Chapter 104: Greengrass Manor (R-18)
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He backed Daphne back and dropped her onto the bed. Harry spread Daphne's legs for a moment and turned his thumb on the growing wet spot on her panties.

"You want me badly, don't you?" Harry asked in a low husky tone.

"Yes," the witch shuddered, " I want you sooo bad, Harry!"

"Then aren't you going to show how badly...." Harry asked her.

Daphne slowly unbuttoned Harry's shirt. She saw his firm body, and smiled. There were a few scars on his chest, but they just added flavor. Daphne lightly brushed her fingers down Harry's scars and leaned deeper into him with a kiss.

Harry slid a hand up Daphne's skirt and started to caress her stocking clad thighs. His hand eased further to her center, and could feel her lacy panties on the other side.

He pulled away from Daphne and hiked her plaid skirt up to reveal a pair of green panties underneath.

"Like the colors?" she asked as she twirled her hips sensually drawing his eyes/ Then leaning in, she whispered, "I made sure to pick them out for you specifically as I am sure you know how much I've been looking forward to you arriving today!"

Daphne's panties slid down right to her ankles and Harry slowly stroked her womanhood, kissing her something fierce.

Daphne reached forward and started to unbuckle Harry's dress pants. She pulled them down below his ankles and then pulled his pants all the way down to reveal his cock for her consumption. He watched as her lips moistened at the thought of having this large piece of meat lodged down your throat.

"Are you going to stare all day, or are you going to give it a go?" Harry grinned wickedly. A woman such as Daphne Greengrass deserved, demanded, the very best, and Harry was going to give her better than the best.

Daphne shook her head and looked up at him, "I still ask myself, how do you not trip over this monstrous thing that can ruin women galore?" she asked as she begin to stroke his cock. It amazed her how much he grew and swelled up at her touch. The Slytherin leaned forward and planted a kiss on Harry's swollen head. It twitched at her touched and she inhaled the musky scent of it.

"And I'm fulfilling the fantasy of every single girl in this school," Daphne remarked as she stroked his hard throbbing erection. "What would they think or do for that matter if they knew that I had the boy-who-lived all to myself!"

Before Harry could respond with a witty answer, Daphne's warm mouth shut him up. Lips parted as she slide his length into her mouth, and Harry decided if Daphne wanted to have some fun, then why not let her have her fun? It wasn't like it he wasn't enjoying it, because he knew that it was far from it.

Daphne leaned her head forward trying to take more of his girth Harry's, he watched as excitement began to build through her body.

Then letting it pop out of her mouth, she stroked it with ease thanks to her spittle that coated his cock. "It's obvious you're being wasted in Gryffindor," she said. "My, how you would be welcomed by all in Slytherin if they knew you were the descendent of the Great Founder and Duke!"

"Who says I can not win them over with my Gryffindor charms?" Harry asked as he lanced his finger through her beautiful white blond hair.

Rolling her eyes at she lapped up his ball sacks which were filled with seed ready to spray out and fertilize a new generation of wizards and witches. "You tell yourself that, dear!" she said sending wonderful vibrations through his nutsack as she spoke with them still in her mouth.

"You wound me," Harry said as he held his free hand to his chest and put on a false expression of hurt. Then slowly transforming into impish delight, he asked, "Anyways, was that what charmed you to me? My great looks and awesome bravery?!"

This time Harry wasn't able to understand anything she said, as she literally had a mouthful, so Harry enjoyed the sensation of Daphne's wet and talented tongue swirling around his cock. She licked him from the head all the way to the base. She was like a vacuum cleaning tip to spin as she made sure to cover each and ever part of his cock with her talented tongue.

The moment Daphne finished up tasting every single inch of Harry's throbbing cock, she moved herself into position. Her hot lips wrapped around Harry's swollen head and she drove all the way down onto him.

Daphne choked for a moment, ramming his throbbing cock down her throat. She felt a pair of firm and soft hands easy on the back of her head.

"Ease yourself into it, darling," Harry said. "It's not a sprint, it's a marathon, and you're going to be in it for the long haul."

Daphne regained her composure and started to bob herself up and down on Harry's cock. His cock speared into the back of her throat. She sucked on him and hard.

"You're so beautiful with my cock in my mouth," Harry said.

"Yes, isn't she's a vision," a voice said.

The two of them booth nearly jumped out of the skins, as Harry and Daphne turned around wide eyes.

Standing at the door was Lady Evelyn with one of her hand leaning on the door frame blocking the exist.

"Mother," Daphne said as she stared wide eyes.

Harry on the other hand couldn't form any words as he just took a deep swallow. He literally got caught with his pants down. In his head he kept on smacking himself on the back of the head; idiot, idiot, idiot!

In his haste, he always forgets to close the door, and if it was just once it would be alright, but now this had to be like the third time he did that.

"Hush dear," the older witch said to her daughter as she turned her blue globes at him. "Is she pleasing you, my lord?"

Harry really had no answer to that, what mother would ask that sort of question, though when he did think about it - this was a noble daughter and mother, so of course their relationship would be f up!

Clearing his throat, Harry played it cool since she wanted to play, he would play. "I must thank you, Lady Greengrass, you have taught your daughter very well."

"Call me Evelyn," she said with a smile, as she walked into the room and this time made sure to put up proper wards. Then facing him, she added, "We will after all be becoming family!"

"Yes," Harry said, and he thought, 'you just say me fucking your daughter!'

"Why don't you continue, dear," the Milf said to her daughter as she begin to hick up her dress gown.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked as he knelt down and moved down to fondle his balls. She licked his balls, worshipping his testicles like a good bitch. She ran her finger down the vein, tickling Harry's balls with everything she had.

Finally she let his ballsack pop out and answered, "Making sure you know that Greengrass women are the best! Your Grace!" Then she was right back at it, licking and sucking his nuts for all it was worth.

Daphne just rolled her eyes and went back to pleasuring his hard throbbing erection!

Harry looked down at the two beautiful blonde vixens, suckling and pleasuring every inch of his cock. They were just absolutely delightful!

Harry throws his head back and groans.

It's half in pleasure and half in shame at what he's doing, but at this point, he's gone past the point of no return.

He could tell Evelyn was giving  Daphne not so subtle suggestions, all Daphne in response was growl as her sent mouth and throat sent vibration all the way to his head and down to his toes!

Daphne smacked her lips around Harry's cock. She was indeed very good, so good she could not help herself to be honest.

Deciding to give her some forewarning, Harry spoke up, "Fuck! I am very close, Daphne!"

"Good," Evelyn said as she finally let go of his balls and shoved her daughter's head further down his length. "Make sure you swallow everything he give you like I taught you!"

"Mmm, mhm," Daphne tried to say indignantly, but the older witch was having none of that as she forced her daughter's head back and further ever further along. While she on the other hand used her reaming free hand to play with his testicles, milking his for all he was worth.

Harry pounded Daphne's tight throat and she moaned with delight. The few little tastes of cum came out and Daphne re-doubled her efforts, going all the way down on Harry like it was her job, her calling in life to suck his cock dry.

The Greengrass heiress bobbed up and down on Harry's prick, taking the huge hunk of manhood into her throat. Her groans get ever increasingly louder and louder until Harry finally felt his load rushing forth.

The tension in Harry's balls reached a fever pitch. There was only one thing to do and that was for Harry to cum. He exploded and sent the contents of his balls flooding inside of Daphne's mouth. His balls kept slapping against her chin when pushing against her.

He held onto Daphne's face, holding her in place as he came!

"Take it, Take it all for me!" Harry shouted.

"Mmm!" Daphne moaned.

Evelyn squeezing his balls helped accelerate the process. Daphne working his cock with her throat and tongue made it even more intense. The hot burst of cum shot down Daphne's throat. She swallowed all of the cum like a pro as she took all of the seed into her mouth and down her throat. Harry held onto her face and pumped his huge load into her throat.

Harry felt Daphne's warm throat to be a perfect vessel for his release. He rocked her face, his heavy balls draining into her mouth. The moans hitting his cock from the back of throat caused more cum to fire down her throat.

Daphne smiles as she finally let his cock pop free then the little minx opened her mouth wide to show him his seed and then swallowed. Harry watched it all, not parting his eyes from her for a single moment, until she once again showed him her mouth which was no empty.

"I hoped I pleased you, my lord," the emerald-eyed witch said.

"Very much so," Harry answered.

She begin to rises to her feet, but Harry grabs her by the wrist. "We're not done here," he said in a low growl.

"Wait," she said as he dropped her on to the bed with her still facing him while he came in after her like a prowling predator.

Daphne did not like the look in his eyes one bit as she used her hands to cover her breasts, but Harry put a stop to it as he grabbed them both.

Harry grabs Daphne by her curvy hips and pulls her forward to meet his cock. She gasps as she feels his hard, throbbing length slide against her wet cunt, and she moans when he drew himself back and nudges against her pussy lips.

"Wait," Daphne said, "we are still not married yet. We have to wait until the marital bed!"

"Don't try to deny your lord, dear," Evelyn said in a stern voice as she came in behind them into the bed. "He can take whatever he wants! and you will have to follow along."

Harry could already read her mind like the back of his hand, if he ruined Daphne today, his marriage with her would be locked in forever or else he would risk insulting the Greengrass house and going to war with them most likely. If he could impregnate her right now that would be even better!

However Harry never did plan to set out of the agreement in the first place, he wasn't an inconsiderate bastard. If he accepted a woman into his bed, she was his, and there would be no way he would toss her aside!

He finds her wet pussy all ready for, more than that to be honest as it was dripping with wanton lust. "Don't worry," he whispered to the heir apparent of Greengrass as he bite her ear lob. "You will always be mine!"

Daphne looked up. Her thighs spread out even more to accommodate Harry when he put his big prick at the edge of her entrance. Daphne breathed in, feeling the slow and subtle moments of penetration when Harry inserted himself inside her.

"Yes!" Daphne yelled. As with a grunt, he thrusts forward, spearing his young new bethrol deeply. Daphne cried out, his cock filling her in a way she's probably never experienced before in her life.

"Damn, you're really tight baby," Harry said.

"I am glad she is perfect for you specification," Evelyn whispered to him from behind as she watched his cock sliding into her.

He wondered if that was what got her off, after all to each his poison!

Once he's driven himself rather forcefully and deeply into her, Harry pauses. Bent over her as he is, practically mounting her, he reaches up and runs his hands along her body, sliding them around to beneath her, to her front. He touches her in soothing, gentle ways as he waits for a moment to let her adjust to his massive size which intruded upon her.

Eventually though, Daphne spoke up, "K-Keep going… I can t-take it. Mmmm!"

Well, if she says something like that, how is he to resist? Gritting his teeth, the wizard begins to fuck his new betrothal while her mother helped him ease into her.

His cock feels like it's trapped in the hottest of vices, and yet time and time again, he pistons in and out of her, escaping her cunt's clutches only to drive right back in. Daphne's body jars and jolts with every thrust as the young woman herself shakes and shudders. Her voice comes out more and more as he fucks her, starting out soft and quiet, but growing louder by the moment.

"M-More! Please, My Lord! Fuck me, Harder!"

The way she called him that… Harry was beginning to wonder if Daphne had a fetish. Or perhaps it was just how all noble pure-blooded where taught to act in the bed towards their lord husband.

However he won't deny it had its charms as it was certainly working for him. Fucking her there in the bed as it creaked with his powerful thrusts, he picks up his pace, his hands moving from her breasts to her shoulders as he begins to truly drive his cock in and out of the gorgeous young witch.

If she wanted it harder? He could do it harder.

"Yes! Yes, yes, YES!"

His new wife was certainly a vocal little thing, that was for sure. Harry grunts, breathing hot air across her neck as he fucks into her from above. Her body surrenders to him in it's entirety, her cunt walls welcoming him, her pale ass clapping with his crotch. She's so very tight, but still he invades with his dick as it loosened her up in the process.

Evelyn did not help matters in the least bit

Soon enough, he's getting close to finishing as Daphne's tight little cunt was certainly doing a fucking amazing job. Especially with how she'd already orgasmed twice around his member. Each climax that the young witch experiences was an explosive one.

He's not sure if she's just exaggerating them or what, but she certainly gets louder when she's cumming, and her pussy juices do tend to flood down his length and squirt out onto the rug beneath them.

As he learned before Daphne was indeed quite the squirter. Gritting his teeth and grunting, Harry leans forward again, until his lips are right next to Daphne's ear.

"Getting… close, Darling!!"

Daphne freezes for a moment, before letting out a wanton moan and a full body wiggle.

"A-Anywhere you want, My lord. Y-You can, a-ah, put it anywhere you want."

Chuckling, Harry asked, "Is that so? Well then don't let me stop on your expense!"

Coming to the end of his rope, Harry's balls swelled with their seed and started to tighten. He spent the next couple of minutes indulging himself in Daphne's sweet and dripping pussy. His hips pushed down, rocking inside Daphne's body. Her hot hips pushed up to meet Harry with each push inside her.

Daphne's wet walls kept clamping down on Harry's rod. She milked him, wanting nothing more than Harry's seed blasted inside her. Harry sped up, reaching the end. He rode out Daphne, orgasm after orgasm.

Harry grunted when he gave a couple more powerful pushes into Daphne. His bloated balls found their way down upon Daphne's thighs. They slapped against her hard, beginning to fill up with their cream.

He pushed into Daphne with a couple more pushes inside her. Harry rode her pussy all the way to the edge of an orgasm, and then his balls contracted before firing into her.

Daphne held onto Harry all the way, moaning in his ear. His balls contracted and started to fire a potent amount of seed. Daphne felt a warm rush fill her body, when this powerful young man expanded and shot his heavy load into her. She hung onto Harry's shoulder, scratching him up, and moaning deep into his ear.

Harry stuffed Daphne completely full of his seed. His balls drained into Daphne's wet and willing womanhood. Her pussy finally released him.

Harry turned his attention to Evelyn, the lovely Russian witch who he saw her pussy dripped with juices as she smiled at him.

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