Other Side and Small Battle
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In a dark cell located deep under the village of Ame, a man weeped as a certain sect member took his sweet time with the poor spy.

In front of the cell, Jonathan and Obito were discussing about what they had gotten from the spy.

" I say we got nothing and they got more than they bargained for, seriously." Jonathan said as he munched on some cookies Deidara had made. The man would be furious, but Jonathan had long since learned how to calm him....You just had to say how incredible his art was.

" Not really. We now know how they are going to use the Samurai. It is quite ingenious I say. The Samurais from Iron Country are known for their knowledge of the battlefield and their ability to simply survive everything. They could act as an incredible inside force if they could enter the village." Obito said as he drank a coffee Konan had made him. The blue haired akatsuki member seemed to have gotten closer to all the members of the group now that the plan was in it's final phase.

Jonathan hummed as he finished his cookies and then left his seat.

' I was a bit happy about what I got from the System's evolution and the army tickets, but....I am still angry that one of those damn spies escaped."


( Fire Country's border )

" Leaders ! You need to come see this !" A ninja from Kumo said as he entered the tent where all the Leaders had been talking about their strategy. They all turned to face him and he pointed at something while keeping his head down, the sudden gazes of all those powerful people unnerving him.

They all left the tent and gasped as one of Jiraya's spy was being treated by Senju Tsunade herself. Jiraya appeared next to her and then.....

" What's going on here ?!" Hiruzen yelled as Orochimaru appeared , which got him the attention of everyone nearby.

" Stop old man ! Orochi is with us, at least for now. He's got some vital informations for us and he wouldn't tell us unless we lead him here. I know what you're gonna say....But even Orochi wouldn't be able to escape from here." Jiraya said. Hiruzen looked at Tsunade who nodded and then motioned for Orochimaru to come with him. The leaders went back to the tent, though they kept their distances from the man.

They waited for Tsunade to come in and when she did, the spy was holding on her while breathing heavily. He was a sight to see, he had lost an arm and an eye, his back was literred with scars and his throat was so badly damaged he had trouble speaking.

" So....What are we starting with ?" Rasa asked. Jiraya looked around the room and smiled as he moved towards Yagura.

" We start with....This !" He yelled as Orochimaru and Tsunade appeared besides him. Everyone froze as the sannin surrounded Yagura. Tsunade destroyed his guts with a powerful punch while Orochimaru used his snakes to keep him in place and Jiraya applied a seal on him.

" What are you doing ?! What's going on ?!" Yelled Mifune as all the Kages and their assistants got ready to fight, but Rasa sighed and face palmed.

" So I was right.....I knew something was weird with this one. That's why Jiraya and I made sure he wasn't there when we gave the spies their mission." He said, confusing the Kages before they gasped in horror as the familiar blood red eye of the Uchiha stared back at them when Yagura tried to free himself from the Sannin's grasp.

" He was controled ? By whom ?" A asked.

" By Uchiha Obito." Orochimaru said as Jiraya finished his seal and Yagura dropped on the floor like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

Kakashi who acted as one of Hiruzen's bodyguard and assistant gasped as he heard the name. But before he could say anything, Rasa spoke first.

" We don't have all the time in the world. Let us hear what this spy has to say and then we will listen to Lady Tsunade." Rasa said. The other Kages nodded and the spy coughed before being settled on a chair by Tsunade.

" I...I learned that *Cough* they are using their members to train their troops , it seems quite effective for the moment. Their troops were once * Cough * unable to fight in an appropriate way, their was no coordination and no real teamwork between the soldiers....Now, it's bad for us.Also I learned that they trapped the forests around the village, getting close would be really difficult, but they left the forest located in the north-east of the village, we should *Cough *go there. Finally * Cough * I was attacked by.....Argghhh !.....The one who, arggghhh !" The spy dropped dead before he could say the name, his mouth, nose and eyes bleeding as his body trembled.

" Damn it ! Someone pick him up and give him a good burial !" A yelled. A jonin from Kiri picked the spy up and left the tent as the Kages kept their heads low.

Tsunade glared at Jiraya before she frowned.

" And it's not even going to be better. Orochi, tell them." She growled at Orochimaru who smiled like the snake he was and began to drop bombs on the Kages.


( Rain Country's border. )

The allied ninja nations' forces may have been ordered to regroup at the Fire Country's border, the armies of the Non-Ninja Nations had started to surround the entirety of the Rain Country. One such army was the Tea Country's army, which was easily the biggest one out of all of them. It had been waiting for it's next orders for the last few days and something had finally happened, thought it wasn't something good.

They had been tasked with making sure that no one could escape from the country before the battle started, but they had quite clearly failed.

" Fucking hell ! Who are those guys !" A soldier from Tea Country exclaimed before he got shot in the head as his comrades tried to fight back, but failed miserably.

The ennemy was unlike anything they had seen. They were basic humans, but they had weapons that were incredibly deadly. They had been hiding at a distance and began opening fire during the night, and that had started a few minutes ago. At this exact moment, they had already killed at least a quarter of the Tea Country army.

The worst fact was that they were a lot less, and yet, because they had surrounded the army and had superior weapons, no one could get too close without immediately dying.

Half of that army was composed of men and women wearing white and blue outfits who had some type of guns, most likely from Snow Country. The other half was composed of people wearing white-only outfits and who were shooting at them with strange glowing bows or swords.

' Is this hell ?' One of the common soldiers thought before an arrow pierced his skull.

" We've got them ! Keep shooting !" A Marine Gunner yelled.

" Some of them are running away, chase after them with your swords !" A Quincy yelled as his comrades took in his words and more of them began to dive in the battle with swords.

" Oh, looks like we arrived just in time !" A voice said from behind the Quincy. The soldier turned around and gasped as he saw the ones who had been appointed as the captains of the Quincy-Marines-Ghoul army.

" They are....The Arrancars !" He said as the  three Arrancars dove in the battle without even taking the time to greet their subordinates.

Those three were random Arrancars that Jonathan had gotten from the three Low-Tier Character Tickets he had received after the System finished updating.

They weren't known characters of the bleach universe and were relatively weak compared to other arrancars, however they were still strong enough to wipe the opposition out.

" It's...."

"Time for a....."


The three of them unleashed their Ceros on their ennemies, destroying a huge part of the forest and wiping out at least a few hundred soldiers.

The Quincies and Marine Gunners stood in awe before the power of their captains and began to wonder what the generals were like.

And it didn't seem like it would end soon as the three Arrancars unleashed their full potentials and all cried out at the same time

" Resurrecion !"