037 – Unholy act
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“Cease this caper at once—” Suri’s refute was cut short as Robert greeted her prattling mouth with the collision of their lips and the intrusion of his tongue. His hands grabbed on to her modest and supple breasts, squeezing the pair through the thin piece of wrapping cloth between his palms and her skin.

“Modest in manner and body, I see,” Robert said as he offered her a cursory respite from the ardent kiss.

“Shut up,” she retorted with bated and heated breaths. “I thought you don’t force yourself on girls.”

“I just said I haven’t. I didn’t say I won’t.” Robert simpered. “There’s always a first time for everything.”

“Licentious scum,” Suri spat. “You will—” and once again, the Demon maid’s incessant grumblings were preclude by Robert’s lust for her lips and tongue. She fought back but Robert easily restrained her and brought their carnal session to a wall.

Pressing the Demon maid against the wall by her wrists, Robert tasted every inch of her mouth as her mumbling protests simply added some spice to the sultry kiss.

After a few good seconds, Robert pulled back with a sigh of delight, leaving a small bridge of their saliva as proof their sensual acquaintance. Suri on the other hand, was drawing quick breaths, as if the kiss had rob her of the air and strength within her.

Red flushed the Demoness’ face. Tears brimmed from her eyes. In between her breathless heaves, she said, “you lustful fiend. Even though you already have my mistress, you still went after some menial harlot in the lesser parts of the city. And now, you even lust for her lowly handmaiden. How deprave. As long as they have a cunt, anyone would do, is that it?”

“Lowly?” Robert curled his lips. “Are you trying to bore me or do you undervalue yourself that much?”

“You’re the one that’s boring me, scum. I value myself just fine.”

Robert chuckled.

“What’s so funny?””

Robert leaned in and traced his lips from her neck, through her shoulders, and finally to her chest. When the sash got in his way of his tasting, he cut the sash loose with Arcane. Jaunty mounds sprang into his sight and the twin small peaks shivered in the bare.

“Beautiful,” Robert whispered and proceed to feast on the malleable and delicate mounds, his tongue lightly trifle away on her teats.

Suri stifled her moans by biting down on her fingers. It wasn’t a voice that represented repulsion. It was bliss and ecstasy. It felt so good that she could sense her abhorrence towards the lustful boy beginning to dissipate.

“Cease this… now…”

“Aren’t you enjoying this?” Robert asked without stopping his lovingly caress.

“I am not,” Suri insisted.

“Even so, perhaps you have forgotten?” He looked up from her chest. “You’re taking your mistress’ place. By now, we would have been shaking the bed and room with nothing in between us but our body and heat.”

“But I’m a Demon. Are you not aware of the consequences?”

Robert bit down on her right nipple.

She shrieked but she fought her hard to not let it turned into a scream.

“I don’t care,” Robert said. “This is nothing compared to what I have done in the past few days. Besides, it’s a man’s shame to not feast on the delectable dish in front of him.”

“My eyes are as red as blood. My skin is the dark of dirt. My hair is the color of an elderly. What’s so beautiful about that?”

Robert stopped his feast and looked up at Suri. “Maybe nothing. Maybe I’m just odd.”


Robert tittered. “Nonetheless, you are still a very savoury treat for me.”

“You’re just saying to get me to spread my legs like some whore and fuck me without a care.”

“If that’s your inclination, I’ll happily oblige.”

“That is not my incl— nggh!” She moaned halfway through her sentence as Robert began his finger assault on her honeypot which was showing through her drenched undergarments.

“You’re wet,” Robert said as he nibbled on her collarbone and his other hand played with her modest breasts, his fingers fiddling at the firm teat. “And you’re enjoying this.”


“Really?” Robert asked and pressed a finger onto the hatch of her covered honeypot.

It incurred another loud moan of glee but she was silence with another kiss. Once the glee died down, she was release from his lips.

“You’re quite sensitive,” saying so Robert brought his drenched fingers to his mouth, tasting her leaked honey. “You’re not a virgin, are you?”

Suri sneered. “Glad to disappoint.”

“On the contrary, this just made things easier.” He approached her ears with kindling breaths. “I don’t have to be gentle.”

“You truly have no intention to cease your infernal actions, do you?”

Robert softly bit on her ears without answering, following the curves of her slightly pointed ears. Her enchantment spell that hid her Demonic appearance was slowly beginning to be undone.

Suri clicked her tongue. “Fine, I take my mistress place as your companion for the night,” she said. “Just make it quick. We are on sacred grounds and it’ll be for us both if anyone saw me without the inhibition spell. So, mind your voice.”

“I’m not the one that should be minding his voice,” Robert said and undid his trousers, letting it slide all the way to his feet. His manhood laid bare in all of its glory, fully engorged.

Suri’s eyes widened at the size. She heard about his size. She had entreated her mistress to tell her of her experience, not that it was her perversion but to make sure Robert hadn’t done something terrible or uncalled for to her mistress. Iora talked about his manhood, how it seemed excessively large for a boy of his frame. Naturally, Suri chalked up her mistress descriptions to the misconceptions of a virgin.

Suri realized it now, it was no misconception of her mistress.

While Suri remained stupefied by her own misapprehension, Robert moved his hands to strip the Demon maid bare but she snapped out of her stupor just in time to stop him. “No,” she firmly told him. “I would like to keep it on.”

Robert grinned. Although he preferred to have nothing between them during a coitus, a half-naked Demon maid in school uniform did have a strange charm to the image.

“Do not be mistaken. It’s only because it’ll be a huge inconvenience to put it all back on later on.”

“Whatever you say, milady.” Robert kissed her breast.

Without any more snag, Robert lifted her left leg over his arm and plunged his whole length into her soaked snatch in a single thrust.

 The Demon maid yelped through her teeth.

“Your tight, as expected,” Robert groaned as he panted. “But it went in quite easily.”

Suri glared. “What does that suppose to mean?”

Robert offered no words in response. He merely began to move his hips slowly while tasting every corner of Suri’s body that wasn’t clothed.

“You were looking forward to this, weren’t you?”

“S-shut…” she shrieked in silent, “u-up…”

“Don’t be sheepish. I know you’re feeling it.”

“I’m not.” She gripped tightly onto Robert’s sleeves. Her snatch was only leaking more and more of her honey while breaths lost all of its rhythm. “Would it kill you to be silent?”

Robert chuckled and sped up his thrusts, in silent but there was nothing he could do about his groans. Her sex was just too good. Even as a strange Chamomile scent drifted into his nose, he couldn’t be bothered with it.

Overflowed with pleasure, Suri cried out her gratification but Robert was quick to shut her mouth with another ardent kiss. Without closing their eyes, their gaze met as the tongues clashed for sovereignty in each others mouth. Suri’s grip loosened from Robert’s sleeves. She then slung her arm around his neck, bringing him deeper into their kiss. Her honeypot tighten in response and leaked out a higher volume of her womanly fluids.

When they parted their lips for a brief moment, only their heated gaze and breaths was exchange. Something was let loose within Suri. Now, she was looking at Robert not as some abominable person but a man who could sate her carnal craving which she had set aside for the sake of mistress. She even began to move her own hips to match his thrusts, making Robert groaned louder in response.

She smirked at his labour but Robert repaid her with another clash of their lips and tongue. They fought not with their swords, fists, or words. They fought with their passion and their teeming lust.

“I’m cumming,” she whispered in the rare and shorts moments of breather.

Hearing her words, Robert put more strength and speed into his thrusts.

Suri held him tighter and moved her own hips faster herself, hellbent on matching his rhythm to get the most pleasure out of this impious act.

It felt so good, Suri admitted. She couldn’t stop herself. She was close, so close to relive the acme of her long forgotten womanly pleasure.

Soon, her snatch clamped down on Robert’s manhood as she let herself drown in rapture. She screamed with ecstasy through their kiss as her eyes rolled to the roof.

“What is this?” Suri wondered in her dazed mind. “I have never felt this way before… it’s so good… Why…? Why does this feel so good…?”

Unlike Iora and Ilynn, Suri truly had experience. While her status as a plucked woman without a marriage partner was sure to be a killer to many fine men’s arousal, Robert found her to be more delectable. For experienced women, he didn’t need to be too considerate and it was easier to pleasure them as they were accustom to the act.

However, Suri gave off a different feeling. She was no maiden in heart, something Robert could tell from her reaction, but her body resembled too much to a maiden. At that moment, Robert instantly understood her orientation.

Without waiting for her to descend from the peak, Robert began to move once again as her lustful juices spilled through her quivering honeypot.

“W-wait!” Suri implored but she was met with a shun to her pleadings.

Robert let her leg off his arm. Instead, this time, he brought her whole hips into his cradle, sandwiching the Demon maid between himself and a wall, and the only thing keeping her from sliding off was his swollen and hardened manhood.

Suri cried out tears of joy and mirth as she felt her own quivering womanhood welcoming Robert’s sex further into her region. Of course, she did her best to be as quiet as possible, while she still could.

“Where in the Nether did you learn all of this?” she slurred out her glazed thoughts. It was louder than her previous moans and cries but at this point, pleasure had cloud her mind. Whether it was her will or wasn’t, she swung her own hips and met each of Robert’s thrust with precision.

She was shrilling every time Robert hit her inner walls. Keeping her own voice down was proving to be more difficult than holding back her fury when he “betrayed” her mistress. Even that memory was becoming a mist of time.

“Aren’t you moaning a bit too much, miss maid?”

“After giving this much,” she licked his cheek, savoring his sweat with lascivious gaze, “you’re telling me this now?”

“See? You like this after a—” Robert was silent with a sudden kiss, a deep one at that.

“Shut… up,” she told him and went back to sucking his tongue that coiled around her own.

Suri was finally succumbing into her lust. She no longer cared if Robert had threatened her or betrayed her mistress. In the heat of this moment, she only cared about her pleasure. While her real age remained a mystery, it was without doubts that she was at the age where lust and carnal desires were a part of her. Even if she didn’t like how things led to this point, she couldn’t deny that pleasure was brimming within her, which it had brimmed.

When rapture once again begin to fill her mind, Suri returned Robert’s zeal by wrapping her legs around his waist, pushing him deeper into her and finally hitting her womb.

Her whole body shivered down to her very core as she culminated in the fervour.

Robert groaned at the all too sudden tightness. “Hey now, that was too quick, won’t you say?” he teased, reeling in her lolled out tongue with his own.

Her screams of delight was muffled by his lips as glee surge through her body over and over. They gave room for themselves to catch their breath before immediately resuming their intense session of tongue twisting.

“I’m close, Suri,” Robert said.

At his words, Suri held him closer and tighter. Her mouth left his lips and bit on his neck.

Robert groaned with pain and pleasure. Instead of biting her back, he gently caressed her firm rear. It wasn’t soft like her mistress but it was still good to feel. Robert too held her closer and tighter as they both reached the zenith of their venereal pleasure.

Feeling his endless stream of spunk entering her womb, Suri trembled and screeched with reckless abandon, tossing away all of her restrains as she whispered incorrigible words into her partner’s ears. It was a blessing that her ecstatic mind took away her voice, thus not letting any of her shameful noises echoing out of the corner.

“I-I’m sorry, mistress,” Suri apologized in her mind. “Please forgive me, Iora…”

When the blissful wave tapered off, Suri finally regained her senses and reasoning. Crimson touched her cheeks when her shamelessness caught to her sane mind.

“It’s a shame we can’t take this slow,” Robert whispered into her ears—

— which prompted her to began to push herself off of him. She let this went on any second further, she didn’t believe she would have the heart to face her mistress again.

“Whoa there! Slow down. You’re not—” Robert warned.

But it was too late.

Suri successfully pushed herself off but she couldn’t stand on her own for there was no strength in her legs, or anywhere in her body for that matter. Although she didn’t move much, she was still exhausted from the consecutive comings. While it was a trivial matter, it was a blow to her pride as a woman that she came three times while Robert came only once. If she hadn’t recover her sound mind, she didn’t doubt she would be continuing their disgraceful deed, just so she could salvage that meagre aspect of her pride.

Fortunately, Robert was quick to move when she fell to her jelly legs. And somehow, she ended up in his embrace.

“Let me go….” she said firmly but breathlessly.

“You’ll fall again, you know?”

“Then, at the very least, don’t get so close to me.”

Robert smiled wryly and complied. He parted himself from her, enough to give view of her sloven appearance. With one hand supporting her unexpectedly light body and fixing up her vigorous tussled clothes with the other, Robert swiftly turned her back to the former prim and proper maid of the Devetra Household. As a finishing touch, Robert tidied up her hair as much as he could without a comb.

“There you go.”

Suri glanced at her own attire with widened eyes. It couldn’t be said to be on the standards of a noble but every aspect of a proper lady’s dress code was averagely met. As for her chest, in the stead of the torn sash, bandage was use. Suri wanted to question Robert why in tarnation did he have the amount of bandages that could easily go a few rounds around her chest, but then she remembered his real profession. It would be weirder if he didn’t have any bandages.

“What?” Robert asked at the gaping Suri.

“You’re good at this…” she muttered. “How do you know how to do this? Was this also from a book?”

“Partly,” he answered. “But I have heaps of experience.”

Suri frowned. “Nobles?”

“Well, not nobles but equally wealthy wives who sought adultery excitement behind their husbands’ back.”

Suri stared.

“Come on, let’s go back to the others before they… well, I think they have already guessed what we were doing.”

“And who’s fault is that?”

Robert smiled and pecked her light on the forehead.

“Fine, let’s just go…” she said, meekly. She wanted to argue further but she wasn’t completely innocent of the whole matter either. In fact, she herself was half the reason, in succumbing to her desires. Gone was all her vehemence now when she looked at Robert.

After being given such pleasure, she wasn’t sure she would have the same ferocity than before.

“What am I going to say to Iora…!?” Suri pondered disorderly in her mind.

While the Demon maid was devour by her own dilemma and guilty conscience, Robert met a similar predicament.

Normally, Robert would have insisted on staying in his partner’s warmth and basked in the afterglow, but they weren’t in a private room. For all he knew, some could have stumbled upon them and witnessed the whole deed.

And someone did.

Robert sniffed the air. “Oh…. Chamomile…”

Robert found that out too late.

Ever since slaughtering the stragglers, he thirst for more. He wanted to kill more but the arrival of Valena had actually calmed a little of his twisted desire. Nevertheless, he still wasn’t fully himself. He tried to keep it down but the confrontation with Rose roused him in ways he did not foresee. His thirst for blood turned into another kind of thirst.

And when he pulled Suri to the side to question her, he remembered what he would be doing if it weren’t for the Rieans. His senses ran wild. If Creed hadn’t leave him and Suri be, he wasn’t sure he would mind Creed watching and just have the Demon maid on the spot. Thankfully, Creed had the tact to leave them be. Then again, Creed probably didn’t think Robert would actually just do it right in the corner of the Healing Hall.

Now that he had calm down relatively for the most parts, his hyper-cognition was once again functioning as usual. And he picked up a presence, one that was too close in the vicinity, close enough to witness his copulation with Suri.

Suri was in the same state. She was too engross in the unleashing of her long bridled lust to notice and after that, she was pickle in her guilt. Now that she had a clearer head than before, she saw that individual and she could only stood stun at the unexpected witness of their unholy act.

Robert turned to greet their witness but he froze. If it was only any other Temple Sisters, he could easily persuaded them to look away but the person in front of his sight was someone with an authority that most probably rivaled the Arch Priest.

Dressed in purple priestess robes with golden embroideries. A hood was pull down to cover everything above the mouth. With a bible-looking book in one hand, the figure stood courtly and imposingly at the hasty and astonished two. Given the impressive tenor and dignity the womanly figure exuded, Robert could only think of one such individual in this sanctuary.

“The Saintess…” Suri gasped in awe and horror.