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It was an absurd thing to even try to imagine how death would feel like. But if you did try to imagine how this would feel, you would found out, once your turn came, that you couldn't be further away from the truth.

For death didn't feel like anything you could have possibly felt before. You would burn and freeze, scream and laugh, see the light at the end of the tunnel and yet be surrounded by nothing but pure darkness. The moment you watched your entire life replay in front of you was possibly the worst moment, for whoever was in charge of torturing you seemed to have a little pleasure of his own, and that was to show you how your life would've turned out if you hadn't make certain choices.

But then again, Jonathan Blister couldn't care less about that. He had always known about how trashy his life has turned out, how bad his choices had been. But he also knew that he had lived as an honest man. He was cruel at times and also could be sweet. He wasn't exactly a bad man, but no one would have dared to call him a saint either.

And so he was ready for the day his soul would be judged, if this day would come at all. Surprisingly  enough it did come. It came when the torture ended and he found himself in front of his own grave, back in the body he once had when he was a teenager.

" My my, you took all of this quite calmly my dear child. Others cried a lot during this 'torture' as many would put it." Said a man who was sitting crosslegged on Jonathan's grave. The man himself was quite strange to look at, for he looked exactly like Jonathan did before his death. He was a normal looking middle-aged man, if not a little rough looking due to his beard and the scars he had on his lips.

" Are you god ? Because I am quite disappointed in the fact that you took my appearence. I never really liked how I ended up looking up as I aged." Said Jonathan in a bored fashion. Then again he was dead and had come to peace with that fact. He couldn't be anything else than bored, especially since the being who was quite clearly god was disappointing.

God shook his head and chuckled before a halo of pure light appeared over his head, blinding Jonathan and nearly burning his eyes. Oddly enough he didn't feel any pain.

" If I were to show up in my real form, which is nothing more than an humanoid looking mass of pure light, humans wouldn't be able to look at me. And I find it quite funny for you to gaze at what you have become just after being shown what you could've become." Answered God, forcing Jonathan to nod.

" Yeah, quite funny. Would be funnier if you did tell me what you are doing here ? Are you here to tell me whether I am going to Hell or Heaven ?" Asked Jonathan, still clearly bored.

God looked at him for a second before he lifted himself up and patted Jonathan's shoulder. He then said: " My dear Child....You have lived the life of a true human, without ever lying to yourself. You never convinced yourself that you were absolutely good, and yet you also tried to help whenever you felt like you had to. You were good and evil. As what I like to call a true human, you receive the privilege to be reincarnated immediately without having your soul be tested by Hell or Heaven."

Jonathan looked dumbfounded by what God had said, but then quickly asked a question before God could speak again.

" How does that work ?" He asked, now feeling a bit anxious. God merely smiled at him, before placing a hand in front of Jonathan's face.

" For the True Humans, the test comes in the form of their second life. They will be forced to accomplish a set of tasks so I can decided whether they will enter the eternal wheel of reincarnation or spend the rest of their days in the Limbo. Now I like to change the test once in a while. Last time, the tested a woman by sending her in the dreams and nightmares she had as a child and find their meanings. As for you, I shall send you to the worlds you love and give you a task for each world that will help you understand the one golden rule of the universe." Said God. And before Jonathan could ask for any other informations, the world around him changed. The sky turned red, some strange pattern was projected on the moon and the land around him looked like a barren wasteland.

Jonathan looked in front of him and saw a woman with insanely long white hair, weeping as blood flowed from an open wound she had in her chest, while two young men stood behind her, their faces filled with complicated emotions.

" Wait a second.....Long white hair, strange pattern on the moon, red sky....." As realization dawned on Jonathan, a robotic voice was heard and he found himself sitting in a clearing.

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