Chapter 306 – 500 Lines of Communication
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Some cultivation method techniques require intricate rituals to be performed to utilize their abilities. Others have aspects that are so basic to the method, they require nothing other than a link with qi.

My first method that I’ve already been using to heal people is the latter.

My new technique, Fingers of Life, is a combination of the two.

Pulling the qi threads from my dantians, I have it travel out through my meridians to emerge out of me like a full body skin suit, making it go directly under the anti-spiritual sense field I’ve been keeping active to protect from curious cultivators. The same one that is also reducing the pheromones coming from my body.

As soon as it envelopes my body, the ritual aspect comes into play.

Stretching out of my hands, my fingers held open, I say the following words:

“The palm opens, ready to embrace those around us. Let these reach out and probe the origins of us all.

“Fingers of Life.”

As soon as I utter this, ten lines of qi erupt from my body. They look extremely similar to the one that I was using for my standard healing, that was meant for one person.

Despite that, this technique exhibits three major distinctions. First and foremost, it significantly decreases the range penalty that I was having with the standard technique. Second, it also modestly reduces the qi cost for a variety of analysis and healing actions, allowing me to discover issues with less effort.

Lastly, I can now heal multiple people without worry. While I could with the last method, the cost to doing so was much higher.

But there’s another thing I can do with this method, that’s outside the initial expectations.

This technique was meant to be used in the cultivation method, by a cultivator at a high rank, rank 7 Qi Condensation. With a single use of this costing around 40 units of qi. An average cultivator at this level would have around 49 units of qi. Of course, they would be expected to be cultivating while doing so, to keep the technique going, with patients surrounding them.

Since I have an abundance of qi, though, I can do something like… this.

“Fingers of Life.”

Instead of saying it aloud, I think only part of the ritual, making it cost more. I am confident that I can do even less, for even more qi.

With that said, more than just 10 ‘fingers’ more come up.

Much more.

Around 500 lines of qi appear around me.

… from my scan, I actually look like a tentacle monster. Especially with them swaying around, like they are.

I can send out around 1000, but I’ll still be using my qi for several other things, as well as keeping an emergency fund… just in case. Plus, this amount doesn’t naturally generate. I still have to recollect it, even if it may be a quicker process for myself than for others.

For her part, Sister Nuan has a gaping mouth, which she swiftly closes. I can see her eyes go glassy for the quickest moment, then refocusing on me.

Within the minute, I hear the results of her actions come from some kind of speaker-like system in the building.

“Attention. All patients, healers, and personnel within this Fortress of Healing main entrance facility pause in place and do not resist the healing technique that will be coming to you. This will be from Senior Song’s Disciple, Disciple Delinion, a healer acknowledged by the Sect Patriarch.”

Well, I guess that’s my cue.

I promptly send out the fingers through the now opened vents to all the different places in the hospital. In order to not miss anyone, I have my scan run all over this hospital location, finding some isolated individuals, which would have normally been missed. Most of whom are insane and in solitary confinement.

As my qi strings reach out and connect to everyone, I experience firsthand that last aspect of this new cultivation method technique. The vast quantity of information that is flowing through my mind.

Normally, the use of this ability would be built up, one finger at a time, until it is easier and easier to handle the quality and depth of information all at once.

I bypass all of that.

Though, it still takes quite a bit of effort, as I still cultivate in the meantime.

Other than that, the process is the same for everyone.

Identify issues. And in the process, find out whether it is a good idea to heal them in certain ways for the good of myself and society. Then finally, healing said issues.

Hmm… This is taking longer than the normal version, but I guess that is to be expected. I have to take this slower with this amount of people and not using my healing aura. I’m also monitoring my actions, so that people can’t gain too much from me working within their bodies.  

But all things come to an end as I finish the last person in the hospital. Even Master Flowing Waters was taken care of in this way. Which should help with his and the other's attitude, a bit.

Sister Nuan will unquestionably be busy after this. There were a few people on the potential guard contract list that we previously talked about here. She’ll be following up with them afterwards, to get them the ‘next level’ of healing, beyond what I’ve done in this hospital.

It seems a little ironic that I’m thinking of this when we can hear a knock on the door, with a quick look allowing me to discover the eager culprits.

The Sect Patriarch and Head Librarian.

Both of whom look extremely ready to get my true healing.

Neither of them have any major issues. They just aren’t optimized.

Which is relieving, as I was REALLY hoping that they weren’t secretly psychopaths.

As they enter, both Sister Nuan and I hurriedly bow before they wave it off, allowing us to relax as they give a sly smile to us both. The Patriarch speaks first.

“Congratulations on your progression, Disciple Delinion. It appears that we’ve come just in time for our turns.”

“Ah, yes. I’m also curious about these ‘changes’ you’ve hidden away. I see that you certainly have several cards up your sleeve, hmm? I wonder if it was at similar levels before your change… or if this is a new development.”

I can feel the Head Librarian eyeing me closely, as he notices my undisguised amount of qi coming out. Of course, I could rein it in, but getting it out of the way here is my best choice.

To my surprise, I see their eyes flicker at each other and Sister Nuan, before falling silent and looking toward the middle of the room.

Huh? Maybe there’s another level of agreement going on here…

I know Sister Nuan had some time alone with both of them previously. And that doesn’t even include that they might be talking right now.

Dang, I wish I could use my scan to find out, but it’s too risky to check right now.

At least I’m able to know that from Nuan’s side, that I can trust she has my best interests in mind. So, if there is something going on, she’s advocating for me. Which is likely why they aren’t pursuing it.

As I consider these thoughts, the rest of the group has already moved on, and with a swipe of the Patriarch’s hand, comfortable medical tables appear in front of the hospital ones.

Without delay, both of them lay on the tables in front of me.

I guess with the technique I showed the entire hospital earlier, they already know that I can heal them simultaneously. Which is good for me, as that saves me time, as well.

Outstretching my hands, I activate the Fingers of Healing technique, as well as my Healing Aura ability. Since all they need is optimization, I conclude the process within 10 minutes.

Most of the time this is taking is because I’m healing higher realm cultivators, while cycling my qi through their bodies.

I have to say, it will take some getting used to, to go through a Nascent Soul's body.

Having a baby Patriarch inside, watching my every move is a terrifying experience. Not only that, but the depth of changes is far harder than any other. If not for my scan, there’s no way I could navigate it at this level. Heck, even a Core Formation would be too much.

Luckily, any time I hit an issue; I can just bring up a query. And since I’m looking at the problem in question, getting the answer is low cost for my scan.

Right after finishing up, both Patriarch Tao Feng and Head Librarian Mao Boqin sit up and give a wide smile to each other before moving into a cultivation position.

The air itself moves towards them as they cultivate.

Something wild is about to happen.