Chapter 72: After Party
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Getting smacked down like a doll by the four-armed, now three in fact, and sent tumbling down to the ground with a boom.

It looked like Harry lost.

The Professors looked at each other worriedly, and were about to call the match off until Professor Flitwick held his hand up and stared at the crater which Harry laid in.

As the dust cleared, a single form came into focus who was waving his hands about to clear the dust. Coughing to clear his lungs of the dust, Harry swore under his breath, "Man, that thing can really hit."

Spitting a wad of blood to the side, that was really the only injury he suffered from that blow a bit of shake of his internal organs however his phoenix regeneration factor was on that.

Still he was thankful to the augmenting magic of his family, if he didn't have those spells protecting him and strengthening him, then he would have been nothing more than a bloody stain on that floor right now.

Once again the three faced demon turned to look down at him with those eyes that flashed blood red.

"You are going to have to do a lot more than that to take me down," Harry taunted the creation with a bloody laugh.

Answering his taunt with a ROAR, the demon charged at him, and Harry replied back with his whole fiendish roar as he ran head long to meet the thing.

O, how very much he is going to enjoy dismantling this thing.


"Do you yield?" Harry asked as he held his sword to Roger's neck. Behind him was a massive pile of rubble with a single giant head still intact, but it seem to be dead just like the stone it was made of.

Harry had to admit, it was a tough battle, but also very exhilarating heady. With the way, they both clashed, and each blow sent up tremors and quakes.

The older boy was panting in and out, as the final spell must have really taken a lot out of him. With a nod, he yielded the match to him.

Turning to the crowd, Harry raised up his sword, or should he saw his wand in actuality for a bit of showmanship. And they loved it as they went wild, the noise of their screams, cheers, and shouts were deafening even through this massive shielding was in place.

Walking back to the stands, as Professor Vector called out his victory, Harry was greeted with the wild exuberance of his house mates. Soon a whole throng was surrounding him as everyone gave him their congratulation, and gushed about the duel.

Some people however weren't too thrilled with his dangerous battle. For example, Hermoine had his ears boxed, and Lavender looked relieved to see him alive after his dangerous... so man close calls. Plus Ginny looked close to tears, and hugged him when she saw him.

After a short recess, the match to decided 4th and 3rd place respectfully was called and Matteo and Roger walked forward.

Enjoying his small little break, Harry took some small interest int the duel which was the brightest and best that Hogwarts had to offer dueling it out.

Poor Roger didn't seem to be able to catch a break as he lost the match against Matteo who still had one card up his sleeve. What else would you expect from a Slytherin?!

After that though, the final match was called.

Harry was able to catch his breath during that short time, and all the wounds and aliments he suffered from the last battle were healed by his phoenix regeneration factor.

Walking back up to the stage which was fixed up by Professor McGonagall once again back to prim and proper shape. The two opponents bowed to each other, and Cedric called out, "I hope we have a good match."

"The same," Harry nodded his head as they brought out their wands and held it in a defensive stance.

"On the count of three you may begin, "Professor Vector said.

"One — two — three — DUEL!!!"

As soon as the word DUEL was said, they were both off, Harry went ahead and charged at him head long after his wand was transformed back into a sword and he had countless spells casted on his body.

Cedric on the other hand, summoned wind which swept to every where and was so sharp that it ripped large gouges across the earth. Plus since the wind was invisible, you couldn't see were the racking wind was coming from.

But Harry had something, that he didn't know of, Magic Sight.

Using it to his advantage he danced around all the sweeping winds of sharp blades and rushed nearer to him.

Seeing his attack was not working on him, the older boy suddenly summoned geysers from within the earth. And it wasn't the boiling hot water as you imagined, but Lava.

To make matters worse the badger sent up large pillars of earth which obstructed his path and made it difficult to navigate the deadly tangle of lava and razor-sharp gales of wind.

Not stopping there, the older boy seem to learn from his battle with Roger that you needed overwhelming force to take him down or else he would more down anything in his path.

Quickly dark clouds gathered in the sky and rain begin to pour down to the earth, and it wasn't just regular drizzles of rain. But a down pour which was acidic in nature should he add.

Feeling the first patter of rain on his skin, it quickly ate at his clothing leaving him with stripes for clothing. Then the acidic thing seem to get to his skin, and red patches were left all over his skin.

If he didn't have his augmenting spells on, he was sure there would have been nothing left on his skin but bone which would have also been swallowed by the very acidic rain.

Still, the rain stung like a bitch as it sent rashes all over his body, and he was so distracted that he crashed into an earth pillar. Then to make his situation worse a sweeping wind blade tore into his back as blood was sent up into the air.

Acting quick on his feet, he was able to dodge the gushing column of lava that came out of the earth.

Still though, he was in a bad situation, and it looked like he wouldn't be able to make it to the badger or even win the battle for that matter.

Letting out a loud roar of frustration, Harry stuck his sword into the ground, then he reached out to his surrounding. Suddenly the earth and lava started to head to him, collecting on his arm then rushing up his body.

The two component swirled and mixed and covered his body, until what stood there was a dark armored knight with large veins of glowing red running all over. Even Harry's sword was transformed to suit the situation as it became a greatsword of pitch black earth with veins of lava running crisscross.

Now nothing stopped Harry as he unleashed his fury on everything, and he was like an unstoppable wrecking ball.

Then before long, he reached the older boy, who looked a bit surprised, but also sort of expecting him to cross all the barriers. Though clearly he never expected the armor as his eyes gazed at it closely.

"It's over," Harry said as he pointed his great sword at the badger. "Yield, now!"

Grinning good-naturedly, the pretty boy stated, "I got one more trick up my sleeve."

Snorting, Harry wondered if he thought he was an idiot as he charged at him, giving him no chance to bring forth his final toss of the cards. However, he did something, Harry did not expect, suddenly flames collected all around his feet and both his hands and he was jetting up into the air with a small assistance of the wind.

Looking up at him, Harry chuckled as he bent down low and in one single motion surged himself upward as he was soaring up after him.

Smiling at him, as Harry hurtled closer to him, the older boy announced, "Thanks for following me."

All of a sudden, a meteor came into focus which was plummeted at break neck speed towards him as flames trailed behind it.

'So that was his plan,' Harry thought with a chuckle as the small meteor headed for him. Without a word, his great sword started to fuse with his right hand until he had a massive gauntlet that reached all the way to this shoulder.

Springing his arm back like a compact spring as his elbow was straight with his shoulder, Harry alighted himself towards the meteor.

Everyone watched as he and the meteor came closer and closer together and they all held their breaths as finally, they met.

Then as if the spring was loose, Harry struck out towards the meteor with his giant gauntleted fist. Cracks ran all across the firey rock as pieces started to break off, and then it splintered into pieces which further got broken up by the force of his attack.

Small little pieces of stone littered down to the floor as Harry came out the other side as was upon Cedric who looked god smacked like everyone else.

Giving him no time to react at all, Harry grinned from within his dark armor, and whispered, "Nighty-night," as he smacked the badger on the back of the head, causing him to go unconscious.


"Now, we shall award the medals," Professor Vector called out. The four semi-finalists stood on a grand stage in the center of the old arena with those at higher ranks being towed higher.

A loud round of applause when up as Professor Flitwick walked up to them with different colored medals.

"Young Davies, congratulation," he said as he gave him a common gray colored metal with 4th place on it. Bowing his head respectfully in appreciation, the man advice before he moved on, "Next time use more creations with different uses, that would open up a lot of avenues to you."

Then moved on to the greasy black haired Slytherin. "Congratulations, young Travers!" the short little man said as he gave him an uncommon green colored medal with 3rd place on it. "Having powerful potions is good, but use common ones as well to supplement your fights."

Moving up to Cedric, he nodded his head to him and said, "Good fight," as he put a rare blue colored medal over his neck with 2nd place on it. "That meteor was a good combined spell of earth and fore, try doing that more often.'

Finally, he came up to Harry and presented to him a purple colored medal with 1st place on it. "I must say, it is quite the sight to see someone as young as you being so good at this age. You will get far in life, young Poter!"

"Thank you," Harry said with a bow of his head.

"Now," the short little man said as he faced the crowd of students, "these are the people who are going to be in beginner, intermediate, and advanced respectfully." Suddenly the giant board, had a list of names in three categories.

Not seeing his name, Harry wondered what happened, but once the half-goblin man spoke up, it became clear, "You four will be in the Expert group and Harry since you are Hogwarts' new Duelling Champion, I shall personally take over your tutelage!"


Being lifted by a whole crowd of Gryffindors towards the common room, everyone started to sing, "We are the champions! We are the champions! We are the champions!" as they made their way to the Gryffindor Tower.

The other houses stared at them as they walked out of the Great Hall which had been transformed back into the dining hall it used to be by Professor McGonagall. They looked piqued that it wasn't their house that had the honor of claiming Hogwart's Duelling Champion.

Going along with this for the moment, Harry joined in on the atmosphere as he chuckled at this show of upstageness. When they finally reached the Gryffindor common room after receiving congratulation from the Fat Lady in Painting, he came to a place all decked out with celebration.

There were balloons every with snacks and drinks laid out, and even hanging with his name and Hogwart's Duelling Champion. He really had to give it to his housemates, they really could prepare fast, but with magic helping along and the house-elf here and there it could be fixed up in a jiffy.

When he was carried in by his bearers, confetti was popped all over and congratulation was given all around. Finally being let down, the twins were first to greet him, "Aaa, if it isn't our reigning champion!"

Slugging their arms over him, they lead him over to get drinks and he was swamped by even more people. Before long more people started pilling in, and soon the party was in full swing and had begun in earnest.

Taking a seat in the center of the room, he was quickly surrounded by a whole lot of people. Most were of course asking for repeats of the battle even though they were there and already watched it with their eyes.

Harry humored them as he retold the highlights of the duels, and they listened up avidly.

After that he played a few party games with others, chatted up with his friends, and got surrounded by more people.

As the party was in full swing, three girls approached him, who he knew very well, the Quidditch team's cheerleaders.

[A/N: Hey, pro teams have mascots and cheerleaders. Why can't house teams have some cheerleaders?]

"Hey Amy, Lyra, Hope," he greeted them. He won't deny that he used to have an infatuation for them, they were lead cheerleaders for the Gryffindor team, and the best at what they did. During his adolescent days which wasn't so long ago, he would always get tongue tied when they spoke to him or congratulated him for his victory, so he avoided them for a while.

Amy who was the captain had straight long blond hair, clear sapphire colored eyes, full pink lips, fair smooth skin, round face, and of course dressed in skimpy clothing that revealed those long beautiful legs and that toned stomach. With an ass that perked out in those very short pants, and those sexy revealing tank tops that left nothing to the imagination.

Then there was Hope who had long straight black hair, deep black eyes, smooth amber skin, red lush lips, an oval face with high cheekbones, and a curvy well rounded figure. Plus a revealing shirt that showed all her deep cleavage, and very short that was more close to panties than anything else really.

Finally, that left Lyra who had dark brown hair bushy hair, smooth chocolate colored skin, brown glossy lips, a heart-shaped face, and a slender lithe figure. With pants that stuck to her revealing the shape of all her assets.

"Hello, Champion," Amy purred as she came up to him.

"Great duels," Hope said as she came up on him from his left as she begin to slide her hands up his chest. "It really made me so... wet," she added in a whisper, "I never knew you had all that power tucked away."

"I believe I know where he has it all tucked away," Lyra chuckled as she came up from behind him. Sneakily, she was able to run her fingers over his crotch area, and let out a small gasp once she slightly felt what he was packing.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies," he said, "I got a lot of rounds to do today. What about we catch up later," he said. Harry didn't do this because he didn't want their company, far from it, he would love nothing more for them to come all over him.

But, as Sirius put it ever so wisely, make them struggle for it.

Without another word, he was off and chatting up with other people. Somehow he could feel their surprised and shocked eyes on his back, with a bit of fury and indignation mixed in of course.

Somehow alcohol was snuck in, and of course drinking games got started. He wondered about Professor McGonagall's reaction if she walked in right now.

With the drinks flowing freely, and the food coming in from the house-elves everyone was in a jolly mood, okay mostly everyone.

Nothing could see some of his naysayers like Ron and his new friends were scowling in some corner. It was like they thought they should be celebrated, and not him.

But he didn't care, and didn't let their bad attitude affect him. Harry joined in on the fun as he began to sing and even gave a few women the honor of a dance with him.

Before long he was even contesting with likes of twins and other older boys as they guzzle down drink after drink.

Then everything after that was a blur of noises, lights, and more booze!


Going to sleep totally wasted on one of the couches in the common room, suddenly Harry's consciousness returned, feeling a wet numbness in his crotch area. Harry quickly opened his eyes to find himself back in the totally wasted common room of his house.

Looking down he saw Hope right down on her knees, and giving him a blowjob.