Chapter 103: Betrothal Contract
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Today was the day that Harry was going to meet Daphne's whole family to finally make that Betrothal Contract that the two of them agreed on. 

"Would you like at that, our little baby is about to get engaged," Sirius said from behind him as he made little baby noise. 

Sighing Harry wondered why he brought him along or for that matter even told him anything. And that was exactly what he asked, "Why did I have to bring you along?" 

"Because you need a chaperone, don't you," Sirius poked fun at him as Harry wanted so bad to wipe that obnoxious grin of his face. 

"When are you going to get married?" Harry asked, turning the question on him. "You have been engaged to Amelia Bones for ages. Aren't you guys going to get on before you get old." 

"HEY," Sirius shouted, looking offended, "I will have you know I am in the prime of my life. I still have time before I need to get married." 

"Yeah, you tell yourself that old man," Harry said as this time it was him with the wide grin on his face. "You are in your forties, that is considered very old." 

"Ow, why you little brat..." Sirius said as he grabbed him and put him in a head lock and soon was rubbing his knuckles against his skull. 

"Alright, mercy, mercy," Harry laughed as he held his hands out.

"If you can stand still, my lord," Tobry said as he paused fitting him with his clothing and stared pointedly at him. 

"Hey blame Sirius," Harry said as the older wizard let him go as he too got a long hard stare from Tobry. 

Giving one final look, the house-elf got bak to fitting him out for his clothing that he would be wearing to the formal dinner he would be having with the Greengrass family.

"Alright, there you go, my lord," the house-elf said as he stepped back to stare at him, checking to see everything was in fine order. 

Fixing his cufflinks, Harry stared at himself in the mirror across from him. "How do I look?" he asked Sirius as he angles his shoulders to the side, getting a better able to check himself out. 

Holding a thumb up, the wizard answered, "Ready to wow everyone!"


Being invited to any family's ancestral home is a very high honor indeed. Only close allies and friends get that sort of treatment, as a family home is too important to allow strangers or enemies for that matter, to be allowed in. 

The Greengrass Manor was located right across the North Atlantic Ocean, and swinging in the ocean depth Harry could catch the large green scally forms of some sort of serpentine creatures.

They were of course the family's creatures of House Greengrass, the Sea Serpents. They were massive predators of the seas known throughout history for wrecking ships and destroying coastal villages. Their bite was as deadly as any known poison in the world and they could spew out jets of green acidic water.

At the front gates to the Greengrass manor, they were greeted by a man servant who lead them inside. Handing their raincoats to the maid that stood at the door, Hary and Sirius both needed to cast warming charms on themselves to get ride of the wet sogginess they were feeling. 

The land of the Greengrass seem to be in a constant rainstorm as heavy clouds were over head and thunder crackled above. If Harry had to guess it was the ambient magic of this place at work, his family home always was sunny and warm no matter the season. 

It was very common for places that sat on leylines to have unusual weather patterns and seasons. In the end all that magic had to go somewhere and if not powering wards or fueling some experiment, it goes up into the air. 

Being lead down some hallways, Harry and Sirius came to a large door with the family symbol of Greengrass of a serpent coiling around a green colored G." 

Entering what was a formal sitting room richly lavished with all kinds of amenities, they were both greeted by the loud cheerful voice of Lord Greengrass, "Lord Black! Lord Potter! I'm so glad you could join us."

"The honor is all mine," Sirius replied back as he shook the man's hand.

Nodding his head at the man, Harry also shook his hand and turned to the other occupant in the room.

Lady Evelyn Greengrass née Ivanov! 

Harry saw where Daphne got most of her looks from, Lady Evelyn had blonde hair nearing snowy white which reached all the way to her back, with smooth supple skin, a lithe figure, thin lips, dainty nose, high prominent cheekbones, and pale blue eyes like that of a glacier.

Lord Cyrus married outside of Magical Britain in Magical Russia from the Duke family of Ivanov. It was after all a good choice for the Greengrass since they once originated from that icy land long ago and used to call it home. 

Russia was one of the few lands along with China, Japan, India, Aztec, Arabia, and many other minor countries that kept their Magical Royal lines throughout the ages. With that they were also able to preserve many of their ancient and powerful bloodlines as well. 

"Lady Evelyn! It's a pleasure to meet you," Sirius inclined his head to the woman. "Allow me to introduce you to my godson now adopted son, Harry Potter, Lord of House Potter and heir to House Black."

"Thank you for coming," Evelyn Greengrass said. She smiled and held out her hand to him, and Harry clasped it and pressed his lips to the back of her hand as he'd been instructed so many times by Toby. She smiled, pleased at his etiquette, and he took the chance to get a closer look at her. He liked what he saw. Daphne's mother was an extremely attractive woman; a MILF, as they say. Good looks evidently ran in the family!

"I did not know you made young Potter your heir Lord Black, and adopted him as well." Cyrus mused as his eyes started to get a calculating look. 

"Yes," said Sirius as he smiled, " someone needs to carry this accused line, and how better than our young savior!" 

Nodding his head, the man changed the topic, "Well it is an honor to have you here. Please, come sit so we can discuss matters."

"Of course." the two wizards said as Lord and Lady Greengrass led them over to take some seats. Once they did a house-elf dressed in the family livery of House Greengrass came in with tea and some snacks. 

Then from the corner Daphne's younger sister Astoria Greengrass stepped out, she took after her father with the same brown hair, nose, and face. She curtsied cutely in her long bundled up dress to which Harry just had to smile. 

"Where is your sister?" Harry wondered. There was no way he was going in this alone, he needed back up or he might just shut down. 

"Oh, she still putting on her make-up," the little pure-blood girl answer, making it obvious what she thought about that from her expression. 

"That is not true," a voice replied. In stepped Daphne, she nodded at him when she noticed him sitting there.

"Apologies for not being here before you arrived," she said.

"Not a problem," he said. There was no problem with anything at all right now as far as he was concerned.

Good looks did indeed run in the family. One day Astoria's true beauty would blossom as even now she was really cute. And he now knew that Evelyn was a true beauty, but in his honest opinion Daphne was even more so. Many of the boys had considered her the most attractive witch in all of Hogwarts, and with good reason.

What really caught his attention right now was what she was wearing, and he wasn't the only one.

"Daphne?" Lady Greengrass was clearly not pleased. Harry might not have had a mother growing up but he'd heard that tone often enough to know what it meant. "What are you wearing?"

"What, no good?" Daphne examined herself critically, and if Harry hadn't seen the spark of amusement in her emerald eyes he might have believed she was honestly surprised at her mother's objection.

"You were supposed to wear a dress," Evelyn said, and it was obvious she was forcing her voice to remain steady. If he hadn't been here he had a feeling she would have spoken to Daphne much differently. Maybe her getting here after him had been intentional on her part for this very reason?

"Now, now, dear," Lord Greengrass said, "let her wear whatever she wants." 

Sniffing, the older woman sat back in her chair and complained, "you let her be too wild, lord husband," but said nothing more on the matter as Daphne took her seat near him.  

"Come, let us begin," Sirius said. 

"Yes," Cyrus said as he leaned in forward very interested, "tell us, why did the two of you gather us here today?" 

Harry couldn't have been more thankful for Daphne's arrival, the moment of truth has arrived. 

Before he could say anything, Daphne took to the stage as she grabbed his hand and wrapped her fingers around his, "We wanted to talk about... getting betrothal!" 

Silence greeted the announcement until everyone begin to speak at once. "I knew this day would come one day." Cyrus said, then looking at his daughter, "and I did promise you I would respect your wishes!" 

"My sweet girl," Lady Greengrass gushed as she smiled brightly like all the lights came up. 

"Eww!" Astoria said as she scrunched up her nose.

"Young lady," her mother said in a stern voice as her expression changed in a flash.

 Sirius on the other hand, sat to the side with a knowing grin. 

"Why don't we discuss over a meal," Cyrus said as he suddenly got up and pointed his hand towards the dining room. 

All six people seated at the table knew what they were actually there to discuss, but as was customary they made idle small talk while eating. The serious business would wait until after the table had been cleared. Sirius accepted congratulations on his name being cleared, and from the way Cyrus angled it, it was obvious he wanted an alliance in some form or the other.

Many of Harry's accomplishments were also brought up, from his booming business to his political clout and he noticed how it drew a genuine smile from Daphne. 

Finally, after several rounds of excellent dishes, Harry wiped his mouth with his napkin showing that he was done for the day. "I thank you for joining us here this evening, Lord and Lady Greengrass," he said.

"The pleasure was ours," Evelyn said. 

"Now that we've eaten, I propose that we discuss business," Cyrus said, looking directly at Harry. "We were honored and we believe that our Daphne would make a good Lady Potter. And.... we agree," he said, just then a house-elf came with a silver plater. He set it before the Lord and remove the lid for him showing the magical contract inside. 

"I am certain we can come to an agreement, no matter what it takes. I am prepared to offer you the support of the Greengrass family, in whichever way we might be best equipped to aid you."

Harry knew exactly what the man was suggesting. The Greengrass was a powerful family with plenty of wealth and connection. Estimates had it that the Greengrass fortune was equal if not superior to the Potters and the Blacks combined, and Cyrus was prepared to open that vault up and throw a massive amount of gold at him if it meant his daughter was going to become the new Lady of the Potter and Black families.

The Greengrass family has not been involved too much in the political side of things, preferring instead to conduct business, and expand their influence slowly. They managed to maintain a neutral position in many of the conflicts that plagued the wizarding world.

They are one of the few British families who are considered "grey"; and they are proficient in the Dark Arts, especially Poison Magic, but do not use it for evil purposes.

Say what you will about them from cowards to greedy businessmen, however, it isn't easy to stay neutral in the wizarding world, but the Greengrass family managed to maintain that position since their conception.

"Sorry," Harry said with a shake of his head, "but I can not agree to give Daphne the Lady Potter title." 

"No?" Cyrus frowned while Daphne narrowed her eyes at him. "Have we not met your expectations in some way?"

"No, no," Harry said, waving his hands. "It's nothing like that. It's just that there is a better title for her." 

"You mean the Back," the family head said as he glanced at Sirius. 

"No, I can do you one better," Harry said with a smile as he held out his Lordship ring which flashed to the Slytherin House. 

All the Greengrasses gasped as they recognized those colors and sigil. "This... how... what..." Lord Cyrus tried to form some words, but just couldn't.

Daphne was first to collect herself as she asked him calmly, "Why didn't you tell me about this?" 

Grinding at her, Harry answered, "Wanted it to be a little surprised. And I know you would make a wonderful Lady Slytherin. You are after all the Ice Princess of Slytherin."

Giving him a pointed stare, there was still not to prevent the ghost of a smile spreading across her face. Daphne was one of the most power hungry women he knew, she knew what she wanted, and she got it! 

"I think that's a great idea," Daphne said before anyone could say anything. "I would have been dead set for the Lady Potter title, but Lady Slytherin would do fine." 

"Daddy, you there," she said as he turned to look at the stock still man. 

"Yes, honey. Yes, I couldn't agree with you more," he nodded his head vigorously as he couldn't stop that victorious smile spreading across his face. This was indeed turning out to be much better than he imagined as his eldest daughter was not only getting engaged to one of the most eligible young men in the whole country but the most powerful as well. 

"Moving on to the dowry," he said which really was nothing more than the asking price of Harry to marry Daphne. 


At long last, as the hour turned into dark as the meeting was finally over. Everything was concluded with Harry and Cyrus signing the agreed about betrothal contract. Everything that was discussed tonight was on there like him having his second-born with Daphne inherit the Greenhouse family, unlimited wealth to help rebuild the Slytherin family, support in all political and military matters, and so much more points that just couldn't be talked about in great detail. 

Once Harry finally dropped his blood on the contract which quickly absorbed it, the pact was sealed. There was no way to get out of the betrothal now, and magic itself would make sure that he and Daphne would get married and produce heirs!

As the light of the contract coming into activation light up the room, Evelyn clapped her hands together. "Ahh, I can't believe my sweet little baby girl is going to be the Duchess!" The older woman's joy was palpable, as someone who came from a duke line it was her greatest joy seeing her daughter finally reach the same rank she once held through her family. 

Taking a seat, a house-elf brought a cigar for the Greengrass family head and some drinks to celebrate the occasion. "Lord Black," he said as he turned to face Sirius. "Did you give any thought to what Side you would be joining?" 

"Not the Dark Side for sure," Sirius answered as he downed his celebratory drink. 

"What do you say to the Grey Side then?" 

"Mmm, you guys did lose the Crouch family. Did you," Sirius mused. Joining the Grey Side would be the best move for him as joining the Light would be impossible with the history his family had, but this would be the first step in the right direction. 

"Yes, but we are looking to get a distinct relative to inherent..." 

"Why don't I give you a tour?" Daphne asked as she turned to face him, leaving the adults to their own little conversation. 

"Sounds wonderful," Harry said as he got up to follow after her. 

Heading out, Daphne and Harry shook the servants off of them as they made their way deeper into the family home. 

Once Harry saw that they were all alone, he wrapped an arm around Daphne and pulled her in close to him. Her warm body pressed against his and one hand wrapped around her rear, giving it a nice squeeze.

She gasped at the touch, and he grinned down at her, "So tell me how does it feel to be engaged to me now?!" 

"Mmm," she said thinking it over, "I thought it would be more exciting, but...."

"Why you little..." Harry growled playfully. "Let me show you some excitement then!" he said as he leaned in closer towards her and pressed his lips down onto hers with a passionate kiss.

She returned the kiss, working her fingers up Harry's torso. She pushed Harry into her, grinding her hips against his, then the next thing she knew, Harry was guiding her through a set of doors, through a rather lavish bedroom that seem to be not occupied by anyone.

The skilled young man did not break the kiss, even once. He backed Daphne back and dropped her onto the bed. Harry spread Daphne's legs for a moment and turned his thumb on the growing wet spot on her panties.

"You want me badly, don't you?" Harry asked in a low husky tone.

"Yes," the witch shuddered, " I want you sooo bad, Harry!"

"Then aren't you going to show how badly...." Harry asked her. 

Daphne reached forward and started to unbuckle Harry's dress pants. She pulled them down below his ankles and then pulled his pants all the way down to reveal his cock for her consumption. He watched as her lips moistened at the thought of having this large piece of meat lodged down your throat.

"Are you going to stare, or are you going to touch it?" Harry grinned widely.


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