Chapter 84: Inside The Package
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Stanley felt the weight of the package in his hand. Although the weight of the package couldn’t be called heavy, the fact he could even feel the weight at all proved it wasn’t light.  

“Are you sure this is for me?” Stanley asked in confirmation, whilst placing his hand over the wrapping of the package and preparing to remove the brown packaging.

“Wait, don’t open it here. I don’t want to know what’s inside.” Uncle Carlos quickly said, reaching out to stop Stanley from opening the package. “It’s yours, but whatever’s in there has been warded against divinations and foreign observers. Since effort has been put into keeping it a secret, the less people who know the better.”

Furrowing his brow, Stanley removed his hand from atop the package and nodded. “Fine, I’ll open it when I’m alone.”

While he was curious as to what’s inside, it wouldn’t hurt to wait until later to open it.

Before the conversation could conclude, Elisabeth grasped his upper arm and with glistening eyes, enthusiastically said, “I also want to know what’s inside.”

Stanley realized that Elisabeth’s eyes were locked on the package.

“Why?” He stared at her in confusion.

“I want to confirm something.” Elisabeth answered leaning forward and began to press her breasts against him. “Relax… I promise to make it up to you later.”

“How about you start by letting me go?” Stanley stated plainly, while attempting to hide his expression.

“I believe that depends on your answer.” Elisabeth seductively whisper in his ear removing her gaze from the cylindrical package and tickled his face with her tail.

Assaulted by the soft sensation of her tail and whisper, Stanley recoiled. The sensations were too much. The soft fur of her tail rubbing against his face, when combined with Elisabeth’s body grinding against his, Stanley’s body began to have a natural reaction.

“Let go! I’ll let you watch me open it.” Stanley yelled and pushed her tail away from his face with his free hand.

“Thank you!” Elisabeth cuddled tighter and hugged him completely.

“I…” Stanley began to speak before being interrupted.

Uncle Carlos coughed to spoil the moment, “If you’re going to flirt with each other, can you please be considerate of other people and leave.”

“Oh, my! Stanley’s flirting? Meow~” Elisabeth purred enthusiastically, pressing and rubbing her face against Stanley’s.

Stanley ignored Elisabeth’s actions to the best of his ability and defended himself, “No, I wasn’t flirting!”

Stanley might not be able to control his body’s natural reaction to her stimulation, but he could still control of his mind and thoughts. Unfortunately, Elisabeth was slowly wearing down the logical part of his brain.

There was a small voice in his head that was slowly getting louder and louder, tempting him. ‘Give in. It’s alright. She’s gorgeous and obviously willing. You’ll regret it later if you pass on this kind of opportunity.’

Either way, considering their behavior, Uncle Carlos obviously wasn’t convinced by Stanley’s reply. “Whatever youngsters call it nowadays, do it elsewhere.”

Stanley swiftly protested, waving his arms around trying to escape her grasp. “I don’t plan to do anything! Can’t you stop her?”

Elisabeth was forced to release his upper arm from Stanley’s wild movements, but swiftly took the opportunity to relocate herself atop his lap.

Uncle Carlos rolled his eyes and sympathized with Stanley, “Elisabeth, stop teasing him alone if he’s this insistent. Stanley probably has his own circumstances.”

“Hmph.” She stared at her uncle with a protesting expression and crossed her arms. “Why are you even getting involved? I don’t plan on doing anything important without his consent. Unless you’d prefer if I slept with him without consent?”

“…and that’s an image I would have preferred to not to have in my brain. Thanks for that... Whatever happened to my young and pure Elisabeth?” Uncle Carlos grumbled before turning around and walking toward the piling of clothing Elisabeth had kicked him out of earlier. “There’s another tournament starting soon. Leave me alone, unless you have something else to report.”

Elisabeth, who sat upon Stanley’s lap, gazed over her shoulder and leaned backward into Stanley’s body.

Sending him a playfully flirtatious look, Elisabeth continued her teasing further by flicking her tail in his face and resting her full weight upon his body. Once she finished her flirtatious behavior, she stood up and invited, “Come on, we’ll continue in my room~”

Glancing toward her Uncle, Stanley stood up and walked toward the exit of the room without waiting for Elisabeth to follow him.

Stanley didn’t plan on actually entering Elisabeth’s room again, but this wasn’t the time to argue with her. His only relief was that Elisabeth had released him after her overly flirtatious performance.

Staring at the cylindrical package in his hand, Stanley couldn’t help but ponder whatever was inside and he tried to focus his thoughts on that instead of Elisabeth.

Elisabeth chased after him and caught up with him quickly. This time, she began to ask questions, “So… mind telling me why my Uncle handed that package over to you?”

“That’s actually what I’m trying to figure out. It should be impossible for it to be mine.” Stanley admitted.

“Of course, it's completely and utterly impossible for it to be yours. That package has been around long before you were born. I remember it from when I was a child... well, rebellious teenager, but the details are irrelevant.” Elisabeth explained, moving ahead of him and turning around. “Either way, that was long before you were even born. No prophet or diviner could possibly see this far into the future. It can’t possibly have been intended for you.”

“Maybe it was meant for another Stanley Cooper?” Stanley theorized as they walked.

Elisabeth thought about it briefly, “… improbable. Names don’t exactly translate properly. Yours is unique enough that it’s unlikely for a mistake to occur in that way.”

Humming in agreement, Stanley replied seriously, “It’s certainly strange then. Shall we open it here and find out what it is?”

“I suppose…” Elisabeth stopped in the hallway and looked in both directions, “Before you open it, wait for me to disconnect this area from the system.”

“Huh, why?” Stanley blinked at the statement. An area could be disconnected from the system?

“That should be obvious, we don’t want any unnecessary spying. Otherwise, if you’re unlucky, an AI might be monitoring you through your system.”

“What? They can do that?” Stanley asked, before realizing that he already knew they could. Schrödinger had basically already admitted he planned to watch him before.

Elisabeth expression turned curious and she soon inquired to understand his thought process, “Why wouldn’t they be able to?”

“Well, just… if they can do something like that shouldn’t you have done said something earlier? Didn’t you say this place was highly illegal?”

Elisabeth waved her hands in dismissal, “Uncle has an arrangement with the council. He funded the creation of the teleportation beacon on this desolate planet and sacrificed several other assets to make his grave legal. Everything’s above board.”

“That doesn’t make any sense. What exactly happened to the process being highly illegal?”

“When your powerful enough, laws and regulations don’t matter.”

“Is your Uncle actually that strong?”

“Technically, no… In terms of fighting power, he barely has enough to be considered master rank. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to tease him.” Elisabeth sighed, while glancing back toward her Uncle Carlos room. “While I’m not his match, he tends to go easy on me.”

“Anyway... despite Uncle’s fighting power being relatively underwhelming, he's unmatched in terms of influence. He’s made too many friends and allies among powerful people and monsters to be ignored.” Elisabeth explained trying to be as clear as possible, “After he insisted on using this method to obtain immortality, the council was forced to bend their rules to accommodate him.”

“That’s… interesting.” Stanley replied, unsure what to say in response. He had only been asking a casual question, he hadn’t been expecting an entire lecture.

Elisabeth swiftly changed the subject after Stanley’s stale reaction, “Do you speak any common?”

“Common?” Stanley doubtfully asked in confirmation that he’d heard corrected.

“Nevermind, you probably don’t. We’ll find out when I disconnect this area from the system.” Elisabeth stated before she sat down on the floor in a meditative position.

After several seconds went by Elisabeth opened her right-eye and glanced toward Stanley, deciding to clarified in advance, “Once the system is disconnected, you can open the package. Try to avoid tearing up the paper wrapping, we’ll need it to cover it again later.”

Giving a gesture of affirmation in confirmation that he understood what Elisabeth said, Stanley briefly nodded. Watching her meditate, Stanley soon felt the surrounding mana begin to disappear.

Once mana fell below a certain point, the system stopped functioning and completely crashed. Stanley felt an immediate difference when the system disappeared, the surroundings felt strangely isolated compared to before.

“Everos kon hros ros, Stanley?” Elisabeth spoke from her meditative position, yet the words coming out of her mouth couldn’t be understood at all. The only word he recognized was his own name.

“I cannot understand you.” Stanley replied, pointing to his ears in the process to signify his non-understanding. Waving the package around in his hand and staring at it quietly, Stanley queried to himself, “Should I open it?”

“Ulmumn setos ke leros.” Elisabeth said whilst standing up and gesturing toward the package in his hand.

Her gestures were enough to prove that despite neither side speaking the other’s language, they could still communicate.

“Right… Okay.” Stanley nodded and moved to open the package, careful to not tear the package’s wrapping.

Slowly a small metal cylinder was revealed. There was a window on the cylinder that exposed a red liquid inside. Various engravings were drawn across the metal surfaces of the cylinder.

Shaking the cylinder, Stanley couldn’t quite believe his eyes, “Is… is this a container of blood?”

“Yrsk!” Elisabeth yelled grabbed his hand and stopped him. “Elersa koto cera keart.”

“Got it, don’t shake it.” Stanley replied with a nod. Although he didn’t exactly understand what she was saying, her tone of voice and expression provided him with enough generic information to vaguely understand.

Once he had stopped, Elisabeth stared at him in silence before speaking. “Kavros el erkeance qawdos. Yoku keart. Kolaru yoku keart.”

“Right… I’m just going to pretend I know what you just said.” Stanley nodded, replying with a smile.

So long as you don’t admit it when something’s wrong, then nothing's actually wrong.

Elisabeth rolled her eyes at him and used her tail to gesture toward the wrapping paper. “Revos horum.”

“Wrap it up, again?” Stanley postulated rhetorically to himself, as he knew that he wouldn’t be able to understand her response.

While Elisabeth stood to the side watching, Stanley took his time to carefully wrap the cylinder up again.

“Happy?” Stanley asked, holding up the package for her to see after wrapping it up completely.

“Oretos tu.” Elisabeth said with a nod after examining it. She proceeded to grab his arm and pull him toward the exit.

Once they’d traveled around fifteen feet, the system reactivated along with its convenient translation functions.

“Can you understand me now?” Elisabeth asked as they walked toward the exit.

Stanley sighed in relief and happily replied, “Yes, the translation function’s working again.”

“Good.” Elisabeth nodded and said indifferently. “I’m not really sure why Uncle gave that to you. That’s only useful to very specific monsters.”

“That was blood inside it, right?” Stanley confirmed, trying to figure out what exactly had been given to him.

“No, that’s purified essence of basilisk. Extremely high quality purified essence too.” Elisabeth explained as they walked down the hallway. “I have no idea why someone refined something like that.”

“What’s it useful for?”

“It can refine and improve the bloodline of basilisks type monsters.” Elisabeth answered without trouble. “…or, for weaker monsters without a bloodline, they could directly refine and adopt the bloodline essence inside.”

Elisabeth’s eyes occasionally glanced back toward her Uncle’s room, Stanley could sense slight agitation for some reason.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s a target. Having that is equivalent to having a target on your back.” Elisabeth explained, “There’s a reason it has been sealed to prevent divinations. That’s top quality basilisk essence. There’s only way to get that.”

“How?” Stanley asked curious to the exact circumstances.

“Killing and refining a young basilisk with a top quality bloodline. Whoever did that was utterly crazy. That’s completely offending their entire species.” Elisabeth shook her head while clarifying the situation, “…If you ever open it, the entire container needs to be used or destroyed immediately. Hopefully, in that short timeframe, there won’t be anyone searching for it.”

Stanley shivered slightly at the threat. The package suddenly felt heavier in his hand. He’d been casually shaking it earlier. The ignorant truly are fearless. While he didn’t exactly understand the power structure of the universe, Stanley knew that he was nowhere need the top. If some had accidentally leaked out while he was shaking it, that could’ve caused a disaster.

“Would using it actually prevent them from tracking it?” Stanley inquired.

Considering the Narrator mentioned that he would need it in the future, learning about it seemed rather important.

“Once it’s integrated into someone’s body, tracking it would be nearly impossible.” Elisabeth said while shaking her head. “Regardless, whoever used it wouldn’t be completely safe. Those from top-level bloodlines are all tracked and, if another one suddenly showed up out of nowhere fully grown after a young one miraculously disappeared... well, that would be extremely suspicious.”

Stanley said, “In other words…”

“It’s near impossible to get away with.” Elisabeth interrupted and summarized, “That’s why I said whoever refined it is utterly crazy. Nobody would take that kind of risk. Even if a top-level bloodline has the countless benefits, it’s pointless if you’re dead.”

“I see…” Stanley stared at the package in his hand.

He wasn’t really sure what to think about the situation. Apparently he’d be needing it in the future though.