Chapter 311 – Correction and Registration
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After I’ve cleaned up the mess in this room using my space bracelet, Sister Nuan asks the obvious question.

“So, what did you get for all of this? I managed to keep them quiet and not p…

“Actually, let me put up a surveillance barrier before we continue.”

Pulling out another talisman, a blueish tinted dome appears around us. As always, the exterior is opaque to those outside of it.

“Okay, now we should be safe from prying eyes. Were you able to make something from the data?”

I’m quick to nod, now that we are basically alone.

“I’ve created a new cultivation method from the information on that slip… and also the one that I got my personal cultivation method from.”

I already told her everything about the many cultivation methods I recorded from when I had to choose my cultivation method.

She takes a breath.

“… you actually did it. The elders were curious but thought it impossible in such a short time, so I was able to convince them to move on.”

“That’s right. The method is in the generic style, but as you might guess, it’s not a normal one.

“I call it the Omnibus Cultivation System, as it’s what many cultivators have been looking for, a pure transition method for converting cultivation bases. Converting the different types of cultivation bases into a neutral format, to then be turned into another. It also can convert techniques, work with normal body cultivation methods, and have a much larger baseline than other methods.”

Her back straightens instantly at this.

Just a transition method is a milestone that countless cultivation scholars have attempted to pass. Something that would push all the cultivation world forward.

To do that with no consequence and even absurd additional benefits is unthinkable for current cultivators.

But that’s not everything about this method.

“That’s only on the surface, though. The real secrets of this method are: first, it can be used with only a few specific adjustments, by spirit beasts and demihumans alike; and second, that I’ve package in most of the secret methods from my initial search my own cultivation method into the OCS. Hidden deep within it, of course.

“Letting others be able to draw out those method’s abilities, if practiced in certain ways. Turning the general into a specialization.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait.”

She throws a hand out to stop me, before I can go into more detail about this. Her eyes darting from place to place, as she thinks.

Ah… yeah. I guess this would be a lot to take in for any cultivator.

Also, seeing her flustered face is healing my metaphorical mental wounds from dying so many times. It really shows how much she trusts me, that she can show her emotions and thoughts freely.

It only takes a moment for her to figure what she wants to say.

“… How do you come up with these things? You don’t have to answer that.

“…I’m assuming it’s stable, so how far can a cultivator go with it?”

Stability usually is an issue with new methods, but as she correctly guessed, that won’t be a problem here.

“If practiced correctly, it will go to Nascent Soul. To go past that realm, I need to continue collecting more data to refine the method.”

She shakes her head again, but seems to get used to the situation.

“How about security? Are you planning sharing this with the sect?”

She lobs an easy one over to me.

“Yeah, though I’ll be sharing it within our contracted network first.”

She gives me a confused look and stops me there.

“I’d actually suggest registering it with the sect first. That will prevent others from stealing or copying it.”

No one should be able to steal it. I checked for that first, before deciding to keep it in the group. It’s too complex and there are several insights in it that even geniuses would have trouble handling. Plus, there would be a lot of natural benefits to not sharing it with others for a few months or so.

But her next words make me reconsider my position.

“… Right. You’re proficient in so many areas within the sect that I sometimes take for granted that you’re a foreigner.

“In and around this sect, there are many underground groups that specialize in taking, copying, or stealing new methods and techniques. Sometimes, they even improve on the method itself after stealing it.

“So, it’s natural here for anyone who creates a method of any level to register it with the sect, causing them to back off, go through normal channels, or just copying it with several changes.”


This wasn’t part of the initial material I learned regarding the sect, but some of the other areas I’ve read into had some references to related incidents.

She may be on to something with this copying aspect.

Being a general style cultivation method, there are inspirations they could get from it to create their own. While unlikely, a true genius could create something from just watching the others practicing.

It may not be as good as ours, but it would certainly be enough to claim the title for the first transfer cultivation method. And even if I was previously trying to somewhat keep our activities hidden, the time has come to start showing off more, to hide the real secrets underneath.

“You’re right. There’s the possibility they could learn something from it, so it’s better to get ahead of it.”

She gives a sigh of relief.

“Good. Glad to hear it checks out.”

That’s a weird way to put it.

But I think I get it. She already knows about my scan, which can determine the best path forward. As my master, it’s probably a bit intimidating to be constantly corrected by the ‘near perfect’ way.

… that might cause some strain in my romantic relationships.

I should probably consciously practice not worrying about perfect scenarios or answers when doing interactions with the people I care about. Of course, I’ll still check to see what the best answer is… I just won’t let it affect me as much.

It should also give everyone I know a chance to grow and improve on their own. Carrying the whole team will cause a sub-conscious dependency that wouldn’t be healthy.

Unknowing of my thoughts, Sister Nuan has already moved on to the next situation. She’s been tapping on the communication screen that’s by the door. Suddenly, a panel pops open next to it, with a familiar item.

A jade slip, surprisingly with no markings, lays there. The purpose is obvious, but I can feel more than a small bit of excitement at the new step forward. After handing it to me, Sister Nuan comes close to my side, wrapping her hand around mine tightly. Which is the same one holding the jade slip, revealing her intentions.

Her qi pours into the slip and she doesn’t say a word, already knowing that I can find the answer for what to do. As there’s an expectation and need for this, I make an exception to my recent commitment and just work through what my scan tells me to do.

Holding the slip to my forehead, I merge both my and Nuan’s qi together to willingly open my mind to the slip. In a way that is like the illusion I experienced in the train cart; a space appears before me.

It’s my job to create the space and content for this slip.

Immediately, I pour the methods and practice situations into the slip, bypassing many of the hurdle’s lower realm cultivation method recorders face in getting their information onto it. All thanks to the scan.

After putting a few special touches on it, I can feel my excitement grow for the first person who will try to learn the method.

I’m going to view the method with them, to see it from the user’s perspective. I can improve some aspects that I may have missed, despite doing a scan. Just like with the method stealing concept.

Interrupting my thoughts are a few dull flashes from the now closed communication panel. The symbol shown on it is a carriage.

Something that represents the delivery of slaves to the hospital.

I can feel my lips draw into a line, as my mood drops in expectation of what I will see with this.