Chapter 70: Tournament Arc Pt.2
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Once the first preliminary circuit was over and half the competition was cut done, the second circuit began.

This time competition was much rougher as all the poor duelists were taken out, and people who were left were adequate enough to understand what they were doing and could handle themselves very well in a duel.

Harry watched as his friends and school mates struggle with their battle as the fight prolonged duels against tougher opponents. He saw that they all won in one form or another but it was clearly by the skin of their teeth. Of course, there were some who this was still a walk in the park, like Daphne who still did not break a sweat as she took down her opponent, or Susan who finished her enemy with practice ease.

They were each badasses in the literal sense of the word, and knew he had to be careful with them or they might get the surprise on him. Still though, he couldn't deny he would love them to duel it out, now that would be a battle for the ages.

Plus he also took notice of more of his enemies, there was Theodore Nott who was trouncing his poor opponent a Gryfindor fifth year with total ease and humiliation. He noted that unlike Draco who was a prancing fool that liked to strut around everywhere, he was much more colder and heartless. Which made him all the more dangerous in his opinion, you could easily deal with a fool that you could see from a mile off, but someone that hides himself and plans things out, is a much more deadly enemy.

Sadly this was how Hogwarts was, children bring with them their parents and family's hatred and misconception to school. He guessed, really this was just how the world worked. An endless cycle of violence and revenge that gets carried around generation after generation.

Harry also took note of more of his allies, he spotted Terry Boot a Ravenclaw in the same year as him, but more than that one of his vassals. They never really were on a speaking basis since House divides at Hogwarts is just that big, but he really did want to meet the son of his most loyal and steadfast vassal.

For his second battle, he faced off against a Hufflepuff in the same year as him, Harry didn't know his name thanks to how many students there were in the whole school. Nevertheless, that didn't mean he didn't show him the respect accorded to him, since he didn't poke the bear in the metaphorical sense and was a good sport, Harry was obliging if you could say.

Taking it easy on him while making sure not too humiliating him, Harry humored him for a while as he defended himself against all those spells flying at him flawlessly, he then decided to finally finish things up with two quick spells that took him off guard and concluded the duel.

"Good duel," Harry said with a small smile as he walked over to the boy and shook his hand companionly.

"Thanks," he answered with a good lucky smile as he returned the gesture without any hurt feels. "You really are that skilled, huh? Everyone just thought that your first match was a fluke, but now I could see that's far from the truth."

"Well that's me," Harry said as he waved his hands to either side causally. Harry knew the Slytherin would do anything to put himself in a better light and not make himself look weak and pathetic, even telling lies right through his teeth.

But why did he care, he would just prove them all wrong with his abilities, and make them swallow their words.

"Next time don't expect such an easy victory," the Hufflepuff chuckled good naturedly.

Nodding his head, Harry promised he would see him any time of the dueling arena, and promised to give him any advice or pointers he wanted. With that, they walked away amicably and back to their seats.

After the second circuit was done, it was time for the third one. This time it wasn't mostly strangers that everyone had to face. No, it was time to face close friends and family.

Since the groups were so small now, people were running into those they knew and cared about.

He saw the twins who had to face each other in one round, and just as he expected in a mellow dramatic fashion they both took each other at the same time. All Professor Flitwick could was shake his head as a wry grin split his face, still Professor Vector didn't take any nonsense and disqualified them.

He also saw that Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown, who won by the skin on her teeth against Millicent Bulstrode, have to face each other. And he noticed with the way that Parvati Patil tripped herself up on purpose to give her best friend the win that it was done deliberately, and Lavender seem to know that as well with how indignant she looked. 

Still it was her win thanks to her friend conceding the match, and there was nothing she could do against it. 

Plus there was also Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas who were in the same year and in the same house, Gryfindor, as him, or should he saw Ron's new idiotic friends. They both had to duel it out and with the way they went at it against each other, you would have thought they were hated enemies as they held nothing back and clearly wanted to bring each other down. 
Soon it was his turn to head forth, and looking across from him he saw that he would be facing his newly made friend, Tracey Davis.

"Well, this is awkward," Harry chuckled. This wasn't what he needed right now, his bond with the grey eyed witch was new and fresh, and he sure as hell did not want it to be strained with this right now. 

And Harry knew neither of them would give up here. They both would give it their all, he wanted to go for the top spot and claim number one, and he was sure Tracey sure as hell did not want to stop in the third circuit. 

So he really didn't know if any hard feelings would develop, which was no go for him, how could he turn a woman, especially one of such beauty against himself. 

Using his glib tongue to good effect, "Well, since I am a man thinks all should be treated equally whether they be men or women. So, I am sorry to say, but I can not just concede the match to you out of courtesy. Thus, let the best of us win this duel."

Staying silent, Harry got a certain distinct air of coldness from her which perplexed him for a moment. However soon Septima called the beginning of the match before he could even ask what was wrong or get to the bottom of it. 

This time, Tracey was able to get the first spell of in all the matches he has been in and take the initiative. However, Harry easily blocked the spell with his wand and redirected it towards the shield the enveloped them which quickly absorbed it. 

Studying her with his watchful eyes, Tracey let loose all her fury on him as she unleashed a tidal wave of spells. Harry just blocked them all with ease, and fired back no spell at her. 

She took notice of that and growled, "Why aren't you fighting back? Where was that equal nonsense you were sprouting, huh? Was it all bullshit? Do you think you need to be considerate of me?"

Not answering her question, he turned the table and asked one of his as he danced around some spells the flew at him, "What happened between us? Why are you so angry with me?"

Women, he just couldn't understand them. One moment she was pleasant company, and now here she was unleashing her fury upon him. 

"FIGHT BACK!" she shouted like a dragon ready to swallow him whole. 

"Is it about me taking your spot as Daphne's partner?" Harry wondered out loud, not paying attention to how spitting wrathful she was. "Okay, for that I am sorry," he apologized, "but isn't this reaction uncalled for?" he then asked. 

Looking even more piqued at the mention of the name, Tracey growled angrily, "Don't YOU dare say her name. I do not know why but he have duped her. All she could think about is you..." she said as she turned her angry and somewhat hurt eyes on to him.

"Thank you," Harry said as he puffed his chest up a bit, "I guess I do have that effect on woman, and to see it work on one such as the Ice princess herself. I got to say, I really am at the top of my skills," he bragged as he didn't notice the fury increasing Tracey's eyes. 

"You degenerate," she shouted as she tossed a very nasty curse at him.

Harry once again effortlessly blocked it, and studied the grey eyed witch with his head tilted to the side. "Wait," he commanded as he held his hand up for her to pause to which she complained since she really had no choice at all considering the full body binding curse he had her under. 

"You love her too," he whispered so that only the two of them could hear, however that was unnecessary since all that everyone could do was watch the duels and not hear what was being said between oppents. Plus the shielding spell prevented any interference from going on so that people could try to cheat, which included listening spells designed to hear from far away. 

"What? NO," she quickly denied, and he knew right away she was lying. However, he still had to give it to her as she quickly got over her shock and a slight bit of fear, and thought quick on her feet as she came up with a plausible excuse.

"All I am doing is looking after my best friend's interest, and making sure that immoral people do not get close to her," she added as she gave him a pointed stare.  

"Yeah, I get friends looking out for each other," Harry said with a playful grin, "but I can tell when someone has too much vested interest in their companion's love life. And you my friend, are one of those people."

"That's not true," she said as she somehow got out of his body binding curse and fired a spell at him. 

"Hahaha," laughing out loud as he dodged around her spells, he cast a Glacius spell underneath her feet as ice formed on the ground, and with how distracted she was and how disoriented her mind was she tripped and spell. Then Harry effortlessly summoned her wand to his hand and grabbed it from the air, concluding the match and taking his victory.

Walking over to her with a grin on his face as she looked a bit dazed with her fall, he whispered to her in a low tone, "I tell you what. If you want to get more closer to our Ice Princess and I mean beyond just friends like right now. Come meet me after the Tournament is done."

With that, Hary walked away, leaving her a bit stunned on the ground and with his final parting words to keep her company. 


After that, the matches picked up as he faced one contestant after the other like an endless wave. The number of reviling competition kept on dropping as person after person got eliminated and the winners moved on to keep on fighting more duels. 

There were some real highlights here and there, with opponent really putting on a grand show.

For example Pansy Parkinson vs Hermione Granger!

Now that was an amazing fight! Pansy Parkinson was a black haired witch which were straight and barely reached her neck, with beautiful amethyst colored eyes that her family was known for. Sharp nose, high cheekbones, full red lips, smooth silky skin, long delicate fingers that of course never saw any work. She stood 5 foot 11 inches with a slim, coltish figure. 

However what ruined her great beauty that could rival the most beautiful of girls in the whole school, was that she was a total Royal Bitch!

She had all the imperial snobbish of a pureblood, and since she was from a very powerful family she looked down at everyone was servants and slaves. And she was a total nightmare to her enemies as she knew plenty of dark spells to make their life a living hell. 

Plus, he knew she was really crazy for Draco, but the idiot couldn't see beyond himself, so he really didn't notice. 

Right now, she and Hermione were going at it like two titans. Pansy might have a higher and better education than Hermione, but what the brown witch had was dedication and so much effort that he was surprised she was able to match her. 

The match might have gone down for the ages if there wasn't more great fight. 

Then there was Theodore Nott vs Blaise Zabini!

Daphne Greengrass vs Susan Bones!

Ron Weasley vs Draco Malfoy!

Katie Bell vs Cho Chang!

Ginny Weasley vs Luna Lovegood!

Neville Longbottom vs Seamus Finnigan! 

And so many more exciting battles! 

This Tournament was really the collmulation of all the talents and skills that everyone had as they brought everything out and held no bargains back. 

Plus everyone seem to be having a great time!

Dueling was blood sports to wizards, it was the highest form of entertainment, and at the same time the most sacred and honored thing as well. 

Everyone cheered wildly whether they be muggle-born, purebloods, or half-bloods like him as they watched on the fights with great fervor. Harry guessed it was in wizarding-kind as a whole, the love of dueling something that broke all barriers and surpassed all classes! 

As the competition got cut down less and less, and the weaker people were culled out, only the best of the best were left. Thus the fights were the most spectacular thing ever as powerful magics got thrown around, breathtaking displays of powers were shown, and ingenious tactics were used. 

Unexpectedly the house-elves showed up as they brought with them all kinds of snacks and handed them off to students. Harry could see the twins patting themselves on the back and congratulating themselves for the brilliant idea as they munched on popcorn.

Shaking his head, Harry wondered how life would have been without the twins in it, it sure as hell would have been less amusing and much more dull that's for sure.

The teachers said nothing since they too joined in, even Professor McGonagall who was the most sternness couldn't help it as she took some Dragon Roasted Nuts and Skewered Fire Lizard.

During his duels, even Harry had to be careful and take his matches seriously. 

In magical fights, just one spell that slipped through your defense could end you. Of course, more powerful wizards would not allow that as they had much better reflects, strength, tactics, spells, and magic reserves.

But still, the point remains, if you weren't careful and remained arrogant someone might get the jump on you. Harry learned that lesson well as he underestimated a third year girl a junior of his by one year in his house by name of Romilda Vane.

She seem to be some super fan of his, as he was pretty sure she tried to snare him in some love spells. She really was crazed about having him in love with her, she really didn't stop at all and had him on the defense for a while. 

As the fight drew to a close and the battles thinned out, only four more people including him were left in the Tournament.

"Alright," Professor Flitwick called out, "let's have a small break to catch our breaths before we proceed to the semi-finals!"

Looking around at the final three opponents he had left, his eyes meet Matteo Travers a seventh year Slytherin. And Harry had to saw the boy looked like total Snape junior, if he hadn't known better what a dickless wad Snape was, he would have thought that this was his love child or clone or something along those lines.

Looking over at his other opponent Cedric Diggory a sixth year Hufflepuff. He was a total pretty boy, who had a bunch of Hufflepuff gushing over him and cheering him on. 

Then there was finally Roger Davies another sixth year who was in Ravenclaw. He was clearly one of those so-called Ravenclaw intellectuals who thought they knew it all and was smarter than everyone since they were ravens!

He hated to admit it, but each house had their own share of poor supplement that represented a bad side of their house. 

Still though, the raven did at least show that he had good head on his shoulder since he had it all the way to the semi finals. 

Then of course there was him, Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, the Great Balck Wyrm, conqueror of Griffin Perch and Griffin Alight, Voldermorts & Dumbledore's Bane, Lord Potter-Black-Peverell-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw-Slytherin, and the list of titles just went on and on!

But what mattered most, was that he was here to take the championship, and claim the number 1 spot!

Pansy Parkinson:

Romilda Vane: