Chapter 4: Harem + 1
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---D-Day+60, Daroine 4th---

*schlop* *schlop* *schlop*

Isekai alarm clocks?  Are the best alarm clocks.

My harem size bed in the Grand Suite got quite the workout during our post battle sexy time last night.  And if I let that alarm clock keep beeping?  Its suspension will get another workout this morning.

Same setup as normal lately.  Frankie, Lili, and Odaline, on one side.  Red, Blue, and Simone, on the other.  Silvie has left for Granya again.  Going to visit 'family' and check more temple archives.

The wives think she's hooking up with someone.  Her face has had that daydreaming look a lot lately.  Hey, we're all rooting for her.  And, yeah, my paranoid ass already did a thorough exam to make sure no magic or drugs are involved.

Well, besides the 'between consenting adults' kind.

Maybe its me being a downer but my isekai wives all want something from me.  Protection, influence, rank, mana, belonging, kids, whatever.  As long as they feel they are getting it?  They're satisfied.

Silvie?  Well, all she wanted from me was to cure Blue.  Got a bonus when I gave her bestie a bunch of mana too.  That's it.  But she can't hop into beds with randoms anymore or start another reverse harem because her family is watching.

She lost one fiance already and embarrassed her family.  Humiliate her clan anymore?  They'll make her life a much worse hell than being forced to be a priestess.

So?  I'm a 'safe' lay.  Yeah...

Well, whatever the case.  We all want Silvie to be happy.  Find a guy, or gal, that she can be the numero uno for.  Yes, I know how that sounds coming from a guy with six wives.

Hitomi?  Nope, she's not my alarm clock this morning either.  Since the welcoming ball she's been in this bed every night.  But once we finally collapse?  She would rather have a leg than an indirect touch.

Its not that I have a major problem with it?  Its just?  It gives me flashbacks to when Avi would only sleep at my feet.  And she still completely refuses to talk about her past.  Not even her life before the summoning.

[Recovery Magic] and [Super Senses]?  Yeah after she collapsed that first night?  Fainted and wasn't going to be conscious again anytime soon?  I examined her.

Holy shit.

Know its a hentai staple but, again, in my humble experience?  Women's private parts aren't really built to be ridden too hard for too long.  Bits down there start getting, damaged.

And unless proper medical attention is given and time to heal taken?  That damage?  Accumulates.  Hey, its a wide world.  I'm sure there are some who are built to gangbang forever.  Especially in this shitty isekai world.

But Hitomi?  Isn't one of them.

Wasn't as bad as Avi and the other girls at Sanriel.  But it was deeper.  Gone on for longer.  A lot of healing magic had been used too.  But it was just as sloppy as the priestesses used at Sanriel. 

Now Avi was a holy whore for years.  But she says the church has been doing this shit for centuries.  Learned the do's and don'ts.  Knew how to keep their toys in peak condition.  Maximum bang for fuck.  Minimum damage.

Jesus.  The conversations I've had since coming to medieval land.

Well, I'm no doctor so a lot of the feedback I get from [Recovery Magic] and [Super Senses] goes right over my head.  But more is starting to be understandable as I get used to it.  And what I understood from the passed out Hitomi's body?

This was a shitload more than just orgies.

Tons of battle injuries and scaring like I saw with Red, Dwarfinator, Huga, etc...  However, also a lot of stuff that clearly wasn't.  Breaks that were too clean.  Possibly even self-inflicted.  Scaring that looks more like suicide attempts or self-harming.

Plus stuff that's probably actual torture.

And oh my god.  The drugs.  My tongue has never had that much of a workout.  Okay, maybe that's not entirely true.  But traces of all sorts of bad shit are in her.  A whole pharmacy of aphrodisiacs and narcotics have been thru her system.

And some of it?  Only a few weeks ago.  Wasn't Adolf hooked on drugs?  Is this another Nazi thing?

Don't even want to think about how addictive isekai heroin must be.  Well, according to my cheats, its been in Hitomi.  A lot of it.  She's a sixteen year old girl walking around with a body that, inside, looks like its ninety.

If the other heroes are like this?  Mana is the only thing keeping them alive.  They go back to mana-thin Earth?  They'll be dead in days.

And this is just what my cheats can see.  God knows how much psychological damage shes had.  How many emotional scars.

Started to get what Hitomi may have really meant, when she was talking to not-sebastian.  Not sure I'm ready to hear it but if tin can hadn't interrupted my, uh, whatever the hell that was?

If I did what I was about to do?  Too six helpless raped girls, one of whom I had already been torturing for hours?  Probably wouldn't consider myself human anymore either.

What a shitty world.

Yeah, the next morning, she was pissed.  All kinds of accusations and crying.  I could have let it go.  Not told her.  Its not my responsibility.  She clearly made whatever choices she made.

But if she fucks up on my watch?  Gets herself or others hurt because of some old improperly healed injury?  Or because she's going thru withdrawals?  Keels over from organ failure?

I could have the rest of the heroes all up in my ass.  Be accused of poisoning or cursing or some other isekai shit.  And again.  Not sure I'm ready for them yet.

Well her screaming woke up the harem and brought them running.  Bout had an all out brawl on my harem sized bed.  They didn't like the shit she was saying.  Well, I am their man.  So insulting me is like insulting them too.

Eventually got her calmed down and eventually she let me use [Recovery Magic] on her.  Cost was about the same as Huga.  Couldn't get her insides back to the teens but at least restored them to the twenties and thirties.

Yeah, not really sure what that means exactly?  Its just what I can understand from the feedback.

Left the visible scars per her request.  And because a lot of work was needed on her garden?  She reacted like the girls did at Sanriel.

Passed the fuck out and another set of bedding we'll never be able to use again.

Well with that trip down memory lane out of the way?

While japanese girl is not the alarm clock?  She is lending a hand.  Or, in this case, some toes.  She seemed determined to leave but, since that night?  Even more determined to stay.

So my life has become harem plus one.  Why harem plus one?  It took me a bit to figure it out, screw you 343, but I finally did.  Hitomi is even less than Silvie.

Again, all of my isekai harem want something from me.  When I asked her what she wanted?

"Something real."

That is both a lot less, and a lot more, than my harem wants.  And they don't know how to deal with it.  At least they get along.  But there seems to be a distance between Hitomi and the rest.

So its 'Harem + 1.'

Frankie, whose probably right, says she's overcompensating for her past by devoting her body and spirit to me.  That it can't last.  Sooner or later Hitomi will have to accept that past as the past and move on?

Or become trapped in it, destroy herself, and maybe everyone around her. 

When Frankie said that?  Yeah, Vira came to mind.  Buried so deep in loathing herself that even becoming undead couldn't stop her need to betray everyone around her.

Christ.  I'm not even out of bed yet and I'm being this depressing?  Ugh.  Fuck this.  Got shit to do.  The sun is coming so its time for training.

Remember, eyes on the prize.  Not here for them.  Not here for me.  I'm here for him.  For my son.  And anything getting in the way of that?  Dies.  Period.  So now?  Need to plan and prep a dungeon raid.

Time to roll.  Oh, oops, forgot.  The alarm clock.  Need to turn that off.  And how does a harem king do that?  By filling it of course.


Crap, introductions.  My alarm clock today is a fox.  Like, literally.  An actual fox.  Though, technically, she's called a Beastkin.  Yep.  Like Seylia.  Well, also not like her.

This total fox, hehe, is in her thirties and is the new assistant guild master for Pearlden.  Yeah, got back last night to find her waiting to introduce herself.  Turned out to be a very enjoyable intro.

Mimchau of the Sholmoc.

Never knew that beastkin only live for like fifty years, tops.  Something to do with them being originally created by the Sorcerer Kings.  Their animal side lowered the human side's lifespan?  Or something?  Its just like, damn.  That blows.

Nigs already narced her out too.  Let me know the guild wants an agent in my harem and she's the top candidate.  Now I'm not a furry.  But with that much T&A?  Well, lets see how the trial period goes.

Looks like Frosty and Valaine wanted to start getting off, I mean, going off next.

"Sorry loves.  Its time for me to get to work."

Of course the next half hour is spent pushing everyone out of bed and getting ready.  Some maids helping the wives get ready.  Others moving breakfast to the gorge.

Last thing I do is tie Sanctity and Tormentor to my sides then sling Cheri to my back.  Yep.  Haven't taken it back to Kashiwa Hall since the night Hitomi brought it.  And not planning to anytime soon.

You want isekai wish fulfillment?  Try walking through a fantasy castle followed by a harem of hotties.  With two magic super swords at your sides and a magic electric guitar on your back.

Not sure it can get any better than that.

Of course Foxy follows.  Oh and, apparently, calling a part-fox Beastkin 'Foxy,' is considered extremely offensive.  Fortunately I am very sensitive to the feelings of others.

"Hey Foxy?"

"...Yes, Lord Barton?"  Its cute when her teeth grind.

Nigs said she even volunteered for this job.  Should make sure she earns her pay then.

"Want to spar this morning?"

That catches her off guard.

"F-forgive me my lord.  I am still, tired from last night."  Smooth recovery.

"Well let me know when you're ready."

My entourage reaches the ravine where various folks are waiting.  Sadly, Redbrand is out of town, taking part in a raid.  Huga and some randoms are here though.

All adventurers I've healed are sparring with me as part of their recovery.  Top ranks but recovering from major injuries.  So sadly I can't cut loose.  One of them? 

"Gaizo!" "Mimchau?"

Just happens to be Foxy's brother.  Maybe becoming my whore is the price the guild charged for Gaizo's healing?  Nah.  Better ask Nigs later though.  Not a slave fan.  Even if they want to call it something else.

Breakfast is stellar as always.  And for the last couple of days I've been playing whatever comes to mind before starting.  Let's see...  Oh, can never go wrong with the some BRMC.

Hey there little lovers, why we fighting with each other. Ain't no use in crying like the others. We're fools in need, fools to believe. We're all fools in need too foolish to believe... 1♫ 

By the order of the peaky fooking blinders!

You have forsaken. All the love you've taken. Sleepin' on a razor. There's nowhere left to fall. Your body's aching. Every bone is breakin'. Nothin' seems to shake it. It just keeps holdin' on... 2

Now that reminds me of S&B.

Here I go out to sea again. The sunshine fills my hair. And dreams hang in the air. Gulls in the sky and in my blue eyes. You know it feels unfair. There's magic everywhere... 3

Damn.  That hit the spot. 

Frosty?  Stop looking at me like that.  Hitomi?  Don't you start.  Oh god.  Foxy too?


I'm going to meet a nice normal girl again one of these days.

Gotta happen eventually.


Barton, Odaline (female, human, tourinese)

  • Wife of Jon Barton
    • 2nd Concubine
    • Blacksky Coil Ring
  • Formerly Lilevo, Odaline
  • 5'9" 29 years
    • top hourglass body, heart face, large side set breasts, large round butt
    • brown eyes, long straight blonde hair, fair skin
  • Professor
    • Tellus Magic
    • Stormgarde Academy
  • Half Dead
    • Living Shadow
      • Margo
  • "Dumbette," "Oda," "Oda-Mar"

Barton, Simone (female, human, tourinese)

  • Wife of Jon Barton
    • 3rd Conucbine
    • Blacksky Coil Ring
  • Formerly Regniar, Simone
  • 5'5" 24 years
    • hourglass body, diamond face, medium tear drop breasts, medium heart butt
    • blue eyes, long straight black hair, beige skin
  • Lecturer
    • Lumen Magic
    • Stormgarde Academy
  • Half Dead
    • Living Shadow
      • Ferra
  • Divorced
    • Kaoln Regniar
    • 1 boy, 1 girl
      • Kaoln has custody
  • "Dumberette," "Sim," "Sim-Fer"

Frost, Franziska (female, elf, tourinese)

  • Mistress of Jon Barton
  • 3'6", 400 years
  • Dean
    • Magic Studies
    • Stormgarde Academy
  • "Loli," "Loli 2000," "Goth loli," "Loli," "Halfling," "Sensei," "Frosty," "Breastless Twig"

Gaizo (male, beastkin, barbarian)

  • of the Sholmoc
  • Adventurer
    • Gold ranked
    • Hunter class
  • Brother of Mimchau

Huga (female, human, tourinese)

  • Adventurer
    • Mithral ranked
    • Fighter class
  • Sister of Nigs

Mimchau (female, beastkin, barbarian)

  • of the Sholmoc
  • 5'6", 33 years
    • red eyes, reddish orange fur, white skin, fuzzy swept up ears, fluffy triple tail
  • Assistant Guild Master
    • Adventurers Guild
      • Pearlden
  • Sister of Gaizo
  • "Foxy"

Nigs (male, human, tourinese)

  • Melee
    • Knife (mst)
  • Chief Representative
    • Thieves Guild
      • Pearlden
  • Representative
    • Adventurers Guild
      • Pearlden
  • Brother of Huga
  • "Mister Nigs," "Mr. Nigs"

Ulaleth, Chandrelle Faraine Eilhice (female, elf, granyan)

  • Mistress of Jon Barton
  • 7'0", 50 years
    • tall and skinny
    • long emerald hair, silver eyes
  • Magic
    • Light (int)
    • Water (int)
  • Priest
    • Amedee
  • "Priest elf," "Chani," "Silvie"

Valaine (vampire (female, human, tourinese))

  • Mistress of Jon Barton
  • Parent
    • Helmo Alvingham
      • Deceased
  • Children
    • Ermina(f), Gennati(f), Iona(f), Nicole(f), Rykelen(f), Zilva(f)
  • Dhampir?
    • Drank Jon Barton's blood
    • No longer affected by sunlight
  • "Val," "Littlest Vampire"