Chapter 82: Livia (R-18)
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Finally after so long we finally reached the trending page! I don't whether to cry or whoop in joy! It was a long time coming and we did it. So give yourselves all a pat on the back, because you made it possible. 

Coming to his family ancestral home for the weekend, Harry felt glad to be back. Just at the entrance, Rem and Ram along with Tobry, and all the staff that worked in the Manor were outside to greet him as he flew in on Sunchaser's back.

The people that had made up the estate had grown countless times over from just him Tobry, and Rem and Ram. Now there were numerous house-elves that were tied to the Manor with human staff members as well that took on specialized roles like gardens, cook, waitress, and so much more.

He could firmly say the place was more lived in, and now he didn't have the living portraits for conversation pieces.

Walking into the entrance of the estate everyone bowed respectfully to him while he continued on his way with only a nod of recognition. Immediately he was swamped by Tobry who rouse from his curtsy, "There are the gardens you need to look over. The dwarves you assigned to survey the mountains on Griffin Perch are here to see you. There is a feud building up between two Hipoogriff herds which you need to ease. You received some invites to parties. Reports are lined up for you to review. Baron Boot sent in a detailed report on how Mirror Phone Inc. is doing and he has some bits of advices to expand. You will need to...."

Nodding his head as they walked inside to the Manor, Harry gave his responses and decisions on matters as they went up to his office.

The place was already neatly organized for him, and soon Rem brought in some tea while he looked over some papers with Tobry.

The day quickly passed as every thing that piled up for him on the weekdays was set before him. "The Commander writes to you to let you know the Fourth Cohort, the Keythong unit which used to act as scouts and vanguard for your family's old legion as been reformed. He writes to you asking to raise up a new lieutenant to lead the unit."

"Did he provide a list of worthy men?" Harry asked without looking up from his own stuff.

"Yes," the house-elf answered respectfully.

"Good, set up a meeting for me with them, I want to interview them one by one. Anything else?"

"Yes," the short little man as he went down his list which seem to go on for days.

As lunch approached, the house-elf pulled out his elegant pocket watch and snapped it open. "Your guest will be arriving soon my lord!"

"Yes, I will have my lunch here, you can send them in when they arrive."

Before long as Ram brought in his meal and he ate while doing some paperwork, his guest arrived. Livia his magical researcher and the true inventor of the Mirror Phone came into his office.

"Livia," he exclaimed as he got up to greet the woman as she walking in. Tobry bowed from behind her, before he silently closed the door behind himself.

"Sir," she answered respectfully with a brisk nod of her head.

"So how has life been treating you?" he asked, breaking into small talk with her.

"Good, now are we going to get to what we came here for today?" she asked in a no nonsense tone.

"Of course, of course," Harry said, not letting her tone stop him for a moment. "So how is the Mirror App store going? That will be our main revenue really, where we can look to raking in thousands of Galleons."

"It's going fine, we played around with making some essential tools. But other than that we opened it up to Third-parties like you asked after we had the Arithmancer development a kit for app development companies."

"Great," he exclaimed as he finally let his exuberance show. This was the news he was waiting to hear. Letting other people devople apps for his phone allowed him to focus on newer and better things. It would attract more people to his new form of communication, and get them to spend money on his products.

Plus the 30% cut on all sales was just icing on the cake for him. He would basically be controlling the gate way into his industry, and if you didn't play by his rules, you were kicked to the curb side.

"Is there any good news?" he asked, as he took a sip of his tea.

"Yes, the Mirror tablet you wanted are finished. They were easy to make since we were basically using already existing innovations. They can begin to be immediately sold commercially."

"Did you bring one?" he asked.

Nodding her head, she dug into her lab coat pocket and took out a square-shaped mirror as thick as the width of his finger all the way to his knuckle. It has the same inner rainbow-colored sheen like the mirror phone. On the back of it was a mirror shard logo with a large golden P inscribed it in.

Turning it on, he was introduced to the very familiar interface which was more fantasy oriented than futuristic.

All in all it looked good to him, and he even stated it, "Looks good," he said as he set the tablet down. "We can look to selling this Yule," he declared which was basically around muggle Christmas. "Would make a wonderful gift for the family," he noted with a nod of his head to himself.

"So," he said, "how is our future looking?" he asked as he set aside his drink and turned to face her.

"You mean the other Mirror products. Well the Mirror Telly that you asked for is looking promising, we are making great strides and expect to see results by the year's end."

"Excellent," he said, "What about the other products/"

"The Mirror Gaming Console has come to a dead end, we really need more bright minds to test and experiment with it. The Enchanters were able to get started on creating a running Console, however the Arithmancer aren't having any good luck since there aren't any.... games as you put it."

"It's fine, I am willing to spend more money to get some games developed, look for more younger minds to get started on it. And I can see to getting started on making some of my own studios."

"As for the Mirror Computer, well to be honest it will take ages to get anywhere. The Arithmancer are working over time to create this Weave that you want, but it is a grand undertaking."

[A/N: the Weave is like the magic internet of things]

"It's fine," Harry said as he turned to look outside his window, "this would be my main accomplishment in my whole life time. If I can build my own magical internet for wizarding-kind. I shall go down as one of the GREATS!"

Then as if remembering she was her, Harry asked, "Other than that how is the Golden Wiziding Tower looking? Plenty of magic researchers on hand?"

"Yes, we are attracting researchers and scholars by the droves! We are already being called the Greatest and most Grand Tower in all of the Magical Isles."

"Good," Harry said, "we will need all the bright mind we can get if we want to accomplish my dream of bringing the wizarding world to the modern era! And your father?" he asked as an after thought. Sirius did mention he was one of the brightest minds in Magic Britain, however he never partook in any of his projects and only secluded himself any in his lab.

Sighing as she showed a hint of expression, "he is still carrying out his experiments and research, pursuing who knows what! I tried to get him onboard numerous times, and I know if he did everything would have been smooth sailings really. But...."

"I understand," Harry said, he saw the man, and he was basically in his own little world. His genuineness more of a prison than anything.

"Now I want you to look at something for me," he said as he went over to one of the countless shelves that lined his office and withdrew a long cloth bound item.

"What is it?" she asked out of curiosity as he set the mysterious thing down on his messy desk.

Smiling at her, he simply begin to unwrap the item until a flintlock rifle was on full display.

"Is that a muggle weapon?" she asked as she averted her head in distaste.

"Yep," he answered with a grin. "This is the next project I want you working on?"

"What would you have me do with them?" she asked.

"Recently I had run into Magic Cannons," he stated, not really getting into detail on how he was bombarded by the things. "and I was very fascinated by the devices so I decided to make magic rifles, pistols, grenades, launhcers and so forth, really the whole bunch of them it into proper weapons for my Legion that can be used by us magical folk."

"You want to transform all this muggle weapons into magic ones?" she asked aghast.

"Well isn't the Magic Cannon stolen from muggle?" he asked with a shrug, since it worked for the age old wizards why couldn't it for him.

"We created the Cannons first, it slipped down to the muggles and they turned it into something that works for them. Then we all know how wild they went with it after that," she said angrily, defending her heritage rightly so from the grubby hands of muggles.

"Oh, well," he said with a shrug, "I want it done for firearms. It will give us a massive edge in the coming war. I will allow you to cannibalize a few of the Magic Cannon to study them closer, but I want results!"

"I... y-you.... it," she stammered out in frustration and anger, but Harry silent it all as he rested a hand over her shoulders.

"I know I can trust you to deliver on this Livia," he stated as a fact as he put his hand under her chin and turned it up to face him. He could see the shiver of anticipation and fear run through her shoulders, and the desire build up in her eyes.

"You have all my faith," he said as he let her chin drop and act as if the moment didn't even happen. "I will send you all the gold you want your way, you can hire all the researchers you want and get the best supplies."

"I shall try my best, Sir."

"Don't try, do!" he said, and then as an after thought, he added, "Oh, and give yourself a raise for all your good work."

Watching her leave, Harry thought back to the day that everything changed between them.



Taking a sip of his drink, Harry stared at Livia who was flushed deeply in the face. They were both in his office after the day of the successful Mirror phone release, he was hosting her in congratulation as he opened up a rare bottle of champagne.

"I believe congratulations are in order," Harry tossed out loud.

"Thank you, Sir," the older woman answered as she showed a very rare smile. "Really it was only thanks to your support,"

"And the gold," he finished for her, "a lot of gold. But don't worry at the rate we are raking it in, we will make earn back everything in a month and then some."

"That's good to hear," she said as she took a deep swallow of her drink, "but still I have to thank you, Sir. Now I can finally leave my father's shadow and have something to my name."

"It was only your hard work paying off," he noted.

"Did I tell you how pretty you are?" she suddenly asked. "I know you must find it repulsive coming from a woman as old as me. But your eyes, and your figure..." she whispered as she stared up at him dreamily with clear lust in her eyes.

"I can say the same for you," he chuckled. "And now, I appreciate the compliment."

Suddenly getting up, she came up to him with unsteady steps as her face was flushed, her hair was rumpled a bit, and her glass cup still in her albeit empty.

Sitting on his lap, she asked him in a sultry tone, "Why don't I show you my appreciation in more ways than one?"

"I am curious to know what you mean," Harry played innocent.

"Why don't I show you," she said as in short order, Livia pulling his cock out of his pants. She peered at massive schlong as it hardened right before her and she begin to rub it against her cheeks and lips.  The beautiful milf can't help but moan wantonly as she breathed in every last bit of his powerful, manly musk, and felt his heat waft against her face.

"All ready to suck it, huh, you dirty little cunt?" Harry chuckled as he watched her open her mouth to do as he said.

A burst of pleasure goes through his body, and Livia seemed revved up by his degrading words as she takes his length past her lips and down her throat.

Harry couldn't help groan as the older woman begins to choke and gag on his shaft. He watched as her thighs squirmed together from and her cunt grew wetter as her sopping wet pussy leaking love juice on to the floor.

"Fuck," Harry swore under his breath as Livia plunged her head deeper along his shaft, "Man your throat is tight as fuck! You know you really should look into a career giving blowjobs instead of a researcher!"

Seeing her chest heaves, bouncing back and forth as she blew him like a true cheap whore. Harry saw some of her makeup runs down her face as some tears involuntary fell from her eyes and her mascara streaks down her cheeks.

Harry did not know what to say really, she was the one railing into him instead of the other way around.

A massive amount of slobber soon dangling from her chin down and onto her fat, jiggling tits. Harry watched as she moaned down his length as she sent vibrations along his cock, making feel all the more closer to release. The older woman really went to town with his cock, coming alive in ways he never expected or believed was possible as she sucking him off bobbing her head up and down.

"Fuck, I am cumming," Harry cried out not a moment too soon as he hit by a fierce orgasm. Livia gagged as he erupted cum down her throat, she gulped and gulped and gulped as his cum blasts down her throat.

Soon her cheeks begin to bulged as the jizz was just too much, but she held on tight, swallowing ever last drop of is seed.

Suddenly he saw her cumming, jerking her hips back and forth, squirting like crazy. Bliss seem to wash over her, and clear her mind. Then Harry plopped his cockhead out of her mouth, she swayed where she knelt, her blushing cheeks bulging full of cum, a huge rope of seed wobbling between her lips and Harry twitching cockhead.

Leaned forward for the cleaning effort, Livia begins to suck his cock agian. Gulping and slurping every last drop of cum off his seed,  she planted one more kiss on the tip of his cock before finally pulling away.

"I was that for appreciation?" she asked as she patted her belly which was filled to the brim with his cum.

Getting up from his chair as his cock was still hard in erection, Harry asked, "Why don't I this time show you my thanks, huh?"


After there long and wild night, the next day Livia woke up to the biggest hangover of her life and him sleeping right next to her.

The state of the room clearly told what went down, and if that wasn't enough detail, her still stained body with white liquid was more than enough.

Harry really didn't wake up to a great morning as he got assaulted by her and yelled all day. Still it was well worth it, and he knew Livia remembered what happened if not clearly then in hazy details.


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