Plus, I must add in the spirit of fairness, no family spells."

Hearing a bunch of groans and shouts of injustice come out of the lips of many purebloods, Harry could understand their feelings. Most of his spells now that could really produce some damage and good effects were his Potter and Black family spells.

Sadly most powerful spells were kept within family grimoires, so really what's out there in public and you can learn in school is mediocre at best. Useful, yes, since you learn a lot of the basics here, but still not the best of the best.

"Now, now, settle down," the little man said, and once he got all the naysayers to settle down he continued, "If anyone breaks these simple rules they will immediately be disqualified from the Tournament and this Club as well. I won't stand for students who do not follow instructions and do whatever they wish. Dueling is a noble and sacred art which is very important as well, but it is dangerous as well. One spell that misfires or hit a vital spot might put someone's life in danger, so I will not have unruly people in the mix.

"Is that understood," he shouted, showing more teeth than he ever had.

"Yes, Professor," everyone shouted as they were swept in the mix of sternness from the man.

"Good," he said as he stepped back.

Taking over for him, Professor Vector called out, "May Group 1 to 40 set up to the battle stages," she said as she indicated to the open fields.

Turning to look at the bracket board Harry saw he was in Group 214 thus in the sixth bout of duels against someone by the name of Micah Cox. Taking in a seat since he had time before his duel, Harry closely watched the fights looking for any worthy opponent he might run into.

Most of the fights were quick and sloppy which only lasted barely a few moments. It would seem that most students all of the sudden drew blank when they were told to go at it with their wands against each other. But he saw that there were a few that were competent enough and knew what they were about and how to handle themselves in a one on one combat situation.

In the first round, he saw Daphne handle her opponent with practice ease as she made it look like child's work taking down someone her senior by a year.

Then he watched Blaise Zabini who for the first time he had seen him got ride of his lazed personality and gave his battle some amount of focus.

He also saw Lavender Brown battle it out with Millicent Bulstrode- a Slytherin in the same year as them. She was a dark haired witch with chocolate brown eyes, clear smooth skin, round face, snub nose, and haughty aristocratic features denoting of course her pureblooded statues. She also stood at 5 ft 8 inches with glossy lips, a round, chubby figure, a nice fat asss he noted, and the biggest racks he had ever seen.

She really gave Lavender a run for her money as those enormous boobs could envelop any man. However just as she was cow breasted, she was also carried with her the same attitude as one. Just like any other obnoxious pureblood Slytherin, she sneered down on everyone and saw them as nothing more than dirt.

Looking at their duel as they tore into each other and let out screams, he couldn't deny that he wasn't a bit fearful. Women could be very terrifying when they are going at each other throats!

Turning to something more tame, he saw George Weasley take the win with the cheers and whoops from his brother, Fred on the stands. Katie Bell, his fellow Gryffindor Quidditch team member move on up the brackets as well.

Then the round started to taper off as duels were concluded with clear victors and losers appeared.

Once everything was concluded Professor Vector who was acting as referee and scorekeeper called forth the second round. This time he saw more people with better control of themselves as they all seem to learn something for the first rounders.

He saw Hermione win against a Hufflepuff boy in the same year as them, what she did not have in skill or experience in dueling she sure as hell made it up with knowledge and wit.

Then there was Susan Bones who was a real badass he noted on the stage, it seem like she had the same amount of incredible skills that her aunt Amelia Bones the celebrated Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, had and was a near and upcoming runner.

Harry also watched closely two people who showed great skill, and knew he had to watch out for such as Cedric Diggory a sixth year Hufflepuff that lead his house's Quidditch team. Plus Roger Davies a Ravenclaw who was also the Captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and played as a Chaser.

They were really good, and he knew he would have some difficultly taking them down if he wasn't careful.

Then it was time for the third round, this round was a total joke, were the second round had some competent people this one was made up of jokers.

For example, Harry nearly broke down into laughter when he saw Ron being given a hard time by a freaking second year. The little boy was more monkey than man as he jumped around the battle stage giving Ron who was a foot taller and several pounds heavier, a run for his money.

Then there was Draco was being stood at equal footing with the so-called mud blood he looked down on. A boy in Ravenclaw in the same year as them who he really didn't know was duking it out with him, and from how furious the arrogant prick looked like he just couldn't believe it.

And of course, he couldn't forget about the twins as Fred really put on a spectacular show against Gregory Goyle who he kept on tripping up to the vast amusement of everyone. Really that was the first time that someone in this Tournament surrendered in shame.

Then it was round four, and Neville was stepping up to the plank, giving him a comforting pat on the back, he wished him the best of luck and saw him off.

He also saw Cho Chang head forth, and he was surprised with how good she was. He always imagined her a bit more girly, but she truly proved that wrong as she took down the arrogant sixth year who also thought the same.

There was also Angelina Johnson in this round, who was the new Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and she handled herself pretty well. 

And they weren't all, he saw Fay Dunbar, Sally Smith, and many more people participate. 

Then for the fifth round, it was more of a chance for younger students to shine as he saw Luna Lovegood beat her opponent with a range mix of unusual spells. Plus he could have sworn that somehow she saw all those spells coming at her before they even left her opponent's wand.

Then he saw Ginny give herself a really good showing as she revealed she was much better than her extra weight of a brother. She really put her agility to good use, and mixed in her twin brothers prank spells really well into her duel as she won against her opponent.

Plus he even took note of Daphne's younger sister Astoria Greengrass who was in the same year as Ginny and Luna in Slytherin House. Unlike her sister who was a frosty glacier, she was much more spirited with dark brown hair, emerald green eyes that shined with mischief, the same supple smooth skin as her sis, a lithe energetic figure, full lips, dainty nose, high prominent cheekbones, and arched eyebrow. 

Finally, the sixth round was called forth by and he stepped forward to the arena, Professor Vector and he walked up to dueling stage number 7. 

Stepping up to the spot, he watched his opponent also step forward, he was a very bulky kid without the best looks around in 6th year, and in Slytherin from the black and green colors he had on. 

Facing him with a cruel grin, the bully chuckled darkly, "So if it isn't Harry Potter. I just can't believe my luck that I get to duel you. I am so going to enjoy messing up that pretty face of yours!"

"Oh, really," Harry chuckled as he showed all his teeth, "are you sure, you aren't the one whose face is going to get messed up, or should I say some more," he laughed wickedly. 

The boy, Micah what-ever, he really didn't care for his name since he to be honest he would be forgetting it by the end of the day, face twisted up as rage clouded his face. "I will make sure you won't be leaving the hospital bed for quite a while," he growled menacingly. 

"We will see about that," he grinned, not losing his cool, unlike him, who looked more ready to charge at him like a bull than fight him magically. 

"Ready?" Professor Vector asked over one, receiving nods, or just quite acknowledge as everyone prepared in their own way. "Then bow to your opponent," she said as everyone followed her instruction. 

"One — two — three — DUEL!!!" she shouted, to which spells light up the sky. 

There were small shields put up on each individual dueling arena that absorbed any damage, so no spell interfered with other people's duels or caused havoc in the stands. The Professors had a very close eye on everything, and for anyone that dared to break the rules they were immediately disqualified and kicked out. 

Plus, they made sure to interfere if things when out of and or students were in danger, and thanks to their precautions no student was injured so far. 

Since Harry had much, much faster reflects he was able to get off his first spell as he just wanted to finish this up on the spot. Shouting an Expelliarmus spell to try to disarm his opponent, he had to give the boy credit as he put up some sort of defense. 

Still, though Harry had the initiative so he chained his spell up with a Petrificus Totalus which complimented the Expelliarmus very well to capture criminals and have them tied up like bow tie gifts.

This time he wasn't able to put up a good defense, and his body locked up against itself as he went rigid before him. Harry could see the surprise and shock, but when he saw his grinning face, he knew it was not over. 

Flinging a Bombarda at him, the spell exploded spectacularly right under the big Slytherin feet, which sent him flying up into the air. 

Not stopping there, he used an Accio charm to summon him towards him, and he came hurtling towards him just like he wanted. 

Following it up, he transformed his wand into a cricket bat, then getting into a professional stance as if he was playing the game. He battered up in his spot, and when he came within his striking zone, he smacked him right in the face, and he collapsed bonelessly right before him. 

Standing over him smile broadly at him, he joked, "You're out!"

With that, he walked out of the arena and saw that his name advanced up the board. There was silence throughout some parts of the stands as the people watching his duel were hushed into silence at his quick, effective, and brutal fight. 

When he walked past Septima, she gave him a look which said it all, "Really?"

"What," he shrugged his shoulders, "he needed to be taught a lesson don't mess with me, or else....." he said, leaving the threat hanging. 

He knew how snakes operated, with one thing, Fear! It's what they used to keep others in line, and amusingly it was what kept them in line. 

This sent a clear message to them; he was not to be messed with because a new and improved Harry was back in school!

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