Blow by Blow
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As Harry made his way back to the floo, he spotted Lucius Malfoy standing by it. Harry quickly glanced around to make sure they were alone before he crossed the rest of the tiled floor to stand in front of him. Knowing the threat of Draco going to Azkaban had been nullified allowed a flood of bitter emotions to course through him. He let his distaste show openly on his face, only to see it matched in Lucius’ own hostile expression. 

“Care to tell me exactly what you were doing with my son in a locked classroom?” Lucius asked. 

“I’d be happy to give you a blow by blow account Lucius,” Harry replied easily, watching the other man’s eyes narrow, “but I have a prior engagement.” He moved to step towards the floo. 

Lucius grabbed his arm, stopping him from leaving, and said, “You insolent brat, your crudeness isn’t doing you any favors. Don’t you know that I can take him away from you? He’s my son, and I will never be willing to let you have him.”

Harry shoved down the desire to pull his wand, and said, “I would be more than willing to dispose of you if it comes to that.” He slowly looked up at Lucius with a smug curl to his lips. “Fortunately, I already have the approval of the parent that matters. Now take your hand off me or I will remind you of exactly who you’re threatening.” 

Lucius pulled his hand away and looked Harry over with without reply. 

“Go home to your wife, Lucius,” Harry said, taking a handful of floo powder and stepping into the fireplace, “be happy you still can.” He threw the powder down and disappeared into the green flame. 

Stepping into McGonagall’s office, Harry was happy to see it was empty, his body was still full of adrenaline from not losing his shit on Lucius.  He cast a tempus charm, 7:30pm. Great, 30 minutes to get ready. When he stepped off the staircase into the hallway he found Draco waiting for him. For a moment neither one of them spoke or moved, just stood, looking the other one over. Harry pulled the galleon from his pocket and sent Hermione a message - 830, sorry - and then advanced on the blond. 

“Potter,” Draco said wearily, backing away from him. “We do not have time-” 

Harry stepped close enough to grab Draco’s tie and pull him into a needy kiss, “Don’t care. Make time,” he said, pulling back to glance around for a better location. 

Draco chuckled, “We should be getting dressed for the interview.” He backed up a few more steps tugging Harry with him until Draco’s back was against a door. 

“If I don’t have you right now,” Harry growled into his ear, “Rita Skeeter is going to find out which one of us prefers to bottom.” He bit down on Draco’s neck and then sucked out a fresh bruise, delighted with the sounds Draco was panting into his ear. 

Draco managed to turn the doorknob he pressed against and Harry pushed him roughly into the room. Harry started to tug at Draco’s endless buttons, desperate for skin to skin contact, while covering him with bruising kisses. Draco bucked his hips at the perfect angle for his erection to stroke against Harry’s, causing Harry’s knees to buckle, and bat his hand away before Harry ripped the buttons off. 

“We don’t have time to get undressed, Potter,” Draco says, his fingers deftly undoing Harry’s trousers. 

Harry pushed his body into Draco until he was pressed against the desk, reveling in the way his boyfriend becomes so pliant and giving under his touch. He doesn’t resist when Harry tugged his pants down and pulled out the blond’s cock. Casting a wandless lubrication spell just before his palm made contact, Harry began to stroke, whispering, “You’re supposed to call me Harry.” 

Draco’s hips buck into his fist, “I want to - fuck - cum in your mouth,” he says, then moans the name, “Harry.”

Harry dropped to his knees instantly, and wrapped his lips around Draco’s cock. Draco shamelessly gave himself up to Harry’s mouth, tugging at his hair and convulsing when he started to spill cum down Harry’s throat. 

Harry licked his lips clean and sat back on his heels, looking up with naked heat in his eyes. Draco favored him with a wry smile, and said, "If she asks which one of us prefers to bottom, what should I say?" 

"Draco," Harry huffed a laugh and stood to his feet, "you're such a bottom, I'm surprised you were able to ask that question with a straight face." He leaned in for another kiss. 

 Draco turned his face so Harry planted another love bite on his neck instead, his breath catching when Draco pulled out his cock. 

"I think I like both, actually," Draco said defiantly. 

Harry looked at him, enjoying the sight of blown pupils in those silver eyes, "Whatever you want, love," he said, his voice unsteady as Draco's hand stared to move. 

Harry looked down and watched as Draco expertly moved his hand, twisting his wrist every so often, until he gave himself over to his climax shamelessly. His body shuddered, held up by his boyfriend's arm, which pulled him forward into a kiss that swallowed his breathless moans. 

The two of them snuck into their rooms to change for the interview. Hermione had set them up to meet with Rita and her photographer in the great hall.

On the way in, Draco made Harry promise be nice and let him do most of the talking. Harry made Draco promise to replace all of his postcards from George's shop with the picture that was bound to be on the front page the next morning.

They both kept their word.