Chapter 310 – The Omnibus Cultivation System
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Even with all the work I’ve put into subconsciously controlling my expressions, I can’t help but feel the edges of my newly regenerated mouth soar upward at this accomplishment.

This Omnibus Cultivation System at its core is a generic cultivation method.

Allowing you to use most normal qi techniques and have no major restrictions on what you can and can’t learn. And as with most generic cultivation methods, it also works well with almost any constitution, spirit root, or any situation a cultivator might have. Unlike the many others, though, it allows you to reach higher realms than Qi Condensation and has a high growth rate.

But the biggest difference is that it is so much more than just a cultivation method.

It is a holding and transfer area for other cultivation methods and techniques.

As you practice OCS, you can change to almost any cultivation method later, while still retaining the cultivation base and generic techniques learned within it.

Even more importantly, you can transfer into it with your cultivation base and techniques from almost any method, as well. Letting you practice OCS with the cultivation base and also techniques from that method.

If needed, you can then move into a different cultivation method with your retained cultivation base.

However, you can’t take the conflicting techniques from another method into another one, after using the OCS as a transfer.

With that said, the techniques you learn from the other methods will be kept in OCS if you go back to it.

My eyes drift up to the elders, who obviously know I’ve accomplished something here. But to what extent, they likely don’t know.

So, I lie a little.

I jump to my feet and give a deep bow to all the elders here.

“This disciple is extremely grateful for the support you’ve given! This gives me a huge step forward. I’ll need to review the information in depth, but I can definitely make something out of what I’ve gained today.”

They remain silent, but the Head Librarian and Patriarch’s faces loosen a bit from the constant frowning they’ve been doing.

This certainly must be a strange sight, with me bowing in a literal pool of my own body parts and sludge. But this also means that their efforts and having to witness discomforting sights were worth it.

Both give a few nods of affirmation before finally moving, with the Head Librarian speaking up.

“This certainly has been an educational experience, one which I’ll be recording in the Library for future reference, on the capabilities of the Soul-Body Heavenly Recreation Physique.”

The Patriarch joins him in open thought.

“Agreed. Considering the improvements on both body and soul, there are far too many benefits to name from… strenuous activities. I see that in the right hands, you may rise even beyond this sect.”

His eyes give me a slightly expectant glance, whereas Sister Nuan’s lips turn into a line.

He’s not directly doing so, but he’s giving the hint that he wants to poach me from her. I’ll have to set the record straight.

“Yes, I certainly would not have made it this far without Master Song’s mentorship and support. I’m looking forward to the countless years that I will spend with her. Of course, without your and the Head Librarians' help, all of this would have been much tougher to go through and I can’t speak out my appreciation enough.

“Thank you all for your help!”

I give another deep bow to all of them.

Considering what I’ve learned of this culture, that should give them enough face to understand my thoughts.

The disappointment on both their faces is abundant before it is quickly wiped away.

“Of course, it is our job to nurture talents such as yourself so our sect can grow.

“… which reminds me.”

He reaches into his robe, pulling out what appears to be a space ring, before tossing it to me, through the barrier.

“Here. It’s a teleportation ring, which connects to the teleportation network around the sect. It should be useful in many situations. The guardians there will accept your presence and prioritize it accordingly, along with anyone coming with you.”

As I grab it out of the air, making sure not to drop it into the pool of blood below, I notice that he’s paused before speaking again.

“Once you bind it to yourself, no one else will be able to use it outside yourself. Nonetheless, it would cause many problems if it fell into the wrong hands.”

His eye peeks over at Sister Nuan, who nods, affirming that she’ll be watchful too.

I run my scan over it for dangers or any tracking mechanisms.

Unlike other things I’ve been given, there are some tracking sensors attached to this. Mostly ones that relay the position of the ring and the owner’s life status.

I can understand his position.

Now that I’ve shown this much, he wants to keep track of me. After what he’s seen, I don’t blame him.

 Luckily, it seems that as long as I take it off or put it into the space bracelet, he won’t be able to track me. He’ll still be able to see whether or not I’m dead, physically.

To my surprise, he’s open about it.

“This will allow us to keep track of your life and death. I’ve taken the liberty of giving one of the sensors to your Master, so she will have this information too. Each of our Elders has something similar on their person, for the same purpose.”

Well, at least they are being up front about it. That at least implies good intentions. He’s also telling me he’s considering me as an Elder, in some respects.

I give another bow in appreciation for the gift and information.

“Thank you, Patriarch. I will honor the sect in my use of this.”

He nods, before adding a final piece.

“Of course. I’ve also heard that you are raising up your own faction? I’ll allocate additional amounts of resources to Elder Song.”

Head Librarian Mao immediately steps forward, as if not to be outshone.

“I’ve also updated your permissions in the library. Once you are ready, we have an… open section, with working cultivation methods and techniques that have no true owner. Many are of limited use, but are still considered sensitive enough for only the eyes of our Eldritch Enclave’s faction.”

Definitely not a bad gift.

“Thank you, Head Librarian. You shall certainly see more of me in the future.”

The two look at each other before turning to the door. The Patriarch leaves some parting words.

“We’ll allow you two to finish up here. If you need anything, you can contact me through the teleportation network.”

As they hasten out of the room, both of Sister Nuan and I look at each other.

And then at the pool of innards I’m still standing in.

Yeaaaah. This is nasty. And it’s been clotting for a while now.

Even with our relationship, she turns her head away a bit at the sight. The next thing I should do is pretty clear.

“… I should clean this up first.”