Chapter 97: Death Eater Trial Pt. 2
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"Now, if we can get back to the trials," the old woman said as if nothing just went down at all and everything was fine at the office.

Harry had to hand it to the old woman, she had hard guts.

"You don't mean after all this we can act like nothing happened," Fudge squeaked. The man was sweating bullets as he didn't seem to handle well all that went down.

Shaking his head, Harry just felt bad for the country, with leaders like him what do you think the country would be like.

A Minster was suppose to be a leader of men, and inspire people. But all Fudge did was shiver like a coward and hide behind a woman's skirt.

Madam also seem to agree with him as he could see the flicker of disgust on his face as she turned to face him. "Whatever do you mean, Minster. we handled the criminal and all his conspirators!"

"But.. but.. but," the man tried to say, but then he suddenly realized that he would look foolish if he tried to say he had a fright. Then that would immediately call into question his leadership.

Speaking up for the man was his Undersecretary, Dolores Umbridge, "I think what the Minster is trying to we need recess so that we can process what happen and take a small break."

Staring at the woman with narrowed eyes, Harry felt like strangling her. If they did what she said then it would derail his plans. Already everything was set in motion, and he did not want to delay Sirius's trial anymore.

That why Harry was glad when Madam Longbottom spoke up, she wanted these trials to commence as much as he did no matter what. After all she was out for blood for her son and daughter-in-law.

"Minister Fudge," the old woman said as if she was reassuring a little child while ignoring the toad like woman. "We must stand steadfast and show the people we will not be terrorized by FEAR. That we would not bend to the whims of criminals. That we WILL lead the common people to a brighter future and forge ahead."

Clapping sounded around the chamber, and even one person shouted, "Yea, Chief Warlock!"

Waving her hand to settle down everyone, Fudge saw that the gathered folk were swaying to one direction. And since he was a coward at heart, he bent to the whim of everyone. Smiling wanly, "If that is what everyone believes then I will concede."

However this didn't seem the end of things as Lucius Malfoy got up, "Chief Warlock I must ask, if you knew before hand that Lord Nott would be making a surprise visit then why didn't you warn  the court in advance instead of all this coming to as a suprise."

Harry could feel the old woman roll her eyes, the answer was obvious and she did not need to spell it to him. The man was a previous Death Eater whatever he said and whatever bullshit he spewed of Imperius Curse or not. Who knew if he would have given Tobias forewarning and joined him on his little coup.

Still though, she kept on a professional face. "Lord Malfoy it was my duty as Chief Warlock to run this court and oversee the preceding. All I have done is my done to safe guard these proceedings and protect the lords and ladies that make up this great court. I do not want to bother and burden others with my duty. When I took on this post I knew what this would entail and the safety risks involved."

"Yea, Chief Warlock!" the same person shouted.

Looking around with a grin on his face, Harry wondered who that joker was.

Nevertheless there were nods of agreements all around, some might be butt hurt of not being put into the loop, but they had all limbs attached and they got to keep their lives. So there really wasn't anything else they could ask for or else they would look ungrateful towards the very person that saved them.

"Well spoken," Lord Malfoy said as he had no more leverage to complain or take action against her in the court. If there had been deaths here today, no matter what there would have been questions about the legitimacy of Madam Longbottom's new rise into this post, and naysayers and all kinds of opponents would have been sticking their heads out of the woodworks.

But the old lady took command of this situation perfectly and showed everyone why she was put in charge and reassured them even more. Harry would expect after this event went into the newspaper and the people found out about it, Madam Longbottom would be seen as a hero. And he expects she would not face opposition for a couple of years until of course the next crisis.

"Now," Nevvile's grandmother said, "before we continue with our hearing, I first want to give thanks to all those who stood proudly in the face of tyranny and fear. You are all the true heroes today, and I would like to give a round of applause to you all."

A round of applause did go up at her little congratulatory speech, those who stood steadfast at his call to arms nodded their head to themselves giving themselves a mental part on the back. Everyone liked being thanked, and he had to give it to Madam Longbottom's wisdom of sharing the glory today.

"For those of you who had hide behind your servants and all but fleed," she said as her merry tone quickly disappeared. "For shame, for shame indeed! You shouldn't have done that. Your ancestors must be weeping in their graves and portraits left behind having you as descendants.

No words hold more truth than; in the face of danger and evil a man shows his true colors. And for those who hide behind woman's skirts," she said clearly implying a certain someone, "You have shown that you are true cowards at heart."

Silence reigned at the old woman's final words and those who she was speaking about knew who they were. Harry could see some faces go ghastly as they could already see their political careers go up in flame, and some had the decency to hide their faces in shame.

"All I can say is whenever there is evil or wrong in the world face it and fight it at ever turn. It is only when we do nothing that evil wins in the end," she concluded with.

This time the applause that went up was nearly deafening as some took to vocalizing their joy with wild cheer and shouts of, "Chief Warlock!"

Once the clapping and cheering settled down, the old woman added on a final note, "I want to give special thanks to someone. Lord Potter," she waved her hand at his direction. "You have shown this court true courage today as you roused up everyone and spat in the face of dastardly corruption. Let his actions and valor be a guiding force to this court at large.

Please give a special round of applause to our young hero and savior, Harry Potter!" she shouted.

"Thank you, Chief Warlock," Harry nodded his head once the wild cheering settled down. "You humble me with your words, Madam."

"No, Lord Potter you humble me with your actions! All I can say is that I wished all your children were like you, steadfast and brave!"

"Thank you," Harry said once again, playing to the court as he nodded to them.

Since he had everyone attention now, he might as well ask for what was rightfully his. 

"Madam Longbottom, before these proceedings of those foul criminals continue, I want to come to the court at large with my grievances." 

"And pray tell what is that, my lord?" the old woman asked. 

"It is about Lord Nott, the Traitor," he aptly named the man. "Not only as he targeted me today along side others of note, but he as also stewed rebellion in my own backyard. I believe now I am left with no choice but to pursue Casus Belli with his house!"

Gasps sounded all across the hall as sharp intakes of breaths were pulled in. In this age where the Wizarding world had faced two wars back to back, the Great Houses that made up high society has dwindled and wars that used to be waged against houses has been steadily ceased as everyone was in a time of recovery. 

To be seen as going to war was like breaking the silent peace that has been held for over a decade. 

"Order, order," Madam Longbottom said as she struck down with her gavel. "It is within Lord Potter's right to pursue war with a house that has interfered with his own affairs if he brings enough proof to the court."

Then looking up at him, she asked, "Did you bring proof of this, Lord Potter." 

"Yes, I have the rebellious knight's wife who can testify to everything," Harry replied as he had Lady Chalet or now Ms. Nia back at his family manor, this was one of the things he required of her to do for him before he took her in.  

"And if it makes the due process faster, I also have a recording," Harry added as he took out his Mirror phone and played Ms. Nia testimony for everyone to hear.

"I will need to review this, but if that proves to be true then," Madam Longbottom said. "Then as is my right as Chief Warlock, I shall grant House Potter Casus Belli against House Nott for one year, and one year only. All territory conquered within that year shall fall into whoever hands took it, and in one year's time all hostility shall be ceased and arms shall be put down immediately." 

"Wait," Lucius said as he got up, "We can not do this! We must observe the peace," he said adamantly. If Harry had to guess then he was the one instead that wanted to seize easy picking as he saw it since Tobias was no just locked up. 

"And what would you have me do, Lord Malfoy?" Madam Longbottom asked, "take a Great Lord's very own rights!" 

Sharp intakes of breaths were taken at that question for many reasons. There were certain privileges that came with being a Wizard Lord, waging war was one of them, and for that to be taken away it would be seen as the greatest offense. 

With the assimilation of more and more Muggle-borns into the Wizarding world, Lords and Ladies started to hold on tightly to their privileges for fear of it being taken away. And for more modern views slipping in like democracy and human rights. 

"No," the man said with a shake of his head, no one else more than him didn't want to see that happen. "But... but..." he still tires to argue as he seem to want to have it both ways. 

"But nothing," the old woman held her hand and shut him down. "I must do my duty as observe the rights of the Great Lords."

Seeing it as the end of the conversation, the old woman moved on, "Now, let's proceed with these hearings!" she said as loud agreements went up.

"Mulciber II," she said as she turned to the illusion still in the middle of the room. The man must be far away at somewhere else along with the Aurors and Dementors, and as everything went down today in the courtroom, he stayed still and motionless watching everything with a bored gaze. 

It was obvious he gave himself up to his Dark Lord's cause, even Harry shivered a bit at how easy he took everything. He was glad he didn't listen to that old fool and let these fanatical Death Eaters stay cozy in Azkaban where they could be rescued at any moment by their master to wreak havoc once again on Magical Britan. 

"You have committed countless sins in the name of your dark master, we at the Wizengamot believe that your punishment hasn't been equal to the weight of your crimes. Today I call for you to be sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss for all that you have done against this great nation!" she uttered as her eyes turned hard. 

"Let a vote be called on this matter! All those in favor of the motion, say Aye!"

A flurry of ayes where heard and some even held up there wands up into the air to show how adamantly they were with this including Harry's own as he represented 6 Great houses with his vote. 

"All those against the motion, say Nay!" the old woman said. 

There were also plenty of nays and wand waving, as some were good old buddies of Mulciber II and others were just too soft hearted to allow such a savage thing to happen. 

The Dementor's Kiss was a hotly debated thing as some saw it as too horrible to even fathom, but there needed to be the ultimate punishment something so bad people just tremor in fear of it being spoken. 

Plus with how wide spread being sent to Azkaban is, the fear factor needed to be kept up. 

Once the votes were tallied by the giant scoreboard, Augusta Longbottom smiled broadly, "It seems like your fate has been decided, Mulciber II.... You shall receive the Dementor's Kiss!" she announced as the ayes were the ones who had it. 

As the elderly woman spoked those words, the Dementor cried out in joy as they savagely flung themselves at the chained man. Even though Harry knew that this was happing somewhere far away, he still shivered in fear as he watched the creatures latch on to the Death Eater and begin to suck out his soul. 

The Aurors right next to prisoners stepped back in fear as the vile creatures feated on the man's soul. A part of him, a very small part of him kind of felt bad for the man as wisps were drawn out and the man gasped in his chair. 

Once they were done all that was left was an empty husk, there was nothing left of the man that used to be there. Staring down at those eyes which used to have life at them all Harry saw emptiness. 

It was said the eyes were the window to the soul, and Harry believed that now.

Nothing was there at all. 

"Remove him," Madam Longbottom said as she waved her hand, "and bring in the next one." 

Today was going to be a blood bath. 

Harry did not know how he should feel as he was the one who started it all.

Was he truly the hero of the story or the villain...

He guessed he didn't know now!