Bonus – Hermione Granger(R-18)
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So the votes are in and the Hermione Granger and Daphne Greengrass chapters were neck to neck. However in the end the Hermione chapter won by a couple of votes.

So here it is, I hope you all enjoy it.


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After her run into Harry and the three Quidditch team cheerleaders, Hermione tried to keep her mind away from what she saw. However, she just couldn't get the image of Hope riding Harry's gigantic cock out of her head.

Calming herself, she tried her best to clear her mind, and put on her best face. It was the weekend and she plenty of stuff to do like studying ahead for next week and reviewing materials. 

Heading to the library, she hadn't caught a whiff of Harry all through the weekend, she hadn't seen him in the Great Hall, outside in the castle grounds, in Hogsmeade, or in the caslte itself. Somehow she knew he was inside the girl's dorm, during all sorts of things with the three cheerleaders. 

It made her incensed, and she won't deny a bit jealous. 

It was only on Monday she saw him, and whenever he spoke to her or approached her mind just short circuited. She didn't know what came over him, but she just couldn't believe she was acting like a blushing maiden. 

After her run in with Harry in the Gryffindor common room, Hermione noticed a lot of the stuff he got up to. 

Once she noticed him walk off with Tracey Davis, a half-blood like him in Slytherin. She was curious to know what they were up so she followed them, and ended up seeing them pleasure each other. 

The during Care of Magical Creatures, she saw him and Fay be the last to leave, and then wander off to the wood. She just could guess what they were up to as they were attached from the hip. 

Hermione begin to question so many things, like what was that look that Lavender kept on giving him. Where the Professors in on it, because they just couldn't keep their eyes off of him. Who else was he screwing their mind out of. 

Soon her lust just kept on building up as she saw him partake in more and more secret affairs. It just wasn't fair she whined to herself. 


Hermione slammed the girl's bathroom door shut and locked it behind herself with a wave of her wand. She breathed heavily as her chest heaved up and down. She noted that she must have parted her robes as part of her rose-tinted cleavage was on full display. And she saw a shiny trickle of fluid run down her thighs.

She bit her bottom lip hard and groaned in frustration, as she recalled the bout of debauchery she once again witnessed. She knew Harry was up to no good as he sneaked off somewhere, and she was right as she found him fucking Daphne like a common whore in a terrace with Tracey licking her off.
That had been stupid of her, following him everywhere he went, he stealth spells have become better, but she was just becoming nothing more than a pervert. She really just succumbed to her base instinct and risked being seen for the pervert she was. Red-faced, she staggered to the sink and splashed water on her face. All that accomplished was drenching the front of her shirt, turning it transparent so she could see how hopelessly stiff her nipples were. With quaking hands and undid her upper portion of her robes and reached inside and juggle her huge tits out into the open.

They flopped free, bouncing around a bit and Hermione lifted them up slowly, looking at herself in the mirror as she slowly brought a nipple to her lips and sucked on it in gentle, all the while wondering how it would feel like to have Harry do this to her.

“Mmm,” As she moaned out loud, letting the images of Harry run through her mind, Hermione quickly realized once again the debauchery she was committing.

Letting her boobs drop as they bounced back into position, Hermione splashed cold water on her face to cool off. Then letting the tap close, she grabbed the edge of the sink and peering at her own desperate expression on the mirror for a long time. Sighing she knew she had to do something about her raging desire.

Reaching into her school bag, she rummaged inside of it for a while, then pulled out what she was looking for.  

A large pink dildo was in her hand. It had been a gift Lavender gave her a long time ago, and she had never seen fit to use it, until now.

She bit her lips, and knew what she was about to do, but there had to be something down about her aroused state or she just couldn't continue.

Hermione went into the bathroom stalls and locked the door behind herself, taking a sit, she just removed her robes altogether with a wave of her wand and a spell. She stared down at the dildo as she slowly shoved it into her dripping wet cunt, imagining it was a veiny slab of man meat, namely Harry's.

Closing her eyes as she recalled the sheer size of Harry's giant cock. She slowly slipped into her fantasies, imagining Harry plowing into her pussy with wild abandon, and ruined her until she was nothing more than a drooling mess of a woman, utterly fucked by him. “Fuck me, Harry! Take me as your woman,” she moaned out loud.
Hermione flopped back on the toilet stand squirming as she pumped her cunt with the toy. 

However for some reason, it just didn’t feel right. No matter how much she thrust the dildo into her cunt no matter how much she arched her back, and cried out in bliss and moaned in pleasure. Hermione just couldn’t cum!

Stared down at the dildo, it was a lovely little thing, but it paled in comparison to Harry's giant slab of pulsating, real and genuine meat. 

Finally, after going at it for ages, she cried out in frustration and threw the dildo to the side as it clattered to the ground. Hermione rose from stall, and came out of the stall into the sinks. Washing her face, she looked at herself again and saw the tings of red inching showing how lustful she still was. 

Looked down at herself, she wondered how she would get Harry's attention when there were so many perfect women, the object of his desire. Recalling the make up session she had done with her friends, all those girly night. She knew exactly what to do, or more accurately how to seduce him. 


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