C11: Something in the Forest
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Letting go of him, I grab his hand and run with him towards the house, “Let’s go inside and have a look.” The house I bought is mostly made with glass and if there is a storm we will see it! I took him around the house outside and he got so excited seeing the outside hot tub, swimming pool and guest house. When we went inside he squealed at the huge kitchen that was only for him and the living room that the kitchen overlooked with the relaxing red couches. I didn’t install any t.v’s because I don’t know if he wants any because I certainly don’t like them.

Our bedroom and the four other rooms were on the second floor above ground overlooking the forest with an en-suite bathroom and king size fluffy bed. I jump on the bed after taking off my shoes and lay on my back looking over at him with my hands under my head, “Open the cupboard behind you,” I say and he does.

As he opens the door, another room comes into view as the light switches on. Kaeden quickly closes it as he sees what’s inside the room and turns to me with a paled expression. It takes a moment for it to sink into him as I smirk, “How else will we make miniature me and you’s?”

“I didn’t know you were into kinky plays,” he says to me. I shrug and pat the space beside me. He walks over slowly and climbs onto the bed, looking at him I say, “I didn’t know that too until I met someone who was into it and showed me the path.”

He frowns and looks at me, “Who?” I smile and pull him down, kissing his lips gently I pull back and look into his blue eyes, “Clark.”

Kaeden groans, “That moron!” I smile and nod, “Head back to the living area and look between the couches, there is something there for you and I want you to complete it. After you are done, I want you to call me okay?” I tell him and he nods. He leans in and kisses me then slowly gets up and walks down to the living area.

[Kaeden’s POV]

I leave the master bedroom and head to the stairs. From above, I can see a gift basket on the side of the love seat that I didn’t notice before. Shivers run up and down my body as my mind pictures all those ‘things’ I saw in the ‘cupboard.’

A smirk forms on my lips and I shake my ass, >Just seeing those things turned me on< Phoenix pants. I pat my erection down and sigh, ‘We’ll have to wait another year until then.’

>We should dance for him.< Phoenix suggests making me smirk. Picking up the basket, I look inside and find many things to snack in it and a bag filled with puzzles. I groan and pick up the bag and a packet of jerky.

Emptying the bag on the table, I make myself comfortable and start flipping all the pieces over and see that some of the pieces have black writing on it and the others form a background. I immediately start putting all the corners of the puzzle together as I chew on the jerky.

Twenty minutes later I am done with the puzzle and have tears running down my cheeks as I sniffle. Looking at the puzzle in front of me of a sunset, I read the words for the third time: Kaeden Phoenix Gates, it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve known of you and I don’t know what to say. The one thing that sticks out the most is that you are the best thing that happened to us. I don’t deserve your love and devotion but here you are, you were chosen for me and this feeling overwhelms me. The Moon Goddess gave me someone who will unconditionally love me in the future and bear my children – just this, do you know how this makes me feel? My words aren’t enough to express my gratitude so I will show you with each and every action that I am the right choice for you. I’m not worthy of you but I will make myself worthy to stand beside someone as humble, loyal and precious as you. I can’t wait to spend my life with you and because I am afraid of facing you as I ask you this – will you be my boyfriend?

Sighing, I break the puzzle up and place the pieces back in the bag and the bag in the basket. I fix the cough and head upstairs and find Corbin sitting straight up on the bed with a nervous expression on his face. He looks at me with a frown, I place the basket on the bed and look at him, “It’s boring sitting there alone.”

He looks at me confused and asks, “Didn’t you build the puzzle?” I gave a knowing look and nodded my head slowly, “Yes but I want to hear it from your lips.”

“Huh?” he asks in disbelief. I nod my head and crawl over to him. Straddling him, I look into his eyes and wait. Corbin turns red in the face and lowers his head. Who knew that this Alpha was so shy?

He raises his head and struggles to focus his gaze on me and after a while, he asks, “W-will you be m-my b-boyfriend?”

Cupping his face in my hands, I wipe away his tears and nod my head, “Yes, I’ll be your boyfriend. Not because we are mates but because I love you and have always wanted you to be mine!”

Corbin releases a deep sigh and buries his head in my chest. He starts crying and I do my best to comfort him, when he finally calms down, he looks into my eyes and I stare back into his green eyes, “Thank you for not rejecting me,” he says, making me chuckle.

I roll his eyes as my tears fall, crossing my hands over my chest I ask, “Who would miss out on being the boyfriend of a handsome billionaire?”

Corbin chuckles and shakes his head, “Definitely not you.”

Coming home from a long day at work, Corbin arrived at their home parking his car in the garage and walked up to the house from the garage but couldn’t smell his mate. Frowning he called out, “KAEDEN?!”

A howl came from the forest making him smile, although he was tired, it was best he head over to his mate. Walking through the garden he made it to the forest and out walked a wolf with a beautiful honey-coloured coat and violet eyes.

Corbin’s eyes widened as he marvelled at the beauty of his mate. He knelt down and the wolf walked towards him. Phoenix walked up to Corbin and bowed, looking at Corbin he walked over and touched his snout against his face.

Corbin smiled down at him and rubbed his hands against his mate's dense and firm coat, “You’re very beautiful mate, why haven’t I seen you in your wolf before?”

Kaeden shifted back and jumped into Corbin’s lap and hugged him, kissing his cheek he answered, “I actually don’t know, maybe it’s because you and I never really crossed paths and I never trained under you.”

Corbin looked at Kaeden with dark eyes as he rubbed his hand up and down his mates' side, “Kaeden?” Corbin called. Kaeden looked into his eyes and smiled, “Yes boyfriend?”

“You’re.naked,” he gritted. Kaeden’s eyes widened and he jumped up, shifting back into his wolf he ran into the woods. Corbin smirked and stripped out of his clothes, changing into his wolf, he chased after his mate who put great distance between them.

He caught sight of his mate and his mouth started watering. Phoenix’s bum was bouncing up and down as he ran and just the chase after him alone excited Cyro sending his blood racing through his veins.

Cyro stopped behind a tree and masked his scent as he held his breath. Phoenix stopped running and raised his snout to smell out his boyfriend but he couldn’t smell that faint honey in the air.

He turned around and started sniffing the ground. When he made it all the way to the tree where Cyro was hiding behind, he was jumped by said boyfriend. Cyro pounced on him pinning Phoenix to the ground. Phoenix yelped and looked up at his boyfriend who caught him by surprise.

Cyro leaned his head down and licked up Phoenix’s neck. Phoenix whimpered underneath him and changed back, Cyro whined and changed back himself. Kaeden was still pinned between Corbin’s arms and the look of lust swimming in Corbin’s eyes made Kaeden nervous.

“Corbin I…” Kaeden started. He pressed his hands against Corbin’s muscled chest and trailed his hands down. He stopped at Corbin’s erect member that was pressing against his stomach. Corbin smirked down at him, “You know, it’ll be inside you on the night of your 18th birthday.”

Kaeden’s cheeks flushed red. He turned his head looking the other way in embarrassment. Corbin turned Kaeden’s head to face him and kissed him, his tongue slipped into Kaeden’s mouth. They made out passionately on the grass in the forest, Corbin grunted in pain and fell to his side, he turned Kaeden around pressing him against his chest and stuck his erect shaft between Kaeden’s legs.

Kaeden gasped and his eyes widened, “C-Corbin, n-no, w-we c-can’t, i-it’s s-so b-big.” Corbin grunted and bit down on Kaeden’s ear and nibbled. “Squeeze your legs tight,” Corbin said. Kaeden hesitated but did as he was told. He wrapped his hand around Corbin’s tip squeezing it slightly and his eyes widened as he felt Corbin thrust between his legs.