Chapter 78: Susan Bone (R-18)
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Walking through the hallways of Hogwarts, Harry had a lot on his mind. He really did have a lot of luck with the ladies these past few days, it wasn't like he didn't before since he got his chances once in a while. 

However now it was the author of his story who was trying to cram in so much!

Musing to himself, Harry heard a noise from up ahead, curious to know what it was he followed it to its trace. 

Coming to a slightly agar door he could hear the banging and thump of something going on inside. Taking a peek, he saw the lay out of a training room inside with a mat laid on on the floor, a tool racket set to the side, benches set against the wall to rest, a few animated magical dummies shouting. "have at it!"

In the center of the room duking it out with the magical training dummies was Susan Bones, she looked more akin to dancing really as she gracefully dodged the dummies attacks and fired off a volley of attacks. 

Being intrigued with the wonderful sight, and the great display of power Harry unknowingly leaned in too close and the ancient door of the long abandoned training room creaked open. 

Suddenly, Susan spun around as quick as a whip. and had her wand pointed at the door, "Who's there?" she shouted with her wand glowing a dangerous iridescence. 

Stepping out of the shadow he was hanging out in, Harry came into the light with his hands out. "It's just me," he said, "Don't fire!"

"Harry?" Susan confusion as she dropped her wand to the side. "What are you doing here?" she asked. 

"Well I heard the noises, and wondered what was going on, and I guess you can tell what happened next."

"Yeah," she said with an awkward grin, "I come here when I can to train!"

"I can see," he said with a nod, then he exclaimed, "Oh shit, watch out," he shouted as he held out his hand in some sort of plea to stop one of the dummies come up behind the blonde with its wooden sword raised high into the air. 

Acting on reflect, she rolled under the blow and came up to send a spell right at the animated thing's cartoonish face. 

Coming to a stop when he saw that she had been able to handle herself, Harry commented, "You are really good!"

"Yea, but not good enough to defeat, Daphne," she stated giving the dummy that fell to the ground a kick. 

"Well," he said as he walked up to her, "It was a close match. Either of you could have really had it."

"I know," she said with a sigh, "but what was all the training I have been doing with my aunt worth if I just can't take down a Slytherin princess!?"

"I guess we all know that she is more than a dainty princess, huh?" he laughed, but seeing how downcast she was, he went on a limb. 

"What if we train together, huh?" Harry asked. "Getting some instructions from the Hogwarts Duelling Champion himself has to be worth something, right!?"

"Really?" she asked as she looked up at him with stars in her eyes, "You would do that for me?"

"Sure," Harry answered with a nod, not expecting that sort of reaction from her. 

"Great where should we get started?" she asked. 

"Ahhh.... let's look at your defense first," he said, "I think that is what pulled you down against Daphne Greengrass."

Doing as commanded she pulled her wand out on the ready, "Okay," he said as he walked up to her, "most people think its the way you hold your wand that matter, but the truth is, it's all in the stance!" he spoke, basically repeated everything Sirius thought him. 

Resting his arm on her hips as fixed her stance and then stretched out her legs, he could smell her scent up this close of fresh cherries and raspberries. With the way she squirmed in his hands as her faced heated up, he could tell she begined how close he was to just as he did too. 

"Let's do some mock duels," he said as he stepped back from her and took out his wand. He could see from the way her shoulders slumped a bit, she really didn't want him to leave, but she still got ready in earnest to fight him. 

Practicing throughout the whole day, as he gave her advice freely and pointers here and there. Harry could see from how heavy she was panting, that it was enough for today, so he decided to call it quits. 

"Alright let's end practice for here today," he said as he withdrew his wand. 

"Sure," the cute blonde answered as she grabbed a towel she brought and begin to wipe at the sweat lining her forehead. Then walking up to him, she did something he really didn't expect as she gave him a deep hug. 

"Thank you," she said into his shoulder, then stepping back as he could see the blush on her face, she pulled her hair behind her ear and asked, "Want to do this another time?"

"Yea, sure," he said with a nod of his head a bit distracted by the sudden close contact. 

"Alright," she said as she head her head, it would seem that was too much for and took all the bravery she could muster. Harry couldn't help shaking his head, Susan was an absolute Queen on the battle field, but when it came to social interactions she was as shy as a maiden. 

Not even realizing what he was doing, Harry leaned in and gave her a deep passionate kiss. At first, she looked surprised as her eyes widened until they looked like they would pop out of her head, then unexpectedly she leaned into the kiss enjoying smashing lips with him. 

Breaking away, Harry finally realized what he had done, "Oh, I am so sorry," he said looking a aghast at what he had done. Though deep down he really wasn't sorry about it, getting a full taste of her was divine. 

"It's alright," she blushed. "I.... I... always had a crush on you," she got out in one breath.

"Really?" he asked in surprised, but he guessed he should have known it. Sirius did after all teach him all the signs that showed when a woman liked you, like really really liked you. 

And Susan Bone showed all the signs!

Nodding her head demurely, he could see that she wanted to just hide her head. 

"Well then," Harry said with a wicked grin, "I guess I must return the feeling..."

Then, he leans in and gives her a chaste kiss on the lips, before slowly leading her into a bed he transfigured on the spot. Susan allows him to take control of the situation, her own inexperience shining through as Harry takes her in hand and guides her along.

Once they reach the end of her bed, Harry pulls Susan into a deeper kiss as he begins to lashing tongues with her. 

As he slides his hands over her body and begins to undo the buttons on her robes, Susan brings up her own hands as well. Though her fingers tremble and she is clearly not as sure of her course as he is, the beautiful witch still does her part.

Together, they strip each other off while they continue to share a passionate kiss, until they are both wearing nothing more than their undergarments.

Shigure pulls off Susan's bra, but when the blonde-haired noble pureblood moves her hands towards his boxers, he stops her and gives her a confident smile. “Go and lay down on the bed,” he whispers to her

Wearing nothing but her panties, the innocent and pure maiden obeys.

Slipping off his boxers, his raging hard erection flopping free of its confines, as it throbbed with a deep lusted hunger.

Harry moved to join her on the bed. Susan lays on her back, so innocent and our, while he could feel the nervousness boiling off of her in waves, but he also caught some excitement in her eyes as filled with anticipation with what would happen next.

Her hands were near her chest, as if she did not know what to do with them, and he could see the tiches of nervousness on the. So Harry took them both in his own and grabbed them both at the wrist and pushing them over her head.

Harry closely looked at the pair of breasts in front of him. They were just as lovely as the rest of her. C-cups and round and wonderfully perky, they were capped with pink, puffy nipples that Harry couldn't wait to suck. In fact, Harry didn't wait. Leaning in, he grabbed one breast with his free hand and started his massage early while he kissed his way around her other breast before licking her nipple and finally sucking it into his mouth. 

Susan let loose a loud gasp at the development as her face blushed a even deeper red. This was all clearly new to her, and a first really. But being with him seem to make her happy in some fashion.

His tongue danced against her hardening nipple which seem to let loose incredible moans from her. Harry kissed, and licked, and nipped at her sensitive flesh which soon had her swooning. 

Suddenly his lips left her nipple, and Suan let out a soft whine from her throat as she clearly did not want him to leave. Fortunately, his lips were still in action as they went down her well tonned tummy, exploring every inch of her open flesh.

Lower he continued to go as he let go of her hands to continue and Susan finally had a great idea on what to do with them. Running her fingers through his messy black locks as his lips came to her wide curvey hips.

Harry could feel her breath fluttered as his kisses then were laid upon the front of her lace panties. “Let's get rid of these, my love,” he whispered softly to her. Without waiting for her reply, Harry begin to lower her panties down.

She didn't stop him in the least bit, but actually helped him by wiggling her hips and letting him slip it past her ankles and off her feet. 

Finally she was laid out before him absolutely naked!

"My, my," he said with a soft smile, "aren't you a vision," he said as he took her in, in all her naked glory. 

Covering herself, all Susan could do was cover up her ample bussom, leaving her glistening little kitty still on full display. 

"Agh, agh," Harry said with a waggle of his finger. 

Slowly removing her arm from her breasts, he told her, "There is no reason why you should cover yourself in front of me, dear."

"Mmm," she whimpered as he begin to rub his hard throbbing length against her slit. Harry could feel how wet she was as she was just waiting for him to enter her, but he didn't do so. 

"Please..." Susan said once she saw that he was happy with continuing with his course of action. 

"Please what, my love?" Harry asked in false innocent. 

"P-please enter me. Give me your penis," she answered shyly as he could see she just wanted to dig a hole and put her head inside it. 

"Say cock," Harry amended as he picked up some pace, causing her to moan out loud. 

"Please Harry give me your cock."

"Good," Harry said as he positions the tip of his member at Susan’s entrance. He looks down in her chestnut colored eyes and she stares back up at him with open apprehension and lust. Then as he slowly entered her, Harry enjoyed the way her face slowly transforms as he penetrated inside of her, sinking into her moist depths inch by inch.

He pushed headlong into her as her tunnels wrapped around him. Susan's lips part at that, but before the resulting cry can leave them, Harry leads in and captured her mouth with his own, silencing her cry.

He kissed her heatedly, making her forget all about the pain she must be suffered, and instead focus on him and the pleasure building up.

Finally, he pushed into as he deep as he wanted for now, and begin the process of pulling out of her. It was like their bodies had been made for each other. Slowly Harry thrust his hips forward and he could see the wincing on Susan's face as he plunged deeper into.

Once he was firmly inside of her again, Harry begin to fuck her in earnest, slowly at first thrust in and out of her cunt as he made love to the sweet, blonde-haired little badass beneath him right then and there.

When she begin to sing into his mouth, Harry finally pulls back and broke off their kiss. 

“A-Ah… Harry more, p-please, give me more,” she moaned out loud. 

He grins down at her, and so as not one to disappoint her, that was exactly what Harry gave her. 

He fucked Susan long and hard in the missionary position they were in, as his speed picked up from the slow leisurely pace it was in. He could see how crimson her face was, but all the same she continued to moan and mewl pathetically under him.

Grabbing on tight to her thighs to get some form of steadiness, Harry slams home into Susan's cunt over and over and over again, fucking her as hard as he can, plowing away at her extremely tight and slick pussy.

And Harry can’t stop himself as he fucked her harder and faster as soon the transfigured bed was creaking under them
Plowing into her inter folds, Harry leans forward and feasts his eyes on her wonderful titties, framed perfectly by well muscled legs and toned stomach. Sucking on one and then the other, Harry enjoys playing with the other breast absently with whatever he isn't slurping on. 

All the while, Susan moans, and squeals growl louder and louder as he pistons his thick, throbbing prick in and out of her.

"I think something is coming, Harry," she says innocently, not knowing it's her orgasm building up. 

"Don't worry," Harry says breathlessly, "something is coming for me." He could also feel his release emanate. Giving her a few more long thrusts as he bangs into her womb like a siege ram, Harry let loose a triumphant roar as he thrusts deeper into her than ever before.

Susan cries out in a passionate fashion as the feel of him buried this deep into her is too much and a moment later she begins to cum along his entire cock length.

The feel of her insides squeezing down around him, of her inner walls clenching at his member was just too much for Harry as well and it hastens what was already coming. With a grunt, Harry's seed spills forth from his cock and into Susan's womb. His white, hot ejaculate pours into her, painting her insides with sticky fluid and leaving her absolutely filled with his cum.

Harry groans as his own back arches while Susan's mouth continues to let loose screams of pleasure beneath him.

And then it’s over, Harry comes back down from his pleasure high, as does Susan as her far off look begins to gain focus.

His cock was still hard, but he didn't want to turn this into some sort of marathon sex run. This was Susan's first time, he wasn't looking to blow her mind with his skills or anything.

This was just to consummation their new relationship, if you would.

With his cock still buried in Susan's cunt, Harry pulled the both shy and badass with closer to himself. Susan also returned the gesture as she happily cuddles into his chest with a contented sight, nuzzling against him with her small little dainty nose.

Together, they remain like that for a brief time, simply enjoying the silence and each other’s company.

"So," Susan said as she seem to build up her nerves, "Do you want to go into Hogsmeade with me next week. I heard Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop is lovely around this time of year."

"I would love that," Harry answered with a grin as he planted a kiss on her forehead.


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