End of the world ( Part 2 )
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"Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu !" Kisame and Kakuzu exclaimed, launching two massive water sharks at their opponents.

" Katon: Goukyakuu no Jutsu !"

The mere fact that a dozen of Konoha's Anbu had to attack at the same time to simply stop those sharks, was enough proof of the Akatsuki members' powers. However, even if the duo's jutsu had been stopped, the Anbu squad was still hacked to pieces as Hidan came from behind and slaughtered them, before he got stabbed in the head with a kunai.

" You piece of shit !" He yelled as he jumped at the Jonin who had hit him.

" This one is immortal ! Concentrate on the others !"The Konoha Anbu's Head Commander yelled as his men nodded and, instead of going for Hidan who was busy not getting blown up by explosive tags, lunged at Kakuzu and Kisame.

The oldest member of the Akatsuki was already on his last leg, having been targeted by everyone as soon as the battle started. He was good, very good even, but he couldn't defend himself when a litteral army jumped him. Kisame quickly went to help him, but things weren't looking good for their forces.

While the Akatsuki members were doing fine, except Kakuzu and Zabuza, their forces were in fact, getting slaughtered like pigs. They had been trained, but not nearly enough. They couldn't cooperate well with their comrades, they just attacked randomly, and the Akatsuki members were too busy to give them direction. Konan would've been able to, by flying over the battlefield, but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Hmm....I sense another group coming from the forest, but they have a strange signature." Kakuzu said as he moved towards Deidara and Sasori to assist them. Hidan and Kisame were just mindlessly slashing at whoever approached them, and he didn't want to stay with those nutjobs any longer.

" I think I know who they are....." Sasori said, as a war cry was heard from the forest. Anyone who heard it turned to face the forest, and the first thing they heard after that was Deidara's yell.


Sasori and Kakuzu smirked as they glanced to their opponents who were quacking in fear, quite certainly because they too knew who was coming, they had been fighting them not too long ago.

" MEN !! REGROUP, DON'T BREAK THE FORMATION !!! DON'T FORGET TO USE KATON JUTSUS AGAINST THE MONSTERS !!!" The Suna Anbu's Head Commander yelled, before he glanced at the Head Commanders from the other villages and saw them giving similar orders.

And so, just as the Akatsuki members regrouped in front of the forest, reinforcement came. It came in the form of the rest of Jonathan's army.

Hidan cackled as his favourite boys passed by him and bowed.

" Hahaha ! I say we ought to have some fun, boys !!!" He screamed before all the ghouls ran behind him, while the madman actually jumped right into the ennemy's formation.

" Fuck ! Don't falter ! Try to immobilize him, we can't kill him !"

As the Head Commanders tried to regain control of the situation, the Quincies and Marine Gunners went to Deidara and  Sasori.

" Well I guess I should give you orders...I ain't a good commander though, If you end up dying, It ain't my fault !" Deidara said as Sasori chuckled. After glaring at the small red head, Deidara told the Quincies to use the Aufgeladene Pfeile*, a technique that they had created after Deidara forced them to add a little more....Artistic beauty to their attacks. Sasori merely told the Marine Gunners to hide in the trees and snipe the ennemies from there. They were quite weak, so they couldn't afford to get too close.

Kisame immediately rushed to Zabuza and Stain after the reinforcement took the lead in the battle. They were both badly wounded, and needed immediate help. However, no one here could afford to use Chakra to help them, so Kisame shouted to Kakuzu.

" Oi, I'm getting those two back to the village, we should win this easily, so I'm not needed here."

Kakuzu nodded at Kisame who instantly grabbed the two and set out towards the village. No one even tried to stop him.


( With the Susano'os )

Madara and Obito didn't have a lot of time to admire their handywork, as the Sannin and the Kages stopped the meteors with a mixture of Summons and extremely powerful jutsus. However they all had to sacrifice a lot of chakra to do so, and as such had been put to a disadvantage.

"Jiraya, I'm ready whenever you are !" Orochimaru yelled, as Jiraya jumped to him.

" Okay....I'll need a bit of time to use this thing. During the whole process, those three can't find me....If they do, it's the end. I'll have only one chance, and if this fails I'm pretty much dead." The Toad Sage said, which got him a nod from Orochimaru and a worried glance from Tsunade who had just landed besides them.

" Well, let's just hope you won't die....Because I'm pretty sure we're gonna meet the Shinigami very soon." Tsunade said as she pointed to Madara and Obito who were literally destroying the Kages. A couldn't actually deal any damage to them, Mei was able to hurt Itachi a bit after she used her yoton, but it wasn't enough to kill him. Onoki however was getting ready to use a technique, and with how much time it took to prepare it, it was surely a big one.

" A, Mei ! I'm gonna need your help on this one ! I need to get close to them, but without getting hit even once !" The old Kage yelled. The other two looked unsure, but ultimately nodded and got ready to help Onoki.

A used his lightning cloak to get faster and move around Obito at such speed, that the Uchiha couldn't get even one hit on him. As for Mei, she just threw everything she had at Madara, who underestimated her too much to even care. Itachi was getting double-teamed by Orochimaru and Tsunade, while everyone else was just throwing jutsus after jutsus at the Susano'o.

Onoki finally got close enough to the three Susano'o and used his technique.

"Jinton: Fukusu Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu*"

" What ?!" Madara and Itachi both exclaimed, before they let out pain-filled screams.

"Damn...The gramps is still as scary as ever." A said.

" You don't say."

Mei and A looked at each other and chuckled, before they both rushed at Obito who was the only one not affected by the technique due to his kamui.

As for Itachi and Madara, well.....

" You.....YOU LITTLE BRATS !!!! You actually managed to take an arm from me.....I'll take your heads as an apology, you don't mind, do you ?!" He spat out before a new pair of arms spurted from his sides as well as another pair of swords, and he hit the ground with all of his swords at the same time.

Itachi looked even worse for wear, as not only he had lost an arm, but he was also coughing blood non-stop. Obito looked at him and frowned before shouting at Madara.

" Madara ! I think we've lost Itachi !"

Madara looked at his side and saw Itachi's state, which did nothing except fuel his anger.

"Very well then....I think it's time to-"

" Kinjutsu: Akumanohoyo* !"

Madara gasped as several holes were formed just under his feet. From those holes came out a dozen of chains made of fire that pierced through his feet and climbed up to the head of the Susano'o, to finally embrace Madara.

" ARGGGGH!!" The Uchiha screamed as his skin seared, while everyone else looked in shock.

" Who did this ?!" A exclaimed.

" Haha ! Don't you think there was a Kage missing ?" Jiraya said, as appeared, followed by Hiruzen.

" Haha ! Well, I'll be damned ! In the heat of actions I've completely forgotten about you. So you were hiding all this time to wait for this occasion ?" A asked.

" Indeed. Jiraya knew about this Kinjutsu that my clan had. However it takes a huge amount of time and concentration to use it. That and, if anyone was aware of my presence, I would be defenseless because of it." The old man said. However the happy atmosphere was broken when Itachi and Obito started to attack again.

" Jiraya ! I take it your technique is ready !" Tsunade yelled, and Jiraya smirked as he looked at the three Uchihas.

" Yes, it's ready....Weirdo ! Get ready to use the Edo Tensei ! They won't be able to stop you in a few seconds !" He screamed, getting a nod from the snake.

The kages then watched in complete awe as Jiraya dodged everything Itachi and Obito threw at him, before he landed in front of them and began to stick tags on all three Susano'os.

" What is he doing ?!" Madara exclaimed as he got free from the chains with a quick Shinra Tensei, but still winced since he had taken quite the damage.

" I don't know, but it can't be good !" Obito said, before the three Uchihas attacked Jiraya at the same time, but it was too late.

" It's time for you Uchihas to understand.....You're not the strongest !" The Toad Sage yelled before executing a serie of handsigns while the tags began to glow and strange markings spread on the three Susano'os.

"Fuuinjutsu: Sen hari no fūin"

All of a sudden, a thousand black needles appeared on each of the Uchiha, and everyone watched in horror as the Susano'os instantly disappeared and the Uchihas fell to the ground. What further surprised everyone was that they could barely get up, even Madara was struggling to get back on his feet.

" Wha....What have you done ?" Madara asked in a tired voice, too exhausted to even yell at Jiraya while Itachi continued to cough blood.

' Damn it ! I didn't even have the time to use my kamui !' Obito cursed as his eyes bled from the use of his sharingans.

" Edo Tensei !"

The Uchihas immediately understood they were fucked when they saw that Orochimaru didn't even wait a second before using his favourite technique.

And everyone else could only keep their disgust to themselves as Orochimaru used the corpses of their fallen comrades to bring the dead back. It took only a few seconds, and in the place of a few nameless ninjas' corpses, stood....

" Those are....."

The Kages had their jaw falling to the ground as they looked at their predecessors.

" How ?!" A yelled.

" My, my....No need to get so worked up. It's only for a man such as I to have several emergency plans, and this is my best one." Orochimaru chuckled as he lifted his arm towards the resurrected Kages who looked around in shock.

"...All the previous Kages, except for the 1st Hokage and the 3rd Kazekage." Hiruzen whispered, still too dumbfounded to know how to react.

They all stood there, in front of their successors. It was quite the experience for the ninjas of the various villages.

" I don't even understand what's going on....But I have a question...WHAT IS UCHIHA MADARA DOING HERE ?!" The First Raikage yelled. The old Kages looked at Madara and gasped at the same time.

" THAT'S MADARA ?!" The 2nd Mizukage exclaimed.

" That's scary....But what is even scarier is the fact that we look the same as he does !!! Didn't you notice the strange cracks and the black eyes. I don't like this.....I don't like this at all." The 4th Hokage said. But his panic was soon replaced by happiness when Jiraya rushed at him and hugged him.

" Hahahah ! You're back kiddo !" The old Sage said, trying to stop the tears from falling. Minato looked at him and then at Tsunade and Hiruzen, before his eyes settled on the many corpses that littered the ground.

" Let me guess...Fourth Great Ninja War ?" He asked, getting another round of gasps from the Kages as Hiruzen nodded.

" Fourth ?! Can't you fucking live in peace for a second ?!" The Second Raikage yelled, without noticing A dropping his head in sadness, and Killer Bee glancing at his brother and sighing.

"Hmmm...So it seems that someone was able to master this technique of mine. I take it was you, young man ? I am impressed. Though I would like to know where that foolish brother of mine is." The 2nd Hokage said.

* Boom *

All the Kages turned around as something crashed behind them. As the dust slowly disappeared, Jiraya gasped.

" No.....No....." He said.

And so the Kages were left to feel growing horror as the first thing they saw when the dust settled was...

" The eyes of the sage....Impossible !"

"Who is this ?" Minato asked, as Jiraya frowned.

" The monster I created.....Pain"

" Now, now.....He didn't come alone ! Even though he can never really be alone." Everyone looked up and the Kages wondered if they were actually dreaming.

" Is that an Angel ?" The first Raikage asked, as said angel dropped the two figures she was holding and landed too.

" Madara, I got something to help you. Don't think, just eat ! Catch !" The first figure yelled and threw something at the exhausted Uchiha. Madara grabbed whatever it was, and frowned when he opened his hand.

"....A bean ?"

Jiraya and Tobirama's eyes widened as they saw who had just appeared in front of them.

"Jonathan ?!"

"Brother ?!"

While Hashirama looked around him in horror, Jonathan was sweating inside.

' Damn it. If it wasn't for the sweet prize, I wouldn't have to risk my life like that. Though I already told Pain about it. He was confused as hell, but if we can do that, it's gonna be absolutely awesome.' He thought as he remembered about the two recent quests he had.

[ Lead the Unknown Nation's Forces to Ame and save Kisame and Stain ]

[ Reward: System Evolution, Character Ticket *1 ]

[ Kill a Kage ]

[ Reward: Right Potala, Army Ticket * 300 ]

[ Bonus Reward if a Hokage is Killed: Random Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Ticket * 1 ]

" Well then....It's time to summon our newest ally !"  Jonathan said as he began to laugh while a blinding light appeared. Even Pain and Konan looked shock by this development. As the light slowly disappeared, Jonathan's smile got as wide as was humanly possible.

"So it seems that my time to serve a new Supreme Being has come....But why do I accept this so easily ?"


* Supercharged Arrows: Just normal arrows, but filled with so much Reiryoku that they explode whenever they hit something.

* Basically it's that jutsu he used where he creates a cube and can use it on people to desintegrate parts of their body, but with this one he can hit multiple targets.

*Devil's Embrance: A Kinjutsu of the Sarutobi's Clan that uses both Katon and Doton to create several holes in the ground from which chains made of fire comes out and grab the target. The goal of this technique is to burn the target alive while making sure that they can't move.

*Seal of the Thousand Needles: makes a thousand needles appear on the target's body and drain all of their chakra at the point where they can barely even stand. Can kill anyone who is too weak compared to the user.