Chapter 7: Mila
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NSFW.  Reader discretion is advised.

This is an experiment with being more explicit.  Reason?  It's been two months since Jon was summoned.  His confidence in himself and his relationships is growing.  He is adapting to isekai life.  Miyula symbolizes him finally crossing a line.  Accepting this new life.

And I want to know if I can even write it.  Dude.  I'm an old married guy with kids.

"What a crazy flashback."

"Master?"  Frankie tilts her head.

"The Vault, after the ambush."

"That column."  Frankie blushes.  "Master was so, creative."

*mwa chu*

Can't help but grin as we liplock again.  I had even added bits on that column for her and Red to hold on too as I stained them.

Yep, the same raised earth bed.  Covered in blankets and furs.  Under a tent open at my feet.  Tilted a little for a good view of the fire pit and baths beyond.  Naked Frankie and Red at my sides.  Wrapping their arms and legs around me.

Of course things are different now too.  The bed is a lot bigger.  There is no guide girl.  But there are kids.  Eight of them. Who were playing in the baths not long ago.  Five girls and three boys.

Weird how territorial I feel whenever I think of another male near my women.

They were pretty traumatized at first but never experiencing a hot bath before and with constant attention from harem and maids?  Not that kind of attention you sick bastards.  Finally got the kids smiling and laughing.  Even playing.

That they'll be following the maids orders and be their helpers has been made clear.  The scared and unsure children quickly latch onto whatever gives them a sense of stability and security.

Eme left for her duties for a while and I interrogated Mila.  Their business-like arrangement is quite cute.  Though I'm again concerned that Hitomi is getting a lot more hostility than she probably deserves.  Maybe.

At least Blue, Oda, and Sim, are making sure to keep Hitomi engaged.

Red and Frankie left playing with the kids early to perform their wifely duties.  Red's even more fired up than usual.  Knowing that she'll have our own child to play with soon.  We again get to make all those fun noises together.

*doki* *puru* *rub* *puuta* *ba-dump* *schlop* *puwa* *schlik* *kyu* *pushii* *shlup* *kupaa* *jubo* *shap* *byuku* *gulp* *splurt*

Plus the fun things we say.

"Ah... Ah... Ah..." "Haahh." "Ahhgh." "Uuu... Uuu... Uuuuu..." "A-ahh." "Mmhahh." "Hyahh!" "Fuwa!" "Ahu!" "Uub!" "Huff!" "Hiii!" "Ahn!" "Ng!" "AHNG!!!"

Tonight we are welcoming Eme-Mila so I'll give them one on one time.  Never realized it but Emelina is as fresh as Miyula.  A father who wanted a son instead of a daughter.  The estranged parent and child bonding over a love for the sword.

She never made time for anything else.  And thanks to her sword skills.  No one felt confident enough to try pushing her down.

I stand up on the bed, walk to the end, and drop down to sit on the edge.  The kids have gone to their own tent and are being watched over by the maids.

Security is set for the night with wards, barriers, and undead.

Resting at the top of the bed with blissful expressions are Edel and Ushi.  Poor things got all dirty and sweaty again.  Arrayed along the sides is the rest of the harem plus one.  Each patiently watching, waiting, ready to respond instantly if called.

Beyond the end of the bed is Eme-Mila.  Naked and kowtowing.  Whereas much of Mila is normally covered in short blue black fur?  Eme’s return and merging caused a lot of fur to retreat.  Exposing much more of her pale grey skin.

Not sure how long I just watched her beautiful body.  Showing a bit more muscle than I would like but it's not bad.  Her forehead touches the floor and fingers meet just above it.  Tail laying straight back.  Knees tucked all the way under.  Giving her back an amazing arch.

Of course her large breasts have nowhere to go in this position so push out to the sides.

Maybe I'm just an asshole but a woman doing this for me?  God damn!

Naked kowtowing.  So so sexy.


“Lord?”  She still keeps her head down.


Hesitantly, she raises herself to her feet.  One arm is covering her breasts.  At least trying to.  And the other is covering her vagina.  The blush of her face stands out against her grey skin and blue-black fur.  I don’t know why but this feeling is different.

With my other women I simply took down someone else’s flag and put up my own.  Here?  My flag is about to get planted in, hehe, virgin territory.

Still showing that guts though by looking me in the eye.


She nods in reply.


“I…  I have n-never been w-w-with a m-man b-before.”  Stuttering but honest.

“What do you want me to do?”

Can feel her mustering her courage.

“M-make me y-your w-w-woman.”

Such bravery should be rewarded.

“Come closer.”

This beastkin beauty, still trying to hide herself, takes one step closer and anxiously stops.


Have to say it a couple more times.  Finally stopping because she can't get any nearer.  Her breasts are in front of my face.  Inches away.  I smell the perfumed soap she used during our bath.  And beneath it?  The scent of an embarrassed but excited woman.


“Now don’t move.”

Lean forward and blow on her breast.

“Haahh-  ?  L-lord?”  Goosebumps spread across her breast.  Oh, she’s sensitive.  Time to tease.


Blow on her breast again.  She is still covering her nipples with her hand and arm.  So I’m blowing on her underboob.  Add a bit of mana to my breath so it tingles her skin even more.

“Uuu…Ah…-  M-my lord. Wha.  W-what are y-you-”

Her voice catches when I look up and meet her eye.  Light blue eyes staring at me, intensely.  Her face and our link are filled with arousal, confusion, and fear.  She didn’t know what to expect besides some advice from women of the tribe.  I doubt any of them included boob play.

Return my focus to her breast.  But this time I lick her boob first.


Startled, she almost jumps back but stops herself.


I blow on her breasts again.  Now the wet strips add cool tingles to her overheating chest.

“Uuahh!  Ha...Ha...Ah.”

Continue to attack her boob with my mouth.  Licking, blowing, and even nibbling.  Begin alternating above and below her arm.  On and between the boobs.  The entire time my hands remain resting at my side.

Nudge her hand with my nose from below.  Her eyes are already glazed.  Out of focus.  Don’t recall Oda-Mar or Sim-Fer ever being this sensitive.  This a virgin thing?  Or?  Yes, the fur.  With the merge her fur retreated.

Leaving lots and lots of freshly exposed sensitive skin.  A teaser's paradise.

She moves her hand and places it on the back of my head.  Her arm, trembling.  Now I can see her sexy rock hard nipples.

No more snacking.  Lunch time.

*chomp* *shlurp*

Unlike before I immediately devour her nipples and areolas with my teeth and tongue.

“Hyaahhh!  Ngh...”

The surge in stimulation is too much and her first orgasm for the night fires.  Juices spurt.  Arms wrap around my head.  Pull me further into her chest.

Leaning against me now.  Probably fall to the floor otherwise.  Her legs, shaking.

Finally put my hands into action and begin moving them all over Eme-Mila's body.  Teasing here.  Squeezing there.  A tickle.  A rub.  My strength keeps her pinned to me while I continue making a meal of her breasts.


I’ve been channeling mana through my fingers to raise the stimulation.

Now for the "don’t try this at home" portion of tonight’s event.

With Eme-Mila still in a daze and arms wrapped around my head.  I easily sneak my fingers between her thighs.  Then, gently, begin picking her up.  Moving my hands then arms under her butt and up her back while spreading her legs more and more.

My first meal begins moving north and the spots I had been stimulating with my fingers now get an extra round with my tongue, teeth, and breath.

The beastkin's body rises higher.  Her arms lose all strength.  Falling to her sides as she arches backward.  Tail hanging limply down.  Finally my destination is in sight and the smell of her overflowing juices, remarkable.

Leaning back.  Supported, several feet in the air, by my arms.  I easily maneuver her xbox to my hungry mouth.

*slurp* *lap* *schlurp*

“Ah! M-my- Haahh! Lor- Ahn! No- Nn! Too mu- NGHN!

The body of my newest mistress bends back even further.  Shuddering.  Shaking.  Twitching.  My face drenched in the juices flying from her cave.  But I show her no mercy.

Continue probing her tender places with my tongue and nibbling on her bean.

“Nn. Ahn. Ngh. Ahng. Uuunn!”

Her climaxes keep coming.  Hitting peak after peak.  Voice husky.  Vision blurred.  Tongue hanging.

While medieval land isn't, generally, misogynistic?  It is still very sexist.  One sign of that?  Cunnilingus is a rare thing.  Women are hardly ever on the receiving end of oral sex.

So just being willing too?  Can blow a woman’s mind.  Actually being good at it?  Wouldn’t be surprised if it's got a psalm in my cult’s scriptures.

Still.  Would be rude to let her have all the fun.

*pant* *pant* *pant*

Let her ecstasy end and Eme-Mila is completely relaxed now.  Glowing.  Steaming.  Her arms and legs hang limp.  Tail swaying beneath her.  

I’m still rock hard though.

She is so relaxed that my arms bending to the side goes unnoticed.  Thighs and legs spread wider as I begin tilting her back forward.  Her secret garden drops out of sight as my second meal heads south.

Finally her upper torso flops forward.  Breasts landing on my head while her arms hang down my back.

Slide her down a bit more and my third super sword kisses her sheathe.

“Wa-wai- Oh…  P-plea- Uuu… To- Ah… Too- Nn… Sensi- Hyyaaahh!”

No mercy again as I drop her down.  My dick drives deep into her flooding pussy.  Feel her hymen plowed open.  Throws her head back and screams.

Pretty impressed she’s still conscious.  Tough girl.

My face is buried in her breasts again.  So I munch on her nipples while holding her body tight.  Giving time for the worst of the pain to pass.

“Th-th-thank y-you. L-lor-Ngh!”

My beastkin paladin’s mouth is drooling, face beat red, and eyes glazed with what I could swear is a heart shape in each.  But also smiling wide as she cums again.

She tilts my head back, leans down now, and our lips meet.  Tongues caressing and exploring each other.  With our mouths locked together I begin moving.

I move my arms so they are over her legs and get a strong grip on her ass.  Up… Down… Up… Down… Out… In…  Slowly I start rubbing and thrusting inside her.


Filling her cave with my mana I soothe her pain and gradually raise her sensitivity even more.

At the same time I steadily increase the speed of my ramming.  This new deeper stimulation has Eme-Mila awake and locking her legs around my back and arms around my head.  Her tongue is doing its best to find every part of my mouth.

“See-Oh! Nee-Ah! Lord-Nn! Seed! Aungh!”

Out.. In.. Out.. In.. Out. In. Out. In.

*shlap* *schlap* *schlop*

"Ah! Haahh! Huuhh! Hiii!"

Her heart is pounding.  Every breath rapid and rough.  Voice incoherent.  Breasts mashing against me.  Overheating body covered in sweat and saliva. Juices splashing.  Tail jolting in rhythm with her swinging waist.

My rod is swelling.  Loading.  Throbbing.

Eme-Mila's mind is going blank.  Thoughts turning white.  A buzz soaks our connection.  Fear of what's building.  Joy of belonging.  Going beyond pleasure. Souls melting together.  A bottomless craving filling, overflowing. 



One final slam and my semen bursts straight into her womb.  Again and again.  More and more.

Like a fountain, my seed and her blood and juices mix and spurt out of her.  The swollen womb unable to hold anymore.

*pant* *huff* *pant*

Shaking.  Shivering. Trembling.  A look of pure bliss on her face.

After a few minutes the aftershocks finally settle.  Her breasts rest on my chest.  Her face is on my neck.  Nibbling on my neck and collarbone.  Sometimes going as high as my ears.

"Thank you, my lord.♡"  She whispers in my ears.

Conquest.  Domination.  The rush of a woman's total submission.  Her mind, body, and soul, mine.

Standing.  I walk back to the top of the bed with Eme-Mila still wrapped around me. Squeezing.  Like she's trying to wring out one last drop.

Pull out and with the plug removed?  Another gush of our brew flows.

Give her one more hug, kiss, and lay her down next to Red and Frankie.  See her fur spreading and feel Emelina return to my mindscape.

~Thank you Lord.  I have never felt so, complete.♡~

My shadow paladin snuggles against me in my mind.  She’s so, at peace.  Nothing like the feeling of a job well done.

But I still want more. Turning, I look at Blue.


Squealing, my third wife jumps up and leaps into my arms.


---D-Day+66, Daroine 10th---

*schlop* *schlop* *schlop*

Thank you manufacturer of isekai alarm clocks.  So.  Who is my wake up call this morning?  Oh, Mila?  Good girl.  Looks like she’ll be a good fit.  Oda and Sim down there too?  Ah, giving her pointers?  Those two are just born educators.

Without Eme?  Her fur, tickles a little.  Mila’s tongue is, wow, rougher too.  May not last lon-

*schlop* *purr* *schlop*



*purr* *shlurp* *purr*


Oh… My…

*shlurp* *purr* *schlop*

That feels soooo good.  It's like my dick is inside a vibrator.  Holy Jesus Mother Mary and Englebert Humperdick.

*purr* *shlurp* *purr*

Too much.  Vibration.  Suction.  May end up losing my balls.

*schlop* *purr* *shlurp*

If… I don’t… Make it.  Delete my... Browser history.


*byuku* *byuku* *byuku*


*pant* *huff* *pant*

God that rough tongue, vibration, and suction.  Who made this girl’s lungs?  Hoover?


Damn girl, don’t look at a man and do that.  There’s, uh, still some running down your chin.


“Did you like it, my lord?”  Oh that smile.  This girl’s, gonna be a handful.

Look deep into those almost glowing blue eyes as Oda and Sim move in to lick up what Mila didn’t swallow.   Holy shit she’s hot.  

I smile back at her.

“Bonus points for house gryffindor.”