Chapter 81: Hermione Granger(R-18)
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After her run into Harry and the three Quidditch team cheerleaders, Hermione tried to keep her mind away from what she saw. However, she just couldn't get the image of Hope riding Harry's gigantic cock out of her head.....

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[New POV*]

Hermione knocked politely on Harry's private quarters deep within the castle. He had shown her the secret quarters of Godric Gryffindor himself, one of the very four Founder of Hogwarts and the originator of house Gryffindor as well.

He had taken it up as his own private rooms since he had found it, and for some reason the chambers only respond to him. She tried to enter on multiple occasions, but the doors never seem to budged for her, and they only showed itself when Harry wanted to.

Since the hour was late, Hermione just knew he must be in right now getting ready to head to bed. She came ready for today, as she put on her best makeup, straightening her hair up so it wasn't as bushy as it used to be, and even put on some glamour spell she picked up from more improper books she picked up.

Her clothing on the other hand, let just say she had to put on a very powerful notice-me-not spell just to get through the castle's hallways and was very glad she ran into no teacher who could pierce through her spell and see what she had on.

She did feel a hint of embarrassment thinking about what a harlot she must look like, trying to seduce her very own best friend. However a small part of her whispered, nothing mattered but securing her own pleasure, and getting Harry's giant monster cock inside of her.

Seeing no answer from the door she reached up, and knocked again. She waited for a minute as the silence stretched out, and she of course begin to doubt herself. Was this really what she wanted to do? It was late at night nad Harry most likely went to bed early to rise up quickly in the morning.

She swallowed as she thought about just how he would think of her, coming to his rooms like a dirty whore!

Before she could get anywhere with her thoughts and talk herself out of this the door swing wide open. Harry looked up at Hermione with tired eyes as he blinked rapidly to shake off the sleep which he must have woken up from.

Looking up at her with shaggy appearance as he was wearing nothing but his boxer. His muscular body was on display as Hermione could make out every single abs, his smooth soft skin, his well toned arms, and of course his gigantic slab of meat bulged from his boxers which he some how just knew it wasn't fully erect just yet.

"Ahh, Hermione?" he asked as he squinted in the sudden light. Then taking her in, he slowly uttered a bit unsure of himself, "Er…your clothes," was all he was able to get out.

Yes, her clothes. She was dressed as indecent as could be. Her cleavage was fully exposed as you could stare down her valley with no problem at all thank to the top she was wearing which showed her smooth belly and wide hips. And she had on no bra so her breasts jiggled every time she moved, living nothing to the imagination.

Her skirt was more of panties really as her smooth sexy thighs were on full display, and she also had on no panties at all so you could make out her pert ass, and could catch her slit with every breeze that passed through.

"O, these clothes?" she asked with innocence, "it nothing," she said with a shrug, even though she was squirming under his gaze. He stared open-mouthed at her, his cock visibly swelling in his pants.

"Could I come inside?" she asked sweetly, playing to her charms as she battled an eyelash. Lavender always said it drove a man, and she could see that she was driving Harry mad with lust.

"Yes," he answered with a deep swallow, "of course," as he opened the door wide enough to allow her in.

Walking inside, she saw that this place was still as wonderful as the first time she saw it. Plus more importantly of all it gave them some privacy, no one would be interrupting them any time soon, so they could do some many thing here.

Taking a double wide couch with Gryffindor red and gold, Harry sat opposite to her on a single couch. "So what brings you here?" he asked unsure of himself as his eyes kept on wandering to her body.

"I saw you with all those girls and even Professor Septima Vector," she answered in one breath, getting the first thing that came to her mind out of her mouth.

She felt like smacking herself on the forehead, she just couldn't believe how stupid she was. She wanted to seduce him, not make him feel uncomfortable.

"Oh," Harry simply answered as he peered up at her.

"I did not mean that," she said as he waved her hands about like a chicken. "I... I need you.... to do the same to me like you did with everyone. Please…" she whispered, leaving the rest unsaid.

Looking a bit startled by her request, Hermione knew she had to act now, she needed to take what she wanted with her own hands, or did she want to be left in the dust by those other vixens!

Taking advantage of Harry moment of confusion and surprise, Hermione begin to crawl up to him reaching her hand into his lap. Just from a feeling his bulge, she knew he was everything she had ever dreamed of, and seen.

A powerful swell of excitement throbbed within her as lust bubbled up within her as she started squeezing his cock through his boxers, feeling it already starting to harden up. When she felt his cock in her grip, Hermione gasped and shuddered and clenched her thighs together. It was bigger than her dildo, and hotter, and she could already tell that Harry would be able to give her the orgasm and fulfillment she had been looking for.

"Mmm," Harry groaned, head rolling back as she gave his cock a few more rubs through his boxers. She could feel him get comfortable in his seat, and watched as he closed his eyes.

Hermione silent as she trailed her silky hands down his tights and then yanked down his boxers, and pulling his cock out.

His fat cock was so long that it hung between his like a trunk with a pair of lemon sized, swollen balls that held all of the spunk he needed to turn into a new mama. Her mouth was wide open, it was even bigger than she had assumed with the small peeks she got.

She couldn't help herself as she gasped out loud staring at her best friend's cock a bit crossed eyed. "Wow," she whispered, staring at him in awe. "It's very nice, huh?"  Harry finally spoke up as she was almost drooling as her hand reached out to grasp the cock, seizing it tightly and slowly pressing forward, not even sure her wide mouth would be enough to fit his monster into her mouth. But she was damn well going to try, placing a kiss onto his shaft and rubbing her lips in anticipation, she begin.

She took a few exploratory pumps as if testing the feel of her first cock, while continuing with her kisses on the top of his cockhead.

Then Hermione grew confident enough to lick the tip of his cock as her hand moved back and fort, pumping him for all he was worth. Suddenly she could feel Harry's finger lace through her hair, but he made no move to do something else, allowing her to do anything she wanted.

She continued trailing her tongue up and down his shaft and then swirling it across the head of his cock. Having done that, Hermione wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She stared up at Harry with her beautiful brown eyes as she suckled on the tip to see how he was doing. He was laid back on the couch, reclining like a king, and when their eyes meet, he grinned and gave her a few pats on the head.

That was all the encouragement she needed to working her head down and taking more of his cock in.

Hermione worked his cock over, occasionally having it prod the back of her throat as she worked steadily at the shaft, doing everything she could to try and get him off. He was throbbing in her mouth now, leaking pre-cum eagerly onto her tongue, and she was getting so unbearably turned on.

She knew just what she wanted as her head bobbed faster and she kept her lips tightly sealed around him as his orgasm built. His hips jerked and he grunted, and still Hermione stayed in place.

She once read a powerful wizard's cum was healthy and gave a witch a nice little boost in magic. She thought that it was all fiction of course, but as she tasted his pre-cum and felt herself become a bit energized, she wondered if maybe what she read had some modicum of truth.

Plus there was no one more powerful and desirable than Harry. She placed her hands on Harry's legs and moved her mouth lower down his cock. She took him deeper into her mouth and begin to suck on him as if she wanted to inhale his cum when it spread out.

"Go ahead, suck me harder," Harry grunted out loud as his his hands pressed down on the back of her head. "Suck it hard! Keep sucking me you little naughty witch!"

Hermione didn't need Harry's hand on her head to take his cock down her gullet and almost fuck her own face with his cock. She was already so driven by a need to prove herself against all the other women he slept around with, and she already wanted to make sure that she had won him over to herself.

The bookworm bobbed her head up and down on Harry's tool. She worked her hands between his legs and stroked his balls as she tried to get his seed inside of her mouth already.

"Mmm," Harry moaned when she sucked him even harder. Her throat worked further down onto his tool. "Yes," he stated, "try to get all my milk inside your dirty little mouth!"

Hermione kept sucking him alright. She could feel his balls churn a big load build up. She made sure his cock was sealed tight inside, and all her hard work came to fruition when Harry came down her throat, grip tight in her hair as he said, "Drink it down, Hermione. I've wanted to give you this for years!"

And Hermione did so, as Harry came right down her gullet, cum splattered against the back of her throat and down into her belly as she happily took it. It was like she had access to a spring, gushing out water endlessly.

However Harry came too fast, too much, and too hard as some of his cume spilled out the corners of her mouth and some also even exploded out of her nostrils.

Pulling out as it was just too much to swallow at once, Hermione came up for air as she coughed and spluttered. However Harry's cum had to go some where and it went all over her face sticking down like rapid gun fire, painting her adorable features in spunk as she shivered and whined.

Still though a smile split her face as she took the onslaught. She really couldn't be more happier now.

"You know, you really are the cock sucking Queen," Harry noted with a grin.

"Really?" Hermione asked as she licked and nuzzled his cock, cleaning the rest of the mess. This settled it, she was going to become the best cocksucker Harry would ever have, and nothing was going to stop her at all.

"Yeah," Harry answered as he got, and towered over her. She hadn't realized how manly he had gotten over the summer until he looked down at her with his beautiful emerald green eyes.

"I believe it time you got your reward," he then stated as he lifted her up with ease.

"Wait, what are you doing?" she asked as she could feel him lining up his cock right up against her cunt.

"Giving you what you wanted," he simply answered. Hermione did expect Harry to just stick it in as he got to the end of his sentence. His massive member slid inside of her sopping wet cunt without any difficulty, and her surprise at his sudden thrust combined with her anticipation of this moment sent Hermione right over the edge into an involuntary orgasm.

The brunette witch came then and there from Harry's very first thrust, his cock filling parts of her cunt that her dildo couldn't have in a million years.

Harry was so, so deep inside of her and all Hermione could do was cry out joyously, her eyes rolling back in her head and her teeth gritting together as she tried to grab on to something in her shock and excitement, but came empty with air.

Her pussy juices coated Harry's already thrusting cock and made his passage inside of her all the more easier as his massive length went all the way up to the entrance of her womb.

"Harry, Harry, Harry," he moaned and wanted to say more than just uttering his name like a idiot, but the wizard plowed into her senseless right then and there. She wanted to tell him to stop or take it easy for that matter, but really made no effort as she sang his name to high heaven.

She moaned out loud uttering gibberish at this point, it felt like Harry knew her body better than she did. She'd melted into his arms with her legs spread wide by Harry and him filling her pussy with his prick.

Harry's huge member thrust in and out of her cunt again and again and in no time at all Hermione felt an orgasm building up within her. Feeling it coming, the brunette witch tried to hold it in like a dutiful wife as she wanted more than anything to come with her beloved friend at the same time. However in the end, she failed, and really only managing to make her climax all the more explosive and vocal when it finally arrived.

"I'm cummmming, Harry. I am CUMING!!!"

Her eyes rolled back in her head once more and Hermione's body shook and spasmed under her best friend's handsome chiseled form. Her pussy muscles clenched down sporadically around his still thrusting cock, drawing a sudden grunt from him as he made sure to force his dick all the way to the entrance of her womb in one final deep thrust. It took Hermione a moment, still in the throes of her own orgasm, to realize that Harry was cumming as well.

The beautiful buxom brunette witch looked down at her abdomen, feeling his white hot cum painting the inside of her womb right then and there. Another climax, smaller than the first but no less shameful to Hermione, wracked her body as her body responded in a positive manner to the idea of possibly being impregnated by her best friend's virile seed.

"Harry," she whispered as she sunk into his arms The brunette witch finally felt satisfied as her raging lust that kept bothering throughout these past few days settle down. "Hermione, what you think we are done?" Harry asked with a chuckle as she wanted more than anything to rest in his arms.

"Are you.." she tried to ask, but she could of course feel his raging boner deep inside of her cunt.

Letting out a yelp, as her best friend tossed her onto the couch like a sack of potatoes, she could feel his come onto the couch as well.

"There is so much I wanted to do to you," he whispered. "Now I get to fulfill all my fantasies."


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