Chapter 29 Cynthia Enters the Stage
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Now, you know what’s bound to get the attention of a hero and the police? Well apparently going over to a busy road and shooting the tires of cars stopped at the lights and causing a traffic jam is enough. My plan was quite brilliant if I must say so. Since I only shot the stopped cars nobody crashed and the traffic jam made by the cars stopped at the intersection will delay the police from arriving but not the heroes as I assume that they don’t use vehicles as it can be backtracked and reveal their identity.


Sure enough, my theory was proven when a green haired woman decked out in blue spandex and a domino mask flew down from the sky. Hovering a few meters in the air she declared ‘’villain, your terrorising acts will not go unpunished, prepare to face justice, as I Aquarius will aghh’’ she screamed mid-sentence, flying in the air in a disorienting manner. Well that was to be expected when your opponent has the presence of mind to not wait until the end your speech to attack. While she was rambling, I was pulling out a flashbang, or as she would call it preparing myself for justice. As soon as I tossed the flashbang I turned and clutched my helmet, trying to flatten my sensitive ears more before the flashbang went off. After the uncomfortably loud bang and white flash in my peripheral vision I turned to the Aqua person who was flying in a blind, drunken daze. Unslinging my taser I aimed at the hero who had just crashed into the asphalt and squeezed the trigger at point blank range.  Two lines shot out and attached themselves to the hero, causing her to shake and spasm. After an uneventful 20 seconds I decided that she had been tasered enough to incapacitate her. Taking the lines out and holstering the taser I picked up the body before my attention was drawn to something more urgent.


It seemed like another hero had appeared. Jumping and running across the ground and cars a werewolf wearing black studded leather pants and jacket was approaching rapidly. Grabbing the unconscious hero, I lifted her up and braced her as a body shield. Taking out the reloaded taser in my right hand I increased gravity to double in a 5-meter radius around me and readied myself for when he got close enough. The werewolf upon getting within my area of control proceeded to use his enhanced leg strength to jump to my left and dash in and attack me from behind without the hostage getting in the way. Solid strategy small problem, he was now experiencing double gravity, so he was slowed considerably. It was all the delay I needed to turn my body and shoot my taser towards the wolf closing in. The lines flew from the barrel and attached themselves to the charging werewolf. I saw the wolf twitch and spasm before ripping out the taser lines and barrelling into me. The Aqua girl deadened the impact, but the werewolf was built like a tank and knocked both of us back a few meters. Quickly doing a backwards roll and jumping to my feet I narrowly avoided a furry clawed hand swiping my face. Stepping back to avoid the next fist I was pushed onto the defensive by the werewolf. One hit from him would become a serious injury. Manipulating gravity to push him back horizontally, I simultaneously lept back and drew my knife. I couldn’t use my claws as I was wearing gloves and I didn’t want to use my pistol as I didn’t want to cause unnecessary death. Don’t get me wrong, knives were still lethal, but you should be able to survive a stab if you get to a hospital.


With a clenched fist and a knife, I raced forward, using my enhanced speed and nimbleness to close the distance and jump in close quarters with the werewolf. Taking immediate notice of the knife in my right hand he brought his left arm to block it but failed to notice my other fist performing an uppercut which caught him in the chin. Pressing my advantage, I brought my right arm in a downward swing and plunged my knife into his thigh. He roared and furiously swiped with claws outstretched, causing me to leap back knife in hand. Pushing his body down with gravity combined with his new wound he was unable to move let alone stand. Taking a moment to use my temperature manipulation to burn the wound to stop the bleeding I sheathed my bloodied knife. Picking up the unconscious Aqua hero I got an idea. ‘’Under orders of ASIO, I Cynthia, shall eradicate all enhanced people in the name of national security‘’ shouting aloud for the wolf and the bystanders in their cars to hear. That would for sure gaslight the enhanced to be distrustful towards ASIO and rile up ASIO to send their hero team to silence me so I cannot ruin their reputation by beating heroes in their name.  With the unconscious and now handcuffed hero draped over my shoulder I flew away from the crime scene, taking the hero with me as I delve to find a private place to ‘talk’.