Chapter 297 – Unseen Benefits
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It’s surprising, but things move quickly from there.

The twins lead me back to the cart and out of this eclectic space, on to tracks in the normal area. The whole time, they both seem extremely excited and anxious, sharing glances with each other constantly. Making me curious about their thoughts.

But it appears my curiosity won’t be satisfied.

They stay silent as we go from there to the water space, and onward to the normal library space.

Well, I won’t push them on this. I suspect they might apply to join the group in the future. Not sure how that will work with the library, though.

I don’t exactly trust it, considering everything… and the fact that their name is the Eldritch Enclave. Hard to trust things you don’t understand.

Not impossible, mind you. Just harder.

The awkward atmosphere remains all the way until we are rounding the corner to the area where we first hopped on the cart. The twins slow the cart and seem to gear themselves up to talk.

But before they speak, we all can hear the low hum of something in the direction we are heading. Something that causes an immediate pallor on their faces.

Unfortunately for them, there seems to be a large flow of other new cultivators causing a lot of noise in the cart pickup area. Ling grabs her sister's shoulder fiercely, and with a tiger grip, she loudly whispers to her.

Of course, I can hear it all.

“Why didn’t you tell me they were coming today?!”

“I forgot, okay? It’s rare that the Huang clan brings their meatheads for a search!”

I think it’s the Huang clan that focuses mainly on body cultivation methods. Huang Kaida was the buff guy I met at the bottom of the stairs and checked out the body workouts. Seemed like a decent guy.

Hmm… their group must be have headed here together with the new people they selected the initial selection.

It doesn’t sound like they are easy to handle for librarians, though. These girls are definitely not going to have a good time if they have to show them around.

Just as quickly as they had whispered to each other, the two women turn to me with a pained, large smile.

Weird to see, after all the nice and muted ones from earlier.

Mao speaks up for the two of them.

“It seems like we underestimated the amount of work we have to do in this section, Young Master James. I’m sorry to say, but would you be okay if we stopped here, so we can… uh… sort some books?”

these weird smiles of theirs make me want to tease them a little.

So, I just smile at them. Not saying anything.

As the cart gets ever closer to the station. With the sounds of the large group there getting ever louder. I can see the nervous sweat pile on their brows.

“Young Mas…”

“Master James, can you help us out?! Please, I really don’t want to deal with them.”

Ling broke first. She really doesn’t seem to want to deal with people, being the more honest of the two.

I let a smile come across my face and quickly respond. Slowing the cart as we do so.

“Yeah, thanks for being honest! It sounds like it wouldn’t be a fun time to lead a group like that around. Is here okay with you guys as well?”

I can see Mao wince, realizing the key to my actions.

That being upfront will work a lot better with me than just lying. I may have given them no face on this, but only because I knew it would give the right lessons to the people I want to be closer to.

So, we actually hop off here, and as we do so, I can see a fleet of carts start going in every direction from where we were about to go. Luckily for the twins here, they aren’t wearing anything that would differentiate them from library employees.

One benefit of being directly in the Eldritch Enclave group, rather than just a normal librarian, I suppose.

Before we part ways, though, both Mao and Ling grasp my hands with both of theirs.

““Master James?””

Their voices are soft and enticing, as they call out to me. Said simultaneously, while still sounding natural.

Okay, still not used to the speaking at the same time thing, and when did they get rid of the ‘Young’ part of the ‘Young Master’?

They continue irrespective of my thoughts, with Ling speaking for them.

“We were wondering, would it be okay if we visit you from time to time? I was hoping we could get to know each other better…”

“Yeah, Ling and I don’t really leave the library much, and though the Head Librarian wants us to get closer to you, you’re really the first person we’ve met from outside the library that hasn’t been weirded out by our… situation.


She pauses before speaking up again.

“…I-I’m not exactly sure how to feel about all of this. But I definitely want to talk with you more about history. A-and I know Ling would like that too.”

They both go silent and dip their heads.

It doesn’t seem like they are faking it. Despite the fact that they have a motive.

In all technicality, they could still join my tower. There’s nothing I know of that would prevent them from being part of both our organizations.

Something to consider, for sure. Especially since I have a high suspicion, I’ve only seen a small part of their knowledge. Having in-house scholars could do wonders for the long-term health of the team.

All-in-all, a good idea.

“Yeah… I actually would really like that. I think you guys would really fit into the group.”

Ling’s eyes literally shine at this, scaring me a little.

“Really?! When could w…”

Mao stops her sister with a hand.

“We’ll need to check with the Head Librarian first, but we would love to take you up on that. Once we get the go ahead, are we okay to head over to meet you?”

I give a quick nod and their hands move back to mine to squeeze them a little.

“Good…Good! We’re looking forward to it. We’ll see you later, Master James!”

Just as soon as I had finished speaking, they yelled it out with loud voices and red faces before running off. Like, actually running off.

… I have no idea why they did that. But I have gotten no red flags from my scan and, in fact, only see that they’d be extremely loyal and would bring amazing value to the group. After some work, though, it remains to be seen what that means.

Either way, I still have much to do.

After finally completing my initial goals for this library and on my way to complete my major ones, I move through the large crowd of Huang clan members around this station. I’m a bit surprised I don’t see anyone that I recognize here.

It isn’t long before I finally reach the amazingly fresh air of outside.

… And also, the giant demonic face of the creature guarding the library.

As it moves away from the front of the building, from my left I hear the guard who talked to me when I entered speak again to me.

“… I hope you found what you were looking for, Young Master.”

As I turn to him, he is bowing again, while keeping his eyes and head up, staying aware of his surroundings.

I’ve noticed that with all the guards in the sect. Always remaining cautious.

I can admire that.

“Mostly. I still have some things to do, but it was certainly an interesting time. And, as always, thanks to both of you and the others protecting this sect.”

Near the end of my words, I give a bow back to him, keeping my head up and trying to learn from his behavior. Acknowledging my respect towards him.

I see his mouth turn up slightly.

“There’s no need for such words. I am simply doing my duty for the sect."

“Nonetheless, I truly hope you and your companions are blessed with great health and success in the coming days.”

His words close the discussion, showing that he needs to return to guarding, but I give another bow before moving down the path. Being out of the library also means I feel much more comfortable using my scan freely.

What I find strange is that many of the living statues and invisible creatures I first saw here seem to be even more relaxed around me. Even that demonic-looking creature that leers over everyone has backed off a bit. Only slightly leaning in my direction.

… I wonder if it’s because of my relationship with the Eldritch Enclave? Something to definitely consider for the future. Whether building relationships with these esoteric groups may have a value outside the open obvious ones like the alchemy research groups or the taming one.

The hidden powers, rather than the open ones.

Putting these thoughts out of my mind, I use my fast movement skill to now head over to a new location.

Over to the Revolving Heavenly Light’s main hospital:

The Fortress of Healing.