Chapter 214 – King
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*Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!*


Inside an office skyscraper on the 47th floor, a man inside an office was alerted when his desk phone received a call. Still half asleep from a small power nap, he quickly picked it up.

"Ahem! This is-"

"David, sir! We have a situation!"

"...What is it?"

Surprised by the urgency of the caller, David's attention sharpened. He recognized the voice as one of his employees, someone who works in the space agency sector monitoring various satellites. 

"We've picked up on an unidentified vessel in space! An actual vessel! Its origins are unknown, and it appeared out of nowhere!"

"Wait, what? What are you talking about?"

"Sir, it's... Here! I'm sending you a direct feed!"

Suddenly, David's computer lit up and he received a pending transmission. Accepting it, he quickly saw a visual feed from one of the satellites in space. 

Within the feed, there was a giant metal cube. All around the cube were boosters that pushed it along with bright purple streaks. Not only that, but there were thousands of other ships that flew around it with their own streaks of purple. It looked like some kind of armada straight out of a sci-fi space game. 

"...What the hell..."

"Sir, I've run this past several other people, including agents from the CIA who have requested this feed. This is 100% real! This isn't some conspiratory fake video. This is a true vessel of alien origin!"

"...What's the CIA doing?"

"I'm not sure. In fact, they're about to enforce a lockdown on the situation and data. I've heard that they're already scrambling jets too."


"Sir, what should we do?"

"Huh? What the hell kind of question is that? Keep your nose out of this! If this is shooting up the chain of command, then you and I have no business with this. Just hope that this isn't a big deal."

"Big deal? This is a huge deal! These are real aliens! First we get magic, and then a few years later we get aliens! Sir! The world is descending into anarchy!"


Hearing his subordinate losing his mind, David just nodded. He could already foresee the absolutely cataclysmic effects this would have. He just hoped they would be good, and not devastating like the descent of the angels only a few years prior.



[So, we're already receiving beamed transmissions.]

"Really? That was fast."

Meanwhile, Dream, who was on the other side of the portal, received some data from Sophia. He looked at the messages being sent to his factory, the contents of which were queries and packets of information from the highest officials on Earth. 

It had only been half an hour since he sent in his Borg cube. He thought they would have a wait and see attitude, but it seemed like they were too agitated to sit by.

[Earth has jumped massively in combat power. In fact, the highest leveled person is right on the cusp of becoming a class 4. There's also a high amount of class 3's, 2's, and 1's. With that kind of power, I'm sure they feel more confident against any adversaries.]

"That or they underestimate the kind of power an alien would have and think they're invincible. They're lucky it's just me."

[Should we respond?]

"Hmm, I guess we could. You know, the Seeker program is still widespread. Everyone has been wondering who the owner was all this time. I guess I'll finally be able to show myself."

[They'll feel conflicted knowing it was aliens who were helping them all this time.]

"Technically I'm not an alien. Here, let's just tell them not to worry and that I'm only here to take a plot of land to establish my own empire. We can explain everything after I've taken care of business."

[You sure are one for words. I think I'll just leave them on read for a while. We don't need all of the world's armies preparing for war against an alien conquest.]

"That works too. Now, let's get back to this."

Saying that, Dream directed his attention back to his work. 

It had only been about 2 days since the portal opening. In this time, Dream had mainly been working on the Tree and its enchantments, as well as preparations for the mass migration. 

Because of this, the Haven looked vastly different from before. For one, there was now a massive hole in the ceiling of the haven that went down from the surface through the nearly 5 miles of ground. The hole was over 30 miles wide, and bots and ships were flying through it constantly, taking care of various jobs. 

As for the populations down below, they had all been notified of what was going on. They now knew that not only were they going up to the surface, but they were going to be traveling to a new world, leaving their current one behind. They had been told by all their leaders on a mandatory broadcast through their bracelets. 

Needless to say, it caused much confusion. The concept of another world was foreign to them, let alone going to one. It was apparently one that was developed and held a massive population consisting exclusively of humans. Everything there was new, and it would be their new home.

This news was taken two ways: Some no longer cared about moving around and didn't mind the arrangement, but most were not very happy. First, demons destroyed their home. Then, they were all moved into a single city for survival, leaving everything they knew behind. And now, they would be sent to a world that they knew nothing about. Everyone's lives were thrown into chaos, and right as they started to settle down, it gets uprooted once more. 

Everything that happened was frustrating for many. However, there were two comforts to this. First was the fact that their world was devastated. Even if they were to be released back out into their world, it would take many generations to recover, and even then it wouldn't be back to the state they were in before. With this arrangement though, they would have a world that they could live and thrive in, one that wasn't destroyed by demons. 

Two, was that this was the last time something like this would happen. Upon moving to this new world, they would all receive fresh starts and would never have to worry about extinction again. 

With that, most people were able to come to terms with everything. One thing that helped this was the fact that Dream had decreed this. He was their all-powerful king who saved their lives. Everything he did was to ensure their survival. Plus, after the battle in the colosseum, he had unintentionally earned himself a fanatic following consisting of millions.

People had begun to think of him as some sort of benevolent demigod. His body that seemed to hold the universe within, his overwhelming power that could trample all of the most powerful beings in the world, and the fact that he alone built the Haven along with an army of bots. These kingly and godly aspects attracted others to him, and his following had almost reached the point of forming a religion. 

Even for those that weren't so fanatical, Dream was a source of immeasurable respect, fear, and admiration. He was their spiritual leader, so when he gave an order with the intention to help the people, hardly anyone was inclined to oppose him. So although they were frustrated about everything that happened, they believed in him and trudged on. He hadn't failed them yet, and they didn't believe he would do so now. Not that they had a choice anyway.

With that, Dream, Sophia, and Luna were able to make arrangements and systematically plan the migration.

After some thinking, Sophia planned to place the new cities between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, just below Death Valley. The area between them was mostly empty, and worst case, they could relocate anybody who was in the way. Dream wasn't about to stress over the location due to a few rural settlements, so while forcing people to move was a bit tyrannical, he didn't care. He could just compensate them. 

After that, Sophia quickly designed the cities. She made them spacious and adaptable. The four outer cities would be placed in a diamond shape and hold each race, and then the central hub in the middle of them would act as a big melting pot. Another purpose for this central hub was to allow the earthlings to observe and communicate with the new races, the only place where it would be allowed to happen. It would act as a buffer zone between the isolated fantasy city and the rest of the Earth. 

Then, all the little details were taken care of and the plans were finalized. The new city would operate almost exactly like the Haven, providing food and water and places for business. In fact, Dream wasn't planning on leaving a single item behind. He was going to try and make sure everyone could move their livelihoods and businesses. This was possible since he had innumerable bots and ships, plus the bracelets that everyone had which would allow easy identification and organization. 

With all that taken care of, on the third day, the plans were finally put into motion. Disregarding the shock and alarm Earth would receive, Dream had his borg cube, which was already stationed next to Earth, deploy all the construction bots and materials down to the planet as well as a security force to ensure nothing was interrupted. 

With the signal, swarms of ships flew down. This was immediately noticed by every world government and organization, who all started to prepare for the worst. 


"Mr. President! We have a situation!"

Inside an underground conference room, the president, generals, and top level politicians all sat around a big table. There were several screens in front of them, and all of them had something to do with the recently arrived borg cube in the atmosphere. 

Suddenly though, a man urgently ran over. Everyone looked at him, and he got straight to the point. 

"Sir, the cube has acted. They're sending ships!"

"Ships? What kind of ships?"

"Unknown, but there are a lot. From what we've seen, there are over 60 thousand."

"...Where are they going?"

"California, sir. In fact, they're about to reach the surface. The jets have already scrambled, but they won't make it before they touch down. Uhh, oh! We have a drone near the area."

Saying that, a live feed suddenly appeared on one of the screens. Everyone looked at it. 

On the screen, one could see an army of ships descending to the ground. There were so many that it looked like they were going to launch a war. All of them streaked through the atmosphere, creating tens of thousands of fiery orange lights in the sky like meteors. Then, before anything could happen, they all quickly descended to a certain plot of land on the border of the state. 

Everyone watched as the thousands of surprisingly giant ships landed themselves. Then, their hatches opened one by one. Out of them, even more robots than ships flew out like locusts. There were easily millions. 

Seeing this, the faces of everyone present fell. They didn't know what the intent of these aliens were, but it seemed like they had a goal. That could be a very bad thing. 

"...There's no way we can move an army there in enough time. Stopping them from doing whatever they're doing is impossible, at least right now."

"The problem is that we haven't been able to make contact. None of our transmissions received a response."

"Sir, I recommend we send a party of Supers. We can recruit the strongest ones and have them make contact. We can quickly find out the intentions of these aliens faster, at least whether or not they're friendly."

A general turned to the president and gave his suggestion. Hearing it, everyone else nodded in approval. It was their best course of action. The army surely couldn't be moved so quickly, and the supers would be able to judge the power of the aliens effectively. 

"...Very well. Tell the guilds to assemble and invoke an emergency request. Tell them about the situation, and get them moving as fast as possible."


Getting the order, several people went off to make calls or visit people. This was of the utmost importance, and time was of the essence.



Car engines sounded out as a convoy sped down a road at high speeds. These cars were stronger and faster than ordinary cars as they had been built with both engineering and enchantments. They easily approached 200 miles per hour. 

There were 25 of these cars, and all of them were filled with people. This convoy had been created 20 hours after the emergency summons, and it held the highest leveled people under the domain of America. 

Soon, the cars were approaching one of the cities where the aliens had set up camp. After 20 hours, they had attracted much attention from the buildings they were constructing. There were already skyscrapers being erected along with dozens of other buildings. The sheer efficiency had baffled the governments watching them, but their motives were still being questioned. 


After getting within 200 meters of the construction site, the cars came to a halt. Everyone inside them piled out. First were the government agents from the CIA, FBI, and other security agencies. Then were the so-called Supers. 

Knights, mages, archers, assassins, and even some gunslingers. People dressed in odd outfits looking similar to something out of a fantasy novel piled out of the cars.

"So these are the aliens huh?"

One of the Supers, a man with two bulky shortswords crossed on the back of his waist and menacing armor, took a few heavy steps forward and looked at the aliens. His eyes narrowed. 

"Hahaha! Aliens! Would you look at that! I think we've seen just about everything in this life! Hey, why don't we capture one and dissect it? I bet their bodies would make for some interesting materials."

A scrawny man dressed in a black cloak with pale skin started laughing as he observed the aliens. The man in menacing armor just frowned at him though, as if fed up.

"Shut your trap, George!"

"Hey! I told you to call me Slash, captain!"

"I'm about to slash that neck of yours open. Shut! Your! Hole!"


Huffing, the scrawny kid George turned away. The captain continued overlooking the aliens, his brow furrowing more and more by the second. 

"Dark Knight, sir. Are you ready?"

A government agent came up to the man and respectfully asked. He was ignored though, and the captain, otherwise known as the Dark Knight, just kept staring off into the distance. 

"So you feel it too, huh?"

A few people clad in exotic clothes came walking up to the Dark Knight, standing beside him. There was one who looked like a mage, one who looked like a juggernaut and carried a big shield, and one who carried a large sniper on his back while smoking a cigar. 

The mage, known as Alec and the leader of the Mage Association. The juggernaut, known as Thomas and the leader of the Golden Guardian Guild. The Sniper, known as Frank and the leader of the Mercenary Society. And finally, the Dark Knight, known as Kane and the leader of the Dark Knight Alliance.

Alec spoke to Kane as all four leaders looked off into the distance. They were all class 3's. 

"Such dense mana. Whatever those aliens are, they know magic as we do."

"I know. How powerful would they be based off this?"

"Hard to tell. This is just what they're leaking. How powerful they are depends on their control. All I know is, we sure as hell couldn't stop them should they try something."


Everyone went quiet. The fact that they couldn't stop them didn't only stem from how powerful they were, but from how many of them there were. There were millions upon millions of bots that swarmed the area at high speeds, manipulating and constructing metals constantly. Just from that one could see their power, but then there was the dense mana they radiated which was as dense as a fog. It filled at least the surrounding several miles with mana. 

"...Let's just refrain from attacking them. We're only here for communication. Hopefully."

The Dark Knight spoke, and everyone nodded. Then, he turned around.



A girl responded to the call and walked over. She was clad in slim, rose-red armor and had golden hair, looking to be in the prime of her youth. She was definitely very beautiful, and the men around her couldn't help but steal glances. 

"You're coming along. Guild leaders, bring one person each. We'll keep the group small."


"Then let's head out."

Assenting, the other guild leaders called upon their vice-captains. Then, the group of eight moved to head out. Or, at least they started to.

"There won't be any need to interrupt the construction."

Suddenly, a voice came from above everyone, startling them all. The Dark Knight drew his swords and shouted as he spotted a figure in the air.

"Identify yourself!"

"I am but a humble servant. You may call me Avatar."

Saying that, the figure descended and landed in front of everyone. All the government agents pulled their guns or grabbed cameras, and the Supers grabbed their weapons. 

Everyone scanned the figure. It was a robot with skin of metal, but it looked surprisingly life-like. It wore nice clothes and acted just like a normal person.

Despite the humble appearance though, all the guild leaders were on guard. The Avatar didn't release any mana or power, yet it could sneak up on them and fly. 

"You can speak our language?"

The Dark Knight was surprised. These were supposed to be aliens, yet they could speak their language so fluently. 

"Yes, I can. You all wanted to communicate, so I have been sent to communicate as the avatar of my king."

"Who is your king?"

"Why, one of you, actually."

"One of us?"

Everyone tilted their heads at the avatar's words. 

"Yes. First, there is one misconception that must be cleared up. The one who wishes to settle down here is not an alien. He is a human, and his home is Earth. All of the construction workers you see over there are merely robots he has built."

"That's impossible. There's nobody on this planet who's capable of amassing that kind of army. He'd be famous."

"Hmm, well, he is famous in a sense already, and he is indeed not on this planet. Yet."

"Yet? Where is he, in that cube up in space?"

"No. He is on another planet. Everyone here, listen carefully to my words."

The avatar spoke up for all to hear, making sure they didn't miss a word. 

"The man who will be descending here hails from a doomed world, and with him will come the last survivors on that world. His home is Earth, and he is finally making his glorious return after being sent away. I suggest you do not get in his way, because doing so will be meaningless. His intentions are not malicious, and he only wishes to build a city here for the survivors of another world. Until it is built, nobody will be allowed to interfere. Are my words clear?"

When the avatar said this, a swarm of bots suddenly descended from the sky. They were like a dark cloud, and tens of millions of them appeared before the people present, easily overshadowing the number of bots constructing. 

Seeing the swarm that blotted out the sun, everyone's muscles tensed. All of these bots were equipped with guns, swords, shields, staffs, and other weapons. They were a literal army numbering in the tens of millions, and they went to surround the construction area. The people below felt the wave of dense mana radiate off of them, sending chills down their spines.

It was a clear display of strength from the mysterious king, showing that while he may not be present, he didn't need to be. He had an army, and nobody was allowed to defy him out of sheer, absolute power. He had drawn his line, and his presence was being made known.  

A King had descended, and he was establishing his kingdom!