Chapter Seventeen – A Dragon Dragon
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“Mans romance? Like the matter between women and men?” The elder asked with a confused look on his face, a hint of red could be seen appearing on his cheeks, fidgeting as he looked at Shango.

Looking at the old man blushing, sent a cold chill down his. The urge to slug the old wack job once again reemerge within Shango before disappearing again.

This old man is even weirder than what Ave and Rolla had said, Shango thought to his self. Planning to just not let this old guy get to him Shango replied.

“ No, it’s nothing like that if I would have to say.” He said as he folded both of his arms and looked up at the ceiling.

“It’s like having an urge, no a dream to do something you would never think you would get the chance to do. It's more or less, a once in a lifetime super rare chance to do something you could only dream of doing.” That's what I think it is at least.

Thinking for a moment the elder smack his hand together in excitement.

“Oh, I get, like seducing the Succubus Queen, or welding a legendary sword or subduing and riding a dragon! ”

“Ya something like that — Dragon!!!”

Shango learned about the other races and different types of monsters from Rolla and Ave, but
legendary creatures such as Dragons, Phoenix and Leviathan were omitted because previous summoned hero would cause a scene or get violent when they were brought, so it has been written long ago to save legendary creatures such as those for later, at least till the hero grows more accustom to this world, but it seems like the elder had forgotten this rule.

“Dragons!? Shango Yelled with eye wide open.”

“Like A Dragon, Dragon!?”


“Big, flying, ROAR I breathe fire, ROAR kneel or die Dragon, Dragon.”

“Yep, large vicious creatures. Just one of them is enough to bring ruins to an entire country, one hundred times over. Luckily, those creatures have a strict restriction on their existence”

“Restriction on their existence, What do you mean by that?” Shango asked the elder.

“We don’t know the exact reasons, but there can only be seven true dragons at any time. Each one link to an element, so a Fire Dragon, a Water Dragon and so on and so on.”

“So seeing a dragon must be rare?”

“Not exactly. Even though they can only be seven true dragons at any time. They’re many sub dragon type dragons. They are not as powerful as a true dragon, but still, require quite a force to deal with the last one that ran rapid claimed the lives of nearly 2 million people before it could be put down.”

“How was it stop?” Shango asked eagerly with excitement in his voice.

“Well it took a small alliance between King Mortimer and The Beast King, even then it was won by a very thin margin.”

The elder took a look at Shango who had a look on his face that he could not read, It was a mixture of fear, excitement, curiosity and many other things.

“Ohh crap”

That's when he remembered the rule about revealing information about such creatures as dragons. Hoping that the hero was not Scared Stupid he asked Shango a question.

“Does the thought of fight a Dragon frighten you?”

Even thought Shango was a bit taken back about the dragon he was a bit excited, his thoughts running wild. It took a moment before he could reply to the elder.

“Remember the conversation about a man romance?”

“I do.”

“Well here another one of those type romance, where I'm from I would be considered this thing called nerd or otakus.

“Nerd...otakus, What are those.”

“If I would have to say it people who tend to become obsessed with things they like or admire, and things such as dragon are like a common existence in the things I like, so yes I'm a little scared, very scared but a dragon.”

“Hehe” A strange somewhat perverted smile appeared on Shango face.

The thought of slaying A dragon, tame A dragon or sexing up a cute maid dragon ran a mock in his head. It seemed his mind had truly become strange since coming to this new world.

Seeing the smile on Shango face the elder felt a chill ran down his spine similar to what Shango had felt early.

Not being able to stand his smiling face any longer.

“Let's move on.”

The elder voice snapped Shango of his delusions, looking towards the elder he saw the old man was staring at him with an odd look in his eye, clearing his throat.

“Ahem, sure so what are we doing next,” Shango asked

“Walk to the center of the double circle, and lay down, I'm going to test for your element next.”

“I so ready for this” Shango said excitedly as he walked to the center circle and laid down.

“The light is going to change five times, each one corresponding to an element, it may go up to six or seven if you have an affinity for the Light or Dark elements.

“I’d say this now though, the chance of you being able to use Light And Dark elements are extremely low, even among the Mortimer family who are able to use multiple elements, only one person since the death of the last hero has been able to use light and dark element and with no teacher she was basically a cripple.

“Now let's get the ball rolling.” With that said he poured his mana into an object that activated the runes that were scattered on the floor. Slowly but surely the rune was started to light up around Shango, glowing different colors each one representing an element, not long after Shango saw that the runes were starting to move and swarm all over him.

A while after the rune had crawled and settled on nearly every inch of his body, they change to like an earthy brown color and started to glow more intensely. He felt like he was covered in sand, like being at the beach being completely submerged underneath the sand. It felt really good, next it turned into a blueish color and it felt like he was floating in water, Shango felt totally at peace. It was not long till the rune change once again into a yellowish-orange glow, It was a soothing burning sensation Shango could feel his blood heating up, but it felt great, really, really great, like stepping into a hot bath, It just felt so comforting.

Getting lost in that feeling, a memory that he had long forgotten started to re-emerge.

A small child was crying in the arms of a beautiful woman, she was a black woman with peanut butter colored skin, long black hair down to her back with brown eyes that looked like she could clam the most savage of beasts.

The woman was cuddling the young boy gently rocking back and forth trying to soothe him.

“Mom why is my name so weird?” The young boy asked his mother while sinking deeper into her embrace.

Early that day some kids were teasing him about his name, it was not the first time that it had happened. Ever since he could remember, his name has caused him all sort of trouble from kids picking at his name, to teacher mispronouncing his name, causing the young children to burst out laughing.

He always wondered why his parents would give him such a name. He knew he was named after a really powerful god, but what person would give a real person such a name.

Looking up at his mother for answers he could not understand a word she was saying, Her lips were moving but words were not coming out, after a while when her lips stop moving then the most dazzling smile appeared on her face. To the young Shango, the smile of his mother was his everything, It could rid him of all his problematic thoughts. The feeling he got from seeing his mother smile would heal his heart time after time.

“Looks like your most compatible with fire, good, good”

The elder load voice had awoken Shango from his daydream, tears could be seen rolling down his eyes.

For some reason deep down Shango new fire would be his element. Quickly getting up and wiping away his tears, he walked to where the elder was standing too. It seems like the elder did not notice that Shango had shredded tears or that he just did not care, because he was just fiddling with the tool he had poured mana into.

“So is have a Fire element good a good thing, what are some of its benefits and downsides?” Shango asked after completely removing any signs of him crying.

The elder thought for a moment.

“Well fire is the element with the most offensive prowess and with the second best movement abilities if you're going to war a Fire Mage or Knight is a must, but the downside is that it is the most mana consuming of the elements and the healing spell are very crude.

“What about the other than?” Shango asked the elder eagerly to learn more.

“Let's see water is the most balanced with a very good offense, good defense and the seconds the strongest healing abilities with light being the strongest. Earth user are more geared towards having a strong defense, but those who have developed deep mastery of the earth element could hold their own in a battle with the other elements.

“Those who are Air user are able to fly without any artifact or tools, So they are the best with it comes to movement with Fire user behind them earth users. They offer the second best offensive power and healing the place third among the elements.”

“So what about Light and Dark element”

“Hmm, I know very little about Light user. It's the strongest element when it comes to healing, being able to restore entire limbs, as longs as the person was not dead or have a high-level curse placed on them a Light element user can save them.”

“Then there are those Demons and Dark elves, whose are more commonly able to use the Dark element. One of the scariest thing about Dark element user is their ability to place curses on others, mixed with average abilities in all other aspects, they could be a real headache to deal with.

“Now then enough talk about elements that you can not use, I did my part and told you what element you're. Now It's time for you to decide which path with you be choosing Mage or Knight little hero.