Chapter 80: Threesome (R-18)
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"So how did your meeting with the Ice Princess of Slytherin go?" Hermione asked as he took a seat at the Gryffindor table. All his friends turned to face him as if they all wanted to hear a report of how things went.

"It was fine," Harry answered as he grabbed a biscuit.

"You spoke to her?" Lavender Brown clearly speaking of the one and only Daphne.

"Yea, we had lunch together," Harry answered, not knowing where the venom was coming from.

"So she thinks she can steal you from right under my nose huh?" she murmured to herself. "That bitch.... O, I will teach her a good lesson she would never forget."

Deciding it was best not to get into it, Harry leaned back from them.

"So did you guys shag?" Fred asked in a low conspiratorially tone as he slide over to him.

"Of course they did," George stated as he gave him a friendly punch in the shoulder.

Rolling his eyes at them they really had no idea how close to the truth they were, but still he played it cool and replied in a stern voice. "You guys really need to get your head out of the gutters."

"Yes, they did," they both smacked their hands together as if they were the ones that got laid.

Deciding it was best not to mention to them that he would be meeting with Daphne later, Harry kept his mouth shut and silently finished up his meal.


"It's good to see again," Daphne uttered as he walked into her private little terrace.

"Same," he said as he took a seat in one of the empty chairs.

Looking around and only seeing her, he asked, "I thought you said Blaise and Tracey ate with you. Or did you decide to make this a private affair?" he asked with a knowing grin.

"Zabini is busy with something else, and Tracey will be here soon," she answered mysteriously.

"Mhmm," he said as he took a bite of the meal in front of him, it was totally opposite of what was served in the Great Hall, more common to slob really in comparison to this fine dish.

"So how does meeting my parents in a month's time sound?" Daphne asked as she took a dainty bite of her food. "It's the earliest time they are both available."

"Sure," Harry said with a shrug. In a month time, he should have a guardian who could meet on his behalf and look over the betrothal contract with him. This was really out of his expertise and when need the advice of much wiser heads.

"Ah, yea would you like some tea?" the blonde haired witch asked as she picked up a tiny bell.

"Sure," Harry answered as she rang the bell.

When the door opened to the terrace a very familiar figure entered the open balcony, dressed as a maid. Harry couldn't help as a look of surprise passed through his face as he stared up at Tracey Davis.

She looked shy and demure with her gaze looking towards the ground, and he could see why. She was wearing a French maid's uniform, and not the decent kind. Even Rem and Ram covered themselves up better as Tracey had on the very sexy variety.

It barely covered her private parts, with a skimpy skirt that showed her impressive ass, and gave a glimpse of her pink laced panties. Her legs were stockings clad but and reached up to her tights but it only added to the image of sexiness.

Her upper portion was even worse as her breasts looked like they were about to pop out at any moment, and they were near see through so he could see she had on no bra underneath with her pert nipples sticking out. 

Harry only raised a single eyebrow as he stared her up and down.

Under his gaze, Tracey blushed hard as she came up with to them with her pot of tea, milk, sugar, and honey.

Pouring them some of the drink, Daphne smiled up at her as she set everything to the right specimen. "Thank you, Tracey," she said with a gentle smile.

Then, Tracey grabbed the tray once more and walked toward me, her hips dancing quite a bit more than necessary, which had the added benefit of making her inadequately supported breasts jiggle some more.

"Thank you," Harry said as she leaned in pour him some tea. Even though he kept his eye on Daphne, he couldn't help noticing the amazing view of her cleavage.

"N-no problem, Harry," she stammered as she rose once more. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No, that would be all for now," Harry answered with a soft smile.

Nodding her head, she took a step back but still remained within speaking distance of them.

"So what did she do to you?" Harry asked as he took a sip of his drink.

"Well, I remembered your comment from yesterday," she said.

"Which one?"

"More like your boast," she clarified.

"Aaa," he said with a nod of his head. "Still mad I don't give you first place?"

Ignoring him, she continued, "Tell me about my surprise when Tracey spilled everything."

"Mmm, so she told you what we have been up to?" Harry asked with a chuckle.

"Yes, it has been eating way at her, and I don't mind if she tried to seduce me with your help, we are going to be betrothed soon, but still. It was a breach of my trust. What if she had conspired with an unsavory type. She is supposed to be my faithful vassal, and my most trusted ally. Not an idiot who can get hoodwinked by anyone."

"You do make a fine point," he nodded his head, he could imagine it in his mind instead of him Draco or Theodore tricking her, and soon Daphne would have fallen in their hands.

"Yes," she nodded along, then changing the topic, she asked in a mock concerned tone, "Are you feeling a bit after inflamed, dear, after Tracey's little display?"

"I won't deny it has stirred up my appetite," he answered as he stared up and down at Tracey not hiding the hunger in his gaze or his appreciation for her assets.

"Tracey, be a dear and help relieve my future to be intended," she said with a wave of her hand, not giving her a second look.

No arguing with her mistress, Tracey cames up to him as she blushes deeplu, but doesn't let it affect her as she nods her head, and then reaches up with her hands to unclasp her top.

Harry didn't know if she had been practicing this little trick for him as she manages to make it look unbelievably sexy as the top of her mind outfit drops and her massive tits bounce free of their rather light confines.

She really is exceptionally endowed, and when she wiggles them back and forth for him, her massive titties jiggle quite a bit. It was very impressive, and Harry wouldn't deny he got a real hard on for it as his eyes stared somewhat transfixed at the sight.

Finally, she kneels down in front of him as she goes under the table, scooting up to him. She pulls out his cock straining against the confines of his robes, and when it springs free it lays a solid smack across Tracey's face which gets a gasping. Droping his hardened, throbbing length between her titties, she swallows his thick, veiny cock into her cleavage.

Tracey does a good job encompassing his girth with her well endowed titties. Her boobs squeeze down on him from all sides and wrap around his cock in a way that is just plain satisfying. To make his passage slicker and smoother inside the valley of her breasts, Tracey spits down on his cock and cleavage and begins pumping him up and down.

"Did you teach her?" he asked as he tried to hold back the groan. The grey eyed witch was never this skilled when they last shared an intimate moment with each other. With all her bluster and bravado, she barely even knew what she had to do, forget pleasing him this well right now.

"Yes, I gave her some pointers to please you," Daphne answered as she took a sip of her tea.

Tracey continues sliding her slickened tits up and down his cock a little faster, moaning happily as she gives him the best boobjob she possibly can.

"Now," Daphne said carrying on as if he just wasn't having a boobjob right in front of her. "I will only give 2 heirs at most to inherent both of our houses, maybe a 3rd for a spare, other than that you will have to count on Tracey. She will make a wonderful sister-wife for me, and has already agreed to give you 7 or more children."

"So she is basically going to be my broodmare," he said as he grabbed onto her breasts to steady himself, Tracey worked an even more steady pace as she slide her glorious globes up and down his length. His throbbing prick would sometimes hit Tracey's chin when it slid out of her breasts, thanks to how large and massive it was.

"Think of it as you would," she said. "But our families will need to be repopulated if you would, and I won't be your dutiful wife that only gives you children, and sits around looking pretty."

Nodding his head, it was an agreement that Harry could come to. A house always needs plenty of direct descendants to take care of matter, and delegate on the household behalf. The position he gave to Baran Boot as CEO of Mirror Phone Inc. would have gone to a child of his house, but since he was the only one, he had to give it to outsiders.

"So what does she get in return for all this?" Harry asked as he looked down at Tracey who was dutifully taking care of her task. He could feel his release close at hand, Daphne really instructed her well, much better than he could have really.

"Besides baring your heirs of course, well I allowed her to be my little toy whenever I want," she answered with a shrug.

"Mmm," Harry answered not paying her attention really as another groan leaves Harry's throat as the grey eyed witch slides his shaft between her valley and he cums and he cums hard. His white, hot seed ends up exploding all over those blushing features of the grey eyed witch. 

She couldn't help herself as she squeals from the abrupt facial make over. He paints her face white and then some, getting a fair bit of his seed on her wonderful breasts as well. Only then, once he is done making a mess of her does he pulls his cock out of her valley. 

"Satisfied?" Daphne asked as he came down from his pleasure high.

"Very much so," he said with a contented sigh while he gave Tracey a pat on the head for a good job.

Then he got up from his seat without even covering himself leaving his bits hanging like a tree trunk between his tights.

"What are you doing?" Daphne asked in a slightly uneasy tone as he made his way over to her.

"Showing my appreciation of course," he answered as he picked her up with ease and sat in her chair while he placed her in her lap.

"There is no need fo-..." she begin, but he cut her off as he broke into a kiss with her. Harry had the upper hand on her as his tongue slips in between her lips and into her beautiful mouth.

However, Daphne was never one to take defeat at all as she begins to give as good as she got, her tongue wrestling with his as she applies her kissing experience to give him the best makeout session of his life.

Eventually, the two of them break their kiss they needed air. A strand of saliva still connects them as they separated and they both panted heavily. Daphne's eyes are a bit glazed over with lust, while Harry's was hooded as he stares down at the beautiful witch on top of him.

Suddenly Daphne was as naked as her name day, letting out a yelp of surprise, she tried her best to cover herself. It seem like after all she did have some modicum of decency.

"What are you doing? Summon back my clothing," the emerald eyed witch demanded

"I really am thankful for what you have done for me. However, I don't know why, but I didn't like how you went about it," he stated as he begin to rub his erect manhood against her little kitty.

"I need to preserve my purity," Daphne whimpered as he had a tight hold on her and she couldn't get any were.

"Don't worry," Harry said as he brought his wand to bare once again and it pressed into her tight sphincter without warning.

"You can't be," she whispered as the young lord begin to cast cleaning charms on her poor asshole.

Lifting her up by her thighs as he held her a few inches away from his throwing cock, Harry called over Tracey, "Tracey would you be a dear and take care of Daphne's cunt while I go to town with her ass!"

"Of course, my lord," the grey-eyed witch responded as she crawled over to them with a wicked smile on her lips.

"Tracey, don't," Daphne tried to command, but she is cut off as he lets out a bark of laughter and thrusts forward.

The blonde's eyes go wide and then roll back in her skull in moments, and Harry grunts as her back door clings to him tightly, her butt muscles squeezing down on every last inch of his cock.

That doesn't stop the young man from pulling back out, only to do it all over again. Harry's grin turns positively vicious as he gives Daphne the most brutal butt pounding he can. In response, the noble pureblood reacts quite explosively as her unoccupied cunt soon gushing with juices as she cums again and again from his cock in her ass.

However Tracey is soon on it as she begin to lap up her mistress.

"Oooh, AHHHH," Daphne cries out. Soon she was quite vocal about her enjoyment of him in her ass.

Leaning in Harry starts suckling at her soft neck flesh, sending shivers up her body while he fucks into her with such deep, powerful thrusts.

Before long the emrald eyes witch was changing up her tone as she begin shouting out loud, "Yes my Lord, yes! Like that, a-ah! You're s-so big! Y-you're so deep inside of MEEE!"

"Aren't you quite the little anal slut, huh?" Harry asked with a chuckle.

Daphne blushed scarlet at that, but with one hard, long thrust she was back to singing for him. She even actually begin to rise to meet his thrusting cock as she puts her hips to good use.

Harry plows into the beautiful witch fucking her ass from behind until he finally cums inside of her, filling up her bottom directly. He groans as his seed pumps deep, deep into her hot, wet little asshole, and in response Daphne positively howls her joy to the ceiling, her eyes once again rolled back in her head and her tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Looking down at her silly fucked expression, Harry advice her, "Treat your servants and vassals better next time, okay. I don't want a heartless bitch for a wife."

"Yes, dear," she answered breathlessly while Tracey laps up all her love juice like an obedient mistress.

Getting up, Harry waved to them a merry goodbye as he headed out the terrance. 

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