C9: #SexGod
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“The only reason why I gave him his presents early because I didn’t want anyone to see the painting of him and Cyro since I didn’t paint anything for Alpha Chris. I also thought that it would cheer him up since he seemed a bit off and it worked until he came back from breakfast with the head family,” he added.

All of his words seemed to add up but they needed to dig deeper. Zander looked at Kaeden and asked, “What is the deal between you and my granddaughter?”

Kaeden answered bleakly, “She thinks I like her boyfriend.”

“Do you?” Zander asked. Kaeden scoffed, “He’s not my cup of tea.”

“Then why were you looking at him?” Charlese asked, not liking his attitude. Kaeden looked over at her and sneered, “Cause he was crying to his mama the night before about how Corbin beat his ass up, like the mama’s boy he is.”

“You!” She started and raised her hand to slap him, “Go ahead and slap me again, I’ll make sure the next time he returns you won’t be able to heal,” Kaeden growled at her.

“How dare you use my brother against me!” She asked and made to slap him but Kaeden caught her wrist in time, “Your brother? Don’t make me laugh! He made it clear to all of you that you should leave him alone and don’t go looking for him so DON'T YOU even think of calling him YOUR brother. You may have been born from the same parents but you are NOT siblings. How DARE YOU call him brother when every day you stab him in the heart with your words for who the fuck knows! HOW DARE I USE YOUR BROTHER AGAINST YOU? You’re joking right? you see him in the same light as a rogue and that is why you and everyone in this pack are against him, you…”

“Enough!” Zander yelled with his nostrils flaring. Kaeden threw Charlese’s wrist making her trip but she didn’t fall. Kaeden didn’t apologize for his behaviour because it’s true. They waited but nothing came.

Dick looked at Kaeden and said, “My daughter Jessie said she saw you wipe Corbin’s face with his shirt and that he hugged you and kissed you… why?”

Kaeden looked over at Dick and corrected, “Your daughter Jessie saw me wipe Cyro’s face with his shirt. He was the one who hugged me and kissed me.”

“Watch your attitude Omega,” Zander warned. Kaeden raised his brow and asked, “Why are you asking? You all never cared about him so what is the use now? It’s not like getting answers to your questions will make you understand Corbin and bring him back.”

Zander and Dick both smashed their fists onto the desk but Kaeden didn’t cower as an Omega should. He regarded them and said, “You two haven’t seen Corbin and Cyro at their best and worse.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Dick asked through gritted teeth. Kaeden smiles, “You know your son better than an outsider, how should I know?”

Kaeden stuck to not giving them details. His room and Corbin’s room was searched but nothing out of the ordinary was found. Kaeden was also punished because of his rude behaviour and started doing patrols with the warriors and trained with them. He was watched by everyone all the time.

At school, he snuck away to the bathroom and texted Corbin from the phone he had hidden away where no one knew of, ‘Inside his dildo shaped pillow’ about everything that happened. Corbin wasn’t happy about how they were treating his mate but what could he do? He was still young and needed his education.

Kaeden arrived at school Monday morning with a headache. The whole weekend he was with Corbin and all Corbin did was spoil him and slept the whole day. It’s been two weeks since the incident at home with his family and there was a tremendous change in his personality – Corbin seemed happier and less tense.

Taking out his phone during a free period, Kaeden looked through the pictures he took of the two of them together. They went to visit the beach and both of them got a slight tan especially him with his pale skin, he turned slightly pink.

Stopping on a picture of Corbin where he stood up straight in blue swim shorts, with his hands in his pockets, shirtless and looking up at the sky, he selected the picture and selected a second picture of Corbin. An up and close picture of him sitting on a sofa looking down at his right wrist fixing the plated bracelet seriously. He had on a black Maree Noire tee and tan long pants on while a simple silver chain hung from his neck with a silver ring on it with a swirl like band hanging in the centre as he leaned over.

He uploaded the pictures to his Instagram account that didn’t have many followers with the caption: Spent a full weekend with him~ <3 <3 <3 #Annoying as fuck! But missing you already! #handsome #sexy #dangerous #drop_dead_gorgeous #SexGod #tattoos #inked_up #deathbyAlpha #drool #deadserious #husbandmaterial #Cyro #Corbin #Silver and tagged the following random accounts along Corbin’s body @Fuck @The @hell @off @bitch.

Angela and two others who were his followers within the pack received a notification: Kae_Ga posted for the first time in a long time.

Tapping on the notification out of boredom and curiosity, their eyes almost popped out. All three of them immediately screenshot the pictures and captions then sent it into the group chat with all the teenage pack members. Feeling their mobiles vibrate during class, some of them took it out and the multiple screenshots became the hot topic.

Angela: I thought I was the only one who followed him!

Candice: No I do too, I follow everyone!!

Elle: Is that Alpha Corbin? How is that Alpha Corbin?

Kelly: ??????

Nick: Are you sure it's Alpha Corbin? That looks like someone else.

Lukas: Everyone don’t be fooled!

Kelly: He looks so handsome! Why?

Kaeden received a notification that his post was liked and commented on. Opening it up curiously, he saw that it was a guy he met at the beach who was also gay and befriended: Bitch, I’m reposting this! You can’t keep this hunk to yourself! Fuck I literally orgasmed when he smiled at me on Saturday, when am I seeing you again? And I forgot to ask, is he straight coz if he aint I need his #cock up my ass #smashthatboy #fuckme #daddy #sexy #babe #mouth_watering #hotbod #guy_with_huge_dick_here

Kaeden commented: @lovita_gayboy Don’t jerk off to his pictures! He’ll be busy so I don’t know but will let you know when I head back to the city.

Model_Class commented: I don’t know who he is by #FuckYassss #Daddy @Kae_Ga gurl where have you been hiding this diamond in the rough?

Kaeden replied: @Model_Class how dare you compare him to a mere diamond?!! #Bitch #backthefuckup … I haven’t been hiding him away, he just never wanted me to show him off to the world XD

Model_Class: Well #FuckMeHard let the #SexyGod know that I’m ready to be #Spanked by him and #fucked senseless.

Rise_and_shine_BITCHES: @Kae_Ga @lovita_gayboy @Model_Class Let’s gamble, I’ll be the first to ride his #Cock and #choke on it.

Gabrielle: I just saw the comments section on the post. #Shocked!!

And just like that, Kaeden was slowly followed by the pack members who kept an even closer eye on him. The pictures and comments were also forwarded to Dick who didn’t know what to say.

Kaeden opened his messages tab and sent Corbin a message: I miss you ToT

Corbin: Ah~ Kitten don’t cry, I miss you too.

Kaeden: I posted pictures of you on Instagram.

Corbin: The naked ones?!?”

Kaeden: No!!! I didn’t take naked pictures of you! I told you that I was taking selfies.

Corbin: -_-

Kaeden: I really didn’t, this is injustice!!! T-T

Corbin: I’m only joking, don’t cry Kitten

Kaeden: I actually did take naked ones of you.

Corbin: HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I checked your phone when you were asleep, you took selfies, don't lie, what do you take me for?

Kaeden: You went through my phone? O.o

Corbin: :D I saw everything.

Kaeden: I’m no more speaking to you.

Corbin: You’re already missing me, don’t make yourself suffer more ;)

Kaeden: Asshole!!

Corbin: Clark and Smith are pissing me off, I’ll phone you later tonight, enjoy your day

Kaeden: …

Corbin: I love you

Kaeden: I’m missing you more now.

Corbin: Me too

Kaeden had too many notifications of followers and some were from the retweets of some of his followers, he went from having 8 to 1000 real quick. Lunchtime, he went to the cafeteria and ignored everyone who looked at him.

Sitting alone by a table with his lunch outside, he took out his books and started reading. After reading a chapter he pulled out his mobile and screenshot the messages between him and Corbin until his ‘…’ reply and posted it.

On his way home on the bus ride, it was loud because of the humans and wolves from the pack. They thought he was clueless as he stared out of the window and looked at the forest that passed by. Some were looking at him as they tried to figure out the relationship between them, why would Corbin call Kaeden Kitten? Were they together? Were they mates? Why were they so close?

Walking into the packhouse the eyes of the people around him didn’t stop drilling holes into his body. Many already tried to talk to him through the pack link but their words only bounced back. Kaeden didn’t completely ignore them; it's just that he had his times for when he switched it on and off.