Investigation 02
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We had made it to the cavern, the sounds of our sloshing clothes echoing throughout.


"Finally, out of that rain. We should have grabbed some wood for a fire before it came down too hard."


Hearing Lenora, I browse my inventory.


"I got some wood actually. I have enough for a small fire for the night."


I set up a fire near the cave entrance but far away enough that the rain can't get to it. Even though this game is realistic, it does have some game elements to it. The fire has a menu that allows me to store wood in it so it will continue to auto burn; you can also do all this manually. Next, I pull out my tent kit and set it up near the back of the cave.


As I finish, I see Lenora taking off her clothes and ringing them out before placing them next to the fire. Even though she is really short, her breasts were quite large for her frame, B cup on anyone else, but for her, they looked like large C cup…maybe D? She had short brown hair down to her neck, pale skin, and deep blue eyes.


(Dammit! There I go again. Am I attracted to other women? Maybe…I should try it?)


Lost in my thoughts, I heard a cough. I then realized I was staring at Lenora.


"AH! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to stare. I swear I am not attracted to other women."


"It's fine. You should take your clothes off and let them dry. Is it all right if I go into the tent?"


"Yeah, I'll be in there in a minute. I am sorry it only has one bedroll, though."


Lenora crawled into the tent, and I started to undress. I did the same thing she did and placed my clothes near the fire. I nervously looked at myself and found I was in a mild state of arousal. I tried to hide my crotch as I slipped into the tent. Lenora was already asleep in the bedroll.


I crawled in, relieved that she wouldn't be staring at me. I slowly made my way into the bed, trying not to awaken her.


(I wonder if I really am liking girls now. I am even starting to like my new equipment as well.)


I lied in bed, mulling these thoughts over when I feel my penis become harder. Hesitantly I reached down and slowly grabbed it. It was such a strange feeling, much different than how my vagina feels. The worst part was as I was touching myself next to Lenora, I started to get more excited.


I felt the bedroll move, and I froze and looked over to my right. I saw Lenora staring into my eyes.


"You are quite the pervert, aren't you?"


I could feel my face heat up from embarrassment. The fact I was caught doing something so perverted, this wasn't me. I don't do things like this.


"I'm… I'm sorry. I'll leave."


I sat up to leave before I felt a hand grab me and pull me back down.


"It's ok. At first, I was shocked when I realized what you were doing. But the more I thought about it…the more…ok, I was with it. I guess that makes me a pervert too."


I was shocked at what she was saying to me. After hearing her, I broke down and laid my feeling out to her. I felt like I could trust her.


"It's this dick. I never had one before, and it is messing with me. I never used to look at women sexually, but now I am. I am so confused. I don't even know what I am anymore."


Lenora strokes my hair before pulling me into a hug.


"It will be fine. I think this is who you have always been. Playing as an elf is finally making you realize that. You just need to take time to discover who you are."


I stare into Lenora's eyes as I could almost lose myself in them.


"Thanks, I feel better now. I don't know why you are being so nice to me."


"You're welcome, and I felt like you deserved it for some reason."


Without warning, she planted her lips on mine. I was shocked, but then after a moment, I accepted her kiss. We separated, and she was smiling coyly at me.


"You know, I have never seen a dick before, and I figured since we are both naked, why don't we just get rid of this blanket."


I could feel my heart get stuck in my throat. The thought of willingly exposing my self to her was turning me on. I nodded my head as I removed the blanket, revealing my erect cock to Lenora.


She stared at it in wonder for a moment before looking back up at me.


"Can I touch it?"


I nod my head as my cock twitches in anticipation of her touch. She reached over, grabbed my dick, and start to rub it.


"So this is what a dick feels like, it's so warm."


She then got on top of my legs with her face near my crotch. The feeling of her inspecting me was such a turn on I could hardly restrain myself.


"Hold on a moment. Let me help you."


After saying that, I spread my legs so she could get a better view.


"So elves don't have visible testicles."


As she said that she licked my vagina all the way to the tip of my cock. She swirled her tongue around the head as she looked me in the eyes. For the first time since I started playing this game, I am glad I chose an elf.


Lenora lowered her head down on to my cock, taking it into her mouth. I start to move my hips in time of her movement, slowly bringing me closer. She then inserts two fingers into my pussy and begins to pump them in me. This is a feeling I can't describe, and it rapidly brings me closer.


She lets my dick fall out of her mouth as she begins to jerk me off and finger me at the same time.


"It is such a turn on to watch you get both of your parts played with. You know what…now that I am looking at you, I wonder what it would feel like if you could fuck yourself."


Her words bring new images to my head that I have never even once considered…and I think I like it.


"Oh, does that excite you? Imagining your…big…fat…cock pumping inside you. Blowing a huge load, knocking yourself up."


It's official…I am a pervert. With those images in my head, I begin to cum the hardest I have in my life. I shoot ropes of cum all over my stomach and chest.


"Oh my god. Seeing you cover yourself like the is such a turn on."


Lenora crawls up to my face and begins kissing me.


"You know the great thing about this game? You can experience sex and still keep your virginity. I want you to fuck me…please, I can't help myself anymore."


She says that while grinding her hips on my semen covered stomach. A switch in my head flips, and I flip her on her back. Her small body ready for me to take her whenever I want. I lean down and lick around her ear and whisper to her.


"I want you to beg for it."


I continue to lick and nibble on her ears, getting small moans from her.




"Please, what?"


"Please, I want you to fuck me with your big cock mistress."


Hearing those words, I no longer care about holding back. I thrust my cock into her pussy, and for the first time in my life, I felt what it was like to be fucking a woman…and I loved it.


I was pounding her hard, the sounds of slapping could be heard in the tent. I leaned back on my knees and held Lenora in my hands. One hand groping her ass and the other supporting her head as we kissed deeply. I continued to thrust into her wildly, eliciting moans of ecstasy from her.


Lenora broke the kiss and placed her head on my shoulder as she cried out.


"I'm cuuuummming!"


I felt her walls squeeze down on my and I pumped my load into her. We stayed like for a few minutes before my soft cock finally fell out her, followed by some semen. We eventually laid back down in our bed. Staring into each other's eyes.


"Shit…Lenora, I can't believe we did that."


"Me neither. Do you regret it?"


"No…I don't think I do. Do you?"


"No, I don't either."


After a moment of silence, I kissed her forehead and cuddled up with her.


"Good night Lenora."


"Night, Gwyn, also don't forget to level up."