Chapter 66
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Kami remained shocked as he watched the demon of chaos walk straight through the fire as if nothing happened.

Kami stood up slowly from the wall whilst Behemoth continued to walk onwards.

"Didn't think you would stay standing. You are at least two sins strong you liar" Kami choked

Behemoth smiled at Kami's words.

"I should've told you I am very bad at scaling my own strength" Behemoth laughed

Out of nowhere Kami released heavy killing intent that stopped Behemoth in his tracks. He saw Kami slice of his head if he moved any closer. He began to sweat hard. He saw Kami move and do this even though Kami looked like he was struggling to stand up.

"You're right" Kami started "If you moved any closer it would've spelled your doom. One more step and you're within my 'zone'"

Behemoth was about 50 metres away from Kami. The zone Kami was talking about was the maximum distance in every direction that Kami can land a kill in. It is not impossible to survive but Kami can tell whether is opponent can survive when they enter by two things. The first is whether they are daunted by his killing intent and the second is skin thickness. But the deciding factor is the killing intent and whether they push through regardless. Behemoth stayed a single step out of range.

"Your zone ability is wide. Another step and I'm dead. I can still see the embodiment of your killer intent" Behemoth responded

"I planned on using that attack to kill you but it seems you need more. One attack will end you" Kami said

He picked up Asura resulting in Behemoth quickly strafing backwards. It was slight but the zone size increased.

"I was saving this since even one move is very draining but you earned it" Kami sighed

He threw Asura into the sky and the sword duplicated and struck the ground. Before Kami were 6 identical Asura blades. Kami started to vibrate and his arms started to split until he had 3 pairs of arms. He grabbed a sword and looked at Behemoth.

"The final time you breathe out will be your last" Kami announced

Behemoth could tell. Even if he tried to run away he was only prolonging the inevitable. A few minutes ago to Kami he was absolute strength but now the roles had been switched and doubled.

The demon closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. After a few seconds he exhaled and opened his eyes. The world was moving in slow motion to him as he watched the ground come closer and closer to him. His head was rotating and falling. He caught a glimpse of the back of Kami who was facing the wall behind him. Then he realised. This was what it was like to be decapitated. As his head dropped the whole world started again.

In reality after Kami decapitated Behemoth there was no sound, nothing happened until a loud bang occured. The bang was a sonic boom but for lightspeed. A light boom. After the sound Behemoth's body ragdolled away and is head had already hit the floor behind Kami being pushed away.

Every room, ceiling and floor within the castle that still stood was no more. From onlookers of the castle it just suddenly exploded. Any and all details around Kami were instantly removed until only Liliana, Pyria and Tama were still present where the castle once was.

Kami was impressed that they managed to survive even the shockwaves but he had no time to applaud. His arms merged back into one at the same time Asura became one once more. He dropped to his knees and face planted the ground. After a few seconds his paira exploded from his body and his body started shaking uncontrollably until his body stretched out and stopped moving all together. Like he had said before, even one attack was draining.

The three girls saw this and after Liliana was helped off the floor they all ran over to Kami. They tried speaking to him asking if he was okay but the most he could do was blink. Every cell in his body felt like it was holding several tonnes of weight. He couldn't even speak.

After a few minutes of trying to figure out what was wrong with him they realised he could blink so they made one blink a yes and two a no. Soon after somewhat understanding the situation they noticed the demons that were combatting Lynx and the rest who had averted their eyes from the battle and were now looking at their group.

"Kami should we go help Lynx?" Pyria asked

Without a thought, even though Kami wasn't able to see where he was he immediately gave permission. If he could speak he would have reminded them that the rocket the demons were guarding were their goal not the demons themselves since Kami was still unsure whether they could win after everything they had been through thus far but it was too late. They had already left Kami and were joining Lynx against the sins.