Chapter 73: Hogwarts Duelling Champion Pt. 1(R-18)
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It's so great to be back! 


Going to sleep totally wasted on one of the couches in the common room, he couldn't even drag himself to his dorm room so he collapsed down in the common room.

Harry had indeed passed out, falling asleep with his head slumped forward and his body limp. His dreams were of course filled with sex, battle, and all that stuff.

He especially dreamt about Professor Vector, who confronted him with some sexy leather torture clothing alongside a crop she whipped around in a menacing way. Needless to say, things took a very sexual turn from there, but rather than punish him for doing so many untold things to her instead the beautiful woman got down on her knees and began sucking his cock.

Suddenly Harry's consciousness slowly returned, feeling a wet numbness in his crotch area. Harry quickly opened his eyes to find himself back in the totally wasted common room of his house.

His mind was so addled, he did not know what time was it, why he was here, or even what happened a few hours ago.

Blinking dumbly, Harry stared down at his lap, slowly realizing as his eyes adjust to the lack of light that it's bulging a lot more than it should be, even if he was feeling a bit horny and got an erection. There was someone clearly sucking on his shlong!

Looking down, he saw Hope down on her knees, and giving him a blowjob.

It took his mind a while to process that as it was still stuck in the molasses called hangover.

But he got to it eventually, "Hope?!" he said in total surprise as his eyebrow went up all the way to the sky.

He never really expected to be woken up in such a fashion, well maybe he might have wished for it, but still dreams and reality had to be separated.

Now however he had his wet dream come true.

It takes every ounce of his willpower not to react to the sudden stimulus after she'd stopped everything and just held his member in her mouth, but he manages it all the same, biting back the groan that threatens to tear its way out of his throat.

Fuck, he swore, how could a man hold himself back from this.

"Ahhh, I see that our Champion," a sultry voice whispered.

Turning around, Harry saw the O, so familiar blond hair witch cheerleader, "Amy," he said then he spotted a familiar dark brown hair. "Lyra!"

"How do you like the welcome surprise?" Amy askes him as she turns his head to face him and sensually bites his lips.

"Very... very, very, welcoming," he answers as he begins to kiss her. Harry had no idea how no one hadn't noticed this, yet. Looking around, Harry really couldn't find any eyes on him. It's very dark, and everyone was wasted, plus only a few people remained in the common room, the rest were able to drag themselves to their room. He did spot a few restless students, tossing and turning in their sleep, but other than that they were in the clear.

Still, he put a silencing ward around them so as not to wake up the whole castle with their activities, that was all he was able to do before he got assaulted by another wave of Hope's soft, wonderful ministrations.

She had gone back to bobbing up and down on his cock, swallowing his shaft and swirling her tongue around his tip every time she pulls back to the point that she's holding only it between her lips. If Harry was being honest, he had to give it to her, she really good at this. He can feel his balls churning, can feel himself getting close to cumming.

"I'm getting close," he grunted, and grabs hold of Hope's hair with his free hand, driving her down all the harder on his dick.

"Ack! Ack! Ack!"

The light brown witch gags and chokes on his shaft, but she doesn't try to pull away or anything like that. Instead, she simply takes the abuse. At the same time, she was producing a rather large amount of slobber which was swiftly dribbling down her chin and onto her half-exposed chest. Her saliva mixed with Harry's precum was dripping down into her cleavage and all she could do was grab onto his thighs and try to hold out for the entire ride.

"Good, very good," he whispers to her as Amy turns him back to him.

"I never knew you were such a slave drive, the boy-who-lived, having such a dark side, mmm," she said as she shivered.

"Well you brought this upon yourselves," he answered, "now show me those wonderful boobs you got hidden away."

Doing as commanded without any arguments, she managed to make it look unbelievably sexy as her top drops and her massive tits bounce free of their rather light confines.

She really is exceptionally well endowed, and when she wiggles them back and forth slightly, her gigantic mammaries jiggle quite a lot. It's very impressive, and Harry couldn't deny it that he was staring long and hard at it somewhat transfixed at the sight, really.

"Mmm," Harry said as if he got shown a tasty treat, then

"Do you like it?" she asked with a mischievous grin.

"Very much so," he answered as he reached out with his free hand and grabbed Amy's extremely sensitive tits right then and there, causing the blonde-haired cheerleader to squeal in delight before moaning at the feel of his fingers kneading her boob flesh.

He thought at first they might have been altered with magic since these giant mammaries were just too perfect. But with the way she insanely responded to his touch, they were one hundred percent natural. Certified by him!

Her puffy nipples draw his attention more than anything else, and before long, Harry found himself sucking at them, slurping and even nibbling, much to Amy's very vocal enjoyment.

"O-oh, YES!!! That's it, mmm," she moaned wantonly. For the dozenth time Harry was glad he put up some sound proofing spells, or else he would had to call this to an end if everyone woke up.

Harry was enjoying himself very much on the one hand he had some massive breasts to play with as he took turns grabbing and groping and mauling these great big melon, and sucking and slurping at her tits with his mouth and tongue.

Then, on the other hand, he had another busy bee, that was working very hard to get him to blow his load inside of her.

Her ruby red lips stretched wide to accommodate his thick cockhead as her tongue slobbered all over it, sliding over the tip of his member lewdly as she let out a muffled moan around his cock. It sent vibrations down his length in a way that caused him to groan again.

And he had to say she was really doing an adamant job, because he groaned, "I am coming," as his balls churned and his release built up. 

Hope pulled back ever so slightly until just his cockhead remains between her lips, and then she swirls her tongue around his tip, before pressing it against his bell end. And like that, Harry begins to cum, his free hand dropping his blanket which he used to keep the cold away from, and his other hand remains in the cheerleader's hair as he feels her sucking and drinking his load down.

She doesn't waste a single drop, swallowing every last bit of his seed before finally letting his cockhead pop free of her lips. By that time, Harry is able to pull up the bedroll again to cover them. She's about to pull away, so he grabs her more firmly by her hair, forcing her to look up at him again.

"Well done," he congratulates her since she had been a real pro after all.

The brunette whimpers in his grasp, acting like a little fighting cat, perfectly playing out her role, while he acted out his baser instincts of that of a big bad wolf. 

Getting a bite at his ear, then a long sensual lick, he turned around to see a pouting Lyra. "Did you forget about me?" she asked with a sulky expression.

"Of course, not my dear," he said with a grin as he stuck his finger into her wet waiting cunt. 

"Hope," he calls out as she responses quickly to him, "come use that wonderful tongue of yours on her other hole!"

Smiling mischievously at her friend, who has her eyes widening in shock and a bit of lust. Harry just shrugged his shoulder, she wanted his full attention, now she had it.  

Opening the dark skin brunette's ass cheeks, Hope begins to put her tongue to good use on the lonely butthole. Lyra, let out a loud moan, which Harry quieted with a smack across her ass, causing her ass cheeks to juggle a lot. Then, she let out a silent moan, squirting her pussy juices all over this fingers and hand, while her head tilting back.

It seems like she really cummed from nothing more than him smacking her ass like she’s been a bad, bad girl, Harry smirks and leans in, murmuring in her ear.

"What a naughty, naughty, little girl you are, Lyra."

"Yes, yes," she moaned as he hit the right spot for her, "I am so naughty. But its all your fault, siiir~"

Chuckling he looked to Amy who was fingering herself all on her lonesome while watching their little show u hungry. 

"Come here," Harry said as he waved her over, "I am still not done with those wonderful melons!"

Whipping out his dick, and bringing his throbbing pecker to play, Harry relaxed back in his seat while he planted his massive length between Amy's equally massive breasts right then and there.

The beautiful cheerleader let out a soft giggle, as her lips parting as she stares down at his cockhead, poking out from the top of her cleavage to peek at her. The rest of his member is completely encapsulated by her expansive boob flesh, leaving Harry in titty heaven as he begins to piston in and out of the valley made by her cleavage, his hand once more squeezing at her rip nipple, this time to push them together around his thrusting prick, making a nice cock sandwich.

It feels amazing and judging by the cheerleader's moans and mewls and whimpers, she’s enjoying herself with his hot throbbing prick nestled between her sensitive tits.  Her eyes just beg for more as she looks up at him, panting with need.

In this moment, she seems exceptionally defenseless, with none of that haughty attitude. 

“H-Harry… p-please…” she whimpers as he pinches her nipples real hard getting a loud moan from her. 

"Please what?" Harry asked with a deep dark chuckle. 

"Cum for me," she said with a shout as her orgasm finally erupted. 

Her finally press of her boobs firmly against his throwing cock was that he needed to get him over the edge. He thought he could hold out much longer, but her great big mammaries enveloping him was just too good, still it was a happy. 

With a groan, he begins to cum, his seed pumping out of his cock, but not quite leaving Amy's breast valley. Her face doesn’t end up plastered with his cum, as surprising as it is, showing just how expansive the blonde haired cheerleader's boob where.

Still some of his seed pushed out of the top of her breasts, covering her neck in was really similar to a pearl necklace, really, and some of it rained down on her nipples and outer cleavage, and he had her covered in long running rivulets of his hot, sticky cum.

Turning around, he saw that Hope was doing an adamant job with Lyra who was screaming like banshee, even with his minor assistance. 

“Is she ready?" Harry asked Hope as he got up from his seat and came up behind her. Looking at the dark skinned witch, she looked so near the edge, and he suppose it did matter really if he helped things along. 

A squeal leaves Lyra's throat as Harry thrusts his cock into her back door without pause. Even with Hope warming her up, it was clear that Harry’s size causes her considerable discomfort as he begins to fuck her right then and there.

No foreplay, no hesitation!

“Holy fuck you're tight Lyra,” he moaned out loud as grabbed hold of her big fat bubble butt in the process. She really had him on the ropes as even with all the foreplay, she was as tight as a compact ridge.

Her body rocks slightly and Lyra's entire body is jarred with each forceful, deep thrust, the brunette is losing it, squealing like a true wanton whore now, her body wriggling and writhing. She’s trying to escape Harry’s massive dick, she’s trying to pull away, but her position and Harry's tight hold on her arms don’t allow it.

“This is what you want, Lyra, even if you yourself don’t realize it yet," he whispered to her. "So, I’m going to give it to you, and am going to give it to you real good!”

Hope the ever so helpful little vixen she was, comes down to the dark skinned woman's dripping wet cunt and give it a few long and sensual licks, getting a real good taste of her.

He fucks her hard and fast, brutally even, plowing her poor behind like there’s no tomorrow. His massive member pulled out and then pushed in as he slowly picked up the pace.

Each time he thrust into her, it felt like the first time, each time he pulled out of her left her feeling empty and in need of his cock once more. Luckily, she very swiftly got it again. 

Then soon enough he was pounding away at her tight little butthole so hard and so fast that she nor he could even tell when he was inside of her and when he wasn’t.

Finally stopping with her resistance, the cheerleader moans, “You’re so b-big, H-Harry…”

"Why thank you," he said, "now tell me what you want me to do with my big fat cock?"

“I want… I want you to fuck me. I want you to take me and make me yours Harry. Plow me like I’m a worthless slut, treat me like I’m your whore. Just… use me. Please, Master, use me.”

Harry suddenly redoubled his pace in its ferocity, and the brown haired witch was sent a few feet up into the air with his hard thrust.

With one final deep thrust, Lyra was right over the edge as she came hard from his surprising anal assault and her pussy juices exploded out of her almost like a hose, making even more of a mess on the floor, and her butt muscles tightening and clenching rhythmically all along his length.

That was what finally pushed him over the edge too, and as if on cue, Harry begins to cum at that moment. Lyra orgasms one final time too from having her butt stuffed with his seed, and then she slumps forward as he pulls out of her with a wet pop, letting some seed spill out of her. 

Lyra looked absolutely out of her mind with pleasure, a fucked silly look on her face as she fell to the couch he was laying on before. She was nearly passed out then and there. She was so exhausted as Harry bend down and brushes a few of her bangs free of her face.

“That’s it, that’s a good girl. You did well my dear, you did well."