Chapter 30 : Invader’s provocation.
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Heek!” Only ones left are those cowering at the border. It would be easier for me to kill them if they came towards me, but it can't be helped. In fact, I should get rid of them before they try to separate from each other.


Please no!!!”

I slaughter them one after another. Since the beastmen have a large country. I can't let the witnesses get away. It is a necessary process.

Freeze! You criminal!” I detect a voice coming from the turbulence of the tornado. Ignoring the warning, I finish off the last beastman that tries to run away.

How... how is this possible?” Those who managed to enter are beastmen soldiers. There are ten of them, and if they managed to pass through the wall of wind, they should give some nice experience points.

So cruel. Little girl, is this your doing?”

Considering the dog beastman's outfit and level, it shouldn't be wrong to assume that he is a guard captain. Next to him there is also a rat beastman who is significantly stronger than the rest.

For heaven's sake, just how many have you killed?”

Soldiers who couldn't enter are surrounding the tornado. While there are more reinforcements coming from afar, they won't be here immediately. The time limit this time should be around... five minutes.

However, if they managed to walk past the tornado, they should also be able to get out. It means that I need to take care of them before they start fleeing. If I dealt with their captain first, the underlings might lose the fighting spirit and start running away. On the other hand, if I kill the rest too quickly, the captain might order them to retreat.

'I have to take care of them while keeping their hopes up.' One more condition is added because they won't fight until the end.

Answer me! Why are you doing this?” He yells at me.

'This can be useful.' If I can appear to be an enemy they have to eliminate at all costs, they will be less likely to run away.

I hate you.”


I hate all beastmen.” I show him my hand covered with blood of the beastmen.

You... must have gone through a lot. If you turn in now, I'll try to get the judges to reduce the sentence.” He starts looking at me with pity.

'??' I should have looked very scary, having killed all those beastmen. I have no idea how he got the opposite idea, but I don't have much time. In the first place, why is he even trying to talk to me after seeing all the corpses I have piled up? Having given up on the plan, I walk towards them.

Halt!” But I have no reason to listen.

Damn, soldiers! Apprehend her! If she resists... you can kill her!” The captain orders.

You damn brat!” The first beastman runs at me, swinging his sword. I step sideways to dodge his attack, and tap his hand into kicking him but without using the wind blade.

!?” The sword falls from his hand, and I pick it up.

Be careful! She is skilled in combat!” All the beastmen I have killed and the tornado I have created should have been enough proof of my strength. Yet, if their optimism is clouding their assessment, then I can also make it into their downfall.

Aaaah!” Another beastman slashes at me from above. Without using aerial movements, I can't hit the most vital spots. Holding the sword with two hands, I parry the incoming attack. As his body loses balance with the misdirected force, I slash into his belly to cut it wide open.

How dare you!” Next soldier rushes at me, sweeping horizontally with his sword. However, that is too reckless. I close the distance along with him, and being too close to him effectively gets me out of his range.

!!!” I cut his legs with a single slash, and step sideways to avoid his falling body.

I turn my sword backward to parry an incoming attack from the rat beastman.

!?” But I don't want to fight him yet. My plan is to deal with the underlings first. While deflecting the blow, I slip through the falling beastman to my next target.

You sneaky brat!” I keep slaying them one after another while using their bodies as shields to disturb his attacks.

I look around. There are only seven beastmen left. The captain has also joined the combat, but they weren't able to catch me while I kept killing their underlings.

'Only five underlings left, I can go all out now.'

I jump into the closest underling, and pierce his heart. Within the single movement, I rotate my body to slash the two others one after another. Before I leap in the air towards the next target, I hear the rat beastman shouting.

Captain! She has been tricking us! We need to escape!” I block the sound between them with wind magic, and finish off the two last underlings. I sense the rat beastman running towards the wall of wind, and I launch myself towards him. With each step I take in the air, the speed gets added, and by the time I reach him, he can't react anymore.

!!!” A large hole opens in his body upon impact. By accumulating the energy through multiple steps with wind magic, I can deliver a powerful blow. Although it takes a heavy toll on my body, it can deal significant amount of damage to the toughest enemies.

Vice captain?” He looks at the dying beastman in confusion.

How can this be... were you hiding your power all along?” Even though there is no reason to respond, I still nod to him.

I see. Then I shall also face you with my full force.” His expression isn't that of sorrow from losing all his subordinates. Instead, I can see his determination to stop me at all costs.

'It would have been better if he was like that earlier.' Even though I can just kill him, I decide to see through his moves.

Yeart!” He jumps up high, and slams down his greatsword. An all-out attack that puts in everything he has in a single attack. However, it is the worst choice of action in this case.

'He should have known I am faster than him.' There is no way I can't dodge that kind of attack. Opening with such a reckless move only makes it easier for me to kill him. To the beastman's stupidity, I raise my sword and block the full blown attack.

Being unable to resist the impact, the sword shatters, and his greatsword slashes right through my chest, reaching all the way to the ground.

'It broke.' While agonizing pain of my flesh being torn apart, my heart being crushed and my organs getting slashed in half strikes me, I look at the sword I took from a beastman. Of course it wouldn't withstand that kind of attack, even though I knew that, and even though I should be preserving my mana for incoming fights, I still took his attack head on. It was a meaningless move, responding to his stupidity with my own, and I knew I should not have done this.

In the meantime, the destroyed organs, the bones, muscles... my body restores itself to the shape it was in before, as if nothing happened.

On that sight, the beastman captain falls into his knees, and I raise my hand to finish him off.

Please...” I can hear his small voice.

Please don't hate on beastmen too much.” Was it from the dedication for his work? His last word wasn't for himself.

...” However, I don't hate the beastmen.

Farewell.” He fought to protect this city, that's why he didn't see me properly as an enemy at first. It is annoying.
We are both warriors, and warriors are meant to fight and die. Since we met on a battlefield as enemies, we kill each other, and that should be all there is to it.

I shake off my frustration as his head falls on the ground after I slash through it. I can sense that other beastmen soldiers are coming soon, and in a greater number.

'I should expand the area.' I gather the mana once again, and expand the tornado. Since the locals have already evacuated, I don't need to hold back anymore. While sensing the violent wind destroying the surrounding buildings I move it towards the plaza in front of me and make sure that the building children are in doesn't get destroyed. This way, they should be able to escape safely. While observing the surrounding beastmen soldiers running away from the moving tornado, I stand in the middle of the plaza, waiting for the next wave of enemies to arrive.