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The Raikage A was truly content to have been able to dodge a huge bullet. Mifune's assistant, Kuha, had come to them and told them to join with the Suna group since the Iwa group was under attack, and the bulk of the ennemy's army was right on them.

He was a bit discouraged by the fact that the samurai's army had already failed, however according to the girl the plan was still somewhat working. The Non Ninja Nations had been able to push back the ennemies and the Konoha and Kiri group had been able to enter the city by using the underground tunnels.

They just needed to join the Suna group and then go to help the one from Iwa and they would be good. He wanted to go right away, but Kuha stopped him and told him that the Akatsuki had sent a huge attack force against Iwa.

Now his entire army was moving towards the Suna Group, and Kuha was getting fidgety.

" Calm down girl. Everything will be alright." A said. She looked at him and then at Killer Bee who was grinning at her and she smiled.

They continued to move forward until they saw something they hadn't planned.

"That's.....Orochimaru's summon isn't it ?! Did he betray us ?! I fucking knew it !!" A yelled, rushing forward as everyone followed after him. No one noticed that Kuha was moving slower than them, at least that is what she believed.

" Ah !" Kuha exclaimed as someone grabbed her arm. She looked at who had done that and froze when she saw Jiraya.

" Raikage, stop !" The toad sage yelled. A stopped and turned around in time to see Jiraya knocking Kuha out cold.

"What's going on ?"

" I have a bad feeling....Orochimaru wouldn't need to use his summon against Rasa.....Something's weird...In fact, I talked about it with the old man, and we think that Yagura wasn't the only spy from the Akatsuki." Jiraya said, as A gasped. He looked at Killer Bee who nodded and cursed.

" Fucking hell ! I think we all sensed it, but he is a kid.....I never thought it would be him. Fuck, then we must be heading towards a trap...They must know of our every movements." A said, and Jiraya nodded.

" Damn it ! Let's help that damn Snake ! Jiraya, you go to the Iwa group and tell them what is happening. The samurais have already  been defeated, and the infiltration group might have been caught in a trap, we have no ideas where the Akatsuki members are after all. We must all regroup and then see what happened to the Non Ninja Forces." A said.

Jiraya rushed away, as the entire group moved towards the battlefield that was the forest in which Jonathan's forces were getting pushed back.

The Raikage and his forces had arrived just at the right time to see something that shook them to their very core. Orochimaru was using everything he had against two extremely strong.....Monsters. In the mean time, the ninjas of Suna were desperately fighting against soldiers that no one had ever heard of.

" What the hell bro, that ain't right Yo~" Killer Bee said.

"....Fuck it. MOVE FORWARD AND HELP OUR ALLIES !!!!" A yelled.

The Ghouls, Marines and Quincies looked to their right just as the entire Kumo's group fell on them.

" Retreat !" A Quincy exclaimed. But it was too late.

The ninjas of Suna got their moral back as they watched their allies push back those monsters that had nearly completely erased them.

A didn't get to fight first, no he directly went to see the corpses of the Kazekage and his children. Omoi and Karui who were besides him cursed before glaring at the ennemy forces, whilst A merely shook his head.

" We'll need to give them a good burial when all of this madness has passed." He said.

A, Omoi and Karui turned at the same time too face the ghouls who had been able to get passed the ninjas of Kumo and were getting entirely too close to the Raikage and his bodyguards. But nobody tried to stop them, when they saw the enraged expressions on those elites of Kumo's faces.

" It's time.....FOR FUCKING REVENGE !"


(Iwa Group)

A few minutes later, as distant sounds of explosions were heard and plumes of smoke were seen, Tsunade and Onoki were dumbfounded to see Jiraya appear right in front of them.

" Jiraya ! What's going on ? Did something happen to A and his group ?" Onoki said.

"Yeah, you have no idea. They are helping the Suna group and Orochimaru. From what I sensed, they aren't facing normal opponents, I think that the Akatsuki had somehow gained unknown soldiers. But that's not the worse. The Samurais are already down, Jonathan was a traitor all along, exactly as we thought Princess.....And if we get out of this forest, we'll get slaughtered by the ennemy's entire force. We must regroup with the others, and then circle around the ennemy so we may regain a bit of an advantage. The infiltration group must also be made aware that they are most certainly walking into a trap. They already knew there was a risk, but now I'm pretty sure the Akatsuki will blow up the whole damn place." Jiraya said. Onoki and Tsunade sighed, before Onoki started to grumble about retiring as soon as this war was over.

They then began to move, unaware of the figure that merged with a tree as soon as they disappeared in the distance.


( Ame's Kage Tower )

" Is that true Zetsu.....Hmmmm, how interesting. For now we aren't in a bad situation, but this may change. We have the edo tensei and the rinnegan.....But the Samurais are pushing the Zetsus back, Kuha was captured so they may get some informations from her.....The infiltration mustn't be made aware of what is happening. If we can get them with our traps, we'll have removed a huge thorn in our feet." Obito said as his rinnegan flashed, while Pain's own did too.

" It's good and all....But I think that it's time to up the game a bit. It's time for 'this', isn't it ?" Jonathan asked as Pain nodded. The God didn't notice though, the strange light in Jonathan and Zetsu's eyes.


(With the Samurais)

" General, we may be able to push them back. They are quite weak, even though they are numerous we could use our range attacks to get them." A samurai said as Mifune nodded.

" Use the winds blades and the crescent projectile attacks. We are already pushing them back, this may work. I need some time to use 'this' technique, so as long as you can get me...Another ten minutes, we should be good." Mifune said. The samurai nodded and relayed his orders to the others.

The Samurai Army had already lost half of their soldiers, but they finally had a chance to win this. This was simply because after the element of surprise had passed, the Zetsus were soon discovered to be incredibly weak. During their surprise attack, they dealt a lot of damage, but after that ?

" KAZEKIRI !" A hundred of Samurais cried out at the same time, slicing a few hundreds Zetsus in a matter of seconds, before they were forced to retreat slightly.

Ten minute was still an awful lot of time, considering their situation, but the Samurais did last that long. And you couldn't imagine their happiness when Mifune reappeared, right in the middle of the battlefield, a hand on his katana while his whole body was arched forward.

" Men, stand back !" He exclaimed. His men retreated behind him, while the Zetsus all lunged at him, for they knew what he was planning to do.

"Moretsuna Akuma !"

This was a technique that Mifune rarely ever used, because of how dangerous it was. This was a sword slash that would use up his vital energy and completely drain him. As soon as his sword slashed, a huge horizontal black and red projectile of energy was released.

As it collided with the Zetsus, it did nothing....At first. Then, the Zetsus slowly began to drop like flies, their whole bodies turning black and their eyes popping out. This was the 'Furious Devil', a technique that Mifune had created when he was still a power hungry young man.

" Heh.....At least it still served a purpose" He said before falling to the ground and slipping into the soft embrace of sleep.

His soldiers dropped to the ground too, finally able to catch their breaths, since his attack had decimated the entire Zetsu's army. This was exactly why Mifune was so feared and respected, he was a man who could make you think he was barely stronger than Anbu-Level, and then unleash an attack that could kill even a Kage.

And yet, since it truly wasn't a good day for the good guys, a deep laugh was heard.



The Samurais and Ninjas of Grass and Waterfall watched in horror as Kisame and Itachi appeared.

What truly cemented the deep fright in their heart was Itachi's eyes. Gone were the red eyes of hatred, now he had a set of the Sage's eyes.

" Kisame." Itachi simply said, and the shark man executed.


The Shark Man descended on the battlefield like an angel of death, and started to dismember Samurai left an right, using a basic katana, while he crushed people to death with his samehada, that strangely enough refused to eat anything.

" Hmm....What's going on ? You're already filled ? Well, whatever suits your fancy." He said as he resumed his slaughter.

" We can't do anything....RETREAT !!" A samurai yelled as he began to run away, with Mifune on his shoulder. Itachi glanced at him and sighed.

"Banshô Ten'in" Itachi whispered as the samurai was immediately sent flying towards the Uchiha.

" What ?! What hap-Urgh..."

Itachi threw the man away after stabbing him with a kunai, and then grabbed Mifune.

" Kisame ! I will bring back this one, Obito said that he wanted us to recover the bodies of each of the Leaders." Itachi exclaimed. Kisame did an ok sign with his hand before he blocked an incoming sword slash, and then unleashed a huge wave of water.


(Konoha and Kiri's group)

Kakashi and Mei Terumi had been selected as the leaders of the two villages' group, and as such where right at the front.

Ever since they entered the tunnels, they had lost at least a quarter of their soldiers, and they couldn't go back from where they entered, since an explosion had blocked the way.

But they had still been able to dodge quite a few traps, simply because whoever placed them seemed to like being flashy. Actually half of the traps were well hidden and the others were in plain view.

Fortunately they were nearly at the end of the tunnel, and would be able to get out of this underground hell soon.

And yet, as they neared their objective, Kakashi stopped.

" What's wron...Oh." Mei was about to ask what was wrong until she too sensed the aura. A malevolent aura like they had never felt.

" What's that ?!" Anko exclaimed, the aura being strong enough to make her panic. And she wasn't the only one, most of the ninjas in the group panicked. They weren't supposed to, they were trained soldiers.....But this felt like someone strong enough to kill a Kage with a slap was slowly approaching them.

And the feeling of growing terror just increased as a pair of glowing eyes appeared in the darkness.

" Hmm....I am not exactly used to fight underground, but this will have to do...But I have a question for you, the one with the silver hair...Why exactly do you hide this other eye of yours ?....Could it be that you aren't happy to possess this amazing power ?.....Are you looking down on my clan, brat ?"