Ch. 2 – Meeting a Goddess?! Pt. 2
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“So…. Why in the world you want to reincarnate me in your world, with your Divine Blessing, and make it easier for me to the abundant mana here? Not to brag, but I was nothing more than the figurehead of a small cult. One who could do nothing but heal mild injuries and sickness…” Maven said this while holding her head in her hands, “ I may have been sheltered, but even I know that when a deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is. What do you want from me or what do you want me to do - shady scammer?”
“How rude!” Kannon proclaimed while puffing out her cheeks. She was definitely cute, but the fact that her eyes were swimming was a dead giveaway.
Maven stared at Kannon with flat eyes as Kannon kept taking surreptitious glances in Maven’s direction, as if she was a child checking to see if she was in trouble. She may appear to be a slender, mature beauty - but she was apparently nothing but a childish, disappointing goddess.
After continuing this little game of tug-of-war for a while, the disappointing goddess let out a sigh and continued the story, “You see… I’ve looking for someone like you for hundreds of years. It’s really not easy to find, someone who has the same type of aptitudes as me and whose soul is on a similar wavelength. But that’s exactly the type of person I needed. Us gods here in Avalon actually can’t interfere all that much with the world below - not anymore. When we gave birth to the world all those ages ago, the vast majority of our power was expended to shape the land and create the races.”
At this point, Kannon started to look a bit pained. As inappropriate at the thought may be, Maven couldn’t help but think the hint of real emotion on the airhead’s face looked just a bit adorable.
“For thousands of years, the world continued on just fine. With what little power us gods had left, we could pass messages to our chosen priests and occasionally grant power to saints and heroes in the event of emergency. But all of that has started to change in the last couple hundred years or so. The races of man have been recklessly barreling down the path of technological advancement and their faith has weakened. With our power further weakened by this, it turned into a downward spiral - they can’t even hear the voices of the gods anymore. Within 20 years, the world is likely doomed.”
Dumbfounded by this sudden mention of apocalypse, Maven just stared at Kannon with her mouth hanging open.
“Fufu, no need to look at me quite like that.” Kannon laughed while admiring Maven’s adorably vacant expression, “Doom is anything but certain here. That’s one of the reasons I brought you here. I’m terribly sorry to pull you from your world and rip you from your natural course of reincarnation, but I really do need you. This world needs you.”
Those words raised some major flags and shook Maven from her stupor. Maven’s dearest wish was to live a normal life. as a normal girl, in a normal world. She most assuredly did not want to get swept up in an apocalypse and definitely didn’t want to be charged with the duty of stopping it. Such grand events were far too heavy for her.
Shaking her head desperately, as if to drive away unpleasant thoughts, Maven sputtered, “I’m flattered, really… but I’d really much rather go be a tree back on Earth or end up as some farmer’s daughter.”
At those words, Kannon looked very apologetic and a bit sorrowful. “I’m truly sorry… but that’s really not possible anymore. I spent what little extra energy I had left fishing you from Earth. I unfortunately can’t send you back. What I CAN do for you is try and ensure you a life of plenty and comfort.”
Maven squinted at Kannon, a bit doubtful of her good intentions. It was a bit dubious to bring up a life of comfort after mentioning the end of the world.
Looking defensive, Kannon held up her hands and waved them as if to justify herself.
“I-I’ll make you the daughter of a Duke! Your inherent gift and my blessing, combined with all the mana down there, will make you powerful. You’ll be really strong, I promise! Strong enough to change the fate of the world. I know I didn’t give you much choice, but please - won’t you help me save this world?”