A Bad Idea
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On the Hogwarts express Harry sat with Ron and Hermione. Both boys listened as Hermione excitedly talked about the study group she had signed up for. Unsurprisingly, it was a group of Ravenclaws and Hermione. Harry watched people walk by their cabin, he had cast a strong Notice-me-not so the steady stream of students did not try to come into their cabin.

He told himself that he didn't have an agenda, that he was just passively watching people walk by. He knew it was a lie though. He hadn't stopped thinking about Draco since the club. Or, you know, since sixth year. As soon as he spotted Draco, Harry stood up, pulled his hoodie on, and flipped up the hood.

"Harry," Hermione said, "where are you going?" her voice thick with accusation. Harry looked at her wondering how much she'd already figured out. Sometimes Hermione figured out his feelings even before he did. Most times.

"Relax Hermione," Ron said with his hand on her leg. He looked up at Harry, "What is it mate? Do you think Draco Malfoy is up to something again?"

Harry searched Ron's face, trying to determine if he was taking the piss, if he was actually suspicious of Draco, or if he was really in denial. Whatever it was he didn't have time right now, he'd have to deal with that later.

He looked back at Hermione, "Harry," she said, as though he was a wild animal she was afraid to spook. "This is a bad idea, I can give you a list of reasons for why this is a bad idea."

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said, gave her a wink, and left the cabin.

He pulled his hood tighter, trying to hide that wild hair, and kept his head angled down so he didn't make eye contact with anyone. He nearly reached the door to the last cabin when Pansy Parkinson stepped out of it, blocking the way.

"Oh Merlin," she said, putting a hand on his chest, "Whatever you think you're doing here, you can forget it."


"Do not call me that," she said cooly.

"Oh, give me a break. Stop acting like you hate me. We both know you don't," Harry replied. He tried to think of what to say that might get her to let him through, but he wasn't coming up with anything.

Pansy made a show of huffing, folded her arms, and leaned against the doorframe so she was a bit to the right of Harry. This seemed to allow for more side-eye rather than her usual glare. Once situated she began the lecture, "This isn't about me and you. Draco has gone through a lot, Potter. This year is going to be hard enough without you driving him crazy at every opportunity. He needs to stay focused on school and keep his head down, not be lured into being tortured by you. I don't care that he wants-"

She was cut off by the sound of her name coming from behind Harry. He felt hope when he recognized the voice.


Pansy looked at what Harry knew could only be Ginny Weasley. He watched Pansy's expression, registering the hunger and excitement she was trying to tamp down.

"Hi Ginny," she said with a flirty smile.

Slytherins are such tarts, he thought. Then his brain helpfully added, I hope.

He heard Ginny move closer. He hoped she wouldn't recognize him, all she could see was the back of his hoodie.

"Luna and I just bought a load of sweets off the cart," Ginny said. "We were hoping you'd come enjoy them with us?"

Harry purposefully cleared his throat. When Pansy looked back at him, Harry cocked a knowing eyebrow. Surely she wouldn't pass up the opportunity with Ginny, which meant she would have to let him through. 

She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. "Fine," she said quietly, "just don't do anything stupid."

Harry wanted to feed her some reply about only doing as much as she was planning to, but he was worried his voice would carry and Ginny would hear it. Instead, he gave a sly smile and they both headed in opposite directions. Harry finally opened the door to see Draco reaching up to put papers into his bag, alone.

Draco looked over at Harry without a single hint of surprise, "You're not supposed to be in here. How did you manage Pansy?"

Harry shrugged, "Ginny did it for me. Why shouldn't I be in here?"

Draco let the tips of his fingers slip into the custom trousers he wore and started to take casual steps towards Harry. "I've already received several lectures from Pansy about why you're a bad idea," he said. He was close now, close enough to touch easily.

Harry felt his lungs constrict and tried to breathe. He backed up to press against the freshly closed door.

Remain calm. If you act like prey he will hunt you for it, He thought. 

Draco lifted his eyes to meet Harry's, and said, "Then at the station, Granger had a chat with me about you as well. She said you're not ready for someone like me." Draco raised his left hand and placed it on the door above Harry's shoulder.

Harry didn't reply, only blinked at the idea of Hermione talking to the Slytherin. A fresh smile was pulling at Draco's lips, and Harry tried desperately to keep making eye contact rather than letting his eyes drop.

Draco leaned in to speak softly in Harry's ear, "She told me," he said, "that you're dangerous."

Harry swallowed through the dryness in his throat. He whispered, breathless, "Scared, Malfoy?"

When the Slytherin chuckled in response Harry thought he could feel the vibration of it in his chest, even though they weren't quite touching.

Draco pushed lightly off the wall and took a step back, looking Harry up and down. "I won't be like those boys in the club, dropping to their knees for a chance with the Savior."

"Obviously, I don't expect anything with you to be easy," Harry replied, trying to match the casual tone Draco used.

"Come now, Potter," Draco said, "we both know easy is what you want. Easy is what you've been getting for months now. Go shag a Hufflepuff. Merlin knows they will be willing blow you, especially if they think it's going to help with emotional stability. Honestly, I assume that's the reason we keep them at the school."

Harry struck out grabbing Draco's left arm, his hand wrapped around the black robes, but they both knew it was also wrapped around the Dark Mark. Predictably, Draco froze with his eyes wide, staring at Harry's hand. Harry took advantage of the moment to spin their positions and press Draco against the door. He was careful to lean in only from the waist up, just in case his cock got hard.

He still had a hand on the mark, which he let slip down to secure Draco's wrist. His right hand moved from the boy's shoulder to brush along Draco's collar bone which was rising and falling rapidly, and touch the seductive skin on his neck. Harry bit his lip, pulling at his own self-control, so he didn't ruin everything by simply devouring the blonde in front of him.

He leaned in to speak against Draco's skin. "I don't want easy," Harry's voice was so low he hardly recognized it. "I don't just want a fuck. I don't care what anyone else says. I'm not doing this to avoid the nightmares."

Draco swallowed and Harry felt the boys adam's apple move under his own thumb. He pulled back to meet his eye and noticed that he could hardly see silver at all, Draco's pupils were blown wide.

"What do you want then?" Draco asked.

"You." Harry said simply.

"You think you can just ask for me and I'll give in, Potter?"

"I hope so. But I suspect you're more likely to make me work for every inch."

Draco smiled then, a broad smile that Harry had never seen before. "Why are you doing this? Surely you must see they are right, that we are a bad idea." Even as he said the words his leg slid up against Harry's inner thigh.

Harry's body buckled against Draco. He was so close that the next words were said against Draco's lips, "I'm actually not well known for being able to spot when something is a bad idea," he said and then held his breath.

Fucking kiss me Malfoy, his mind screamed.

Draco didn't kiss him. He did, however, let his tongue run against Harry's bottom lip before he whispered, "I'll think about it, Potter."