Chapter 74
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Lex faced the angels and with a long speech condemning Lucifer's group as demons, he flew down to do the final part of his job and seal them to protect the humans since Lucifer said he would start with them.

Lucifer deeply indented the floor of the earth as his body smashed straight through a house like clay. The other demons were similar positions. Behemoth was the only person who was able to equal Lucifer in the amount of damage he received. All the demons except those two had broken every bone in their bodies and couldn't move or talk, some were even struggling to breathe.

For Behemoth and Lucifer it was their backs.

"I'll remember this" Lucifer growled "These grass will be the first to feel my anger"

Lucifer concentrated on his power but he realised something strange. He couldn't use Mushoku anymore, it had been removed since his soul had split up. By now, the other 6 parts of his soul had grown bodies to be housed in, all had similarities to the original Lucifer in some shape or form but beared different sins.

"Lucifer.." Asmodeus said "We were split from you, we may be you but we aren't as strong as you. We can't move"

Lucifer sighed at the news. He only had access to nether so he made do with that instead of Mushoku. He focused long and hard on his back and grew out a pair of black fiery wings. With them his body rose and he flew into the air.

His body was slouched forwards unnaturally from his broken back, with his superb flying skills he managed to lock all the bones into place at high speed and ended up with a slight backwards lean but a still broken back. But it was better than before.

"YOU TRICKED ME!!!!" Lucifer screamed

Had he known he would've made his investigations public but then there was the chance of Lex having someone interfere. There was no right answer.

Seconds later, Lex could be seen descending on Lucifer's location.

A battle ensued. Completely one sided. The difference between earthly powers and a heavenly one like Mushoku are extreme. With barely a minute of time Lucifer was down on the ground and his nether wings had been stripped from him. The nameless spirit sword ate his nether making it impossible to come back to him and further weakening Lucifer.

With him now on the floor powerless, Lex went around stripping any wings he saw and planting goat and ram horns into the heads of all the fallen. The screams were horrifying.

Then Lex finally returned back to Lucifer after he had dragged all the demons into a large pile nearby.

"Why.. just..... w-why" Lucifer asked weakly

"I always wanted to be the overlord, now I got my opportunity" Lex responded "I won't let you meet your maker, instead I will seal you here"

Lex pulled a ring out of his pocket and placed it onto his left index finger and pointed it at the demons other than Lucifer.

Lucifer watched as the ring turned black and a black hole appeared and swallowed every single one of them up. Lucifer began to despair at the sight.

"Now" Lex started "Along with your other halves, it's your turn... but I can't do that again. They were placed into a large lava and fiery inferno I made and named hell. You will be sealed in a dungeon for all eternity rewatching you yourself kill your God. Even though it wasn't even you. It's an illusion. But you will think it's real"

Lex pointed the ring at Lucifer and it turned red. 7 labyrinths appeared filled with strong monsters. Coffins rose up from directly below all the sins sealing them tight and they each flew into a labyrinth. 6 of the labyrinths flew into the sky and split up whilst the one housing Lucifer stayed where it was and buried itself into the ground.

"Now you will be no more than training for humans" Lex smirked

"So it was you" a voice said

As Lex spun around he saw Paimon staring at him. Lucifer, Paimon and Gora were amongst the strongest. Paimon's power was annoying, after dealing with the sins Lex wasn't sure he could win and he knew Gora would show himself soon.

Paimon pointed his familiar sword at Lex and time stopped. Completely. In this world, it mattered not if you could move faster than lightspeed and tried to materialize yourself. Unless you were Paimon himself, you were a statue.

"Lucifer, I only I had known" Paimon sighed full of woe

He approached the frozen Lex and as he did slashed his neck. But the head that went flying was Paimon's.

Time started again instantly.

"I had to fake it to trick you" Lex smiled "Under normal situations, that would've been my end. But the wielder of the sword of god the spirit sword isn't aloud to stagnate. If your sword if three dimensional, mine is four. Had I been wielding my sword, that really would've been the end. That is why I wanted this weapon. There is a tier above the god tiered weapons, only one can hold a spot there at a time and it is known as a sword of god. Lucky here I have that one. And when a weapon becomes a sword of god, the previous is kicked out and the weapon becomes four dimensional. You stood no chance"

Paimon heard every word of this and frowned in distaste as he stared at Lex upside down before his final moments.

"I can't be killed or sealed" Paimon stated

Lex looked at Paimon weird but as he did he noticed Paimon's eyes had already closed from death and his sword had glown black before calming down.

Lex slapped his face as he realised.

"I see what you did" he said as he stared at the sword "I will let you do as you please, but I will still seal your body"

Lex repeated the Labyrinth process, once for Paimon's sword and the other for Paimon's body.

"The sword of time will one day break Pai, I hope your soul doesn't follow" Lex chuckled

He sent the the first labyrinth away.

As the coffin for Paimon's body had appeared he placed 7 key holes within the door to the final room of the Labyrinth.

"I gave Lucifer a way out within your body, I want a nice and fun fight with him later when I get bored" Lex smiled

He put the ring he used to form the Labyrinths onto Paimon's hand and sent the final labyrinth away.

"Without that ring, all Lucifer does will be for naught. His soul will never be allowed to reform completely" Lex laughed 

With the final job done he turned to head back to where he came from. But Gora was blocking his path.

"Your crimes are severe. You will reap what you sow" Gora voiced