Chapter 77: Professor Septima Vector Pt. 2(R-18)
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"Ahh, I see that you are late again, Mr. Potter, "Professor Septima Vector noted as he walked into the classroom.

"Sorry, Professor," he said as he scratched the back of his head, "I got caught up with some stuff."

"Mmm, really," she said in a sarcastic tone, "so you think that gives you an excuse to be tardy in my class?"

"No," he answered as he held his head down in respect and mock humility. If she wanted to give him a talking down to, then that was her right. He guessed it was his fault for getting so caught up with Fay, and not noticing that the time went by so fast.

"Well then," she said as she turned his back on him, "I believe you can report in for detention with me later today."

Nodding his head, Harry replied, "As you say, Professor."

"Now go take a seat," she said as she pointed to an empty desk. Turning to look at the classroom, "Where was I, O, yes. So as I was saying....."


"What is it and you Slytherin house heads?" Neville wondered.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, even though he knew what he was talking about.

"Well, you do get in an awfully lot of trouble with them," Lavender Brown noted.

"But to be fair, I guess I did deserve this detention," he said with a shrug.

"Wonder what she is going to have you do," Neville posed to no one in particular.

"I heard that she once had a Hufflepuff, wipe clean all the windows," Fred stated in a low whisper.

"What's wrong with that?" Parvati Patil asked in confusion. "Then she has nothing against the punishments that Professor Snape or Professor McGonagall could wipe up."

"Well she had them doing it from outside, using a muggle rope," George clarified.

"That has to be like illegal, it's just too dangerous," Lavender.

"Dangerous or not, you never want to mess with Professor Septima!" Fred said as his brother nodded his head along.

"What do you have to say, Hermione?" he asked the bushy haired witch.

"Oh, best of luck," she said with a soft smile, clearly not paying attention for the hundredth time.

"Well I got to go," Harry said with a shake of his head. He really didn't want to add more tardiness to his list.


When Harry finally reached the classroom, he was a little surprised to find it dark and seemingly empty. However, the door was open a crack, so he went on inside looking around for the Professor he was suppose to do detention with.

"Ah, Professor Septima?" he called out to the empty dark classroom, "Hello? Are you here?"

Not seeing the older woman anywhere around, Harry frowned. Was this not where his detention was supposed to be at?

Maybe he was suppose to meet up with her in her office, he mused. 

It's in that moment that the lights turn on, the door to Septima's classroom closes, and Harry looks up to find a sight that he never expected to see staring back at him. She must have been hiding behind the door when he came in, because right there, in the flesh was Septima Vector.

"A-Ah, sorry Professor, I… wait, Professor?" he said in complete and utter confusion.

She wasn't wearing any of her professional and sharp formal business attire that she usually liked to wear.

Instead, the bespectacled brunette was wearing the uniform more fit for a seductress made out of black leather stripes that barely covered her up as her naked pussy, her pert behind and her pale thighs were on open display.

Plus the attire was blouse split open, allowing for her sizable bust to sit freely and be on partial display. Then of course he noticed the riding crop in her hands which she used it to smack into her open palm.

Harry's mouth was unbelievably dry as he stares at Septima with wide eyes, unable to tear his eyes away. Smiling rather lewdly, the brunette woman clicked the lock on the door behind her shut and then saunters forward, never taking her eyes off of his.

"Good evening, Professor. I'm here for my detention," he said the first thing that came to mind as he was drawing a blank on everything else. 

"I can see that," she said with a wicked grin, "and you must have been a very bad, bad boy, mmm?"

"I guess so," he answered as he took a deep swallow as she drew up to him and ran her fingers along his jawline. 

"You want to tell me what happens to very bad boys," she whispered to his ear as he could feel her hot breath beating right against him. 

"Aaaa...." he said like an idiot.

"They get punished, "she answered for him as she pushed him back on to a desk. Then she sat back on her desk and pointed her riding crop at him which glowed a magical light, he figured that it must have been her wand she transfigured into a riding crop. 

Suddenly he was pulled towards her, or more like the desk he laid prone on, then she parted away his robes and through his boxers she drew out his already hardening cock. 

There was no way you could fault him for that reaction, this was just too sexy!

"Tck, look at you," she said as she ran her riding crop against his length, "getting this hard for your teacher. What a very naughty boy you are."

"I guess you will need to punish me very well for that," he chuckled, playing into her little fantasy she set up. She seem to put a lot of effort into it, so he guessed he would play along with her for the moment.

"Yes, I will," she said as she pulled out her stocking-clad legs. Then wrapping her feet around his cock she begin to ran along it. 

"Lay back," she said as she pushed him down with her riding crop as he arched his back in a groan. "I will take care of it all," she said with a grin. 

Then using one of her feet, she begin to rub at his cock head while continuing with what she was doing before with the other leg. 

"I am about to explode," Harry said with a grunt. 

"Let it out, let it all out," Septima answered as she picked up her pace

Letting his seed rain down from above, his cum soon covered all of her stockings and even got far enough to reach her panties. 

"Now why don't we move on to the main course," Septima stated already rearing to go as she wrapped her arms around her own student and pulled him into a hot and intense round of kissing. She seemed intent to shove her tongue deep inside Harry's mouth and get the full taste of him.

Harry grabbed her hips from the other side and pushed her against him as he grinded his cock against her groin. Fingers teased the side of Septima's breasts, she let out a low wine when he pulled away from her.

"You are really pent up, huh?" Harry asked with a grin.

"You have no idea, after our last encounter. You have left me wanting more, a lot more," Septima responded as a sly smile split and she grabbed Harry's robes and then begin to pulled it over his head to reveal his toned chest and abs. One look at it made Septima begin to rub her thighs together.

"Why are you so hot?" Septima asked as she bit her lips. She spoke these words while tracing patterns on Harry's chest and abs.

Harry responded by tracing his fingers down and push his fingers closer down to the promised land.

"I can ask you the same," he replied as his hand disappeared beneath dripping wet honey pot.

"Harry," she moaned as he brushed against her slit with a gentle touch. "Inside, I want it inside," she said with a low moan grabbing his tool and trying to line it up against her hungry little kitten.

"Patience," Harry said as he pressed his lips behind her ear and gave her a few tender sucks. A nibbling on the back of her ear prompted the Professor to gasp, and Harry just kept on nibbling on the side of her neck.

The young man started to push his finger deep inside her which caused her to clench him a bit harder. "How do you feel now?" he asked, already knowing the answer of course, but still posting git to her.

"Good, so good," she moaned in answer.

Harry explored the inside of her pussy as he slipped in another finger. The Arithmancy teacher started to grind her hips up and down, pumping her hips down against his powerful fingers.

"You're feeling good, huh?" Harry asked as a third finger slipped inside her dripping hot pussy. He saw Septima bit down on her lip and nodded in response.

"Yes, you make me feel soooo good!" Septima yelled as some of her love juice spilled out.

"You know I think you are the naughty one," Harry mused out loud. "Someone can walk in at any time and you can get in so much trouble. Still it makes you so hot, huh?"

"Yes," she moaned as he hit all the right spots for her. "Yes, I am such a baaad teacher. Seducing my own student, and wanting him sooo bad," she answered truthfully as her wet pussy clenched around Harry's fingers and started to soak them.

Pulling them out, Harry held them out for her inspection, "Taste how horny you are," he said.

Septima obediently took Harry's fingers into her mouth. She was a good pet and sucked the juices off of him. The moment she begin to suck at them, Harry decided to move to the next stage. He used his free hand and undid the claps that held her leather clothing, cause her large D-Cup breasts to spill out for his consumption.

"You know what these breasts are good for, don't you?" Harry asked as he gave her breasts a few squeezes.

She nodded in response like a good little kitty, and got down onto her knees. The woman really got an up and personal look at his marvelous cock. This time she was able to take it all in and he could see it aroused her. 

"Are you going to stare all day, or are you going to give me some pleasure?" Harry asked with a raised eye brow showing how displeased he was getting with her.

Septima took her large breasts and placed Harry's cock around them. The warmth of her breasts pressed against his cock sent shivers along his spin as it felt just wonderful. 

Then she started to pump his cock up and down, Harry enjoyed the mature breasts sliding up and down his thick rod. His Professor's breasts kept rubbing up and down on his manhood.

"Your tits feel so good," he commented. "I can't wait to cum on them," he then added with a wicked grin.

Septima too seem unable to wait for him to cum on them as well as the sexy Professor rocked her breasts up and down on him then smooshed it tight to bring some pressure to bear.

"Oh, I want that too, Harry," Septima purred. "I want your sticky spunk all over my face, my tits, and in my mouth. I want your warm cum all over my nice soft tits. Feel them, they're soft are they?"

Harry reached around and grabbed Septima's nipples which were just ripe for picking, then he begin to tease them as his fingers started to pinch and pull at them.

Septima seem to enjoy it very much as she begin to sing for him, showing her appreciation the older woman swirled her tongue around the edge of his cock head which stuck out par to the way when it plunged deeper inside her cleavage. 

Harry enjoyed her talented tongue and large soft breasts pressing on other side of his cock. She slid her breasts all the way down his thick and throbbing cock.

Septima tipped back just in time to receive the first spurt of cum. Harry's cock spewed his cum all over her with a series of rapid fire shots.

The explosion of cum fired her in the face. His powerful cum stuck to her forehead, her cheeks, and into her mouth. Harry coated her breasts with his sticky seed. Harry rocked his thick cock as far between Septima's milking tits as he could manage.

The contents of his balls covered her. Septima pulled away and held out her hands to allow it to drop onto her hands.

Harry smiled and observed his professor slowly licking her hands clean. She drank up his seed like it was her lifeblood. The eyes of Septima Vector clouded over. Hunger continued to dance through her eyes. The woman sucked her fingers dry, then she asked, "How do you want to take me?" in an innocent tone which totally belied her.

"Mmm," he said as he thought it over, then his eyes ran over her shapely ass and he answered with a chuckle. "Bent over!"

"So you want to take me from behind?" Septima asked, doing as told as she turned around and showed him her bare pussy.

Harry's hand ran over her ass, softly caressing them while he pushed the tip of his head against her hot entrance.

"I'm going to fuck your brains out," he stated as if it was a certain fact. He lined his throbbing prick up against her womanhood and pushed the edge of his thick head against her pussy.

Septima stretched around him, his thick and veiny cock shoved inside her deep. He could feel her tunnels wrapping around his manhood as he slide deep inside her depths.

"Dang," he swore, "you really are tight."

"What can I say," she moaned, "it has been ages since I had a real man!"

“Ah yeah, I can see that," Harry said as he speared into her. "Looks like someone’s been missing this, if the way your pussy is tightening so desperately around my cock is any indication.”

Septima moaned at the degrading, humiliating dirty talk even as Harry began to pound into her sexy beautiful body as she rode him up and down on his cock. Harry watched one in amusement as shameful arousal, whimpers and whines and mewls coming out of her pretty lips.

In and out he went into her, ina nd out. Each time her ass jiggled up against Harry's crouch and her no nonsense face became more and more slutty. Her tits bounced and jiggled along with her, and her fit and perfect abdomen flexed and undulated as she got the best fucking in ages. 

Septima cooed in delight and gasped when Harry's mouth started to lavish the back of her neck. He could see that the love bites sparked a new feeling of desire and lust in her.

"I am so closeeee!" Septima yelled as her body got racked with shivers of ecstasy.

"Do you think I deserve full marks for this, Professor?" Harry asked with a chuckle as he pounded into her cunt like no tomorrow. 

"I think you deserve more than that, Mr. Potter," she answered as she leaned in and begin to break into a passionate kiss with him.

Laughing wickedly as he squeezed his professor's nipples and gave them a slight twist. This drove her nuts, and he guessed it was what also drove her over the edge.

Septima's hips bucked back and started to milk Harry's incoming thrusts. Harry pushed inside her with another long and powerful thrust which buried himself inside her body.

The older women let out a loud scream as she felt that final thrust completely, back arching as the pleasure was too much to contain, Septima came, and she came hard. 

Her love juiced exploded out in a wave as she looked more like she was peeing than coming. He saw her orgasm run down her legs in rivets and even some got on him. 

Then picking right back up as if she just didn't have the orgasm of her life, Harry went back to thrusting in her. 

Harry's lingered hands on her breasts started to come down to her second perky assets. Then he slapped sown on her ass as the sound of it echoed throughout the whole room. The response of Septima's pussy clenching him made Harry want to drive himself into her depths even more. The contents of his balls threatened to spill out into her.

Harry could feel his release close at hand, as he slowly but surely fucked Septima into kingdom cum. Her eyes rolled up in her head and her tongue lulled out of her skull.

Septima's wet walls contracted around him. The orgasm exploded through her body and coated him. This allowed Harry to push himself further around him.

"Look at you, you're cumming again," Harry said. "You're addicted to my cock, aren't you?"

"Yes," Septima answered with a long sigh, "very much so!"

The vixen drilled her pussy down onto Harry's cock. She panted and grew heavier with desire. The thick manhood buried deep inside her dripping hot pussy.

"Just couldn't get enough huh?" Harry with a dark chuckle, giving her ass a nice little pinch. "And you're going to cum all over my cock again, aren't you?"

Septima couldn't deny it as she felt another release emanate.

Harry massaged her ass while thrusting up at her at the same time. The combination drove Septima further towards the edge. His big manhood buried into her stomach and stuffed her so well.

"Well here is what you have been looking for," Harry said as he felt his balls churn. 

Harry could feel her pussy dampened in anticipation of what was to come, and Harry didn't disappoint in the least bit. The first burst of cum struck in the back of her womb. Septima clutched the side of his shoulder and pushed her pussy down onto his throbbing manhood.

Harry enjoyed the feel of her pussy contracting around him and milking every drop of his seed. He spilled his seed into her womb while enjoying her ass pressed up against his crotch area. 

The moment Harry finished and the two of them came down from the mutual pleasure, Harry slowly pulled out of her. "I guess detention is over, huh," Harry asked as he popped his cock out of her like a corkscrew.

"No," the older woman answered with a shake of her head, he could see that took a lot out of her as she really had no energy to do anything.

"You got a lot more detentions in store for you, Mr. Potter," she said with a sultry grin.

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