Chapter 6: Felicity
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It tasted like red wine. Nothing fancy, just the cheap stuff I was used to. During the rare period of my life where I could be considered financially stable, I’d had the chance to try more refined wines, but it wasn’t the same. It always feels like expensive wine is trying too hard, almost like it’s trying to justify its own absurd price. I’m content leaving fine wines to the nobles and aristocrats they were made for, thank you very much.


Cheap wine, on the other hand, never failed to bring me back to my childhood. The memory of pilfering it from the orphanage’s kitchen pantry while everyone else was asleep was still fresh in my mind, years later. It doesn’t even get me drunk. Like many tieflings, I’m immune to its effects. But that feeling that I’m getting away with something is still there, and it feels just as good as it did when I was a kid.


“Are you quite done?” came a voice from behind me. I spun around and found myself face to face with… myself, somehow. He was, well, they were wearing a nice outfit that I’d worn many times before. A short top that exposed just enough of my midriff to be socially acceptable, a simple skirt down to my ankles, and a very stylish button-up jacket, left defiantly unbuttoned, which I’d stolen from some knucklehead in a bar fight several years ago. Gosh, it looked good on me.


“Hi, Me!” I greeted them. “Uh, where are we?” Until now, It had somehow escaped my notice that I was nowhere. Besides myself and I, there seemed to be nothing but inky blackness going on forever in all directions. “Wait, am I dead?”


“No, you doofus,” they explained. “I’m your soul, and we’re in our mind. Out there, you’re still taking your first sip of water from that chalice. We have plenty of time to work things out in here, regarding our body and stuff. Soo, let’s get to work, I guess. What should we look like?”


“Oh! I guess I thought you were supposed to be in charge of that,” I said to my soul. “More than anything I just wanna be a girl. How about we start with that?”


“Okay,” my soul responded, and before I could blink, their appearance changed before my eyes. They became slightly shorter, and their features softened, becoming more feminine. Their form shifted, becoming a bit curvier than it was before, and their chest now bore a modest pair of breasts. They smiled, and I blushed. “How’s this?”


“Oh my gosh,” I gasped, dumbfounded. “You’re beautiful! Am I going to look like that?”


“Gosh, I hope,” my soul answered, looking down at themself with the same expression of awe. “I can’t believe we never thought to do this before, magic is cool as heck! Actually, hold on, I have a really good idea.”


They closed their eyes and concentrated, and a pair of triangular ears manifested atop their head. A new fluffy tail came into view from behind them and swayed back and forth. Finally, they opened their eyes, and I found myself staring into a pair of feline slits.


My jaw dropped open. “Soul,” I said, “you’re a genius.”


“Takes one to know one,” she returned with a wink. “You’re the smartest girl I know, Me.”


That’s when it finally dawned on me that I was a girl. This was all really happening. I felt my body change, and when I looked down, I found myself in an identical body to the tiefling catgirl that stood before me. All the right things were in all the right places, and my favorite clothes fit me better than ever. I wrapped my arms around myself and squeezed. I couldn’t help but laugh and smile from ear to ear in pure euphoria.


I looked back at my soul, and she beamed back at me, arms outstretched. I ran to her, and we embraced, tears running down both our faces.




My true name.


I felt myself become engulfed in demonic fire as this information revealed itself to me. The discovery of one’s true name was a monumental occasion for every tiefling. To hear a name that feels so right and realize that it’s yours was something that had been described to me before, but experiencing it myself blew all my expectations out of the water.

I am Felicity.


Intense happiness washed over me, and everything went white.



Xavien drained the chalice, and within seconds they burst into purple flames.


“Shit!” Brie yelled in terror, shielding their face with their arm.


Then, as suddenly as they had appeared, the flames subsided, and in their place stood the girl that used to be Xavien. She was only barely shorter than before, and she didn’t seem to have lost or gained any muscle mass. She did have cat ears now; those were definitely new. Same with the fluffy tail. When she finally spoke, her voice was softer, but at the same time more confident than ever. Same old sorcerer, brand new comfort in her own skin. I wondered if she’d chosen a new name.


“I am Felicity!” Felicity shouted. That answered that question. She punctuated this by skipping up to the goddess and wrapping her up in a hug. It seemed that she was definitely less grumpy than the old Felicity as well.


“Oh! Um, Hi Felicity!” the goddess chirped, quickly regaining her bearings and returning the embrace. “Feeling better, I’m guessing?”


“A lot!” she beamed. “But now I’m gonna go take a nap!” And with that, she handed the goblet back to the goddess and cartwheeled into a nearby pile of blankets, immediately curling up and falling asleep.


The goddess blinked in surprise then turned her attention back to the rest of us. “So who’s next?” she said, holding up the chalice once again.


Brie’s hand shot up and they quickly made their way up to the goddess, taking the chalice in their hands. After a moment of consideration, they brought the cup to their lips and took a tiny sip of water.