Chapter 208 – Arena
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Several months pass...

During this time, the Haven continued developing itself. Although they were totally isolated, by now, there was no shortage of any resource. The economy was booted up, everyone prospered, and it turned into a fully functioning society. 

New history books were written, magical academies began teaching their students everything they could, and the people slowly started to get a hold of themselves and look to the future. In their hearts, although the Haven was a sanctuary, it was also like a prison. Their place was in the outside world, and everyone hoped that one day they or their children could emerge once more and take back the homes that they once knew. When it came to this fact, Dream was glad that not many knew how the Empires were utterly obliterated. 

Either way, their development went smooth, and everyone adapted faster than Dream thought they would. Luna wasn't surprised though. Given all the accommodations Dream built, it was only a matter of time. The bountiful food, water, housing, and business opportunities meant that it was only a matter when, not if. People could focus on themselves and their families without the worry of going hungry. It was great for civil stability.

With that, Dream was able to totally focus on himself and his development and production. For several months, Dream worked on pushing the limits of his technology and explored new possibilities in the realm of physics and magic. Though, all of that development was aimed toward weaponry. Dream was preparing for the eventuality that he would have to face an insurmountable being known as the demon lord. While he was a bit paranoid about that fact and locked himself in the factory for weeks on end, he was also a little expectant.

Sure he would prevent the demons from doing as they wished as much as he could, but if that went south, then he would finally get the chance to give everything he had. He could go full force and utilize everything to defeat an enemy, truly displaying the limits of what he knew and could produce. It wasn't an opportunity that came anymore now that he was the strongest on the planet. 


Despite being the strongest though, Dream wanted to find ways to test hismself. 

5 months after the class advancement, or 8 months after the final battle that sealed the Haven...

"You want to spar?"

Luna clarified when she heard Dream.

"That's right. Not just you two though."

"Then who?"

Luna was surprised. Dream hardly ever came out of the factory since literally all his time was spent studying, building, or experimenting. She understood though. He was attempting to retake the planet, which wouldn't be an easy task. While that took up all his time, it was worth it.

But now he finally came out and told her he wanted to spar. According to his words, he wanted to challenge himself. But challenging Dream wasn't an easy task in any sense. 

"I'm thinking everyone."

"...Everyone as in all class 4's?"


Dream nodded, but Luna just stared at him for a long second. The next moment though, her eyes gleamed.

"What, is that too much to ask?"

"No! Not at all. You want to face everyone? I'll make it happen. I can go talk to everyone real quick. Huhu..."


"Oh, before I do, why this all of a sudden?"

Luna suddenly thought of something and turned to him before she ran out of the room. Right now, they were in one of her residences within the Haven, a place she often stayed to make work easier.

Dream shrugged as he answered her.

"If a being does descend or anything like that, I want to be ready. I can make all the things I want, but my battle instincts have to be honed. Somewhat anyway. I may or may not be trying to test certain things as well."

He scratched his cheek and smiled as he finished his explanation. Luna nodded at that last part as if that were a more probable reason for him to come out. She didn't seem to mind though.

"Alright! Give me a day- no. Give me 15 hours. I'll have everyone ready."

"...It's only like 40 people. Do you want me to contact-"

"No! It's alright. I'll take care of everything. You just relax before the big fight."

Sitting Dream down on a comfy couch, Luna kept him from doing anything and then hastily left the room with a smile. He stared at the door while making himself comfortable on the couch.

"So what's she planning?"

[Hehe, I can't tell you.]

"Sigh, whatever. Just make sure I get a decent fight in." 

Dream shook his head after getting nothing out of Sophia. Staying seated on the couch, he closed his eyes and jumped into his memory space to run some fights in his head. 



"It's our chieftain! Let's go chief!"

"It's Vythica, the elven Ancient! She's so pretty!"

"President! Show us your sword techniques!"

In a huge colosseum within the Haven built for schools as space to spar and train, a little over 40 class 4's stood in a large arena. This was every class 4 there was, and the half a million spectators around them all cheered deafeningly as they saw their idols and leaders. 

The colosseum sported a wide open arena a few football fields long and wide. The ground was entirely made of high grade metal, and the barriers protecting the audience were films of dense mana. There were also enchantments within the entire place designed to protect the people and maintain the integrity of the building. To top everything off though, there were thousands of bots at the class 3 level strewn throughout the stands as a final backup in case things went wrong.

The 40 class 4's in the arena waited while observing all the people around them. A few even got together and did small spars as a warmup for what was to come, garnering loud cheers from the audience near them.

The class 4's and even the audience had all been told about what was going on, hence the reason for so many people being present. And while it was short notice, the place was almost completely filled up. After all, many people within the Haven had nothing better to do, and good entertainment was rare.

Meanwhile, there were three people in the center of the arena. They were Dream, Luna, and Iris.

"...Did you really have to go over the top like this?"

Dream spoke as he looked to all the spectators. This was his first time being in front of so many people.

In only 15 hours, Luna organized this fight between Dream and every class 4. She then turned it into an event for the people, allowing them to spectate like it was a sport. She even went so far as to make additional preparations with Dream's construction bots so as to accommodate the fight itself. Basically, it was now a gladiator battle consisting of the strongest people in the world.

"Yes! Nobody here has even seen the face of their savior aside from a couple dozen. Plus, this kind of thing doesn't happen hardly ever. It's great entertainment, something these people desperately need."

"...Alright. I get that, but broadcasting it to everyone in the Haven is a bit too far don't you think?"

Dream glanced at the network throughout the Haven. Everyone who had a bracelet could watch the colosseum which was being recorded by dozens of bots. To think that they would use his own tech like this...

"Hehe, don't be nervous. You only have 300 million people scrutinizing your every move. Just focus on the fight. Nobody here is going to go easy on you."

"Heh, I suggest you get to planning then. Go on and tell them to ready up. I'm good to go whenever you guys are."


Smiling mischievously, Luna walked off to the other class 4's who were waiting. Iris stared at him for a second before also going. He could feel the determination radiating off of her. 

"Sigh. The one time I leave the factory and I get dragged into a live event."

[I'm curious to see how you handle. These people aren't demons, so it's going to be a very dynamic fight.]

Sophia spoke excitedly. Dream had already decided on 'limitations' for this fight. First, he was going without the support of Luna and Iris. Second, Sophia would help both sides. Third, Dream obviously couldn't use any weaponry that's too powerful. He wasn't trying to kill anyone. 

Other than that, he was free to do whatever he wanted. His objective was to drain everyone else out and render them combat incapable without permanent injuries. Everyone else's objective was to overwhelm and defeat him. And unlike him, they didn't have any restrictions. They were encouraged to use any means they had to bring him down. 

Basically, they were to do everything short of killing him. This is what Luna explained to them before the fight. 

Soon, Luna had given them the final rundown, and everyone turned to look at Dream with fighting spirit in their eyes. He just hopped around in the middle of the colosseum though, loosening himself up relaxedly as if he didn't have 300 million eyes on him. 

'First, they need to get me out of this form.'

Dream thought in his head as he looked at the class 4's. There were the dwarves, the elves, the animals, and then the humans. These were the strongest people in this world, and they were all geared up with their best armor and weapons, prepared to attack him with everything they had. 

Finally, the start of the battle dawned, and the audience quieted down under the increasingly stifling pressure emitted by the class 4's. If it weren't for the ultra-powerful defenses around the place, they probably wouldn't be able to breathe. 

The two groups faced off. Dream against everyone else. To the audience, this scenario was laughable. That group of 40 class 4's were the most powerful in existence. They lead their Empires for dozens, hundreds, even thousands of years. Anyone at that level would be hard-pressed to face one of them, let alone all of them. 

But none of that arrogance or scorn was shown by the class 4's themselves, leading the audience to wonder who this man in the middle was to garner such seriousness from all of them. After probing with their senses though, none of them could find anything. That man didn't release the slightest aura. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that they could see him, they wouldn't know he was even there. It was like he didn't exist. 



On the side of the class 4's, Idona pulled back her bow. She was responsible for the first attack. Dream could obviously see this, as did everyone else. They all felt the mana in the atmosphere rushing toward the tip of her arrow. Everyone gasped at how much mana went into it, and only when the arrow glowed with a bright green light, was it released.


The arrow flew faster than anyone could follow, and in splits of a second, it reached Dream who didn't bother moving. However...


His hand raised, and the arrow was snatched in between his fingers with the arrowhead pointed to his throat.

"Man. Straight for the jugular huh? I'm hurt."

Dream spoke nonchalantly as he took control of the arrow. Meanwhile, the entirety of the audiences' jaws dropped. 

"Oh well. Return to sender."

Smiling, Dream brought the arrow back like a javelin and aimed it at the group. Seeing that, Luna cringed a bit and turned to Idona.

"Hey Idona?"


"Next time... make sure your arrow explodes."

The next moment.



Dream released the arrow, which flew faster than before with a streak of green light and exploded within the group. A dwarf quickly dashed over to Idona though and raised his shield, blocking the arrow. However, he was driven back a few steps, a testament to the strength within the arrow. 

Looking at the dwarf, everyone could see the arrow embedded in the shield. Suddenly, their evaluation of Dream skyrocketed. 

"Ah! Let's get into it already!"

Shouting in exasperation and pent up anticipation, Iris flared up and charged toward Dream in her fox form. Nobody wanted to fight him more than her, and literal fire burned in her eyes as she charged him. 

"Come on! I'll make you change forms!"

Lunging at him, Iris shot out black fire that attempted to annihilate his body and magic. She then went for his limbs, her teeth trying to clasp down on him. 

Dream just smiled though and countered her magic while throwing a punch. His skin was slightly burned as it flew toward her, but nothing could stop it as it quickly landed on her body before she could react.



Iris flew across the arena and hit the defensive barrier which was instantly damaged. She pulled herself out quickly though and charged right back at him as if the punch did absolutely nothing. 

The two exchanged many blows, but it was clear that Iris couldn't budge his defenses by herself. Seeing that, Idona started letting out more arrows between the gaps of their battle. Other class 4's also activated their magic. They were starting to realize how difficult their opponent was. 

"Hahh! Time to test those muscles, you scrawny kid!"

Ciroc roared as he unsheathed his twin swords. He then dashed over and joined Iris, the two cooperating to alternate attacks. 

"Alright, everyone follow my directions. We'll cooperate and keep him from getting rest."

Luna spoke through a mana channel that connected to everyone. She was acting as the lead since she had the best grasp on Dream's fighting style. She also had the ability to be the overseer and determine the best sequences of attacks. She had become much better at planning and scheming in the past several months, skills that could be used in both business and battle.

After giving many orders simultaneously, a few class 4's used their magic and cast high level spells. Even Riddick activated his magic and went all out, probably intending to use this opportunity to beat down on Dream. Meanwhile, Dream could immediately feel more pressure descend on him as the environment turned hostile and various magics like binding spells, attack spells, disorientation spells, and many others charged at him. 

During that, the remaining class 4's went on to surround him, ensuring that they could attack from any angle. With that, he had to defend from all sides. Not even the ground was safe to step on. 

"Hehe, this is fun."

As if he didn't feel the pressure though, Dream smiled and proceeded to counter every attack. Any magic that came close to him was reprogrammed and sent back, any projectiles thrown at him were forced to detonate away from him, and physical attacks were all dodged or redirected. 

His body twisted every which way as he dodged the sword coming to his neck, the spear hurdling toward his spine, and the claws attempting to mutilate his body. Many people with many different attack styles and skills came at him in rapid succession, throwing out very coordinated attacks under the guidance of Luna, who was showing herself to be a great strategist. There were often times when he couldn't dodge and got injured, something that shouldn't ordinarily happen since he could read absolutely every attack coming toward him. 

Dozens of attacks across only seconds of time from all directions were thrown at him. None of them were weak either. 

But Dream handled them all without rest. The audience was awestruck as they saw their leaders, their idols, being evaded so effectively by a single person. Their combined and unfathomably strong attacks couldn't seem to touch him, at least not in any way that mattered. 

This went on for nearly 30 minutes. The entire time, the audience stared unblinkingly, afraid that they would miss the time when that lone fighter would fall. But it never happened. In fact, after that half an hour, the tides changed.


The class 4's rained down their attacks without pause. After a while, they came to understand how impossibly tough Dream was, and the power behind their attacks went from hesitant to full force. They no longer felt the need to hold back out of worry and fought as if trying to kill him. 

Despite this though, their confidence gradually dropped. Even the old monsters were astonished. Everyone could hardly believe the level of power they were seeing. 

There was one thing that gave them some hope though, and that was the fact that as time went on, Dream's skin started to crack a little, revealing black underneath. They weren't sure what it was, but they thought that it was a form of stress on him and regained confidence in themselves. 

Luna and Iris though weren't as happy. They knew what that meant, and they started to realize how powerful Dream really was.

After that half an hour, Dream started changing his attacks. He suddenly started going on the offensive, and all the people who were locked in combat with him were suddenly thrown away.



Ciroc groaned as he was thrown across the arena by a punch. A few others were in the same position, including Iris and Luna. However, just before they were about to charge back into the fight, Dream spoke.

"You know, this human form..."


Dream's body started to crack even more. The amount of power he was outputting started exceeding the limits of his human body, hence the cracks. His true body was itching to come out of its shell. 

"...really is stifling."

And with those words, he let it out.


Suddenly, the environment stiffened. The mana within the arena stopped moving, suspended as if time stopped. Everyone's eyes were drawn to the godly figure in the center of the arena, who exuded both an undetectable presence and an unfathomable aura. 

All mana seemed to bow to him, remaining unusable to anyone except those with permission. The class 4's could hardly release their aura, let alone draw in mana to regenerate. 

But they weren't worried about that. They were just focused on the insurmountable wall in front of them. Just looking at that cosmic figure made their knees weak, and he wasn't even pressing down on them. 

"Ahh... that feels better."

Despite their turbulent minds though, Dream just moved his limbs as if stretching out. The human form really did stifle him. Luckily it was only when he exerted himself, otherwise he would constantly be uncomfortable. 

"Now, where were we."

After acclimating, he looked around and saw all the class 4's who struggled to wield their magic. He didn't really mind that though, and after making it so that they could move, he smirked. 

"I'm still not done. I hope you guys aren't either."

"Just fight me!"

Out of nowhere, Iris pounced on him. She was one of the few that could withstand his presence and be fine, basically being the second strongest behind Dream. 

Seeing her give everything she had, he smiled deviously and took out his railgun, reactor, and a few devices. 

"Huhu, I still have some things to test. Hope you don't mind."

And with an evil chuckle, he dashed to face her.