Chapter 86: Pleasant Night (R-18)
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"Pa, Pa, Pa!"

"Ahh, Harry, more! Give me MORE, Master!" a certain blue haired maid shouted at the top of her lung.

The obscene sounds of sex filled the opulent room which was bathing in near darkness except for the moonlight filtering in from the window.

On the giant king sized bed, three bodies were entwined, doing the most lewd things partners would do in the bed. A blue haired woman was kneeling down in the center of the bed, her beautiful and pert ass up in the air, while there was a dark haired man behind her continued to go and go inside of her.

Laying back on the pillows was another maid, but this one with pink hair instead of blue, she was busy playing with her large, busty breasts while the one in a Leap Frog position was busy servicing out of her cunt when she was not busy moaning to high heaven.

There was no mistaking what they were doing.

"Harry, I-I am soooo close," Rem shouted out loud as she broke off from lapping up her automaton sister pussy. Ten inches of bitch-breaking length stretched the little maid further than ever before possible. Harry piston in and out of her repeatedly, spreading her wide over and over. Her silken walls felt incredible for him and every stroke just increased his aggression.

"Good, my little pet," Harry answered as he could help but give her ass a hard smack. It was just jiggling before him as it shifted from side to side hypnotically, so he couldn't stop himself as he added a few more.


The sounds of his hand smacking against her ass cheeks echoed all over the room as Rem started moaned wantonly, enjoying the treatment.

Trying to silence her cries of pleasure, Harry pushed back her head back in Ram's waiting cunt, and making her get back to work.

Seemingly liking the rough treatment, the blue haired maid's little honey pot produced even more love juice, making his passage into all the more easier and pleasant.

Harry could see her eyes begin to roll into the back of her head as he reached depths that no man ever had before. Rem gasped and moaned like a bitch in heat as his magnificent cock battered against her hard cervix!

She was already long past the point where it was slightly painful, all she could feel from him battering into her pleasurable and even more pleasurable. She couldn't even scream as her sister grabbed the back of her head and pushed her harshly into her slick naked groin!

All she really could do was moan as Harry speared her innards, their lower halves slapping together as he picked up the tempo. She yelled into Ram's pussy as her walls fluttered around his girthy member! Her body was bucking uncontrollably, and Harry could see Ram get off the feel of her tongue and the vibrations she sent down her little kitty.

It was simple and brutal. A simple animalistic romp. An exchange of pleasure and nothing more.

Feeling her began to stiffen, Harry knew immediately that this was the last straw for the Rem as he felt the pressure build up inside of her and her body begin to convulse.

It's too much for the poor maid. By the time her release approaches in waves, his cute little maid is outright ahegaoing from what he can see of her face. Her eyes are rolled up in her head and her tongue is lolling out of her mouth.

Ram, meanwhile, climaxes her fair share as well, greatly enjoying the feel of her own sister tongue in her lower lips.

Rem clutching tight to the bed sheets as her orgasm wracks her body more explosive than any before it. As the intensity of her inner walls clenching around his shaft, squeezing the life from his member is more than enough to bring Harry over the edge as well. He cums, and when he does, he fills her with his seed, pumping the sticky white substance into her cunt.

As he does so, Rem's taut stomach inflates as Harry obviously pierced her cervix with his final thrust. His seed pumps into her womb and Rem loses complete control of herself, flailing and spasming as a truly massive load of cum ends up deposited inside of her, stretching her abdomen out in a rather obscene way.

They stayed connected and static, each of them savoring the pleasure still coursing through them.

Finally, after having completely spent himself in her, Harry slowly pulled out of her cunt with a wet pop.

The maid, losing her support, lost her kneeling position and laid down on her stomach, her breath still rough, her legs still apart, and a cloudy white liquid slowly seeping out of her.

Her body was still shivering in pleasure and she wished for nothing more than to close her eyes and sleep, but her companion, denying her this wish, turned her over.


"My dear," he whispered as he caressed her chin, "did you really think we were done?"

He lets out a dark chuckle as he saw her come alive, "I will come back for you after I handle your sister!"

Turning to face Ram who was done collecting herself, Harry grinned at her, "Its your turn now. Why don't you come get it?" he asked as he pointed his ram straight shlong which was ready to go once again.

"What do you have, endless stamina or something?" Ram asked with a shake of her head as she still crawled up to him like a good little maid and gave his crown a light peck. "

"It's like you can go on for days." Then the pink haired maid pushed her lips over the tip, sucking the end of the shaft while she placed her tongue around the urethral slit. Humming over the love juices still coated on his cock, his little snappy maid gathered as much of his clear liquid on her tongue as she could, wanting to collect it all and swallow it in a great big gulp.

"Actually I did go for days," he replied remembering the weekend he spent with the cheerleader, besides summoning some meals and drinks, they just kept going at it all day long!

Harry rested his hand against the bed frame to give himself some support while got busy sucking his cock. It was no different from any other time she played with his rod, but now she got over resisting him and went to work teasing him before she slowly worked her way to the base.

Soon Ram began to bob her head back and forth, maintaining perfect posture and an upright position while doing so. Harry groaned as his little friend tongue gliding underneath his shaft and she played with his balls.

Humming as she sent vibrations running all up his cock, Harry watched as Ram used her other free hand to properly play with her pussy. She rubbed her fingers against the folds, giving Harry the perfect view of her masturbatory performance. He grinned at the sight, his cock throbbing as he put his focus on her groin.

Ram pushed her head deeper along his length until her nose was nearly touching his groin, and she held herself against his base briefly, using her tongue to spread out and engulf the rod and its cylindrical shape.

She quickly got rewarded as the emerald eyes wizard to moan, his head cocking back as he pushed his hips into her face. He acted purely on instinct, letting his body move in response to how the automaton toyed with his member. She moaned, her voice muffled as he swung forward, with his ball sack slapping against her chin. With a few thrusts into her, Harry soon found a perfect rhythm felt as it stretched her throat out for the umpteenth time.

A little whine of desperation bubbled up in his little maid's throat as he pushed forward in and out of her. She shut her eyes tightly as he made her take his cock right into her throat, his cockhead leading the way and pushing deep into her throat and making her choke.

The gagging noise that followed made Harry's cock throb with joy, he could see how soaking wet Ram was under the treatment even if she put on an annoyed expression on her face.

Ram choked her face red as a tomato as she was held in place by him, spittle leaking from her lips as it dripped onto her trembling breasts.

Harry didn't relent for a single moment as he thrust wildly into her, his fingers grabbing on to her hair and making her wince and whine with each thrust. He was playing her so effortlessly, and he could see how powerless he got her to be as she could do nothing to stop him, but take it.

With every little gesture of dominance and power, Harry could see how wild he drove her, panted in and out and desiring more and more from him. Pulling her forward for a single moment, he viciously facefucked the pink haired maid, conquering her mouth and her throat. His cock was already covered in spit, slick and ready to sink into her cunt, and her rhythmic gagging noises from her throating as she took his cock over and again was music to his ear.

After some time spent sucking on his rod, Ram pulled back with all her might which Harry allowed until his shaft popped from her lips. Panting as her tongue hung out with a short strand of saliva dripping off, she wiped it away taking a moment to recover while watching Harry's cock throb for more!

Then Ram held her skirt up, resting her knees on the bed as best she could. "Okay, pick a hole now," she said.

"Seriously?" Harry asked in surprise, awestruck that she was giving him the choice. "You're giving me that ability to choose?"

"Don't make me change my mind," Ram said, glaring up at him, "now choose already!"

Hesitating for a moment with his options, after a long moment of contemplating, Harry decided to shove his dick inside her asshole, as it has been weeks since he spent much time with it.

"Alright turn around," he said, "on your stomach for me," he ordered.

The knowledge of what he chose made the pink-haired maid smile, "Uuurgh! I should have known, you would choose that!"

"Then don't give me the choice next time." Harry retorted, giving his maid's rear a hard smack that caused her to yelp.

Doing as commanded of her, Ram prepared herself and when she was ready, she recalled out, "Here you go, Master! Please fuck my ass!"

Smirking, Harry shrugs his shoulders and played it cool. "I suppose if I must."

The living contract watched him with a bit of expectation that she couldn't hide, no matter what facade of boredom she put on. Harry can't help but chuckle darkly as he reached out and grabs her butt cheeks with both hands, kneading and squeezing her posterior, even as he pushed his cockhead right to her asshole.

Watching her clenching her teeth together as the crown pushed her rectal cavity outwards to fit his thickness.

"You're going to enjoy this a lot," he whispered to her as he slams home into her ass and she shrieks out loud.

The pinkette's eyes go wide and then roll back in her skull in moments, and Harry grunts as her back door clings to him tightly and her butt muscles squeezing down on every last inch of his cock.

That doesn't stop the young man from pulling back out, only to do it all over again. Harry's grin turns positively vicious as he gives Ram the most brutal butt pounding he can. In response, his little snappy maid reacts explosively, her unoccupied cunt soon gushing out love juices in endless spasming waves as she cums again and again from his cock in her ass.

Ram screamed loudly, but most of it was muffled by the bedding she was currently biting down on. She squealed long and hard, her legs kicking back and forth ineffectually behind Harry as he filled her with as much of his cock as he could in one go. Then he stopped for a second, focusing on kneading her plump posterior with his fingers as he allowed her to adjust to his size.w

With a few inches left to go, Harry pulled out of Ram for a brief moment then he bucked against her rear, her ass cheeks jiggling as he pushes deep into her. His base soon met with the rectal entry point, making him feel secure within his little maid. He began to pound harder against her ass, watching it bounce as he plowed as deep as he could get.

"Mmmph! Harry! HARRY," Ram begins to scream as she quite vocal about her enjoyment of him in her ass.

"What did I tell you," he said as he gave her ass another hard smack. Moaning out loud to his touch treatment, his action was able to loosen her up a bit as well, making the ride for the full shaft up her ass easier for the hunter's cock.

"Yes Master! Yes, just like that!" Ram answered, as he gave her what she wanted. Ramming deeply into her back door time and time again, Harry laughs uproariously as he gives his maid the anal fucking of a lifetime, and makes it quite clear just who's in charge around here.

Harry also continues to spank her ass bringing his palms over and over again on her pale posterior until it is bright red like a baboon's ass.

Ram continues to squeal in response, as he thrust forward into her back door with as much force as he can possibly bring to bear.

"By the magic!" Harry chuckled out loud, "You really quite the little anal slut, huh?"

Ram can only moan in response, pretty much insensate by this point.

Reaching out with one hand, Harry grabs a fistful of her hair and pulls her up to face him. As expected, he finds her with a perfect ahegao face, completely and utterly fucked insensate by his cock. Harry really loved looking up to see her fucked silly face. It always is a pleasure breaking into her, and putting her into her place.

At this point it really had just became their little game, she acts up, and he puts her back in her place.

Letting her drop back down to the bed sheets, at this point, Ram was moaning near constantly from the pistoning cock jackhammering down into her asshole. Lying prone like she was caused Harry to spread her ass cheeks wide so he could get himself deeper inside of her.

When the orgasm came, it wasn't a surprise to Harry, nor to her as well. She came with around Harry's dick, crying out his name and shaking as her pussy juices coated the bed beneath her.

When she came down from the orgasm, Harry was still going at it. He was like a machine and he could see her going cross-eyed from the pleasure he was forced into her.

In the end, he also felt his release fast approaching as his balls churned, and sed begin to build up. Harry proceeds to give her as many more pumps as he can manage, before finally he begins to cum.

His seed pumps deep into Ram's bowels, and she shakes and spasms as she experiences another explosive orgasm at the sensation of his white hot cum painting her insides.

Pulling out of her sad little ass which was ruined by him, Harry looked down at his two maids. They were both long out of the count, and it would be a while before they could walk up or even get back into action.

Deciding to hit the shower to cool off, Harry left them behind on his bed as cum spilled out of their respected well fucked wholes.

He still had tomorrow to look forward to, he comforted himself.

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