200 years
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It's been 200 years since Raizel arrived in this new world, there are still no other God's, however, the creator told Raizel how many gods there would be so Raizel took it upon himself to make a castle where the gods reside where the God's could live.


However, Raizel and the creator haven't spoken in 100 years until today, "Raizel my child, I will send another god to you she will resemble you somewhat because you are siblings by blood however the other God's will not be your siblings, your sister's name is Elreen The Goddess of Light" said the creator.


The creator's voice almost brought Raizel to tears for he has spent 100 years alone and now another God would finally arrive and what's more this Goddess would be his sister, Raizel was happy and excited for her Arrival.


As she appeared on the ground she woke up and said "where am I?" Elreen looked confused but remembered what happened before and then the creator spoke: "You are in the place the God's reside, and this God here is the God of Wrath your elder brother, together you two shall go down to Nexus and help my other creations, worry not they are aware of your existence and my own as I did this when I created them".


Raizel approached his new sister and they greeted each other and discussed their lives before Nexus, Raizel gave his sister the tour of Oralis this is the name he gave the place where the gods live. After a couple of weeks with getting to know each other and Elreen learning to control her powers, they left for Nexus.