Chapter 106: Prestigious Schools Pt.2
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Everyone stood there shivering slightly waiting for the other schools to arrive. Most people were gazing hopefully up at the sky trying to see if the others would arrive by some flying magical transportation.

He felt bad for the students from Jordan as they basically had nothing on, and Beauxbatons girls as well as their uniform was made of fine silk that nearly kept the cold away. Warming charms were cast around to keep warm and toasty, Harry didn't have to worry about that since his robes already came with the spell built in. Still, the spells could only do so much.

For a few minutes, the silence was broken only by Madame Maxime's huge horses snorting and stamping. And then....

"Can you hear something?" Neville asked as he curiously looked around.

Harry listened; at first, he didn't catch anything, but when he focused his ear, honing in his enchanted senses he gained from the ritaul and assimilation of the Legendary creatures he caught a deep roiling sound as if the sea itself was being parted.

"The lake!" one Beauxbatons girl cried out, pointing at it. "Look at the lake!"

Everyone turned to look at the lake, and from the position at the top of the lawns overlooking the

grounds, everyone had a clear view of the smooth black surface of the water - except that the surface was suddenly not so smooth anymore.

Some sort of disturbance seem to be taking place deep from within the lake as great bubbles were forming on the surface, and waves crashed over the muddy banks. Then, out in the very middle of the lake, the water was ripped asunder to both sides as something slowly rouse up from the watery depth.

"What the hell is that?" Lavender asked to no one in particular.

Harry could understand her confusion as what came out of the lake was a submarine!

Slowly, magnificently, the tub rose out of the water, gleaming in the moonlight as it came to shore with its head banking on the shore.

The Oceania Academy of Wizardry had arrived!

They were on the leading edge of cutting magic technology, unlike most wizards, they familiarize themselves with new and interesting muggle technology and build off of it to make their own versions that could operate around wizards and witches. And they further build on that as they have created many wondrous devices and magic tech!

Located some where deep within the South Pacific Ocean, they are well known for producing fine Artificers, Tinkers, Enchanters, Alchemists, Magic Smiths, and so forth!

Then in the hubbub of one school's arrival, another came into the scene with a loud Roar that shook the ear.

Everyone turned in the direction of the sound and saw immense serpentine creatures darting through the sky, they each had long whiskers the flowed behind them in the air and beards that leant them moe wise appearances.

The Chinese dragons!

They were totally different from the Western Dragons here who were more animalistic and savage and some times thought of as evil because of that.

The Eastern dragons, on the other hand, where more noble and wise as they were seen as a sign of good throughout Asia where they resided in.

There were dozens of them darting through the sky and on their back he could see the small forms of people!

The Shanghai Institute of Magic had arrived!

Located in the heart of China, they were an old school with rich history to their name. There were known for practicing the more mystical side of magic such as Chi, Chakara, Wu Xing, Feng Shui, and so forth.

And that wasn't the end of things as suddenly there was the loud sound of a tree falling in a forest. Looking up in the air the sound grew as a trunk started to expand out. Roots grew out as well nearly touching the ground and branches started to reach high into the heaven as leaves growing on it.

Before long there was a massive tree with tribal painting on it taking up a good portion of the sky.

The Uagadou School of Magic had arrived!

Located in Central Africa, it was a school that stood the test of time as it was the most ancient academy there was. Uagadou was well known for its more Nature focused studies as you can learn Plant magic, Weather, Elemental, Shapeshifting, Herbology, and so much more.

Inside of traditional desert music that filled the air like before, this time there was a deep chanting sound that came from the direction of the lake.

Where the lake was clear for all to see before now there was a deep mist about which prevented everyone from seeing where the sound was coming from.

Then all of a sudden a ship figurehead came into view from within the mist, it was made out of black material so Harry couldn't make it out, however his eyes were only focused on the skeletal like ship that glided across the lake.

It was lit in an eerie green glow, and he immediately knew what it was, a Ghost Ship. Pulling the ropes of the mast as the ship was set on anchor where Draugens, sea ghosts of sailors that died at sea.

Durmstrang school of magic has arrived!

Located some where in Northern Europe, the Durmstrang Durmstrang was a school well known for always siding on the Dark Side. They produced many dark wizards, and one that came to recent memory was Gellert Grindelwald himself.

They focused on the more deathly aspect of magic such as Necromancy, Soul, Nether, Disease, and Destruction. And they were one of the few schools like Beauxbatons which was one gender only, in this case, all boys.

"Welcome, welcome," Dumbledore greeted the headmaster and mistresses that came forth.

Stepping out of the hatch of the submarine was an Australian man with goggles on his forehead and a clockwork top hat on his head.

On the top branch of the towering tree was a giant bird that arced lighting throughout its dark blue feathers, it took to the air with a loud Caw and then swooped down. In a flash, the Thunderbird transformed into a dark skinned woman with tribal marking on her body and her hair in dark braids which reached to her back.

Jumping off the head of the lead dragon was an elderly man in long flowing traditional Hanfu robes with a headpiece on that tied most of his snow white hair in a bun.

Leading the procession of boys from off the Ghost Ship was a heavy fur-clad man with a long pointed beard.

"Headmaster Zhuan Hui," Dumbledore called out to the old man.

"Headmaster Spencer Allen," he nodded his head to the strangely dressed man.

"Headmistress Ekuseni Khaya," he smiled at the fit and athletic woman.

"Headmaster Igor Karkaroff," he briskly greeted, which was understandable.

"I see that you finally decided to grace us with your presence," Jafar shook his head.

"Took yo' long enough," Madame Maxime said, "my poor girls 're freezing out here thanks to all of yo'!"

"I do believe we aren't the last ones to arrive," Headmaster Zhuan Hui pointed out with a small smile as he rubbed his long white beard.

"Heah I thaw' we were a few moments lyte and were going t' be the last t' ahroive," Headmaster Spencer Allen spoke up as he took out a Mechanical pocket watch and stared at the time.

"They come now," Headmistress Ekuseni Khaya simply said as she crossed her hands together.

Abruptly there was a loud sonic BOOM which shook the very air itself, everyone turned to look at the horizon from which the sound originated.

At first, no one could make heads or tales at all where the sound came from but off in the distance speeding forms came into view. They were going fast, very fast as they were nothing more than strikes in the air. Slowly everyone started to see as the forms came closer that they were wizards and witches on brooms.

You might wonder why they weren't freezing popsicles or a wet stain with how fast they were going high up in the freezing air, but this was Mahoutokoro School of Magic!

Located in Japan, Mahoutokoro was well known for producing powerful warrior wizards! They were known for practicing the more physical aspect of magic just like his family as their class in Psychical Augmentation and Biological change was the best in the world!

Their students were known to be instilled with a strict honor code remanence of the great samurai of old! And each of them where required to be at peak human conditions to withstand the grueling and very taxing magics they implore. Also, their love of Quidditch was well known so it was no wonder they came flying in on brooms.

They weren't the last arrive as the very earth begin to tremble at that moment. Everyone looked around wildly for the source of the disturbance which only grew in volume as now Harry could very clearly make out that they were the heavy foot fall of many stampeding feet.

Coming close and close, Harry pinpointed that the sounds and heavy shaking caused by many feet were coming from dep within the Forbidden Forest! Then something broke through the tree line, something large and scaly with sharp rows of teeth and thought to be long extinct from the face of this planet.

A fucking dinosaur!

Or more accurately a velociraptor with a rider on its back.

The Raptor let out a bark as its rider drew it to a close, and that wasn't the end.

Suddenly more and more dinosaurs ran out, stomped out, or just lumbered out of the tree line. There was a wild variety to them; from Ankylosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Deinonychus, Baryonyx, Parasaurolophus, Spinosaurus, Stegoceras, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and the list just went on.

Then from out of the center of the tree line came out a Tyrannosaurus, it let out a loud might roar as it stomped out of the forest. There were a few gasps and shouts as many took a step back from the ferocious creature.

Castelobruxo had arrived!

Located deep within the Amazon rainforest, Castelobruxo was a school that focused on beast taming and study! They were well known for their legendary Magizoologist who made many great strides in those particular fields.

The dinosaurs as he heard it, was a recent addition to the school. It was said a very powerful wizard who was a Castelobruxo graduate was able to bring back these long lost creatures.

Everything was kept under wraps and Castelobruxo had kept this a close to heart, but the surprise and uproar in the wizarding world was of course massive. This was indeed a very great undertaking, and whoever this wizard who done this - they would go down in history as one of the greats.

He heard that the wizard behind it planned to open a park, and that was of course something Harry was looking forward to.

Still it did show Harry that there was so much going on out there in the world besides Magical Britain's little impending war. Wizards and Witches were making great strides forward and doing amazing things.

It did instill into Harry an urgency to move along his great own little undertaking such as the Mirror phone, telly, computer, and web plus the magic firearms as well. Those new magical inventions would change the face of the wizarding world as he knew it and he himself would go down in history as one of the greats!

Breaking him out of his thought was a loud moan that split the air. Out of the sky, a very enormous form came into shape one of a sea turtle except that it was so massive that you can make its bulk from so far away in the distance.

On its shell was a whole fricking island that came with its complementary trees, waterfall, hills, foliage, and so much more.

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had arrived at long last.

It was the youngest school among the bunch, a bit more than half a millennium, but it was built from a strong foundation as plenty of Native American traditions, history, and magic formed the bases of the school.

Ilvermorny focused on the more spiritual side of magic as they were well known for their Totemism, Astral, Dream, Divination, Animal, Spirit, Nature, and healing arts.

"So fine for you to join us," Dumbledore greeted the new arrivals of headmaster and mistresses.

Jumping off the T-rex was a brown skinned man with rippling muscle that showed through his casual jersey shirt. He had a wild savage feel about him and besides his jersey shirt he had on shorts with football cleats.

Removing her pilot goggles was a short petite pale, unblemished light-skinned woman with rosy cheeks. She had on aviator scrubs with a dark brown jacket, tight fitting pants, and a scarf around her neck to keep warm.

Descending from the floating turtle above was a reddish brown-skinned woman with tribal feathers in her long silky black hair and many animal bones of bracelets and necklace on her. She had on a short skirt and a simple brown handspun tunic.

"Welcome, Headmaster Lucas Santos," he greeted the large man.

"Welcome Headmistress Kaya Nita," he nodded his head to the Native American woman.

"And welcome Headmistress Mikasa Rai," he inclined his head to the Japanese woman.

"Apologies for the late arrival," Kaya Nita dipped her head.

"No problem, no problem at all," Dumbledore smiled.

"So are we all here?" Mikasa Rai asked as she looked about.

"Koldovstoretz are still not here," Lucas Santos rumbled.

"If I had to hazard a guess, they want us to wait at our expense," Jafar snorted out loud.

"Mhm, they purposely did this to upstage everyon'," Madame Maxime replied.

"Is that not what we all planned?" Igor Karkaroff came to the defense.

"Now, now," Dumbledore said, but before he could finish his sentence the wind begin to pick up and the temperature all of the sudden dropped a couple of degrees.

Everyone shivered in place as they turned to the great lake where a miniature blizzard picked up. Slowly the very lake seem to freeze over at a rapid pace as before long it was nothing more than a solid layer of ice. 

"My tub," Spencer Allen called out as icicles started to form on his submarine

Igor ship's was fine since it could go immaterial.

Then the blizzard parted as two gigantic figures came into view. They were humongous hulking figures of giants though that really wasn't accurate since these seem to be made up of blue ice, with massive horns coming out of the side of their heads. And they stood over a 100 feet tall.

No, these were Jotun!

True giants!

The two massive beings each where pulling long chains that took all their strength to haul. And attached to the chains was a grand Ice Palace! 

That came with all its amenities of course such as long spiraling towers with onion domes on top. With lavish and over-the-top decorations, made up of beautiful glowing crystalline ice, fine finish touches, and splendid designs. 

The Jotun came to a stop at the shores and let their chains fall to the ground, then they stood to either side stand still. 

Koldovstoretz had at long last arrived!

You can expect this from a school as fine and well established as Koldovstoretz. They long surpassed Durmstrang in the Dark Arts as they mastered the Maleficium art long ago.

Koldovstoretz was a school where you could learn the true dark Arts in all its glory. They have fine studies of Shadow Magic, Blood Magic, Curses, Rituals, Chaos, and Demonic magics. However it is a school for the most pure and austere of the old bloodlines as you can only expect those of Royal, Duke, and Marquiss family to get in. 

Promptly long stairs appeared leading down and out of the palace stepped out a girl in a long flowing royal gown with a fan that covered most of her face. Behind her was a stern man dressed in a black suit with white gloves on. 

"Headmaster Boris Sergey," Dumbledore greeted the man who stood respectfully behind the girl. 

Then looking down at the girl Dumbledore inclined his head, "Your royal highness!"

Seeing that everyone was here at long last, Dumbledore turned around to face the now massive milling crowd. 

"Welcome, welcome all to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! We are so glad to host the 107th Triwizard Tournament. We welcome each and every single one of you into our home and hope you would enjoy your welcoming!"

At the old man's final word Harry timed it perfectly for the spectacles to go off. Fireworks begin to light up the sky and the other visually striking performance that the whole student committee had planned out went off. 

From the woo and ahh that went up, Harry saw that everyone seem to be enjoying it, finally things were wrapped up with a sky broom writing of Welcome to Hogwarts!

With that, the Triwizard Tournament has officially commenced.

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ELEVEN Prestigious schools; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Castelobruxo, Durmstrang Institute, Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Jordan Academy of Sorcery, Koldovstoretz, Shanghai Institute of Magic, Mahoutokoro School of Magic, Oceania Academy of Wizardry, and Uagadou School of Magic!


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