Taking a Break
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Don't get startled when you see this post, I am not going on a long hiatus or anything like that.

I will just be taking a break for two short weeks. Starting from Dec. 21 to Jan. 3 just to enjoy Christmas and New years. 

To be honest I might be posting on [email protected] and working on my other books, a Jon snow fanfic and the water tribe prince fanfic.

The other things, which I am sorry about, but I will be posting 5 chapters a week instead of 7. Really I have been burnt out because of the daily releases and that more than anything it is I am taking a break to relax. 

I tried to do the seven chapters but it has not been working. Really there is just something about giving yourself some wiggle room, which I need. 

So when I come back it will be 5 chapters a week, for my sanity's sake, Mon-Fri. 

Sorry about the bad news, but you can be sure I will continue this work. Lots of exciting planned ahead, the Triwizard tournament, Sirius's trial, waging with wars with dark families that supported Voldemort, and much more.

And beyond that meeting new races and creating pacts with them, cool new inventions like magical firearms tanks, airplanes, different locales with other Magical countries being introduced, war with the muggles, building a cooler Magical Britain with magical cities like Avalon, Harry becoming Wizard king, and so much more. 

Really we came a long way, this series has been going on for 4 months and a half. And there is plenty more ahead.

So I am excited for it all, and I hope you guys are too. 

Happy holidays!